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Group managers: Balle2000, Shraaaag
Sea of Claws
Sea of Chaos
Kraken Sea
Frozen Sea
Season 7 Schedule
Games due by 2200 bbtime on:
Round 1: Apr 1
Round 2: Apr 11
Round 3: Apr 21
Round 4: May 1
Round 5: May 11
Finals + Cas Cup: May 21
The NSL is a 24 race league, with 10-day rounds, for the European time zone.

It has custom rules, most importantly: no player retirements. The only way out... is death.

This is Norsca. You've been hired by a local chieftain to coach his team to victory! This should be reflected in your team name and fluff.
NSL forum thread
Get official league news, match reports, fluff, and join the banter over at the NSL thread.
The story so far...

When the half-year long Norscan winter sets in, and the fjords and lakes freeze, the mead really starts flowing up in Norsca. This is when the Norscans turn to all their special types of (usually violent) entertainment, and when they'll often perform all sorts of insane feats to outdo their rivals. Needless to say, Blood Bowl is a hallowed sport in the Norscan lands.

One of the leagues up there, is the Norscan Survivalists League, where 24 of the less significant chieftains compete to see who is the cunningest and can walk away with the title and massive bragging rights every Mid-Winter.

Having been given a franchise by the League Commission, the chieftains compete using everything from slaves, to creatures, to mercenaries, which they have captured or hired while pillaging, plundering and pilfering on foreign shores. Some even employ their very own tribesmen in this bloody spectacle.

This rather peculiar tradition is said to have been introduced by a sea-faring Norseman who discovered this way of Blood Bowl on his travels in the Southern Wastes.

It's a rough league though, where the balls have horns, and the stunties get dipped in whale oil pre-game to make them extra slippery. This way they sometimes last long enough to benefit from the more, well, accommodating fouling rules up there. The anticipation is huge for the tiny gits to leave their boots in. In fact, many Norsemen will correct you if you even call it a foul, and convince you this is really a sophisticated ground blitz.

Won't this lead to more injuries, you say? I beg your pardon, I don't seem to understand your question. If a player gets an injury - or two, or three, or lots - they will still be "convinced" to play on.

There are no player retirements in the NSL, the only way out.... is death. The most honourable of honours.
Casualty Cup
The NSL is the European sister league to the Southern Survivalists League, created by the mad scientist DrPoods and his compatriot Toonie the Southern Norseman. Cheers mates!

Every season the NSL Champions compete for the Casualty Cup versus the SSL Champions. A game we cannot lose!
The 3 Pillars of NSL
1. No player retirements
All players stay on the roster until killed.
2. Randomly assigned races
Chaos or Halfings, you play the hand you're dealt. Ask not what the chieftain can do for you, but what you can do for the chieftain.
3. All +stats must be taken, even on doubles
Players will receive the gift of the gods whenever they can.
League Format
Schedule10 day rounds
FormatRound Robin
Playoffs4 team KO tourney
League Rules
Race AllocationUpon joining the NSL you are randomly assigned one of the 24 standard Blood Bowl races, and are expected to finish a minimum of one season with them. If there are stunty races available, new coaches will be given the chance to reserve a stunty team for themselves before the random draw is made.
League Points5 Win; 2 Draw; 0 Loss; -1* Forfeit, -6* Concession *applies to current and next season
NO player retirementsIn accordance with Norscan religion, a good death, is a death in battle. Chieftains will order players to play on no matter what.
NO ConcessionsThe chieftains do not accept cowardice. Conceeding will give your team a -6pt penalty the current and following season and your most valuable player will be removed from the team. Conceding a second time and the team will be banned from the league.
NO TimeoutsThe chieftains enjoy their banter far too much to worry about any time limits.
Star Players
Star Players -- clarification.
- It's only allowed to hire star players with SECRET WEAPON SKILL in NSL*
- Should a NO-WEAPON behired by a mistake, the star player should be put in the dugout and remain there for the entire game.
- If you have fielded the NO-WEAPON star player, either by a mistake, or because of player numbers, you will immediately move it as far out of the way as possible, (or set it up as far away as possible), and strive to keep it out of the way, were it does not affect the game.
- In any given game it's the responsibility of both coaches to make sure these rules are observed, which means that if your opponent has hired a NO-WEAPON star player, its your responsibility to know this rule as well, and to remind your opponent of this.

