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Group managers: mekutata, Happy_Amateur

Year: 1
Current Phase: Matchday 2
Active Teams: 17 registered teams, 1 teams lost in the woods
Next Deadline: TBA in discord

Current XXXL Champion: Mad Moon Mischiefs
Petty Cash: 1326K
Current Accounting Chief Goblin: Niblog Cashrot (2nd season)
Current Corruption Event: Warpstone Experiments, Short Skirts, Bribed Journalists, Rule of 7s, Magic Eye, Homegrown
Free Agent Pool


Regular Season

XXXL is accepting interested teams as unregistered teams. Unregistered teams can play up to 3 friendlies during a regular season and join at the next registration phase.
Unregistered teams with at least one played friendly will be allowed to enter the Black Lantern Cup.
Please contact league administrators if you want to make a team that is eligible to join.

Champions Season 0 The Great Waaagh

Team Trophy Consequence
Mad Moon MischiefsBaddest Team1 FF
Mad Moon MischiefsBest Scoring Team1 FF
Mad Moon MischiefsChamp Headz1 FF, 1 Corruption Card
Black Tooth RIPsChamp Tailz1 FF, 566K, 1 Corruption Card
Erratic Eccentric EntertainersXXXL Bowl Final1 FF, 1 Corruption Card
Mad Moon MischiefsXXXL Bowl Champion1 FF, 755K

Individual Rankings Season 0 The Great Waaagh
Player Award Consequence
Wikkundri the Joyful Clown Erratic (Eccentric Entertainers)Most Fouls (24)1 Player got assaulted during the ceremony and has to retire.
James Galanna (Mad Moon Mischiefs)Top Bash (7 CAS), Top MVP (4)6 Player gained skill roll, Loner and +30K player value. Player became a Free Agent.
Spud (Mad Moon Mischiefs)Top Bash (7 CAS)3 Player gained a Random Award Skill Roll (lasts for one season).
Jumping Jack (Mad Moon Mischiefs)Top Scorer (8)2 Player gained a Random Award Skill Roll (lasts for one season).
Mrs. Whip (BDSM Tribe)Top Scorer (8)4 Player gained a Random Award Skill Roll (lasts for one season).


Bribery Results

Regular Season Divisions

1. Mean Green Bogey MachinesXpherAndTheAxes1100101615631
2. Broken Nose Nibblerzluxyluxo1100211633431
3. Bad ApplesHalfabrain1100101550131
4. Mad Moon MischiefsGnoblar110010168-2-131
5. Possibly the most KnivesXandyreoch100101-186210-1
6. Green Gladiataazzpanalukidis100101-1550-10-1
7. Grim Peak GitzBurnalot100112-136-3-40-1
8.Terrifying Toe TwistersShraaag100101-116-5-60-1

1. Night Goblin Nasties™Happy_Amateur1100211312331
2. GobbolchevickzSubs110031205-5-331
3. Winnipeg MOAB Bombersknine1010110312210
4. Test tickle testersDanteMordicain101011013-2-210
5. Black Tooth Ripsmekutata100113-250530-1
6. Bogan Picnic Hamper StealersMrCushtie0000000000000
7. Köpenhägen Ïmmergeïlgrrrreindeer0000000000000
8.Da Dirty BDSM TribeSergtacos100112-113-2-30-1

Blood Feuds
Bad Apples - Green Gladiataazz (2-0-0)
Black Tooth RIPs - Night Goblin Nasties (0-0-0)

Pre-Season Friendly: The Big Cook

Round 1Round 2Semi FinalsFinal
Winnipeg MOAB Bombers 2:1 Köpenhägen ÏmmergeïlBad Apples - Green Gladiataazz 2:1Bad Apples - Night Goblin Nasties 2:1Bad Apples - Broken Nose Nibblerz 1:2
Broken Nose Nibblerz - Grünhäute 2:1Winnipeg MOAB Bombers - Night Goblin Nasties™ 2:3Brken Nose Nibblerz - Mad Moon Mischiefs 2:0
Bad Apples - Bogan Picnic Hamper Stealers 2:0Broken Nose Nibblerz - Possibly the most Knives 2:2
Mean Green Bogey Machines - Mad Moon Mischiefs 3:0Black Tooth RIPs - Mad Moon Mischiefs 0:1
Terrifying Toe Twisters - Black Tooth RIPs 0:2
Possibly the most Knives - Da Dirty BDSM Tribe 2:1
Byes: Night Goblin Nasties™, Green Gladiataazz

Headz vs Tailz Tracker

#Headz vs TailzGWTLTD+TD-TDΔCas+Cas-CasΔTotalΔScore
1. Headz64027522829-1112
2. Tailz620457-229281-16

