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Qualifiers Group

The Slann Mage-Lord opened his eyes for the first time in over 250 years. Instantly, his attendants were aware of their master's sorcerous mind awakening and pulling decades of memories from their own minds. The power of the Mage-Lord could be felt throughout the temple and the Skink Shamans and servants were filled with dread. Was this the foretold time when the children of Sotek would reclaim the power and glory of the Old Ones? The last time the Mage-Lord had spoken, he had ordered the sacrifice of 100 souls to sanctify a breeding pool that he said would give birth to warriors mightier than any seen before, fierce incarnations of Sotek that would render foe from limb to limb and bring back the artifacts plundered from their cities over centuries. And so, invaders of their lands had been captured and sacrificed, one by one. Conquistadors from the Old Worlde, jungle women and Norse from Skeggi. Dark Elf corsairs and Skaven who had tunnelled their way in search of treasure. That had been 250 years ago and as He had foretold, the Saurus Warriors that came from the breeding pool were stronger and fiercer with each spawning. The last spawning had reached maturity 5 years ago and been baptised in many holy battles against invaders and would-be plunderers of ancient Lizardmen cities.

The Mage-Lord spoke, and Slann Mage-Priests throughout all of Lustria heard his terrible voice in their minds. "It is time for the children of Sotek to reclaim their power on the fields of glory." The younger Mage-Priests saw the vision in their minds and were shocked. The 250 year old prophecy was about a Bloodbowl tournament? They dared not disobey and so they sent out invitations across the lands, daring the mightiest teams to do battle in Lustria, with the winning team to earn the right to have the mightiest of Temple Guardians join their team. A ferocious and arcanely blessed Saurus Warrior, 250 years in the breeding...

Can your team win the Lustrian Challenge and unlock the secret power of the Old Ones?

All [R] teams with TV of 1500 or higher may apply.

Only 1 (one) team per coach may apply. All multiple applications will be removed.

The 128 teams that have the highest Team Value will be allocated randomly into 16 Weekly Knockout Qualifying Tournaments. Each Qualfier group is for 8 teams maximum and seeding (who plays who in each Qualifier) will also be determined randomly

The winner of each of these Qualifiers will be admitted into the prestigious challenge round of the Lustrian Challenge, should they wish to be and meet the criteria. No games may be played after the qualifier final. Runner up teams from the qualifiers may also apply to the finals in case qualifier winners do not, or cannot, take up their places, the entry criteria for them are the same.

The winner of each Qualifier will receive +1 MVP and the right to participate in the challenge stage of the Lustrian Challenge.

Please note the MVP is added to your roster automatically AFTER your result is uploaded, it will not appear in your match report.