* You may hire ALL STAR PLAYERS if you are coaching a Halfling, Goblin or Ogre team, or playing in the play-offs or Casualty Cup.
The Star Players' Union are generally not allowing their players to participate in this barbarous league. However there are exceptions. Goblin, Halfling and Ogre teams may hire star players. ALL Star Players may be hired by any NSL team during the Finals. And the Norscan Arms race has made it possible to hire Star Players with the "SECRET WEAPON" skill.
Spiked BallThe special Norscan horned ball is used for play. Any failed pickup or catch roll results in the player being stabbed.
Skill RollsPlayers must take all stat gains (+ma +st +ag +av), even if you rolled doubles (e.g. 5+5). Having an ST4 AG3 Big Guy, for example, is considered a big honour. Always make the best of what you have. That's the Norscan way.
Right StuffRight Stuff cancels Tackle skill. It's tradition to dip stunty players in whale oil pre-game. This makes them extra slippery.
ClawClaw does not stack with other skills that modify armour rolls. Use the might of your blow to smash your opponent, or pry open their armour with a claw. Take your pick.
Piling OnPiling On is no longer an available skill choice. For those who still has Piling On, it costs a Team Re-roll to use and may only re-roll armour rolls.
Fouls at +1All fouls are done with a +1 to armour rolls.
Sneaky GitSneaky Git functions like Guard on foul assists. Banned sneaky git players are sent to the KO box instead. The Refs enjoy the particularly devious foulers of the game, and will let them off a lot easier.
ExtensionsIf you and your opponent are unable to play before the deadline, you may request a up to 3 day extension. To request an extension, invite me (Balle2000) into your PM thread between you and your opponent, and suggest a new time. If you haven't done enough to schedule your game, you risk being docked 1pt the current and following season.
Tie BreakersIf two or more teams end on the same points total at the end of a season, the tie is settled accordingly.
1. Head to Head results
2. TD diff average
3. TD for average
4. Cas diff average
5. Cas for average
6. Coin Toss
Annual Goat RaceTeams may enter a number of goats in the annual goat race as follows: 1 goat for every overall negative casualty and touchdown suffered that season. E.g. if you are at -5 TD and -5 Cas for the season, you may send out 10 goats on the starting line. In game terms, each goat serves as a ticket in a raffle. The more goats, the bigger chance of winning the raffle and getting the main prize: A longship which lets you travel to another division of choice at the start of the next season (sending a random non-champion team the other way).
That Coach Got TalenCoaches may re-roll teams upon completing 1 year* of coaching. If you wish to re-roll you must inform of this in a SEPARATE PM to the Commissioner by the Round 5 deadline.
Team Creation Guide
The NSL is a fluff-driven league set in Norsca.
Norsca is a peninsula located in the far north of the Old World (somewhat corresponding to the real world Scandinavia/Nordic region), it is the most northerly of all realms before the Realm of Chaos itself. It is bordered to the south by the Sea of Claws, to the west by the Sea of Chaos, to the north by the Kraken Sea, and to the east by the Frozen Sea, upon which the Chaos Wastes sometimes can be reached on foot. To the south-east you will find the Troll Country - the steppes dividing Norsca from Kislev. Suffused with the unholy energies of Chaos by its proximity to the ruined Warp Gate that lies at the northern pole, Norsca is a brutal realm where no one ruler holds sway. Instead, the bleak and brutal landscape is divided amongst the barbaric kingdoms and territories of many bloodthirsty and warlike tribes. Many of whom enjoy the sport of Blood Bowl.
Map of Old World.
And this should be reflected in your team.

This means that things like team and player names, team logos, player portraits and background stories etc, should somehow fit the overall theme of the league.

If you like, you can read more about Norsca here.

