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General information on DLE
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Dietmar Althoff Awards

Medals are awarded to DLE players for killing or retiring opposition players via blocks, fouls or surfs.

Dietmar Althoff MedalVon Kassel MedalCrowd Pleaser Medal
Awarded for blockingAwarded for foulingAwarded for crowd surfing

Medal Colour
Bronze: 60+ TV total in one game
Silver: 100+ TV total in one game
Gold: 150+ TV total in one game
Platinum: 200+ TV total in one game

TV is calculated from adding TV from skills and subtracting TV from injuries.
Example: TV = 50(+STR) + 20(wrestle) - 30(-AV)= 40, thus no medal awarded.

Crossed Maces: Second award of same type
Crossed Swords: Third award of same type
Crossed Lances: Fourth award of same type
Crossed Halberds: Fifth award of same type

Updating player profiles
1. Click the wanted medal below
2. Copy the URL
3. Replace URL in the following code with the copied URL: [img w=34]URL[/img]
4. Paste the code into your player profile (Example)

Bronze medals

Silver medals

Gold medals

Platinum medals

A note on fluff

DLE lingo (expressions widely used in the WARROOM)

- Hep! : Hi / Hello / Morning / Evening
- Trading rights: The draft pick itself
- Trade banter: Advertise a trading opportunity, and telling what you offer/need.
- Feeler: Sending an inquiry about a potential trade, without an actual offer.
- Conditional pick: When the result of the trade depends on a condition that will be or will not be met at a later point of time. Example: I give you a 2nd round pick for that, but i give a 1st round pick instead, if i will win my division.
- Overdrafted: Something is selected too early compared to value. Highly subjective. Like linemen are overdrafted.
- Underdrafted: Opposite of overdrafted. Something should have been selected much earlier.
- Trade up: This one is easy. Send a combination of picks for a higher selection.
- Trade down: Opposite of trading up. Giving up a selection for more selections.
- Frontload: Give up future draft selection right for immediate selection right. Future picks have less value as time is money, so the future pick given up is better.
- Backload: Opposite of frontloading. When someone sells current draft stock for better and or more future draft stock.
- Pulling an "Arcayn": Extreme case of backloading, when someone (like coach Arcayn) decides to give up on the current draft, and mass sell the current draft rights for future.
- Pulling a "Valen": Extreme case of frontloading, when someone (like coach Valen) decides to give up on future and current, and acquire the No1 overall pick!
- Pulling a „Darkwing2k6”: Converting a high selection into lots of 3rd and 4th round picks, and a roster full of skilled players.
- Pulling a „Hester”: Picking up the ball right after kickoff at the back of the end zone, and go the distance.
- Pulling a „badpublicity stunt”: Trading away the whole roster, and replacing them with a totally different kind. (With mass ag4 in the original case.)
- Pulling a „Barr”: Unintended dodge due to misclick, fail, armor break, death.
- Averheim PUNT: Punting to protect the baller and give the opponent the chance to get the ball and score.
- Conditional 1.5 pick. If the picks provider is in bottom16, then a 2nd round pick, if top16 then a 1st round pick. Basically the pick will be between No17 and No48.

Information on joining DLE

League is running with 32 franchises. As dropouts happen, and people quit at some point, so we are always looking for reserves. We are working with a waiting list in case a franchise will be on sale. If you are interested, then get in contact with the staff.

Takeover procedure

- Full migration using custom rosters. Including SPPs, injuries. Fan factor remains the same. New owner inherits the draft rights.
- Team logos and stuff are inherited. Previous owner is kindly asked to provide the full code for the team bio. The new owner may adjust the bio. If the previous owner wishes a reference to the original designer of the team page will be added.
- The new coach taking over a team can retire any number of players. Then the team TV is calculated and compared to the Benchmark. 'BENCHMARK TV' is equal to 1250 TV. If the team TV is below the BENCHMARK, then follow the procedure below:

