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Group managers: mekutata, Happy_Amateur, Shraaaag

Year: 2
Current Phase: Regular Season
Active Teams: 16
Next Deadline: TBA in Discord
Free Agent Pool:Free Agents

Current XXXL Champion: Mad Moon Mischiefs (II)
Petty Cash: TBA
Current Accounting Chief Goblin: Niblog Cashrot (3rd season)
Active Corruptions: There must be a winner, Guts from the Grave
Team Cards

Regular Season

Division Headz

Bad Apples

Terrifying Toe Twisters

Mad Moon Mischiefs

Green Gladiataazz

Broken Nose Nibblerz

Da Great Fanatik Circus

Mad Bombers
Dirty Dancing Dogsitters100112-131210-1
Playerstatistics Headz
* Possibly the most Knives lost in the woods, replaced by BDSM Tribe after MD4. Last record (2-1-1 TD:4-3 CAS:10-12) BDSM could not play. Team TBA

Division Tailz


Erratic Eccentric Entertainers

Bricktops Boisterous Butchers


Black Tooth Rips

Night Goblin Nasties™

Troll Fanboyzzz

Les Sale Freux
Playerstatistics Tailz
* Karag Ungor National Ballet currently lost in school, replaced by Les Sale Freux after MD2.

Teams qualified for XXXL Bowl:Bad Apples, Mad Moon Mischiefs, Terrifying Toe Twisters,
Teams qualified for Black Lantern:Mad Bombers, Broken Nose Nibblerz

Shraaaag's FUMBBL Scripts

Headz vs Tailz

Headz vs Tailz is a competition held between the teams of XXXL's two divisions.
Teams not playing on the current match day represent their division and face off against each other.
(If both divisions feature an even value of teams, the Headz vs Tailz competition will be held parallel to the pre-season and post-season playoffs, with matches between teams from different side of the coin counting as Headz vs Tailz competition.)

A win adds 3 points to the division's score, a draw adds 1 point, a defeat adds 0 points.
The division with more points at the end of a regular season wins.

Teams from the winning division gain +1 Fan Factor at the end of the regular season.
The winning division’s champion receives a higher pay out at the end of a season.

Headz vs TailzGWTLTD+TD-TDΔCas+Cas-CasΔTotalΔScore

Squig Westminster Round 1

Bad Apples vs Gobbolchevickz
1 : 2

Squig Westminster Round 1

Possibly the most Knives vs Black Tooth Rips
3 : 0

Squig Westminster Round 1

Green Gladiataazz vs Karak Ungor National Ballet
2 : 1

Squig Westminster Round 2

Green Gladiataazz vs ÜbelFiesDreckig
1 : 0

Squig Westminster Backyard Alley Rd 1

Bad Apples vs Erratic Eccentric Entertainers
0 : 1

Squig Westminster Backyard Alley Rd 1

Mad Moon Mischiefs vs Black Tooth Rips
2 : 0

Squig Westminster Final

Green Gladiataazz vs Night Goblin Nasties™
1 : 2

Squig Westminster Backyard Alley Rd 2

Da Great Fanatik Circus vs Erratic Eccentric Entertainers
0 : 2

Squig Westminster Backyard Alley Rd 2

Mad Moon Mischiefs vs Troll Fanboyzzz
3 : 0

Squig Westminster Backyard Alley Final

Mad Moon Mischiefs vs Erratic Eccentric Entertainers
4 : 0

Regular Season MD1 Necro Filler

Already Ded vs Night Goblin Nasties™
1 : 0

Regular Season MD2 Necro Filler

Da Dead Boyz Innit vs
Bricktops Boisterous Butchers

0 : 2

A look back the previous XXXL seasons.
The Great Waaaagh
Season 0 Rankings and Stats

☆ XXXL Champion Mad Moon Mischiefs
☆ Black Lantern Winner Broken Nose Nibblerz
☆ Headz Champion Mad Moon Mischiefs
☆ Tailz Champion Black Tooth RIPs
☆ Headz vs Tailz Winner Headz
Second Season
Season 1 Rankings and Stats

☆ XXXL Champion Mad Moon Mischiefs
☆ Black Lantern Winner Broken Nose Nibblerz
☆ Headz Champion Mad Moon Mischiefs
☆ Tailz Champion Night Goblin Nasties
☆ Headz vs Tailz Winner Tailz
☆ The Big Cook Broken Nose Nibblerz
Git Revolushun
☆ Squig Westminster Night Goblin Nasties
☆ Headz Champion Bad Apples