The following are things you should keep in mind when creating your team:

League Structure
You have been hired by one of the 24 chieftains to coach his (or her) team to victory! The chieftains are the equivalent of modern day CEO/club chairman, and you're the head coach. Each chieftain owns the rights to a league franchise (i.e. the 24 BB races).

Norscan geography
Some Norscan towns & strongholds:
Vynheim, Grottiburg, Stormstad, Morkurburg, Vargstad, Icecastle, Bluchen, Truskholm, Biarkavig, Tjorwald, Skeggi (Norse colony in Lustria), and there's many more.

Three of the Norse Dwarf strongholds:
Kraka Drak, Sjoktraken (port), Kraka Ravnvake.

Some of the Norscan clans & tribes:
Vargs, Bjoernlings, Graelings, Sarls, Snaegr, Sortsvinaer, Ursfjordings.
You are encouraged to use Norscan locations when creating your team. To find your own team's location navigate to Norsca on this detailed map of the Olde World.

Native Races of Norsca
The Norse are not alone in Norsca. Other races include: Norse Dwarves, Chaos, Trolls, Giants. Have this in mind especially if you got allocated Norse, Pact, Dwarf or Chaos.

So... what about my lot then?
Example teams:
Sjoktraken Mariners (Norse Dwarf), Urgathstad Ulthuans (High Elf slaves). I'm sure you got even better ideas!

Original Norse BB teams:
Vynheim Valkyries, Artic Cragspiders, Bluchen Berserkers, Icecastle Wolves, Norsca Rampagers.

Other original Norscan BB teams:
Asgard Ravens (Giants/Norse), Bifrost Berserkers (Giants), Frozen Phantoms (Undead), Kishargo Werebears (Werebear/Human), Tjorwald Titans (Giants).

What kind of team fluff you create, is entirely up to you (you don't have to follow this guide 100%), but here are some questions that might guide you along the way:
  • Does your team represent a town, region, clan, or perhaps even the chieftain himself?
  • What race is your chieftain? Remember the native races above.
  • Who are your players? Perhaps slaves, mercenaries, natives, or a combination of these.
  • How did the chieftain acquire his players? Perhaps captured, hired, won in a gamble, or simply his own men?
  • What does your chieftain really think of his players?
  • How are the players adapting to Norsca?

Feel free to PM me (Balle2000) if you have any fluff related questions. I'd be happy to assist!
Four Coastal Divisions
Norsca is a harsh and hostile peninsula, with hazardous mountain trails and many a warring tribe. To avoid dangerous inland treks, NSL teams prefer travelling to games in their long boats. Thus the league is organized in 4 coastal divisions and roughly divided like this:

Kraken Sea (E) - encompassing the Vargs territory on the northern coast.

Frozen Sea (E) - stretching from Aesling to Baersonling domains all along the eastern coast.

Sea of Claws (W) - bordering the lands of Sarls and Skaelings on the southern coast.

Sea of Chaos (W) - along the perilous western fjords. This is Bjornlings and Graelings country.

The winners of Kraken Sea and Frozen Sea divisions face off to decide the Eastern Coasts Champion. While the Claws and Chaos coasts division winners face off to see who's the Western Coasts Champion. The two champions then play to see who are the NSL Champions - who will represent NSL in the Casualty Cup.

Sacrifices to Khorne
Morkfjord Maniac Mermaids
Mount Barak Marauders
Sjoktraken Oilers
Sjoktraken Oilers
Durfang Draugr

Clan Microdorf
Clan Microdorf
Vinnskor Storm
Skeggi Dragonfolk
Clan Microdorf
Trollheim Trixters

Skeggi Yellow Eyes
Skeggi Yellow Eyes
Durfang Draugr
Winter Sammakko
Morkfjord Maniac Mermaids
Morkfjord Maniac Mermaids