Possibly the most Knives - Da Dirty BDSM Tribe 2:1 (Big Cook Round 1)
Terrifying Toe Twisters - Black Tooth RIPs 0:2 (Big Cook Round 1)
Bad Apples - Bogan Picnic Hamper Stealers 2:-1*(Big Cook Round 1)
Köpenhägen Immergeil - Bogan Picnic Hamper Stealers 0:2
Mad Moon Mischiefs - Black Tooth RIPs 1-0 (Big Cook Round 2)
Bad Apples - Night Goblin Nasties 2:1 (Big Cook Semi Final)
* -1 TD due violent behaviour against a league official

Missing Coaches

Banned Players:
Derek Surprise (#4, Bogan Picnic Hamper Stealers) 2 games

The Library

Handbook 2020

The Library including old magazines and old handbook

Season 0

Round 1SemifinalFinal
Bad Apples - Green Gladiataazz 1:2Mad Moon Mischiefs - Green Gladiataazz 1:0Erratic Eccentric Entertainers - Mad Moon Mischiefs 1:2
Black Tooth RIPs - Erratic Eccentric Entertainers 0:1

Round 1Round 2Semi-FinalsFinal
Grünhäute - Terrifying Toe Twisters 1:2Winnipeg MOAB Bombers - Bogan Picnic Hamper Stealers 3:2Winnpeg MOAB Bombers - Night Goblin Nasties 1:1 (2:1 after SO)Winnipeg MOAB Bombers - Broken Nose Nibblerz 0:1
Broken Nose Nibblert - Köpenhagen Immergeil 2:1Possibly the most Knives - Night Goblin Nasties 0:2Terrifying Toe Twisters - Broken Nose Nibblerz
Da Dirty BDSM Tribe - Mean Green Bogey Machines 1:2Test tickl etesters - Terrifying Toe Twisters 1:2
Broken Nose Nibblerz - Mean Green Bogey Machines 0:2


1. Mad Moon MischiefsGnoblar641110193913263514
2. Bad ApplesHalfabrain641162420200414
3. Green Gladiataazzpanalukidis63216331617-1212
4. Broken Nose Nibblerzluxyluxo62225411521-6-59
5. Possibly the most Knives**Xandyreoch621307-725151038
6. GrünhäuteNickNutria6123610-41522-7-116
7. Mean Green Bogey Machines*XpherAndTheAxes6015011-111736-19-301

*-1TD due violence towards referee *-4TD due violence towards referee


1. Black Tooth Ripsmekutata65101037262241118
2. Erratic Eccentric EntertainersLoopyloo541072519172715
3. Winnipeg MOAB Bombers**knine630324-21266411
4. Test tickle testersDanteMordicain62229811324-11-109
5. Da Dirty BDSM Tribe*Sergtacos620479-21520-5-77
6. Night Goblin Nasties™Happy_Amateur612369-31830-12-156
7. Bogan Picnic Hamper StealersMrCushtie6105212-10391623133
0.San Diego Corrupt Cheaters***Klazam100112-130320

*-1TD due violence towards referee **-5TD due violence towards referee ***had to unregister after MD1

Headz vs Tailz

☆☆☆Headz vs TailzGWTLTD+TD-TDΔCas+Cas-CasΔTD+CASΔScore
1. Tailz732286216124613

Matchday Team Headz Team Tailz Result Matchreport
1 Mad Moon Mischiefs Test Tickle Testers 2:2 Link
2 Bad Apples Night Goblin Nasties 0:1 Link
3 Green Gladiataaz Erratic Eccentric Entertainers 1:2 Link
4 Grünhäute Black Tooth RIPS 1:2 Link
5 Broken Nose Nibblerz Winnipeg MOAB Bombers 1:1 Link
6 Possibly the most Knives Da Dirty BDSM Tribe 1:0 Link
7 Mean Green Bogey Machines Bogan Picnic Hamper Stealers *

*Victory for Bogey Machines (Headz) due forfeit

Matchrecord Tracker Regular Season

1. Black Tooth Rips*mekutata5
2. Erratic Eccentric Entertainers*Loopyloo4
3. Mad Moon Mischiefs*Gnoblar3
4. Bad Apples*Halfabrain3
5. Green Gladiataazz*panalukidis2
6. Test tickle testers**DanteMordicain0
7. Broken Nose Nibblerzluxyluxo0
8.Winnipeg MOAB Bombers**knine0
9.Possibly the most Knives**Xandyreoch-1
10.Da Dirty BDSM Tribe**Sergtacos-2
11.Night Goblin Nasties™**Happy_Amateur-2
13.Bogan Picnic Hamper Stealers**MrCushtie-4
14.Mean Green Bogey Machines**XpherAndTheAxes-5

* Teams with positive match record qualify for XXXL Bowl.
** Teams with an even or negative match record qualify for the Black Lantern Cup.

