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bigf78 (30852)
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  [C]at in the box Amazon 95k 3/2/0 1180k ±180  
  DLE Big Boyz Black Orc 270k 5/0/2 1240k ±190  
  Durty Rottin Scoundrelz Goblin 180k 3/3/3 1010k ±150  
  Esmeralda's Apron, Halfling 205k 8/8/10 1190k ±560  
  Frequent Flyers [C] Ogre 360k 4/4/6 1155k ±300  
  Krusty's Clown College Snotling 250k 5/4/7 930k ±280  
  Ochness Monster Hunters~ Dwarf 80k 0/1/1 1000k ±100  
  PaulHicks Appreciation Society Black Orc 5k 0/0/1 1050k ±110  
  Sons of Anar~ High Elf 250k 5/3/11 1500k ±500  
  Vlka Fenryka [C] Norse 5k 1/1/2 1230k ±180  
  We Can't Even LIFT Bro Gnome 5k 2/1/0 840k ±130  
  ~The Jazz Hole~ Chaos Dwarf 70k 2/1/0 1070k ±160  
  Brizzle City Orc 480k 24/24/35 1920k    
  Ochness Monster Hunters Dwarf 1760k 40/30/44 2230k    
League teams for Bloodbowl Championship Series
  [UFL] Elftown Privateers Elven 10190k 2/0/2 770k    
Scheduled against Frost_'s Tiranoc Barracudas (Seen 7h ago).
League teams for Butcombe Brewery League
  -Nodnol Underground Collective Underworld Denizens 95k 0/1/1 795k    
  [BBL] Krusty's Clown College Dwarf 200k 8/1/1 1305k    
  Bigf's Big Boys [BBL] Ogre 40k 1/0/0 845k    
  Count's Counting School Vampire 90k 1/3/1 1270k    
  Doyouthinkhesaurus [BBL] Lizardmen 130k 4/3/1 1235k    
  Helles Belles [BBL] Amazon 180k 2/3/2 1240k    
  Mirkwood Rangers [BBL] Wood Elf 0 5/1/0 1235k    
  New Ork Knickz [BBL] Orc 30k 1/2/0 1040k    
  PH Appreciation Society Black Orc 90k 4/3/2 1300k    
  Snot a lot going on (BBL] Snotling 170k 2/4/3 910k    
  We're the real shire! Gnome 50k 0/1/0 900k    
League teams for Chaos Draft League
  Mordheim Comets (CDL) Comets (CDL) 10110k 4/5/1 720k    
Scheduled against Carthage's Chimen Blood Satyrs (Seen 11h ago).
League teams for CIBBL
  ~Disciples of the 36 Chambers~ Cathay (CIBBL) 150k 19/16/23 1460k    
League teams for DLE - Draft League Europe
  -Middenheim Classics- Classics 20071k 96/50/80 1610k    
Scheduled against Oly1987's -Mousillon Dragons- (Seen 3h ago).
  Middenheim Classics [DLE] Human 8430k 0/1/3 1710k    
League teams for DLE College 7s
  Filler BB7s Humans 9450k 0/0/0 550k    
  Filler BB7s No 2 Humans 9450k 0/0/0 550k    
  Middenheim Mountain Wolves Humans 7475k 37/25/26 800k    
League teams for DLE11
  Elftown Privateers [DLE11] Elftown Privateers 7570k 6/5/4 2265k    
League teams for DLE2020
  Aquitaine Révolutionnaires DLE2020 - Révolutionnaires 3345k 21/9/13 1810k    
League teams for DLElf
  Nagarythe Ravens Nagarythe Ravens 10030k 2/2/1 560k    
Scheduled against datom's Arnheim All-Blacks (Seen 1d ago).
League teams for Secret League Open
  [SL] Helles Belles Black Dwarf 220k 8/1/7 1680k    
  Explore! Rescue! Protect! Daemons of Khorne 190k 4/2/12 1530k    
League teams for The Bonehead Podcast
  Helles Belles [BHP] Amazon 10k 0/0/0 950k    
League teams for The Classic Bowl
  Warpstone Elementals‎ Skaven 110k 6/2/10 1215k    
Scheduled against wintergreen13's Grimfang Scavengers (Seen 5h ago).
League teams for XXXL
  [XXXL] Sartosa Black Flagz Sartosa Black Flagz 115k 11/3/13 1535k    
  Disciples of the 36 Chambers 2 Nurgle 330k 39/11/34 2020k    
  Durty Rotturn Scoundrelz Goblin 90k 14/9/39 1390k    
  Elftown Privateers [R] Elven Union 90k 26/8/18 1530k    
  Esmeralda's Apron v.2.0 Halfling 70k 49/53/141 1370k    
  Lord of the Bings II Skaven 70k 30/4/16 1880k    
  Radicals and Revolutionaries 2 Necromantic Horror 90k 12/0/4 1770k ±480  
  Slannimal Farm Slann 80k 6/2/4 1500k ±290  
  Elftown Privateers Elven Union 70k 13/14/28 1440k    
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Quick Stats
Member SinceDecember 17, 2006
LocationUnited Kingdom
Matches Played3268
Match Record1116/695/1457
Tournament Wins
North Vs South
CIBBL - Y11, Winter - Friendlies (Mid-Low)
Season 13 DLE Playoff
Season 13.3 KFCS vs KFCW
CIBBL - Y10, Summer - Southland Scuttlers
Butkiks Honour
Butkiks Honour
DLE Season 6 Championship Playoffs
OBBL Ulthuan Gold Ring Open Final
Jester's Cup S3
DLE7s Season 6 Painasonic Bowl
GLT XIV: Old Teams Qualifier - 4
WIL Albany Regional Division - Season XLIX
CIBBL - Y4, Winter - Friendlies (High)
OBBL The Old Ones 7th position game
[Waterbowl 8] Pech! - 1st meet
BIBBL - Year Three, Winter - Friendlies (LowTW)
OBBL Swamp Bowl 7th place
Air Jordell Bowl Season 4
Hubba Season Friendly league
Air Jordell Agility Bowl II
Nehekhara Open: Pool B
Conference Play Off finalls