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Emerging Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Doggy Boyz Tribe Orc 0 28/22/31 1795k    
  Foul'emore Snotling 290k 0/0/0 560k ±70  
  Foultastic Snots Snotling 360k 7/5/14 990k ±520  
  Rock Skulls Tribe Ogre 40k 9/22/94 1395k    
  Baltimorc Waaghvens Orc 10k 0/0/0 990k    
  Tolosa Silverbacks Simyin 10k 0/0/0 990k    
League teams for 145 Leagues and Tournaments
  Toulouse Black Bears Black Orc 5k 0/0/0 995k    
League teams for All Stars
  Nasty Stars All Stars 230k 2/0/1 3575k    
League teams for CIBBL
  Badlands Headhuntaz Tribe Savage Orc (CIBBL) 85k 11/4/13 1920k    
Scheduled against TourneyFiller's Filler 6 (Seen 0s ago).
League teams for DLE - BB2020 College 7s
  Carcassone Stats Freak College Human 30k 15/5/6 735k    
League teams for DLE - Draft League Europe
  -Carcassone Eagles- Eagles 12505k 12/8/13 1740k    
League teams for DLE2020
  Paillole Bears DLE2020 - Bears 10k 0/1/3 1820k    
Scheduled against HyperboLemuR's Rochefort Kingfishers (Seen 4h ago).
League teams for National College BloodBowl III
  Texas Orchorns Orc 840k 14/11/16 1660k    
League teams for NBBFL
  Bashmore Ravens BIG BASH 165k 9/3/6 2630k    
Scheduled against Chrisdekok's Tennessee Fouly Titans (Seen 4h ago).
  Biganapolis Colts BIG BASH 10k 0/0/0 1810k    
League teams for Nuffle League 2020
  Nuffle Slayers RavensFan's Team 255k 3/3/5 540k    
League teams for Secret League 2020
  Blood everyday Daemons of Khorne 20k 7/5/12 1550k    
  Da Mighty Mino Minotaur 50k 0/0/1 980k    
  jhkj Savage Orc 385k 8/2/10 1340k    
  Karak Kadrin All Starz Slayer 490k 15/6/13 1670k    
  Khan Dirty Crew Hobgoblin Slavers 100k 2/0/5 1245k    
  Moulderz Killaz Clan Moulder 100k 2/1/8 1320k    
  Ornsmotek Gold Miners Norse Dwarf 305k 6/1/6 1335k    
  PanDOHmic Troll 90k 3/1/2 1105k    
  Sneaky Little Beard Engineers 75k 3/2/1 1150k    
  ST All Stars Four Nations 125k 4/3/5 1380k    
League teams for Secret League Open
  [2016] Texas Orchorns Orc 140k 2/3/7 1750k    
League teams for XXL
  Bones and Shroomz Goblin Pirates 0 0/0/0 990k    
  Shroom Dealers Bad Land Mercenaries 85k 2/3/2 1090k    
League teams for XXXL
  Shroooooom Lovaz Shroooooom Lovaz 150k 0/2/12 1340k    
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