Matchrecords Full Season including XXXL Bowl and Black Lantern Cup

1. Mad Moon MischiefsGnoblar96211541154252940215
2. Black Tooth Ripsmekutata861112573329411215
3. Erratic Eccentric EntertainersLoopyloo861113763643-7-1215
4. Broken Nose Nibblerzluxyluxo1163213673541-61224
5. Winnipeg MOAB Bombers*knine1051489-12529-4-5181
6. Green Gladiataazzpanalukidis94239722439-15-13151
7. Bad ApplesHalfabrain84137523033-3-1141
8.Terrifying Toe Twisters*****Shraaaag32014311011-101
9Night Goblin Nasties™Happy_Amateur93241011-12443-19-2012-1
10.Possibly the most Knives*Xandyreoch831419-83818201211-1
11.Test tickle testersDanteMordicain8233121201630-14-1410-1
12.Köpenhägen Ïmmergeïl*****Grrrrrrrr100102-25231-1
13.Mean Green Bogey Machines**XpherAndTheAxes9216214-122746-19-319-4
14.Da Dirty BDSM Tribe*Sergtacos8206812-41936-17-217-4
16Bogan Picnic Hamper StealersMrCushtie8107415-11411922114-6
17.San Diego Corrupt Cheaters****Klazam100112-130320-1

*-5TD due violence towards referee **-4TD due violence towards referee ***-1TD due violence towards referee ****had to unregister after MD 1 ******joined during Black Lantern Cup

☆☆☆ Individual Rankings ☆☆☆ Season 0 The Great Waaagh ☆☆☆

#Most TouchdownsTeamTDs
1. Mrs. WhipDa Dirty BDSM Tribe8
Jumping JackMad Moon Mischiefs8
3.Spikey NormanBlack Tooth RIPs/Free Agent7

#Most CasualtiesTeamCAS
1. James GalannaMad Moon Mischiefs7
SpudMad Moon Mischiefs7
3.Myles ErlePossibly the most Knives6
Shouting then silentBad Apples6
Rockette MortonBlack Tooth RIPS6
Ripper BolgrotMad Moon Mischiefs6

#Most StompsTeamFouls
1. Wikkundri the Joyful ClownErratic Eccentric Entertainers24
2.Evil OdsterMad Moon Mischiefs22
3.Sean MagePossibly the most Knives21

#Most Valuable PlayersTeamMVPs
1. SpudMad Moon Mischiefs4
2.Battz u zopBroken Nose Nibblerz3
Kink StuffDa Dirty BDSM Tribe3
Cuck HoldMean Green Bogey Machines3
Ed MarimbaBlack Tooth RIPs3
Robert FeartGreen Gladiataazz3

#Most Valuable PlayersTeamMVPs
1. SpudMad Moon Mischiefs4
2.Battz u zopBroken Nose Nibblerz3
Kink StuffDa Dirty BDSM Tribe3
Cuck HoldMean Green Bogey Machines3
Ed MarimbaBlack Tooth RIPs3
Robert FeartGreen Gladiataazz3

⚰️ Hall of Dead
The moon half setBad Apples
Drowned of deep poolsBad Apples
Wacko ChockmeffBlack Tooth Rips
Ruff FingersBlack Tooth Rips
Mascara SneekBlack Tooth Rips
Bigman CuckoBlack Tooth Rips
Easy BiscuitsBogan Picnic Hamper Stealers
Funky CummerbundBogan Picnic Hamper Stealers
Tanner PeetrieBogan Picnic Hamper Stealers/ Freelancer
Crookz NozerBroken Nose Nibblerz
Beegspikez BaallzBroken Nose Nibblerz
CrookzBroken Nose Nibblerz
SpankieDa Dirty BDSM Tribe
Little WillieDa Dirty BDSM Tribe
Adelynn LadericDa Dirty BDSM Tribe
SavemehDa Dirty BDSM Tribe
MasterDa Dirty BDSM Tribe
SurpriseDa Dirty BDSM Tribe
BuzzDa Dirty BDSM Tribe
Huffnimo the VentriloquistErratic Eccentric Entertainers
Mardelko the Sword SwallowerErratic Eccentric Entertainers
Bella YananGreen Gladiataazz
Eleanor TaliesinGreen Gladiataazz
Caden CrallerGrünhäute
Fan AtikMad Moon Mischiefs
GitMad Moon Mischiefs
DivMad Moon Mischiefs
Nottask AvenMean Green Bogey Machines
Spat SpatMean Green Bogey Machines
Snot GoudenuffNight Goblin Nasties
Dik da Boot SkraypaNight Goblin Nasties
Jarry RipsnotNight Goblin Nasties
Tor da Strong FullaNight Goblin Nasties
Tor da Strong FullaNight Goblin Nasties
Warin da Orinj PeelaNight Goblin Nasties
Gar da Sprig TightnaNight Goblin Nasties
Snotty McBogeyNight Goblin Nasties
Billy HotfieldNight Goblin Nasties
Myles ErlePossibly the most Knives
Archer VicenziPossibly the most Knives
Rowan BeakPossibly the most Knives
Ally GatorTest tickle testers
Stuka JrWinnipeg MOAB Bombers
GreifWinnipeg MOAB Bombers
LiberatorWinnipeg MOAB Bombers

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