Graelings Philosophers
Naglfari Vikings
Naglfari Vikings
Frostheim Ravagers
Order of the Snow King
Kärsämäki Critters
Morkfjord Maniac MermaidsBurnalotOrc119201912142529
Clan MicrodorfNextfluxDwarf1163235151222
Sjoktraken OilersBalle2000Elf1069142032229
Durfang DraugrMatthueycamoUndead101121427121719
Vinnskor StormKharonWood Elf99171230141214
Winter SammakkotmoilaSlann9615149271516
Kärsämäki CritterswallensteinNurgle9417171514922
Naglfari VikingsttorvatnNecromantic939252551712
Order of the Snow KingknightsweatsChaos Dwarf811214123211
Sacrifices to KhorneThe_DemonHuman812555171217
Nidhoggstad FiredrakespythrrHigh Elf6810171111712
Skeggi Yellow-EyesSubsLizardmen59222512
Vestligkyst ValkyriesSkavenLordVAmazon5871710717
Graelings PhilosophersedgardOgre58228-17913
Sunborn of SarlTimetisNorse5510171495
Ginnungagap InvadersShraaaagUnderworld50102127127
Mount Barak MarauderscowheadChaos49122215
Rost RatsDoofrSkaven449101015
Krova's BoneyardAzureKhemri3517117
Trollheim TrixtersradgeGoblin33220722
Graenne Long-TailsarrySkaven321517
Helspire JuggernautsPaddyMickDark Elf289145
Kleitborg Fighting CooksDanish_DanHalfling289910
Frosthein RavagersZeke73Chaos Pact251744
Couronne CraziesThroweckChaos Pact211155
Skeggi DragonfolkjdmickleburghLizardmen1919
Novchosy OculumgrunthChaos17215
Creepers in the FrossborgkummoDark Elf15510
True Norsca NativesSirIndigoDwarf1414
United Norscling GuildAlcrabHalfling1376
Ice Tooth MaraudersmisterlonestarChaos1212
Stromstad SlavegirlsArthurWynneAmazon1010
Blizzard LizardzShadesSteelfistLizardmen817
Shadowlands BerzerkersArcaynChaos77
Raiders of KulsehouNorse77
Nilfheim NightmaresGrinVampire642
Trassel Svart AkkarStu-StuDark Elf55
Isle of Berk Hooligansmeatball20Norse55
Iceclaw Terrors IIandroid18Khemri4-15
Náströnd and NagashUngratefulDeadKhemri44
Blade Bay RenegadesdeyempeDark Elf33
Midvinterblót MayhemRolandVampire22
Ice Tooth DicersradgeChaos Dwarf22
Skadistad Harbour SkraelingsskyllingHalfling22
Wormsburg Flying FlingsluxyluoHalfling00
Pact of the Nordic ChaosEddieChaos Pact00
Seventh Son of the Seventh SonTraumstundeNorse00
Sjoktraken CorsairsArthurWynneChaos Dwarf0
Durfang NightmaresSpecialOneVampire0

*** Points awarded as in regular league play. Play-off & Cup wins = 5pts (no extra pts awarded for titles, as chance at cup points deemed sufficient).
Casualty Cup Winner
NSL Champions

