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Last seen 32 minutes ago
Chaos Dwarf
Chaos Dwarf
Win Percentage
Chaos Chosen
Chaos Chosen
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Bongo Bongo Orc 120k 69/30/27 1720k    
  Monks of the Burning Fist Human 140k 24/6/6 1420k    
  Purplepoo Dark Elf 110k 9/1/3 1370k ±290  
  Pythrr and the Emo Crackers Dark Elf 0 13/2/7 1720k ±670  
  Sticks n' Stones Shambling Undead 170k 103/30/60 1810k    
  Wotz dis XFL ting den, eh Goblin 330k 10/4/7 1210k ±450  
Stunty Leeg
  Chase the donut Pro Halflings 95k 3/1/0 1060k    
  Choppy Sewery Chaos Halfling 115k 12/7/8 1400k    
  WeWillBeBack Skryre Slaves 155k 17/9/8 1330k    
  Bristol Reavers Orc 350k 120/67/86 2220k    
Scheduled against DaCoach's --- Swampsea City --- (Seen 34s ago).
  Glorious Canuckistan Moose Chaos Dwarf 100k 28/15/28 1580k    
Scheduled against lemf's Rough Rides (Seen 23h ago).
  Nidhoggstad Firedrakes High Elf 250k 17/6/12 2060k    
  NWL Cascadia Reavers Chaos Chosen 231k 8/4/9 1960k    
  O5 Bristol Reavers Orc 760k 4/3/7 740k    
  OBBA Hardly Goobtreaders Shambling Undead 160k 2/0/3 1190k    
  OBBA Null Team Halfling 320k 0/0/3 420k    
  OBBA null team 2 Halfling 760k 0/2/32 530k    
  Quatar Nobnibblers Necromantic Horror 150k 51/5/20 1610k    
  Shagga and the Stone Crows Orc 100k 20/6/11 1790k    
  Whitecaps USL2 Dark Elf 130k 9/2/5 1400k    
Scheduled against 3 possible opponents.
League teams for Khemri Premier League
  Nobnibblers Reborn Rasetra: Nagash 20k 0/0/0 1380k    
League teams for Online NAF Tournaments
  Skull-king Aboot Necromantic Horror 240k 2/1/2 960k    
  Spike Lammeretics Orc 270k 2/1/2 930k    
League teams for Stunty Leeg Arbitrary Mayhem
  CRPier Cheaters Goblin Cheaters 45k 3/0/0 1050k    
  All Your Ball are Belong to us High Elf 160k 12/3/8 1490k    
  BanHammah! Norse 340k 12/7/9 1450k    
  Boaty McBoatface Norse 30k 9/2/5 1570k    
  Box Idiotzzz Slann 50k 1/2/2 1310k    
  Brexit and Iceland Forever Chaos Renegades 50k 1/0/1 1010k    
  Cheese Queens Amazon 130k 20/4/10 1430k    
  Chinese Steel Nurgle 50k 1/0/0 1010k    
  David Luis - Magic Hair Circus Chaos Chosen 190k 29/10/24 1630k    
  DMU Sux Dwarf 110k 35/10/18 1510k    
  Doom Kobolds Lizardman 60k 9/2/4 1260k    
  EmoChaos Chaos Chosen 170k 135/45/72 1470k    
  Four Minutes of Your Life Shambling Undead 50k 26/12/22 1050k    
  Frosty [B]Rats Skaven 100k 19/9/6 1330k    
  Furry Road Norse 100k 3/1/5 930k    
  K l F Dark Elf 80k 1/1/4 1160k    
  Kill You in the Face Chaos Chosen 110k 4/4/2 1360k    
  Killstackers Dark Elf 50k 11/5/2 1550k    
  Lammer Heretics Chaos Dwarf 71k 323/122/201 1710k    
  Moistly Harmless Human 110k 7/3/4 1240k    
  MonkeyBollox Elven Union 0 4/2/4 1260k    
  Mr Joyboy's Sexy Time Dancers Shambling Undead 40k 15/8/7 1690k    
  OBBA Recruiters Wood Elf 0 1/0/2 1110k    
  Oh Mummy Where Art Thou Goblin 160k 3/2/4 1170k    
  Polish Lammer Flings Halfling 150k 0/1/9 1120k    
  Reavers Go Box Orc 60k 57/22/45 1750k    
Scheduled against gseize's elfe pro (Seen 32m ago).
  Sucks Like a Sausage High Elf 90k 5/1/1 1390k    
  Syrian Refugee Crisis Ogre 40k 0/0/1 860k    
  Tremendous Machine Dwarf 30k 28/14/23 1990k    
Scheduled against Malafiel's Beastie Bhoys (Seen 6d ago).
  wightlivesmatter Shambling Undead 260k 2/0/3 1160k    
  Y always me Wood Elf 80k 14/1/4 1460k    
  ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZ Dwarf 10k 15/14/17 2040k    
  [B]ad Touch Chaos Chosen 340k 3/0/4 1150k    
  ⚡⚡ Burn All The Babies ⚡⚡ Chaos Dwarf 440k 75/40/41 1770k    
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