1. Adjust team TV. All draft picks (both current and future) are valued at: 1st-80k, 2nd-40k, 3rd-20k, 4th-10k. Then compare to normal draft rights (300k in total). If the balance is negative, then set it to 0. (No credit for lack of picks.) If the balance is positive, then add the balance to the team TV.
2. Subtract your adjusted TV from the Benchmark (1250). This is the difference, or D. Divide D by 250k to get your Rebuild Factor (RF). Note the remainder (R).
***So if the BENCHMARK is 1200k, and your TV is 900k, D=300k. Dividing D by 250k, we get 1, remainder 50k. So RF is 1, and R is 50k. ***
3. Repeat the following process RF times.
3.1. Randomly select a draft pool from the three most recent drafts (Roll a D3 on Discord. 1 = Oldest draft. 3 = Most recent draft)
3.2 Award a full set of draft picks to the team (1st + 2nd + 3rd + 4th rounder).
3.3 The team can select a copy of each a player drafted in each round.
3.4 Top8 draft pick in the 1st round cannot be copied.
4. Do the above 1 more time, except the number/type of awarded picks depend on R:
- 10-20: 4th
- 30-40: 3rd
- 50-70: 2nd
- 80-90: 2nd + 4th
- 100-120: 2nd + 3rd
- 130-140: 1st
- 150-160: 1st + 4th
- 170-180: 1st + 3rd
- 190-200: 1st + 3rd + 4th
- 210-230: 1st + 2nd + 4th
- 240-250: 1st + 2nd + 3rd + 4th rounder
5. Naming policy: The clones should be fluffed up and renamed. Recommended methods are either:
- Finding a historical player with similar skillset.
- Hiring a rookie with your local language, or your teams Warhammer city background.
5. Limitations:
- No trade of the created players until the end of the season. (including the draft)

Draft League Europe

DLE is a franchise based league based in the Old World ranging from Reikland, to Bretonnia, to Estalia, to Tilea and all the way up to Kislev.

The league has started out with 18 franchise for season 1. All cities across the world put in applications to house one of the 18 franchises. The League expanded to 14 more locations at the beginning of season2, and is now running on a 32 team basis.
One by one the founding owners, then the expansion owners selected their home base and thus the DLE was born. Each team was named after the City/Province they settled in along with a nickname.

Time to time a franchise might be on sale. In such cases we rely on our waiting list. Please see the "Joining DLE" section for more information.

Our staff
Bigf & misterlonestar
Rules Committee
Bigf, GotrekSlayer, misterlonestar & ArturidasTrade Committee
The_DemonDLE group page + Draft
RictorFree Agent gatekeeper
SpelledarenWaitlist, training and enforcement
The_Ref & HovringIcons And Artwork


Season 13 Middenheim Classics defeated Irrana Avalanche 2 - 1
Season 12 Arnau Manticores defeated Skadi Eagles 2 - 1
Season 11 Brionne Buccaneers defeated Aldente Scimitars 1 - 0
Season 10 Templehof Thunder defeated Erengrad Vikings (OT) 3 - 2
Season 9 Broekwater Patriots defeated Kislev White Wolves 3 - 2
Season 8 Broekwater Patriots defeated Grenzburg Greenskins 2 - 1
Season 7 Broekwater Patriots defeated Brionne Buccaneers 2 - 1
Season 6 Middenheim Classics defeated Praag Grizzlies 2 - 1
Season 5 Broekwater Patriots defeated Grenzburg Greenskins 2 - 1
Season 4 Broekwater Patriots defeated Irrana Avalanche 2 - 1
Season 3 Flashfurt Universe defeated Norden Legion 2 - 1
Season 2 Kemperbad Knights defeated Averheim River Bandits 2 - 0
Season 1 Flashfurt Universe defeated Brionne Buccaneers 2 - 1


