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* * * Did you know? The best scorer is debog with 491 touchdowns.
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Group managers: DrClaes, Dalfort

Meta-game for ogres, halflings, and goblins (including underworld teams that have never played a game with a rostered Skaven player) in Ranked, League, and Black Box. Earn points by leaving a trail of dead opponent players behind you. Bonus points for winning games, dwarfs count double!

Put this on your team page to show you're in the running!
[url=https://fumbbl.com/p/group&group=12654&op=view][img w=200]https://fumbbl.com/i/614499[/img]

We all come to the game with our own goals, our own dreams, and our own aspirations. For some it’s the friendly banter of a tight-knit league, and for others the knife’s edge of competitive play in the Blackbox or the majors.

And then there’s the coaches who prefer stunties. Life for the stunty coach flows at a different pace than for those who run with elves or bash with the Undead. We relish in the simple pleasures of landing a thrown team-mate for a game-changing touchdown as much as we cheer when our big guys smash a hapless lineman into a pool of gore on the line of scrimmage.

Death is ever present for the stunty coach. We smell it when we take to the pitch, see it in the gleaming eyes of a charging opponent blitzer, and hear the sickening crunch of stunty bones breaking. It is our curse, but also our blessing.

But if Nuffle gave the stunty players paper-thin armor to protect them on the field, he also gave them the determination to fight back, the ferocity to punch above their weight, and the mobility to swarm around immobilized opponents for vicious, head-splitting gang fouls. Many a coach has seen their fully grown players taken off the field one by one by a determined stunty team—in body bags or on stretchers—and walked away in abject horror, having won the game but lost their team.

For some, the trophy hunting takes on a life of its own. We seek out the strongest, most experienced players facing us and target them for elimination. On good days we bring a cadre of dedicated foulers who know every dirty trick in the book. Our big guys hone their blocking skills to perfection to lay waste to the line of scrimmage after the obligatory touchdowns scored by our opponents, and the crowd cheers as they water the grass with bright red blood.

The Competition
TOB is a meta-group open to the traditional stunty teams (Ogres, Goblins, and Halflings) as well as stunty underworld (never rostered a rat) and stunty lizardmen (never rostered a saurus) from Ranked, Box, and League. Each season runs for a calendar month, and teams collect points for every opponent player that is dead at the end of the game. The fans don’t care if it’s a wardancer leaping to his death, a mummy failing a dodge, or even a thrown rock from an enraged audience member, they all count. At the end of the season, prizes will be given to the highest scoring teams, and the greatest of them all will ascend the fabled Throne of Blood.

Every opponent death during the season is scored as follows: Score = ST * ST + SppCategory * SppCategory + Bonus.

SppCategory follows the progression from Rookie to Legend as (0,1,2,4,6,8,10).

Bonus points are given for Draws (+1) and Wins (+2).

The season score is the sum of the highest scoring opponent deaths during the season, but only counting one death per opponent roster. For example, if you've killed a Star Wardancer (9+36 points) and a rookie Wood Elf Treeman (36+0 points), only the Wardancer counts towards the season total.

Dwarfs count double.

Side bets for having the highest score in your race or division. Awards for the most kills in a single game, for the most kills during the season, for the longest kill streak (consecutive games with at least a single kill), and for the most valuable kill of the season.

During the season the leaderboard for the metagroup will be updated through PM's. Contestants are encouraged to chat about their stunty feats of brutality in the metagame Discord channel.

Scoring is automated by a Java program. If you find something that doesn’t look right, please alert the group administrator.

Do foul kills count?

Do deaths from tripping / failed dodges / failed leaps count?

Do deaths from rocks thrown by the crowd count?

Do deaths of players count if the player regenerated after the fact?

Do chaos dwarfs count double?
The actual chaos dwarfs and the bull centaurs do. Hobgoblins and minotaurs do not.

Do dwarf star players count double?
Barik Farblast, Boomer Eziasson, Flint Churnblade, Grim Ironjaw, Hthark the Unstoppable, and Zzharg Madeye all count double.

Do the dwarf players in the Old World Alliance count double?

Is "ST" in the formula above the base strength or the strength after +ST or -ST modifiers have been applied?
It's strength after modifiers have been applied.

Can my stunty unofficial team join the group?
The five teams currently allowed are Ogre, Halfling, Goblin, Stunty Underworld, and Stunty Lizardmen. There exist other rosters which might qualify, but compared to the core ones they are only played in league play.

This is terrible! You're reveling in other coaches' misfortunes! It's unsportsmanlike, malicious, and encourages bad styles of play!
That's not a question.

Is the name of the group a film reference?

Dalfort for helping out with the Tournament page, Discord, and group management
Frylen for the Usurper logo
Balle2000 for helping me with the bbcode when I was ready to bang my head against the table
Pizzamogul for advice on getting the tournament going in Fumbbl
Christer for the awesome API and timely advice on Discord

Adding medals to your bio
You can add an appropriately sized medal to your team bio (if you've earned it) by adding:
[img w=100]IMAGELINK[/img]
, replacing the IMAGELINK with the URL to the image in question (find it by right clicking on the image).

Past winners
Season I final standings, won by the Smashmouth Allstarz (Ogres)
Season II final standings, won by Grrrrobs (Goblins)
Season III final standings, won by BOB's Brotherhood (Ogres)
Season IV final standings, won by the Grünhugel Dragons (Halflings)
Season V final standings, won by the Botillo Flyingers (Halflings)

All-time highs:
Most brutal: 4 kills in one game (I Ate my Rerolls, ogres, season IV)
Longest kill streak: 8 games with at least one kill (BOB's Brotherhood, ogres, season III)
Longest no-kill streak: 19 games with no kills (Rumbletum Batterers, halfling, season III)
Tallest stack: 48 kills (Foul Ogres, season II)
Top trophy: 150 points. ST7 wood elf treeman legend Nestor Cerpa, killed by the Classy Brawlers, ogres, season II

Discord Link to our group chat server.