☆ XXXL Hall of Fame☆
A look back the previous XXXL seasons.
XXXL Bowl ChampionSeason
Mad Moon Mischiefs ☆0 Great Waaaagh
Mad Moon Mischiefs ☆☆1 Second Season
Headz vs Tailz
Headz vs TailzSeason
Tailz ☆0 Great Waaaagh
Headz ☆1 Second Season
Headz ChampionSeason
Mad Moon Mischiefs ☆0 Great Waaaagh
Mad Moon Mischiefs ☆☆1 Second Season
Bad Apples ☆2 Git Revolushun
Tailz ChampionSeason
Black Tooth RIPs ☆0 Great Waaaagh
Night Goblin Nasties ☆1 Second Season
Black Lantern
Black LanternSeason
Broken Nose Nibblerz ☆0 Great Waaaagh
Broken Nose Nibblerz ☆☆1 Second Season
Throne of Blood
Throne of BloodSeason
Erratic Eccentric Entertainers ☆711 Second Season
Team Awards
Top Scoring TeamSeason
Mad Moon Mischiefs ☆0 Great Waaaagh0 Great Waaaagh
Mad Moon Mischiefs ☆☆1 Second Season1 Second Season
Baddest TeamSeason
Mad Moon Mischiefs ☆0 Great Waaaagh0 Great Waaaagh
Mad Moon Mischiefs ☆☆1 Second Season1 Second Season
Player Awards
Top ScorerSeason
Jumping Jack (Mad Moon Mischiefs) ☆, Mrs. Whip (Da Dirty BDSM Trive) ☆80 Great Waaaagh
Mendinsli the Soaring (Erratic Eccentric Entertainers) ☆61 Second Season
Top BasherSeason
James Galanna, Spud (Mad Moon Mischiefs) ☆70 Great Waaaagh
Krud (Possibly the most Knives) ☆, Robert Feart (Green Gladiataazz) ☆101 Second Season
Wikkundru the Joyful Clown AwardSeason
Wikkundru the Joyful Clown (Erratic Eccentric Entertainers) ☆240 Great Waaaagh
Sleazy Biscuits (Bogan Picnic Hamper Stealers) ☆171 Second Season
James Galanna (Mad Moon Mischiefs) ☆40 Great Waaaagh
Ed Marimba /Black Tooth RIPs) ☆,
Chatty Spamad (Black Tooth RIPs) ☆,
Yynn the Mesmerizing (Erratic Eccentric Entertainers) ☆,
Freak (Mad Moon Mischiefs) ☆,
Icanz Fliez (Broken Nose Nibblerz) ☆
31 Second Season
Player Records
Season RecordsPlayerRecordSeason
Top FoulerWikkundru the Joyful Clown (Erratic Eccentric Entertainers) ☆240 Great Waaaagh
Top BasherKrud (Possibly the most Knives) ☆, Robert Feart (Green Gladiataazz) ☆101 Second Season
Top ScorerJumping Jack (Mad Moon Mischiefs) ☆, Mrs. Whip (Da Dirty BDSM Trive) ☆80 Great Waaaagh
Top MVPJames Galanna (Mad Moon Mischiefs) ☆40 Great Waaaagh
Player Market
Registered XXXL teams can try to sell and buy players and/or unused cards from other teams.
Registered XXXL teams may participate in an open auction for unemployed players.
Upcoming: 4th Player Market
Need to hire 11 decent players for my XXXL bowl games, desperately!
Will be held after Regular Season has been finished.
For teams that participate in the Post-Season.
*Legal Trades: Positions traded away remain locked until end of the playoffs, players joining remain Loner until end of playoffs.
*Unemployed players: Black Lantern teams may hire Warpstone Cultists in a Free Auction.