DLE matches are played under bb20 and fumbbl tournament rules - no game options take place with the following exceptions/additions:
  • The standard rules for inducements are not used. Instead the following rules apply:
  • Inducements:
    You will receive half of the regular value of inducements, rounded down. For example, 210K difference would receive 105k.
    Mercenaries are 50k each, regardless of position. They can not add extra skills. No star players, wizards, cards or weather mage.
  • TV cap has been removed. If your TV is 1850 or above when you are ready to ready, you must fire your apo and then ready your team. From Season 14, the TV cap will be 1760 and above. If you forget to fire the apo, your TV will be 50K higher than necessary, and your opponent will get an advantage for inducements. This applies ALL season, including playoffs.
  • DLE TV does not consider the base cost of players.
  • For a win you get 2 points, for a draw you get 1 point, and 0 points for losses. For infractions like concessions and no shows you get +1 point for draft consideration.
  • During play offs there will be sudden death overtime, of course.
  • Rolling 10 days to complete a round (For Playoffs, the rounds are shortened to 8 days). As soon as the round finishes, there will be a new round with new deadline. (We are strict on all rules, emphasize this deadline. Dont expect extension, unless holiday was announced well in advanced, was discussed and agreed to an alternate procedure.)
  • All MNG are eliminated in the offseason.
  • Coaches are expected to be able to play their games in european time zones.
  • No Time Outs – Players are encouraged to chat in game, but also to play at a reasonable speed. Occasional turns over 4 minutes are allowed, but should not be normal. (If plus 4-minute turns are required, we would expect plenty of significantly shorter than 4-minute turns to balance timings)
    A game, of 16 turns, should not take over 2 hours, apart from in exceptional circumstances (1 hour per coach), which includes any untimed phases of the game (e.g Kick off). If the opponent is too slow, then report it.
  • Breaking the rules, like concessions, egregious no shows may result in forfeiture of draft picks in the oncoming draft. Concession, repeated forfeit, or intentionally losing are valid reasons for a ban.
    If you want to tank for next draft, then your best bet is to try scoring often, and collect SPPs, so play at least semi-competitively. You are, of course, allowed to put your reserve squad on the field...
  • If a player dies, or retired for any reason, then the team is allowed to buy a rookie replacement.
  • If a franchise player dies or has been retired, then the team gets a late 3rd round compensation draft pick in the next draft.
  • Potions, sponges, scrolls, snotling hunters, and any past, present and future site benefits in DLE in any way, shape or form, are not allowed.
  • The team with higher TV readies first.
  • Player trades are resolved after round10, and after the end of the season.
  • A trade is agreed once all parties agreed to it and a staff member is invited and sees the agreements. A trade is official once a trade staff member gives it a thumbs up. If a trade staff member sees the trade as lopsided, then will escalate for discussion. The objective of that is not to overturn the trade but to make sure both parties understand the consequences.
    It is not allowed to give away items for free.
  • To cancel a trade outside of voids requires both coaches agreement if a player isn't fired/permed/retired.
  • COMMUNICATION must be maintained with league officials and fellow coaches. If PMs are sent out from the league administrators, response and action is required.
  • A team should apply for RESTRUCTURE within 48 hours after its last game in its season, or within 48 hours or the end of the regular season, whichever s the later. It is practically a TAKEOVER process (see ’Joining DLE’ tab) with the following differences.
    1) The BENCHMARK TV is 1250.
    2) Restructure/Takeover players come with SPP corresponding to their skill level.
    3)The restructure TV is calcualted using 3 RR's and 1 Apo.
    4) A RESTRUCTURED team may not make any new trades until the end of the current season. (including the draft)
  • It is mandatory to have extra sized sprites (player icons) for players with increased strength for the lineman / thrower / blitzer positions. If you grow / acquire a player of that type, please immediately contact icons channel and ask for a fix, or do it yourself. If such a player loses +STR, or replaced with a normal player, please do the update with immediate effect, as well.

Free agency
  • If a team's TV (so MNG included) is below a threshold, then the team can select 1 player per round.
    - The Free Agents list is at the Warroom (google docs) sheet 'FA'.
    - The Free Agents list contains low profile players from college, and undrafted players from DLE drafts.
  • Threshold to pick a FA is a Team Value(TV)of 1390 or under.
  • TV adjustment if the team has more than normal draft capital (same formula as in restructure and calculated on the basis of 3 rerolls + apo).
  • Free Agent pickup is possible once after each round of the regular season, except after round 10 and round 17.
  • Free Agents come with SPP corresponding to their skill level.
  • Process of asking for a Free Agent:
    - Post at DLE discord server #FA-Free-Agent-picks channel.
    - A DLE staff member checks your team TV, and says you can or cannot select. (If your team TV is BELOW the threshold, then he will give you green light.).
    - You browse through the list of FA sheet, picking someone that was not picked before.
    - A DLE staff member deletes/crosses the player that you pick, so no-one else can select.
    - You create the player, and write the details into his bio. Acquisition type is Free Agent.
    - Note: You can pick a FA before skilling guys.

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Playoff with 32 teams
After 17 games of regular season games, 14 teams advance to playoff, 7 from each conference. 4 divisional winners, plus 3 non divisional winners with best record. Tiebreakers to determine divisional winners;
1: Points
2: Face to face result (win%)
3: Points against division rivals
4: Points against conference rivals
5: Opponents points
6: TD differential
7: CAS differential
8: Coin toss.

The detailed rules are in the WARROOM at sheet SCHEDULE.

Playoff teams are ranked. The 4 division winners get No1-4, and the wild card teams get No5-7 based on regular season record.


Single elimination, played within the conferences.
Round1 (Wild Card): No2 vs No7, no3 vs no6 and the No4 vs No5 ranked team in each conference. No1 gets bye.
Round2 (Conference Semis): Best ranked vs Worst ranked, and middle ranked vs each other in each conferences.
Round3 (Conference Final): The 2 remaining teams play for conference glory.
Round4 (SuperBowl): The conference champions play for the championship title.

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Draft specific information

Rules for the DRAFT
  • 4 rounds.
  • Every team selects once in each round.
  • Teams will be given their pod in such a way that they will get to pick in reversed order of season final standings: The team with the worst record will pick 1st in every round, the champion will get to pick last in every round.
  • Teams whose franchise player died last season will get a late 3rd round compensation pick.
  • Draft10 and beyond, players come with SPP corresponding to their skill level..

War Room

Link to our War Room
(Members only, sorry!)

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