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Last seen 42 weeks ago
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Blissful Agony Dark Elf 50k 12/7/10 2000k    
  Cripples Unite Dark Elf 50k 44/15/25 2170k    
  Gothika Mortalis High Elf 40k 16/2/8 1900k ±890  
  Lunatics Asylum Dwarf 50k 20/6/18 1850k    
  Oops! I Tripped! Chaos Chosen 200k 26/10/11 2080k    
  Recycle Bin Chaos Chosen 140k 11/6/5 1900k ±740  
  Terminal Lifespan Skaven 50k 21/10/10 1930k    
  TheSpoonyBard's Glory Hole Halfling 100k 6/2/2 1200k ±180  
  Wumpus in the Dark Orc 90k 5/5/0 1750k ±260  
  America Can Brew Too Underworld Denizens 50k 2/0/0 1080k    
  Cripples Unlimited Dark Elf 30k 12/7/9 1810k    
  Dogpile on the Wabbit Chaos Chosen 70k 8/5/2 1880k    
  Dorf Sized Boots Dwarf 70k 4/2/6 1410k    
  Herpy Derpy Chaos Chosen 600k 10/3/10 1400k    
Stunty Leeg
  Admin Client Goblin Cheaters 60k 1/1/1 790k    
  Book of Nod Strigoyan 60k 8/2/5 1430k    
  Cover Me! I'm Going In! Skryre Slaves 120k 1/2/0 1145k    
  Exploding Cup Filler Albion Fae 725k 0/0/0 275k    
  Explody Head Gnome 30k 12/2/6 1320k    
  Juke Joint Jezebel Goblin Cheaters 50k 25/4/15 1595k    
  Petri Dish Nurglings 80k 4/1/2 1310k    
  Rockafella Horrors of Tzeentch 80k 1/0/0 1020k    
  Saws of Fury Goblin Cheaters 10k 6/4/2 1330k    
  Stihl Assassins Goblin Cheaters 100k 7/1/2 1345k    
Transfer division
  Attack of the Video Games! Norse 55k 23/2/9 2010k    
  Deviant Beauty Dark Elf 60k 13/6/4 1920k    
  Fairy Princess Pony Bowl Chaos 110k 13/3/7 2180k    
  God Loves RIPs Norse 150k 10/5/2 1800k    
  Justice League Infinity Dark Elf 80k 11/0/3 1790k    
  Lamers R Us Elf 70k 14/6/8 2170k    
  Lollerskates Human 50k 5/3/2 1720k    
  Lords of Absurdity Lizardmen 100k 13/5/5 2010k    
  Mutants Anonymous Chaos 120k 29/10/38 2750k    
  Painful Bliss High Elf 30k 5/2/2 1780k    
  Tweedledum Likes It Ogre 0 5/1/1 1420k    
  Undead Evolution Undead 170k 12/7/27 1880k    
  Wibble Wobble Dwarf 70k 9/2/3 1700k    
Transfer division 2
  Death Row Exiles Skaven 120k 13/1/7 1970k    
  Go Fasta Red Orc 0 7/3/5 1800k    
  Spoonyzons Amazon 10k 0/0/3 1040k    
  Weeabo Clan Dark Elf 110k 3/2/3 1270k    
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Quick Stats
Member SinceNovember 22, 2003
LocationUnited States
Matches Played1539
Match Record733/247/559
Tournament Wins
WIL Albany Regional Division XX
Fringe Cup
Big-Headed Bowl I
Guernsey Division
UI IV Qualifier: Bright Lantern
STUNTY Smack Squishy IV
Stunty Rookie Rumble X
Necromiser's Nightmare I