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Group managers: shadow46x2, WhatBall, xnoelx
The infamous necromancer and billionaire owner of the Brawl-Mart Empire, Sam Brawlton is proud to present the

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Stunty Leeg fans are baffled by the notoriously stingy Necromiser's generous cash prizes. Could the devious Necromiser have some ulterior motive?

All Stunty Leeg teams are eligible to join the Necromiser's Nightmare. Coaches may have any amount of teams during the first 4 weeks of the tournament, but only one may advance to the finals. You may join at any time during the Massacre. The Nightmare will begin November 9th, 2016. The playoffs will begin December 13th.

The Necromiser's Nightmare will run for 4 weeks. Teams are allowed to play as many games as they can. At the end of the cycle, the overall points winner will receive an invitation to the final Knockout Tournament, and the team that inflicts the most casualties will receive an invitation, as well. After that, a lottery for the remaining 6 playoff spots will take place. Each team will receive one ticket per point earned. If your ticket is drawn you will participate with the other winners in a Knockout Tournament to determine the Necromiser's Nightmare Champion.

Win = 10 points
Tie = 5 points
Loss = 2 point
RIP = 10 points for an unhealed death by either side (both teams receive the points)
* If you play down 1000 or more TV, your points are reduced by 50%
** If you play down between 500-999 TV, your points are reduced by 25%
Only match reports posted in the Scoring Thread will be counted for scoring purposes.

Scores will be taken from matches played within the tournament window (Nov 9-Dec 7). As long as your team is a member of the group by December 6th, ALL scores within the window will be accepted.

Additionally, you are not restricted to playing inside of the group. Scoring matches against non-members is acceptable as well, but i would ask that you spread the word if you play someone who isn't in the tournament so they can take part in the mayhem as well.

Scoring thread is located here
Discussion thread is located here
Dead Pool is located here

The winner of the 8-team knockout tournament will receive their choice of risen player, freshly reincarnated from the pile of corpses created during the run of the tournament. Stars are excluded.

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