By way of Shraaaag's scripts.
Clan MicrodorfNextfluxDwarf86/1/1145143223/7/210822703504
Sacrifices to KhorneThe_DemonHuman65/0/1101102012/6/230651822601
Nidhoggstad FiredrakespythrrHigh Elf52/0/384896/3/01915101311443
Morkfjord Maniac MermaidsBurnalotOrc54/0/18271813/2/320541622646
Vinnskor StormKharonWood Elf53/1/1801175/2/0805161931576
Skeggi Yellow EyesSubsLizardman64/1/18010129/3/000611922335
Graelings PhilosophersedgardOgre74/1/27961710/7/0017115428124
Winter SammakkotmoilaSlann53/0/2721043/1/09151913316623
Rost RatsDoofrSkaven51/2/269893/6/040591651647
Sjoktraken OilersBalle2000Elf51/2/268842/2/01305471161149
Durfang DraugrMatthueycamoUndead52/1/26652313/5/5005111220546
Kleitborg Fighting CooksDanish_DanHalfling51/2/2656219/10/2005211518639
Skadistad Harbour SkraelingsskyllingGoblin50/1/4655153/9/310551151424
Kärsämäki CritterswallensteinNurgle53/1/1635108/2/0305111291856
Vestligkyst ValkyriesSkavenLordVinshqueekAmazon51/1/3633139/3/15051712425920
Naglfari vikingsttorvatnNecromantic51/2/2605107/3/0005-11232108
Creepers in the FrossborgkummoDark Elf51/0/4603135/5/34053861355
Ginnungagap InvadersShraaaagUnderworld52/0/359683/4/120541251698
Krovas BoneyardAzureKhemri42/1/15641811/5/2004010616535
Couronne CraziesThroweckChaos Pact51/3/152583/4/1005710317016
Ice Tooth DicersradgeChaos Dwarf50/1/4511118/3/030509320613
Ice Tooth MaraudersmisterlonestarChaos52/1/249673/4/0205810419220
Nilfheim NightmaresGrinVampire50/2/344266/0/0705177013314
Seventh Son of the Seventh SonTraumstundeNorse30/0/3390127/4/120344913311
Isle of Berk Hooligansmeatball20Norse11/0/019243/0/1011-244332
We are WawalagSemitenceKhemri11/0/014143/0/1001025423
By way of Shraaaag's scripts.
Clan MicrodorfNextfluxDwarf87/0/1148143619/12/510862964129
Morkfjord Maniac MermaidsBurnalotOrc63/2/1106102315/6/2406151773038
Naglfari vikingsttorvatnNecromantic75/0/210514149/3/2207113083508
Nidhoggstad FiredrakespythrrHigh Elf53/1/1951094/2/326051314515411
Vestligkyst ValkyriesSkavenLordVinshqueekAmazon53/1/18681712/5/07153216524117
Skeggi Yellow EyesSubsLizardman65/0/18412107/2/100612182171
Winter SammakkotmoilaSlann52/2/18291510/4/18052217319413
Rost RatsDoofrSkaven52/0/3819126/6/013051913213520
Graelings PhilosophersedgardOgre51/2/2734219/7/500518220214
Vinnskor StormKharonWood Elf52/1/2728109/1/030591071583
Sjoktraken OilersBalle2000Elf52/2/171964/1/1110518144988
Kleitborg Fighting CooksDanish_DanHalfling51/2/2694219/5/700509621916
Mount Barak MarauderscowheadChaos52/1/2695159/5/110521062236
Durfang DraugrMatthueycamoUndead52/2/16781410/3/1005216022224
Kärsämäki CritterswallensteinNurgle53/1/16751510/4/111519124312
Sacrifices to KhorneThe_DemonHuman51/0/4645127/3/240591571842
Sunborn of SarlTimetisNorse52/0/3635128/3/1105-112824617
Order of the Snow KingknightsweatsChaos Dwarf52/1/2625128/3/1005-11441873
Krovas BoneyardAzureKhemri51/3/1614127/3/2205610027515
Creepers in the FrossborgkummoDark Elf52/0/361694/4/120511261792
Ginnungagap InvadersShraaaagUnderworld50/1/460595/2/2205141091538
Couronne CraziesThroweckChaos Pact51/0/457487/1/0405511919022
Nilfheim NightmaresGrinVampire50/1/442164/1/1805217010314
Trollheim TrixtersradgeGoblin50/1/442283/3/2105311815611
By way of Shraaaag's scripts.
Vinnskor StormKharonWood Elf86/0/2137201810/7/19082831525610
Durfang DraugrMatthueycamoUndead75/1/1106122214/3/5107319435437
Naglfari vikingsttorvatnNecromantic65/0/19410179/7/100602062902
