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Necromantic Horror
Emerging Star
Necromantic Horror
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Elven Union
Elven Union
Win Percentage
Super Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  AlmostGone Shambling Undead 3080k 72/32/23 1840k    
  Bestselling Bookworms Skaven 700k 40/10/16 1320k    
  Department of 'Elf Wood Elf 350k 25/7/7 1680k    
  Going to Ogre Time Ogre 490k 8/10/10 1400k ±800  
  It's Grimm Up North Norse 120k 78/22/21 1860k    
  Knights United Human 190k 143/57/37 1790k    
  On the 7th day Nuffle rested Goblin 750k 4/10/13 1240k ±610  
  Paws with Claws Necromantic Horror 1600k 27/8/13 1740k    
  Ranked Invasion Cube 006 Chaos Renegade 840k 17/0/12 1730k ±920  
  Sapling Cinema Dwarf 130k 106/22/12 1810k    
  That's a Load of Rot Nurgle 90k 74/27/24 1880k    
  Up the Creek without a Paddle Amazon 5480k 159/31/17 1960k    
  Whats in a Name Orc 70k 65/13/13 2330k    
Stunty Leeg
  Fatal Tally Skink 55k 9/2/3 1145k    
  I'm a Slave 4 U Skryre Slaves 2300k 67/17/27 1360k    
  [Φ] Talabecland Eagles Talabecland 10240k 7/2/3 500k    
  Dark Crag Cripplers Dark Elf 240k 8/3/15 1420k    
  Elf and Safety at Work Dark Elf 310k 11/1/4 1700k    
  Goblin Greasers Human 280k 4/0/0 1100k    
  Half-Life Glowing Dwarf 1690k 37/9/9 1910k    
  Hungry for Power Chaos Dwarf 320k 4/1/0 1180k    
  Men Are The Cruelest Beasts Chaos Chosen 180k 1/1/4 970k    
  Neighbourhood Watch Dwarf 680k 21/5/1 1930k    
  Orc Knee Crackers Orc 1710k 29/13/7 1930k    
  Order of the Snow King Chaos Dwarf 850k 13/8/7 1530k    
  Pilgrims of the Ferrous Lady Halfling 60k 1/0/2 880k    
  Sherlock's Homes Dwarf 170k 3/0/1 1110k    
  Sleepy Wood Dozers Halfling 170k 0/0/0 830k    
  World Elf Organisation Elven Union 240k 5/2/2 1250k    
League teams for Secret League Open
  [SL]ippery When Wet Nippon 490k 7/2/4 1060k    
  Short Changed Dwarf 270k 31/26/14 1720k    
  Best-selling Bookworms Orc 130k 25/8/11 2070k    
  Meet In The Middle Dark Elf 80k 8/1/3 1440k    
FFB Test
  Testy Little Testers Dwarf 1710k 9/2/3 1480k    
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