A fifth market can be activated by a team with a Corruption card.
Legal Trades
Teams may transfer players between teams.
Transfers must cost at minimum the player's current costs.
The leeg will always take a minimum transfer fee of 20K (or if higher 20% of transfer value), may be paid by one team or shared by both participating teams.
Open Auction
A pool of unemployed players looking for a new team. Players will join the team with the best offer.
Specific rule regulations: Players will be sold in rounds, teams may hire one player per round. Post your prefered transfers in Discord.
Future regulations: Limit on maximum hired players per team, secret bidding (Admin reasons)
Selling a Positional
Positions trades away remain locked for a specified time until new players of that kind become available.
Additional Positional
Traded players join their new team with their current skills and their current player costs, but they gain Loner for a specified time while they are still trying to adapt to their new team environment.
If the team’s number of rostered players of a specific position raises above the regular allowed limit, the new players count as Additional Positional and have to be paid upkeep in cash after each match.
The player loses this special status if the team’s number of rostered players reached the regular allowed limit again.
Firing a newly bought, stolen or traded player before ever fielding said player in a game may result in disharmony among the team, staff or audience.
Disharmony RollConsequence
1The disrespectful team management angers the fired player. Instead of returning to the pool of Free Agents, the player offers to play for the next opponent for free. If the upcoming opponent team has already 16 players, the player will repeat the offer on following match days until a team is willing and able to field the player.
2The preposterous team management hurts the reputation among XXXL players. No players will accept any future steal or trade deals. Free Agents will always prefer rival offers at Great Briberies in case of two or more same offers. Lasts until Season Reset.
3The arrogant team management leads to irritation among the fans. The team loses 1d3+1 Fan Factor. Any player with the skill Fan Favorite is missing the next game.
4The illogical team management leads to protest among the staff. Rostered specialists and staff leave the team in protest. Team loses half their Re-Rolls.
5The alienating team management leads to disharmony among the players. 2d3 random players without Really Stupid gain Loner for one match (rolled before Kickoff after regular Team Management phase).
6The genius team management keeps playing 3D chess with the league. Another masterful decision to weaken the opponent and strengthen the own team's perspetive. Team gains a random Black Market Card.
Unemployed PlayersLast TeamPositionGained AbilitiesTransfer Costs
Auntieshape SloppykissBogan Picnic Hamper StealersTrollGuard, +AG170K
Harry HotpantsKöpenhägen ÏmmergeïlTrollBreak Tackle, Stand Firm150K
Girlfriendshape HairyfaceBogan Picnic Hamper StealersTrollStrong Arm, Guard150K
Seasonal BaublebounceBogan Picnic Hamper StealersFanaticMighty Blow, Guard110K
High as a KiteKöpenhägen ÏmmergeïlDoom DiverDodge, Side Step100K
Emmanuel EvergreenGrünhäuteGoblinDiving Tackle, Side Step80K
Robert RollerGrünhäuteGoblinMA+70K
Kitraqua the Puppert MasterMean Green Bogey MachinesGoblinDirty Player,-ST,-ST70K
James JujuGrünhäuteGoblinDiving Tackle60K
Lorenzo LiebevollGrünhäuteGoblinDiving Tackle60K
Bernd BombigGrünhäuteBommaDiving Catch60K
Lombo LazygitGrim Peak GitzGoblinCatch60K
RokkeKöpenhägen ÏmmergeïlGoblinDiving Tackle60K
SokkeKöpenhägen ÏmmergeïlGoblinDiving Tackle60K
Evelyn MurtanMean Green Bogey MachinesBommaDiving Catch60K
Squeezy BiscuitsBogan Picnic Hamper StealersGoblinSide Step60K
Fatbag JamsliceBogan Picnic Hamper StealersGoblinSide Step60K
Rawr RawrieDa Dirty BDSM TribeWarpstone CultistClaw65K
Piece of Raw MeatDa Dirty BDSM TribeWarpstone CultistBlock75K
CowDa Dirty BDSM TribeTrollGuard130K
Fuut BallDa Dirty BDSM TribeDoom DiverDodge80K
My ChuckDa Dirty BDSM TribeFanaticMighty Blow, Guard110K
Mrs WhipDa Dirty BDSM TribePogoerSure Feet, +MA, Block, Sprint180K
WoodieDa Dirty BDSM TribeGoblinDiving Tackle60K
Stinky TreeDa Dirty BDSM TribeTrollGuard130K
Kink StuffDa Dirty BDSM TribeLooneyBlock, Dodge155K
Duke NukeDa Dirty BDSM TribeBommaSide Step60K
Giblet SlicerDa Dirty BDSM TribeLooneyDodge60K
☆ Worldsports ☆
First two teams qualified for XXXL Bowl III

The grand match of day 5 between Headz’ frontrunners Bad Apples and reigning champs Mad Moon Mischiefs ended with an indecicive draw, keeping the division open with only two mere points seperating the two teams. However, both teams had reason to celebrate another major steap in the ongoing campagin,as both teams officially qualified for the prestigious XXXL Bowl.
Git Revolushun Handbook!
XXXL's 3rd season kicks off with a new handbook and democratic tendencies

An updated version of XXXL's handbook has been published.
Changes are based on the rich experience of 2 seasons and coach feedback (they were even allowed to vote this time).
Everything is even more complicated now.
Westminster Squig Invitational
Night Goblin Nasties win the Pre-Season Tournament!