Mount Barak MarauderscowheadChaos64/1/18410136/7/0206715823211
Nidhoggstad FiredrakespythrrHigh Elf53/1/1817118/2/1210551491276
Order of the Snow KingknightsweatsChaos Dwarf52/2/1767159/5/100511442042
Winter SammakkotmoilaSlann51/2/2768157/8/0705511116921
Kleitborg Fighting CooksDanish_DanHalfling52/0/3739125/5/2305712215814
Sacrifices to KhorneThe_DemonHuman51/0/4736118/2/1805101402030
Skeggi Yellow EyesSubsLizardman52/1/268987/1/000511812062
Sjoktraken OilersBalle2000Elf54/0/166952/3/0805211561286
Ginnungagap InvadersShraaaagUnderworld52/1/264986/1/1005215315713
Rost RatsDoofrSkaven41/0/364861/3/28041213412213
Kärsämäki CritterswallensteinNurgle53/0/26251210/0/2205911222416
Vestligkyst ValkyriesSkavenLordVinshqueekAmazon52/0/3613149/3/2105210024013
Morkfjord Maniac MermaidsBurnalotOrc52/1/2594128/0/400519419014
Clan MicrodorfNextfluxDwarf42/0/256595/3/1304121242026
Sunborn of SarlTimetisNorse53/1/155674/2/1005013124112
Krovas BoneyardAzureKhemri51/1/3543169/4/300508622531
Trollheim TrixtersradgeGoblin50/1/4472105/3/200507017713
Graelings PhilosophersedgardOgre40/0/445384/3/100411041446
Couronne CraziesThroweckChaos Pact40/0/4390115/4/210404812015
Blade Bay RenegadesdeyempeDark Elf31/0/230243/1/03031858931
ECB Ladies Ashes Tourm0gw41Amazon11/0/016222/0/0101035291
By way of Shraaaag's scripts.
Winter SammakkotmoilaSlann75/1/1125142111/6/4817232622346
Sjoktraken OilersBalle2000Elf86/1/11101696/3/012084227519620
Frostheim RavagersZeke73Chaos Pact63/1/29762112/5/46071415826615
Sacrifices to KhorneThe_DemonHuman53/1/1979199/5/5905201701891
Vinnskor StormKharonWood Elf52/2/18110118/2/1605161781801
Vestligkyst ValkyriesSkavenLordVinshqueekAmazon51/1/3788117/2/29054418324416
Skeggi DragonfolkjdmickleburghLizardman63/2/1769128/2/2106-120528616
Sunborn of SarlTimetisNorse52/2/1737156/4/5305111152104
Clan MicrodorfNextfluxDwarf52/1/27271310/3/000511392413
Mount Barak MarauderscowheadChaos53/0/2718137/4/220551542256
Morkfjord Maniac MermaidsBurnalotOrc52/2/1685148/2/400511352617
Order of the Snow KingknightsweatsChaos Dwarf52/1/2665137/4/20050771881
Graelings PhilosophersedgardOgre51/1/3634149/1/40050851621
Rost RatsDoofrSkaven53/0/263853/1/1805181121427
Ginnungagap InvadersShraaaagUnderworld51/1/362795/2/2405301461454
Naglfari vikingsttorvatnNecromantic51/0/4604123/6/3105-110322714
Nidhoggstad FiredrakespythrrHigh Elf53/1/158565/1/011046121962
Durfang DraugrMatthueycamoUndead52/1/2565107/2/1005013021216
Helspire JuggernautsPaddyMickDark Elf42/0/254753/2/07042212612210
Kärsämäki CritterswallensteinNurgle52/2/1514107/3/00051802225
United Norscling GuildAlcrabHalfling41/1/2462105/3/20040491159
Iceclaw Terrors IIandroid18Khemri40/0/4441106/3/110436717811
Trollheim TrixtersradgeGoblin40/0/436284/2/20042631195
Waste RoamersReleziteNecromantic10/0/110130/3/0001033384
By way of Shraaaag's scripts.
Order of the Snow KingknightsweatsChaos Dwarf86/1/1120122212/7/301802244111
Clan MicrodorfNextfluxDwarf64/1/1106131911/6/210632213053
Sacrifices to KhorneThe_DemonHuman52/1/290101510/4/1505181332551
Winter SammakkotmoilaSlann53/0/28910147/3/4605121411732
Morkfjord Maniac MermaidsBurnalotOrc65/0/18481711/4/200611482955
Durfang DraugrMatthueycamoUndead53/1/1839199/7/3105413223318
Sjoktraken OilersBalle2000Elf63/1/2781041/2/11606331801487
Graennae Long-TailsarrySkaven53/0/2771085/2/1805161811605
