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Last seen 12 hours ago
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  A Frenzy Challenge Ogre 70k 3/2/7 1165k ±250  
  Bite in the Night2 Vampire 40k 0/1/1 920k ±90  
  Do you even Lift question mark Ogre 265k 52/73/114 1585k    
  Far Beyond Driven! Human 255k 28/12/29 1655k    
  In the Thrall Vampire 40k 0/0/1 740k ±70  
  Lowdown Dirty Beats Underworld Denizens 15k 0/0/0 985k ±100  
  Many faces of Pana Underworld Denizens 130k 1/0/1 955k ±100  
  Professional Females Elven Union 35k 0/1/1 910k ±90  
  Respect Ma Authority Amazon 40k 0/0/0 960k ±100  
  Smash Bash Kick Black Orc 25k 0/0/1 975k ±100  
  Taking Candy From A Baby Chaos Renegade 80k 3/2/4 965k ±150  
  Taking it Seriously this Time Dark Elf 70k 2/0/2 1240k ±190  
  Terrible Trio and Friends Nurgle 5k 0/0/1 995k ±100  
  Top Ranked PredARRtors [C] Goblin 45k 24/14/44 815k    
  Vindaloo Score More Than You Goblin 10k 7/13/28 1445k    
  Wild World of Wrestling Ogres Ogre 45k 31/26/57 1475k    
League teams for All Stars
  Agile All Stars All Stars 415k 0/0/2 3275k    
League teams for Chaos Draft League
  Jesters of the Writhing Fort Jesters (CDL) 9860k 1/1/0 870k    
Scheduled against fol82's Skar Bay Sharkmen (Seen 5h ago).
League teams for DLE - Draft League Europe
  -Great Ogham Griffins-Ben Griffins 9750k 19/12/29 1560k    
  -Nuln Gunners- Gunners 14240k 18/21/35 1750k    
Scheduled against Rhumy's -Volksgrad White Wolves- (Seen 5h ago).
League teams for DLE11
  Hurricanes of Hoeth Hoeth Hurricanes 7645k 4/6/5 2545k    
League teams for Happana Cup
  AEW vs WWE Amazon 105k 1/3/4 1150k    
League teams for NBBFL
  New Yankee Jets BIG BASH 85k 0/3/8 2025k    
League teams for Nuffle's Rejects
  Underworld Slavebois Nuffle's Rejects 150k 1/1/1 1215k    
Scheduled against Halfabrain's Cavern Comets (Seen 7h ago).
League teams for Secret League 2020
  Eekeekeek Clan Mors 10k 0/0/0 990k    
  Russian Circus of Putin Kislev 35k 0/0/1 810k    
  Sharknado III Sons of Stromfels 110k 1/0/2 900k    
League teams for Secret League Open
  [SL] Evil Tim and his Henchmen Chaos Renegade 80k 3/1/2 1210k    
  [SL]aves Clan Moulder 40k 0/0/3 950k    
  Frenzy A Witch Hunter 50k 0/0/1 980k    
  Knights that Whisper [S]ecrets Bretonnian 90k 1/1/1 980k    
  Monty Pythons Grail Quest Four Nations 50k 2/1/2 1130k    
League teams for XXL
  CheatARRs Goblin Cheaters 60k 1/2/1 995k    
  Epping Forest Elites Forest Goblins 320k 3/0/4 895k    
  Expendables Mercs Bad Land Mercenaries 130k 2/0/0 790k    
  TestARRs Forest Goblins 90k 0/0/1 870k    
  Walk of Sham3 Goblin Cheaters 25k 2/1/4 930k    
League teams for XXL Smack
  Warp Dust Snorters Warpstone Cultists 35k 0/1/1 760k    
League teams for XXXL
  Bricktops Boisterous Butchers Bricktops Boisterous Butchers 460k 23/7/23 1445k    
  Awesome Teenage Mutants Chaos Renegade 10k 23/17/46 1520k    
  Bad Boys and Big Boys Orc 140k 10/7/9 1700k ±800  
  Do You Even LIFT, Bro Ogre 0 141/147/703 1440k    
  More than Mortal Elven Union 100k 19/10/13 1730k    
  Stunts that are Cunning Underworld Denizens 0 21/14/26 1490k    
  Team That RNG Forgot Human 0 61/27/90 1560k    
  Titans Walk Among You Dark Elf 130k 11/8/29 1770k    
  Top Ranked PredARRtors Goblin 50k 27/26/72 1490k    
Stunty Leeg
  Pie Squared Pro Halflings 10k 4/3/10 1285k    
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