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Win Percentage
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
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  Black Magick Mushrooms Goblin 110k 2/1/2 1100k ±170  
  Claw of the Conciliatοr Necromantic Horror 140k 5/2/0 1490k ±220  
  Death's Eternal Foe Shambling Undead 0 3/0/0 1220k ±180  
  Divinity of Wisdom Wood Elf 30k 9/1/0 1570k ±240  
  Guard Wins Games Dwarf 160k 2/1/0 1130k ±170  
  Hand of Gοrk Orc 50k 10/3/2 1800k ±450  
  Malarone Dark Elf 90k 5/3/1 1600k ±240  
  Mariner Sonique High Elf 90k 3/0/1 1290k ±190  
  Unto the Brazen Bull Chaos Dwarf 180k 7/1/3 1510k ±260  
  תא Necromantic Horror 40k 8/1/2 1470k ±250  
Stunty Leeg
  Da Forest Fleeto Forest Goblin 125k 3/0/0 1160k    
  Champions of Death [RBBL] Shambling Undead 550k 2/3/11 1330k    
Scheduled against Endzone's Darkside Cowboys [RBBL] (Seen 19h ago).
  Galadrieth Gladiators [RBBL] High Elf 90k 1/6/7 1560k    
  Mediocre at best Human 20k 1/0/0 1100k    
  Shadow and Claw Necromantic Horror 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Underworld Creepers [RBBL] Underworld Denizens 220k 0/4/12 1170k    
  [RBBL] Gouged Eye Orc 30k 1/1/4 1060k    
League teams for CIBBL
  Malignant Curators Malal (CIBBL) 290k 18/10/13 2120k    
Scheduled against Manzoo's Clar Karond Black Widows (Seen 4h ago).
League teams for Online NAF Tournaments
  Dungeon Songs Elven Union 0 2/0/1 1100k    
  Woodwose Eternals Wood Elf 0 4/2/1 1100k    
  2 vodkas 1 sauna High Elf 110k 11/2/7 1630k    
  Absolutely not Purple Dwarf 150k 2/1/0 1030k    
  Ares Kingdom Chaos Chosen 50k 17/5/11 1850k    
  Atovaquone Dark Elf 50k 7/4/8 1510k    
  Cassilda's Song Elven Union 30k 9/5/3 1440k    
  Crypts of Rais Necromantic Horror 70k 13/7/11 1690k    
  Dark Endless of Gasheklah Chaos Dwarf 60k 13/19/17 1540k    
  Double Snake Eyes Nurgle 130k 34/21/33 2250k    
  Even A Stool Can Win With Orcs Orc 20k 9/4/7 1610k    
  Ewаl Dvergar Chaos Dwarf 130k 9/1/2 1470k    
  Forlorn Monuments Khemri Tomb Kings 10k 10/8/2 1330k    
  Garden of Blood and Bones Shambling Undead 60k 7/6/2 1430k    
  GM Flash and the Furious Frogs Slann 10k 5/6/6 1460k    
  Grandier Occasions Chaos Renegades 130k 29/19/21 1540k    
  Homo Homini Lupus Est Necromantic Horror 80k 7/3/3 1590k    
  KneecappARRs of SeeARR Halfling 100k 3/1/1 1030k    
  LabARRinthian Underworld Denizens 150k 8/6/6 1470k    
  New Vamp Dream (81-82-83-84) Vampire 130k 7/6/10 1660k    
  Scаrcrag Snivellers Goblin 90k 4/2/3 1060k    
  Shards of the Dark Crystal Underworld Denizens 150k 6/8/20 1260k    
  Slinkin' Skinks Lizardman 120k 6/6/1 1390k    
  Thee Fifth Head Ov Cerberus Necromantic Horror 130k 15/0/3 1470k    
  Three Fingers, Four Teeth Orc 60k 6/1/1 1380k    
  Toteslaut Necromantic Horror 80k 9/3/3 1570k    
  Unsilent Storms in the North Norse 40k 8/4/2 1200k    
  Varúlfur Necromantic Horror 110k 19/17/14 1630k    
  Vérfarkas Necromantic Horror 40k 21/10/13 1390k    
  Vironsusi Necromantic Horror 30k 14/6/5 1530k    
  Warpstone Disposal Technicians Skaven 200k 11/5/6 1700k    
  WoodWose Arborists Wood Elf 80k 8/1/2 1590k    
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