Vinnskor StormKharonWood Elf52/1/2731073/2/2805271531503
United Norscling GuildAlcrabHalfling50/3/2727147/3/400531311554
Helspire JuggernautsPaddyMickDark Elf52/2/1721311/0/0605191971732
Naglfari vikingsttorvatnNecromantic53/1/1697119/1/130661372357
Vestligkyst ValkyriesSkavenLordVinshqueekAmazon53/1/1677106/3/1115111542178
Iceclaw Terrors IIandroid18Khemri51/0/46641512/2/11053912296
Graelings PhilosophersedgardOgre51/2/2634137/4/20051811513
Sunborn of SarlTimetisNorse51/2/2634137/5/100511182244
Nidhoggstad FiredrakespythrrHigh Elf51/1/358482/5/1705-1831333
Ginnungagap InvadersShraaaagUnderworld52/1/256566/0/04056961565
Frostheim RavagersZeke73Chaos Pact50/2/354286/1/190561142349
Trollheim TrixtersradgeGoblin51/1/350395/4/020589915011
Kärsämäki CritterswallensteinNurgle51/2/245473/3/120586822912
Blizzard LizardzShades_SteelFistLizardman40/1/330110/0/131410791411
Shadowlands BerzerkersArcaynChaos21/1/029431/2/0102461771
ECB Ladies Ashes Tourm0gw41Amazon11/0/019221/1/04011834522
[NSL] Novchosy OculumgrunthChaos30/1/217122/0/0002-129973
By way of Shraaaag's scripts.
Morkfjord Maniac MermaidsBurnalotOrc85/2/1109101913/6/0308141953245
Trollheim TrixtersradgeGoblin74/1/293102111/8/2007122324625
Durfang DraugrMatthueycamoUndead63/2/18010118/2/140682112507
Graennae Long-TailsarrySkaven53/1/18061712/2/330571291733
Nidhoggstad FiredrakespythrrHigh Elf52/1/2777105/5/01305241591604
Winter SammakkotmoilaSlann52/3/0769114/6/1605713220511
Sacrifices to KhorneThe_DemonHuman53/1/1737126/4/2505111412442
Kärsämäki CritterswallensteinNurgle64/1/1696123/6/3106213830519
Graelings PhilosophersedgardOgre51/4/0676123/4/500531011790
Raiders of KulsehouNorse41/1/2595128/3/1014-2791402
Vinnskor StormKharonWood Elf52/2/158833/0/0505171501354
Sjoktraken OilersBalle2000Elf51/2/258653/1/190591311082
Blizzard LizardzShades_SteelFistLizardman51/1/355485/2/1205141022140
True Norsca Natives SirIndigoDwarf52/2/155487/1/020511101921
Ginnungagap InvadersShraaaagUnderworld51/1/3554125/4/3005211016710
[NSL] Novchosy OculumgrunthChaos53/0/252584/3/100531102284
Order of the Snow KingknightsweatsChaos Dwarf51/3/151473/1/300501121813
Naglfari vikingsttorvatnNecromantic52/1/251475/1/10050972148
Stormstad SlavegirlsArthurWynneAmazon52/0/349370/6/13054841944
Náströnd and NagashUngratefulDeadKhemri50/2/348294/5/01053892818
Trassel Svart AkkarStu-StuDark Elf31/0/2413116/5/01039831323
Helspire JuggernautsPaddyMickDark Elf21/0/140563/1/2302383755
Wormsburg Flying FlingsluxyluxoHalfling50/0/540074/2/110556514013
Midvinterblót MayhemRolandVampire40/1/340173/3/13049901420
Frostheim RavagersZeke73Chaos Pact20/2/026243/0/1202-135952
Pact of the nordic ChaosEddieChaos Pact30/0/325053/1/1003025744
Sunborn of SarlTimetisNorse11/0/017231/1/1001038400
Southern Sun LizardsDlockLizardman11/0/014210/1/0101627550
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How to use the NSL team bio template.
  • Copy/paste below code into team bio.
  • Fill in the fluff.
  • Replace "viking head" image url with your own url to insert portrait of your chieftain/etc.
  • Feel free to remove NSL banner from bio. It's at the very end of the code.
  • Advanced: Add/remove menu items/sections if needed.
  • Advanced: Add images in the bio with
  • Advanced: Replace the top line of bio code to change colour scheme (or make your own).
  • Advanced: If you dislike the fonts, add other systems fonts in

