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Win Percentage
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Heroes of the Alamo Chaos Renegade 230k 15/4/3 1740k ±680  
  Rona Elves Wood Elf 130k 1/0/2 1170k ±180  
  Weapons of Brasky Destruction Chaos Chosen 35k 0/1/0 900k ±90  
Stunty Leeg
  Corndog Lancers Pro Halflings 40k 1/0/0 990k    
  Creepy Deadites Strigoyan 185k 1/1/0 1075k    
  Engines of Justice Squig Herders 145k 9/2/6 1580k    
  Ghetto Geckos Skink 5k 1/1/2 1025k    
  Krusty Kritters Goblin 170k 29/7/14 1480k    
  [F]ear the Reaper Chaos Chosen 120k 3/0/0 1090k    
  [F]ire and Ice Dark Elf 80k 1/1/0 1130k    
  [F]lavuh Flayed Vampire 90k 0/2/0 1100k    
  [F]or Those About to Rock Underworld Denizens 140k 7/0/1 1380k    
  [F]orce of Darkness Dark Elf 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  [IL] Deep South Rebels Chaos Chosen 350k 12/6/5 1530k    
  [LOR] WMDs Chaos Chosen 90k 9/1/6 1270k    
  Alfheim Gladiators High Elf 40k 42/9/12 2030k    
  Awful Skills Avengers Chaos Renegade 250k 3/3/3 1330k    
  Bloodletter Barons Daemons of Khorne 120k 2/0/0 1130k    
  Brasky's School of HardKnocks Human 40k 4/3/0 1040k    
  Drunk N Dusty Tomb Kings 670k 8/5/16 1910k    
Scheduled against a team that's not decided yet.
  Engines of Justice - 145 Proof Halfling 120k 11/5/16 1390k    
  Fighting Cock Whiskey 103Proof Dark Elf 330k 22/6/4 2070k    
  Fraggles of Death Orc 10k 1/0/0 1040k    
  Kentucky Beau Chaps Halfling 160k 2/7/15 830k    
  Legion of Rage Chaos Renegade 100k 7/4/6 1180k    
  Not Long Out of the Trees Simyin 30k 2/0/1 1090k    
  Orcs for Iketani Orc 110k 1/0/0 960k    
  Tactical Lizards Lizardmen 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  USMNT Enforcers Dark Elf 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  WMD Dream Team Chaos Chosen 890k 1/0/0 3410k    
  WMD's in OLC Chaos Chosen 170k 51/4/31 2040k    
League teams for FUMBBL FIFA World Cup
  FIFA Croatia Elven Union 55k 2/0/2 1077k    
  Netherlands [FIFA] Elven Union 70k 1/0/0 1176k    
Scheduled against 2 possible opponents.
League teams for Meat Grinder Marathon [MGM]
  MGM Cougars Amazon 20k 2/0/0 1121k    
Scheduled against Xandyreoch's Redrage Bezerkers (Seen 13h ago).
  MGM Crusaders Human 129k 1/0/1 1127k    
  MGM Crustaceans Nautican 80k 1/0/0 1167k    
Scheduled against wintergreen13's [MGM] FrenZ 4 Lyfe (Seen 3h ago).
  MGM Killers Daemons of Khorne 105k 3/0/0 1248k    
Scheduled against a team that's not decided yet.
  MGM Slugs Hung 212k 1/0/1 854k    
  MGM WMDs Chaos Chosen 84k 1/1/0 1052k    
League teams for National College BloodBowl III
  Mz State Bull Dawgz Orc 220k 6/3/4 1740k    
Scheduled against 2 possible opponents.
League teams for NBFL
  NOLA Powers From Above Elven Union 130k 4/2/6 2115k    
League teams for NBFL (older rulesets)
  Nawlins Lost Saints Chaos Renegade 760k 53/46/78 2260k    
League teams for O[L]C 2016 Cup
  WMDs in the [OL16] Chaos Chosen 140k 0/0/0 2130k    
Scheduled against Gary_Gygax's [OL16] Galaga (Seen 34m ago).
League teams for Secret League Open
  Lloth's Ladies Witch Elf 0 3/0/0 1140k    
  Academic Heroes Human 60k 7/0/0 1280k    
  Hellfire Hydrae Chaos Renegade 180k 153/68/86 1820k    
  One Thousand Dances With Death Wood Elf 20k 177/77/173 1390k    
  Putrid Winos Nurgle 50k 73/22/62 1720k    
  WMD's in The Box Chaos Chosen 140k 1619/679/1004 1950k    
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