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  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
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  (DMU) Where Sitcoms Go To Die Shambling Undead 100k 8/4/5 1450k ±420  
  BigF's Big Boyz v2.0 Ogre 180k 9/10/31 2080k    
  BigF's Big Boyz v3.0 Ogre 10k 0/0/3 1070k ±160  
  Bovine University Chaos Dwarf 270k 5/5/3 1260k ±260  
  Bugmans 6X Dwarf 50k 9/0/4 1500k ±320  
  Disciples of the 36 Chambers 2 Nurgle 270k 32/10/30 2280k    
  Divine Comedy III Wood Elf 50k 17/3/13 1750k    
  Doyouthinkhesaurus Lizardman 130k 10/5/5 1730k ±610  
  Durty Rotturn Scoundrelz Goblin 10k 13/9/39 1440k    
  Elftown Privateers [R] Elven Union 30k 23/8/17 1450k    
  Esmeralda's Apron v.2.0 Halfling 110k 47/51/134 1600k    
  Lord of the Bings II Skaven 70k 30/4/16 1880k    
  Lost sons of Tanith Vampire 120k 14/3/11 1900k ±970  
  New Ork Knickz Orc 130k 14/6/20 2090k    
  Radicals and Revolutionaries 2 Necromantic Horror 90k 12/0/4 1770k ±480  
  Slannimal Farm Slann 100k 6/2/4 1620k ±310  
  Sons of Anar High Elf 170k 6/3/7 1560k ±420  
  Warpstone Elementals [R] Underworld Denizens 260k 5/4/10 1290k ±430  
  Where Sitcoms Go To Die II Shambling Undead 90k 10/4/7 1660k ±610  
  White Isle WAGs 2.0 Amazon 180k 7/1/4 1510k ±290  
  [ Vlka Fenryka ] Norse 40k 7/2/9 1580k ±490  
  {Cat in the box} Chaos Renegades 200k 9/1/6 1640k ±440  
  ~Ochness Monster Hunters~ Dwarf 50k 3/2/2 1260k ±190  
  Brizzle City Orc 480k 24/24/35 1920k    
  Caragio Black Flagz (MGL) Goblin 80k 2/0/1 1170k    
Scheduled against ChrisRatbane's Pig Town Pygmies (Seen 5h ago).
  Hubba Bubba Pickers High Elf 220k 4/2/8 1510k    
  Ochness Monster Hunters Dwarf 1060k 27/15/27 1800k    
Scheduled against Mozza1's Ardbrugh Albany Thistle (Seen 1d ago).
  Ogham ABC's Skaven 80k 10/3/19 1680k    
  [WB] A show about nothing Nurgle 210k 5/3/12 1760k    
Scheduled against fischer's Skull Mountain Rams (Seen 7h ago).
League teams for BIBBL
  Esmeralda's Apron (BIBBL) Halfling 170k 4/2/17 1310k    
League teams for CIBBL
  Forsaken of the Pantheon Spawn of Chaos (CIBBL) 60k 5/9/16 1610k    
  ~Karak Kadrin Slayers~ Slayer (CIBBL) 250k 8/5/5 1810k    
Scheduled against a team that's not decided yet.
League teams for DLE - Draft League Europe
  -Middenheim Classics- Middenheim Classics 9985k 24/12/28 1660k    
Scheduled against The_Demon's -Kemperbad Knights- (Seen 3h ago).
League teams for DLE College 7s
  Middenheim Mountain Wolves Humans 8500k 19/14/25 1480k    
Scheduled against KnutOlavaines's Diamanterra WolfClaws (Seen 11h ago).
League teams for DLE11
  Elftown Privateers [DLE11] Elftown Privateers 7570k 6/5/4 2570k    
League teams for DLE2
  Aquitaine Révolutionnaires Aquitaine Révolutionnaires 10356k 5/8/29 1390k    
Scheduled against Matthueycamo's -Saint Lev Swashbucklers- (Seen 5h ago).
League teams for European Blood Bowl League
  Sartosa Cuthroats Pact (BI) 460k 8/4/15 2140k    
League teams for OBBL
  Brandenberry Bakers Brandenberry Bakers 50k 14/5/14 2050k    
Scheduled against schauer's Sarls Avalanche (Seen 4h ago).
League teams for SDL - Sylvania Draft League
  Red Abbey Maesters Red Abbey Maesters 8390k 4/0/6 2020k    
League teams for Secret League Open
  Explore! Rescue! Protect! Daemons of Khorne 140k 4/2/11 1320k    
  [SL] Helles Belles Black Dwarf 210k 4/1/4 1440k    
  -Ochness Monster Hunters- Dwarf 180k 2/1/5 1320k    
  ARR me hARRties Underworld Denizens 30k 0/1/2 1130k    
  Caragio Black Flagz Goblin 210k 1/3/7 1130k    
  Elftown Privateers Elven Union 70k 13/14/28 1440k    
  Esmeralda's Apron [B] Halfling 60k 1/0/1 1030k    
  Lost Sons of Tanith [B] Vampire 10k 0/0/1 1000k    
  Murder on the Dancefloor [B] Amazon 50k 3/2/3 1140k    
  R@dicals and Revolution@ries Necromantic Horror 40k 0/0/1 1020k    
  Tower of Blessed Dread Dark Elf 80k 2/4/5 1310k    
  Warpstone Elementals Skaven 110k 1/3/3 1170k    
  [B] Chamber No.9, Verse 32 Chaos Chosen 30k 27/23/47 1720k    
  [B] New Ork Yankees Orc 110k 1/1/3 1140k    
  [Hell's Belles] Nurgle 51k 8/4/14 1550k    
  ~Bovine University~ Chaos Dwarf 70k 6/6/9 1420k    
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