owner name

Head Coach:

e.g. Norse Vampires

Team Colours:

Sjoktraken Mariners
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text goes here
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NSL template by Balle2000.

Copy paste this code to your team bio:
[block=blackborder bg=#E2E5DA fg=#2A2623 width=720px][block=floatcontainer pad5][block=floatleft pad5 width=23%][block=center pad5 bg=#7D6646 height=520px]
[block][img w=122]/i/465018[/img][/block][font=Goudy Old Style,Garamond,Big Caslon,Times New Roman,serif][b][i][size=12]
owner name

Head Coach:

e.g. Norse Vampires

Team Colours:

[toggle label=The Story block=story group=bio width=100%][toggle label=Seasons block=seasons group=bio width=100%][toggle label=Players block=players group=bio width=100%][/i][/b][/size][/block][/block][block=floatright pad10 width=77%][block id=story group=bio][font=Goudy Old Style,Garamond,Big Caslon,Times New Roman,serif][size=28][size=20][b][i]Sjoktraken Mariners[/i][/b][/size][/size][/font]
[size=12][size=10][i]Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis ut felis ullamcorper urna volutpat ultrices. In id justo venenatis, convallis mi viverra, hendrerit metus. Nam eleifend ipsum ornare, ullamcorper quam ac, sodales dui. Maecenas nec nibh sit amet arcu lacinia efficitur eget vitae dolor. Cras quis turpis semper, gravida purus non, gravida odio. Proin nec turpis eros. Integer mollis leo nunc, eget aliquam est egestas sed.

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Donec fermentum a quam in dignissim. Ut ultrices nisi at enim dapibus rhoncus. Nulla fermentum, nunc in mollis pulvinar, nibh nibh dapibus velit, facilisis interdum metus tellus in felis. Nulla fermentum, nunc in mollis pulvinar, nibh nibh dapibus velit, facilisis interdum metus tellus in felis.[/size][/size][/i][/block]\
[block=hidden id=seasons group=bio][font=Goudy Old Style,Garamond,Big Caslon,Times New Roman,serif][size=28][size=20][b][i]Seasons[/i][/b][/size][/size][/font]
[size=12][size=10]text goes here
[/size][/size][/block][block=hidden id=players group=bio][font=Goudy Old Style,Garamond,Big Caslon,Times New Roman,serif][size=28][size=20][b][i]Players[/i][/b][/size][/size][/font]
[size=12][size=10]text goes here
[/block][/font][block=floatleft right width=720][url=/p/group&group=9694&op=view t=_blank][img w=720]/i/464517[/img][/url]
[font=serif][size=8][i]NSL template by Balle2000.[/i][/size][/font][/block]

To change bio colours, replace the first line of code from the above template with your below choice:

[block bg=#333333 fg=#E8E8E8 width=720px][block=floatcontainer pad5][block=floatleft pad5 width=23%][block=center pad5 bg=#990100 height=520px]
[block bg=#1C264A fg=#DCDEAC width=720px][block=floatcontainer pad5][block=floatleft pad5 width=23%][block=center pad5 bg=#1E6075 height=520px]
[block bg=#2D301F fg=#EDC168 width=720px][block=floatcontainer pad5][block=floatleft pad5 width=23%][block=center pad5 bg=#4E5038 height=520px]
[block bg=#324453 fg=#A8EB62 width=720px][block=floatcontainer pad5][block=floatleft pad5 width=23%][block=center pad5 bg=#3B838B height=520px]
[block bg=#2A2829 fg=#B9D7D9 width=720px][block=floatcontainer pad5][block=floatleft pad5 width=23%][block=center pad5 bg=#7B3B3B height=520px]