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The E.L.F. (Elves Leaving the Forest) League, founded 1 Jan 2005 by AFK_Eagle, existed to expand the horizons of elven coaches. The league's mission to challenge stereotypes and encourage elven coaches to face diverse opponents resonated throughout the FUMBBL community. With each passing season, the league showcased the talent, strategy, and sportsmanship of elven teams, proving that they were more than just "pansies".

With Blood Bowl 2020 coming to FUMBBL this league declined but fortunately the legacy of the E.L.F. will continue. E.L.F. II, born from the spirit of its predecessor, pledges to uphold the values of diversity, inclusion, and competitive excellence that defined the original league.

A heartfelt appreciation goes out to AFK_Eagle, Uber, Rijssiej, babelfilm, clarkin, James_Probert, JellyBelly and most of all pizzamogul for their invaluable contributions that played a pivotal role in the enduring success of the E.L.F. league. Additionally, a special acknowledgment goes to razmus for carrying forward the E.L.F. legacy, ensuring that the spirit and ethos of the league live on into the future.

Season ReportGrand Champion
Season 1Belgian Music Lovers - Wood
Season 2startrek.nl - Wood
Season 3Belgian Music Lovers - Wood
Season 4Old Elvish Dominion - High
Season 5Hunted by Destiny - High
Season 6startrek.nl - Wood
Season 7startrek.nl - Wood
Season 8Home Brew - Dark, League
Season 9Glory Daze - Pro
Season 10Glory Daze - Pro
Season 11startrek.nl - Wood
Season 12Ocultis Synnopsis - Dark
Season 13Elf Stones - Pro
Season 14Popes of Mope - Pro
Season 15Synnful Sprinting Spirits - Wood
Season 16Legion of Longevity - Wood
Season 17Craving for AG4 - High
Season 18E.nigmatic L.ove F.anatics - Wood
Season 19Forest Women - Pro
Season 20Samovar Sinensis - Wood
Season 21Samovar Sinensis - Wood
Season 22Samovar Sinensis - Wood
Season 23Fondly Regard Creation - Dark
Season 24Popes of Mope - Pro
Season 25Legion of Longevity - Wood
Season 26Vailwynd Valiant's - High
Season 27Vailwynd Valiant's - High
Season 28Samovar Sinensis - Wood
Season 29Samovar Sinensis - Wood
Season 30Pro Popes - Pro, Black Box
Season 31WE fighting hard back - Wood, Black Box
Season 32300%Luck - Wood, Black Box
Season 33Loth mean relief - Dark, Black Box & Yun Zis Absolute Wahrheiten - High (Tie)
Season 34Dollhouse - Pro
Season 35Rooots - Wood
Season 36They Mostly Come At Night - Dark
Season 37Elvish Marmelade – Dark
Season 38Loths forsaken - Dark
Season 39Slim Chance Brigade – Pro
Season 40Kickstarter – Dark
Season 41Mad Screamers - Pro
Season 42Kickstarter - Dark
Season 43Naggaroth Zaphyrs - Dark
Season 44Squadron XXIII - High
Season 45Born To Live Forever - Wood
Season 46Naggaroth Zaphyrs - Dark
Season 47Born To Live Forever - Wood
Season 48Dollhouse - Pro
Season 49El Drizzto and the Gang - Dark, Black Box
Season 50Naggaroth Zaphyrs - Dark
Season 51Meet the Feebles Variety Hour - Wood
Season 52Meet the Feebles Variety Hour - Wood
Season 53Meet the Feebles Variety Hour - Wood
Season 54Slim Chance Brigade - Pro
Season 55Darkside. Cowboys - Dark
Season 56Loths forsaken - Dark
Season 57Slim Chance Brigade - Pro
Season 58Exorcists - High
Season 59Born To Live Forever - Wood
Season 60Born To Live Forever - Wood
Season 61Born To Live Forever - Wood
Season 62Born To Live Forever - Wood
Season 63Dark EIves in Disguise - Wood
Season 64Exorcists - High
Season 65Slim Chance Brigade – Pro
Season 66Born To Live Forever - Wood
Season 67Born To Live Forever - Wood
Season 68Korando's Elite Eleven - Dark
Season 69Korando's Elite Eleven - Dark
Season 70Born To Live Forever - Wood
Season 71Archers of Avelon - High
Season 72Michigan GT 9 - Pro & Batman and Robin - Wood (Tie)
Season 73Mad Screamers - Pro
Season 74Michigan GT 9 - Pro
Season 75Michigan GT 9 - Pro

Multiple Grand Champion Teams by Coach
Arktoris (3)Exorcists (Ranked; High; 58,64)
Korando's Elite Eleven (Ranked; Dark; 68,69)
Batman and Robin (Ranked; Wood; 72)
Rijssiej (2)startrek.nl (Ranked; Wood; 2,6,7,11)
Home Brew (League; Dark; 8)
CircularLogic (2)Craving for AG4 (Ranked, High, 17)
E.nigmatic L.ove F.anatics (Ranked; Wood; 18)
Dolls (2)Popes of Mope (Ranked; Pro; 14,24)
Pro Popes (Black Box; Pro; 30)
p4m (2)WE fighting hard back (Black Box; Wood; 31)
Loth mean relief (Black Box; Dark; 33)
Relezite (2)Fondly Regard Creation (Ranked; Dark; 23)
Slim Chance Brigade (Ranked; Pro; 39,54,57,65)
Khaltan (2)Loths forsaken (Ranked; Dark; 56)
Dark EIves in Disguise (Ranked; Wood; 63)

Grand Champions by Race
Wood - 31 1/2
Pro - 17 1/2
Dark - 16 1/2
High - 9 1/2

Grand Champions by Division
69 1/2 Ranked
4 1/2 Black Box
1 League

***Ring of Honor***
startrek.nl - First team to play 1,000 matches on FUMBBL.
Slim Chance Brigade - First E.L.F. team to win the FUMBBL Cup.
Pro Popes - First E.L.F. team to win the Black Cup.