Happy Amateur's Night Goblin Nasties have won the first ever Squig Westminster Invitational in a hard fought battle against palakunidis' Green Gladiataazz. The Nasties won their second trophy in team history and will start the seaosn with their very own Squig Hopper. Overall the tournament was well received by spetators. However, rumours are that the Wetsminster breeding estate plans to sue the XXXL due the high death count of Squigs (5 valuable Squigs in 18 games).
Goblin GR
Let numbers decide how gud you are

The Gobin Rating (GR) system is a way for coaches to get an idea of the relative strength of other coaches in XXXL. A higher GR indicates that the coach is playing at a higher level, whereas a lower GR means the opposite. It is important to understand that the system is tuned to give more weight to more recent results and that it does, indeed, estimate coach strength based on actual results rather than their true ability.

The difference here is that a number of coaches sometimes enjoy scheming and cheating deliberately. This will inevitably lower the opponent’s GR value to a lower level than the coach "deserves".

Another important take-away is that the GR system is perfectly accurate. There is a fairly large variation of the actual rating number each coach has, and the precision shown should be taken seriously. It is often used by Goblin Gambling to evaluate an upcoming match day’s odds.
BDSM returns
Mrs. Whip and her gang will replace the Knives!

Despite having their best season ever, the Possibly the most Knives! have to end their ongoing campaign due woods.The returning BDSM Tribe will replace the Knives in division Headz and participate the last two matchdays before joining the Black Lantern.
Lost in the woods: Die Grünhäute

Snow swirled around the base of the trees as a wickedly sharp wind tore through the forest. It made the filthy Grünhäute uniform that Willy wore feel paper thin, the cold cutting him to the bone. He had torn a shoulder pad off the Blood Bowl uniform, and using one of his shoelaces had made a makeshift mask. It wasn't safe to go out without one. Yet the mask came with its own set of problems. His warm breath condensated inside of it, forming sharp little icicles that hung out the bottom and painfully stabbed him in the chest. Sometimes he felt he could hardly breath. And sometimes he found that it had slipped down, and he just hadn't noticed because he couldn't feel his frostbitten nose anymore. Willy was pretty certain one of his ears had snapped off too, as he'd found a weird flap of green skin loose in his helmet but he was to scared to check.
Willy huddled down into a hollow tree stump for a rest. He had been foraging for half the morning, but had found nothing. He leant back and wiped the icicles off his mask and off the guard of his helmet. His mind would have wandered, but it was too cold to think. Too cold to do anything but snatch a few moments rest in his makeshift shelter before going back to the desperate search for food. He sat up suddenly, startled by the low growl of some sort of predatory animal, but moments later realised that it was only his stomach rumbling. The little Night Goblin took a moment to calm down, but then realised he had lost a boot. The one he had taken the shoelace from. His little green foot was mostly black now. And was looking delicious. He resisted the urge to pick off the frostbitten flesh and eat it. He could save it for later if he didn't find anything. It would probably be less leathery than whatever it was he'd found in his helmet.
The wind keened and changed direction so that it was filling up his little hollow with freezing snow. Willy sighed, wiped more icicles off his mask with stiff fingers and hauled himself up. He needed to keep going, to find some food for the sake of the rest of the team.
He staggered out of the shelter and looked around. His tracks had already been covered up and he had no idea where to go. Hermine Hexerei had been leading the team through the woods and claimed he could tell which direction to go by checking where the moss grew on the trees. But Willy suspected he was just off tits on mushrooms and was using it as an excuse to eat the moss. Which tasted awful, Willy knew, because when no one was looking he had snuck some.
The little Night Goblin began to panic. Even if he found something to eat, how would he find the team? The wind was too loud to yell over. His tracks were long gone. And he had no idea which way to go. It's not like they had even lit a fire back at their makeshift campp. Brady Brise had used all the fuel in his chainsaw chopping wood, but it turned out it wouldn't burn because Bernd Bombig had left his matches at the clubrooms. Which Willy thought was stupid, but the Bomma did have a point. Why would he need to bring his bombs and matches on a simple training run through the woods?
Fuggit, Willy decided... It was time to search for the team. Which took him about fifteen minutes. Amazingly, Willy had only made it about fifty metres from where the team were hunkered down.
"Wot did yu find?" They asked him.
"Fuggall." He replied, exhausted.
The look of disappointment of his teammates faces would have made him cry, but that would have been to dangerous. His little green cheeks might have frozen.
A mound of snow moved, and the Head Coach stepped out from where he had been keeping warm between two Trolls.
The greenskin team all stopped complaining and turned to their boss for leadership.
The Head Coach cleared his throat.... " We just need to keep GOING FOR IT!" he loudly announced and then led his team further into the woods.
Add of the week

Join the minors, join the XXL and become gud enough for the XXXL.
The Major Conspiracy
Desaster after desaster!

