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Chaos Dwarf
Super Star
Chaos Dwarf
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
Super Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    

  BGF Amazon Amazon 110k 15/6/5 1410k    
  BGF Amazon2 Amazon 70k 8/2/1 1240k    
  BGF Chaos Chaos Chosen 470k 11/2/2 1290k    
  BGF Chaos Dwarf Chaos Dwarf 410k 12/5/4 1600k    
  BGF Chaos Dwarf2 Chaos Dwarf 280k 8/0/3 1320k    
  BGF Chaos Pact Chaos Renegades 160k 7/3/0 1360k    
  BGF Dark Elf Dark Elf 0 3/1/0 1170k    
  BGF Dwarf Dwarf 70k 5/2/2 1270k    
  BGF Elf Elven Union 0 6/3/2 1300k    
  BGF Goblin Goblin 10k 2/1/1 1030k    
  BGF Halfling Halfling 180k 2/0/3 1050k    
  BGF High Elf High Elf 50k 3/1/8 1370k    
  BGF Human Human 160k 3/1/2 1200k    
  BGF Khemri Khemri Tomb Kings 150k 5/1/3 1360k    
  BGF Lizardman Lizardman 10k 6/2/3 1250k    
  BGF Necromantic Necromantic Horror 120k 5/1/1 1280k    
  BGF Norse Norse 200k 3/3/1 1300k    
  BGF Nurgle Nurgle 0 10/3/7 1390k    
  BGF Ogre Ogre 20k 5/1/6 1320k    
  BGF Orc Orc 260k 1/4/0 1180k    
  BGF Skaven Skaven 90k 2/0/4 1160k    
  BGF Slann Slann 100k 5/0/1 1280k    
  BGF Undead Shambling Undead 410k 8/2/1 1420k    
  BGF Underworld Underworld Denizens 10k 2/1/2 1120k    
  BGF Vampire Vampire 0 6/3/4 1370k    
  BGF Wood Elf Wood Elf 0 4/1/6 1260k    
  Chaos Dwarf Version 0.1 Chaos Dwarf 410k 30/9/8 1430k    
  Dark Elf Version 0.1 Dark Elf 90k 8/2/4 1350k    
  Dwarf Version 0.1 Dwarf 370k 5/3/2 1370k    
  Goblin Version 0.1 Goblin 60k 5/7/7 1360k    
  Halfling Version 0.1 Halfling 90k 5/0/5 1160k    
  Khemri Version 0.1 Khemri Tomb Kings 50k 7/4/2 1200k    
  Norse Version 0.1 Norse 120k 5/3/1 1350k    
  Ogre Version 0.1 Ogre 100k 3/1/0 1250k    
  Skaven Version 0.1 Skaven 30k 5/1/1 1270k    
  Slann Version 0.1 Slann 90k 5/3/1 1170k    
  Undead Version 0.2 Shambling Undead 270k 10/7/3 1510k    
  Underworld Version 0.1 Underworld Denizens 290k 3/0/3 1170k    
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