The crooked FUMBBL majors remain cursed for Goblins!
Several top teams lost their first round games and it seems likely that fumbbl manipulated these Majors all the time.
So probably no Goblin team will ever win a Major under BB16 rules...
unless we sneak a Goblin into the dev team for BB20 to postpone the new rules once again.

We gOt XplosIVeS! (shraaaag) - Fleabags 0:3

Rhinoplasty (mekutata) - Some Orcs 0:2

Allenamento Gobz (palakudinis) - Undead Dogs 0:1

Top Ranked PredARRtors (ben_awesome) - OP Chaos 0:1
Worldsports hires!
Offer secret inside information or fake news about opponents

Coaches may try something new. Words.
Coaches writing articles for World Sports will receive 1 Goldcoin per word added to their team's treasury.
Old World Sports Issues
From the Pre-Internet Times

Digitalized issues of previous World Sports XXXL specials can be found in the Library .

XXXL Season XV, standings as of 2021-07-28 21:12
Season runs from 2021-04-10 00:00 until 2021-09-30 23:59

, Goblins of mmeier: (3/3/2) 4K/8G:104 points :

Black Tooth Rips
, Goblins of mekutata: (2/2/4) 4K/8G:97 points :

Bricktops Boisterous Butchers
, Goblins of ben_awesome: (4/2/2) 4K/8G:97 points :

Broken Nose Nibblerz
, Goblins of luxyluxo: (2/1/4) 4K/7G:72 points :

[XXXL] Bad Apples
, Goblins of Halfabrain: (6/1/2) 5K/9G:63 points :

Erratic Eccentric Entertainers
, Goblins of loopyloo: (5/1/4) 4K/10G:61 points :

Terrifying Toe Twisters
, Goblins of Shraaaag: (3/0/4) 1K/7G:49 points :

Mad Moon Mischiefs
, Goblins of Gnoblar: (6/2/1) 3K/9G:39 points :

[XXXL] Green Gladiataazz
, Goblins of panalukidis: (6/1/3) 3K/10G:34 points :

Night Goblin Nasties™
, Goblins of Happy_Amateur: (4/2/3) 3K/9G:30 points :

[XXXL]Da Great Fanatik Cirkus
, Goblins of SanKuKai: (2/2/4) 2K/8G:28 points :

XXXL Mad Bombers
, Goblins of VoldemortsCleaner: (0/2/5) 2K/7G:25 points :

Da Dirty BDSM Tribe
, Goblins of Sergtacos: (0/0/1) 1K/1G:25 points :

Troll Fanboyzzz
, Goblins of DrClaes: (2/1/6) 3K/9G:10 points :

Possibly the most Knives
, Goblins of Xandyreoch: (3/1/3) 2K/7G:9 points :

Les Sale Freux
, Goblins of kozak: (2/3/1) 1K/6G:2 points :

Top Goblin team
, Goblins coached by mmeier: 104 points

Top League team
, Goblins coached by mmeier: 104 points

Top trophy with 51 points
ÜbelFiesDreckig killed Aubrey Medain

Record for most teams retired: 1
Troll Fanboyzzz retired: Karak Ungor National Ballet

First Blood
Bricktops Boisterous Butchers killed Guggy the Excitable on 2021-04-10 20:45

Total deaths: 46 in 133 games

Most Brutal Games
3 kills in a single game
[XXXL] Bad Apples vs Erratic Eccentric Entertainers

Longest Kill Streak
2 games with at least one kill
ÜbelFiesDreckig coached by mmeier
Bricktops Boisterous Butchers coached by ben_awesome
Broken Nose Nibblerz coached by luxyluxo
[XXXL] Bad Apples coached by Halfabrain
Night Goblin Nasties™ coached by Happy_Amateur

Longest No-Kill Streak
9 games with no kills
Gobbolchevickz coached by Subs

Tallest Stack
5 kills
[XXXL] Bad Apples coached by Halfabrain