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Group managers: mekutata, Happy_Amateur

Year: 2
Current Phase: Pre-Season Tournament
Active Teams: 12
Next Deadline: TBA in Discord
Free Agent Pool:Westminster Costs

Current XXXL Champion: Mad Moon Mischiefs (II)
Petty Cash: 1216,7K
Current Accounting Chief Goblin: Niblog Cashrot (3rd season)
Active Corruptions: None
Team Cards

Squig Westminster Invitational

The highly popular Squig Westminster Festival invites the teams of the XXXL to showcase their skills!
Additional Rules: Knockout Tournament, all registered teams invited to join.
For the duration of this tournament every participating team gets one free Squig Hopper
and access to hire additional otherwise locked Squigs.
Teams losing in the first round get to play in the Backyard Alley.
Games add to Headz vs Tailz standings.

Winner of the Westminster Invitational gains +1FF
and gets to keep rostered Squig(s) for the remainder of the upcoming season.
Any suffered Missing Next Game status will be healed after the tournament before start of Regular Season.

☆Squig Westminster Invitational☆
Round 1Result
Night Goblin Nasties™advances to next round
Terrifying Toe Twisters : Da Great Fanatik Circus2 : 1
Bad Apples : Gobbolchevickz1 : 2
Bricktops Boisterous Butchers : Erratic Eccentric Entertainers2 : 1
Mad Moon Mischiefs : Broken Nose Nibblerz0 : 2
Possibly the most Knives : Black Tooth Rips3 : 0
ÜbelFiesDreckig : Troll FanboyzzzTBA
Green Gladiataazz : Karak Ungor National Ballet2 : 1
Quarter FinalsResult
Night Goblin Nasties™ : Terrifying Toe TwistersTBA
Gobbolchevickz : Bricktops Boisterous ButchersTBA
Possibly the most Knives : Broken Nose Nibblerz1 : 2
Green Gladiataazz : TBATBA
Semi FinalsResult
TBA : Broken Nose NibblerzTBA
☆Squig Westminster Invitational Backyard Alley☆
Back Alley Rd#1Result
Bye : Da Great Fanatik CircusTBA
Bad Apples : Erratic Eccentric EntertainersTBA
Black Tooth Rips : Bye/ Mad Moon MischiefsTBA
Karak Ungor National Ballet : TBATBA

Player Statistics
Participating Teams

Headz vs Tailz

Headz vs Tailz is a competition held between the teams of XXXL's two divisions.
Teams not playing on the current match day represent their division and face off against each other.
(If both divisions feature an even value of teams, the Headz vs Tailz competition will be held parallel to the pre-season and post-season playoffs, with matches between teams from different side of the coin counting as Headz vs Tailz competition.)

A win adds 3 points to the division's score, a draw adds 1 point, a defeat adds 0 points.
The division with more points at the end of a regular season wins.

Teams from the winning division gain +1 Fan Factor at the end of the regular season.
The winning division’s champion receives a higher pay out at the end of a season.

Headz vs TailzGWTLTD+TD-TDΔCas+Cas-CasΔTotalΔScore

Squig Westminster Round 1

Bad Apples vs Gobbolchevickz
1 : 2

Squig Westminster Round 1

Possibly the most Knives vs Black Tooth Rips
3 : 0

Squig Westminster Round 1

Green Gladiataazz vs Karak Ungor National Ballet
2 : 1

A look back the previous XXXL seasons.
The Great Waaaagh
Season 0 Rankings and Stats

☆ XXXL Champion Mad Moon Mischiefs
☆ Black Lantern Winner Broken Nose Nibblerz
☆ Headz Champion Mad Moon Mischiefs
☆ Tailz Champion Black Tooth RIPs
☆ Headz vs Tailz Winner Headz
Second Season
Season 1 Rankings and Stats

☆ XXXL Champion Mad Moon Mischiefs
☆ Black Lantern Winner Broken Nose Nibblerz
☆ Headz Champion Mad Moon Mischiefs
☆ Tailz Champion Night Goblin Nasties
☆ Headz vs Tailz Winner Tailz
☆ XXXL Hall of Fame☆
A look back the previous XXXL seasons.
XXXL Bowl ChampionSeason
Mad Moon Mischiefs ☆0 Great Waaaagh
Mad Moon Mischiefs ☆☆1 Second Season
Headz vs Tailz
Headz vs TailzSeason
Tailz ☆0 Great Waaaagh
Headz ☆1 Second Season
Headz ChampionSeason
Mad Moon Mischiefs ☆0 Great Waaaagh
Mad Moon Mischiefs ☆☆1 Second Season
Tailz ChampionSeason
Black Tooth RIPs ☆0 Great Waaaagh
Night Goblin Nasties ☆1 Second Season
Black Lantern
Black LanternSeason
Broken Nose Nibblerz ☆0 Great Waaaagh
Broken Nose Nibblerz ☆☆1 Second Season
Throne of Blood
Throne of BloodSeason
Erratic Eccentric Entertainers ☆711 Second Season
Team Awards
Top Scoring TeamSeason
Mad Moon Mischiefs ☆0 Great Waaaagh0 Great Waaaagh
Mad Moon Mischiefs ☆☆1 Second Season1 Second Season
Baddest TeamSeason
Mad Moon Mischiefs ☆0 Great Waaaagh0 Great Waaaagh
Mad Moon Mischiefs ☆☆1 Second Season1 Second Season
Player Awards
Top ScorerSeason
Jumping Jack (Mad Moon Mischiefs) ☆, Mrs. Whip (Da Dirty BDSM Trive) ☆80 Great Waaaagh
Mendinsli the Soaring (Erratic Eccentric Entertainers) ☆61 Second Season
Top BasherSeason
James Galanna, Spud (Mad Moon Mischiefs) ☆70 Great Waaaagh
Krud (Possibly the most Knives) ☆, Robert Feart (Green Gladiataazz) ☆101 Second Season
Wikkundru the Joyful Clown AwardSeason
Wikkundru the Joyful Clown (Erratic Eccentric Entertainers) ☆240 Great Waaaagh
Sleazy Biscuits (Bogan Picnic Hamper Stealers) ☆171 Second Season
James Galanna (Mad Moon Mischiefs) ☆40 Great Waaaagh
Ed Marimba /Black Tooth RIPs) ☆,
Chatty Spamad (Black Tooth RIPs) ☆,
Yynn the Mesmerizing (Erratic Eccentric Entertainers) ☆,
Freak (Mad Moon Mischiefs) ☆,
Icanz Fliez (Broken Nose Nibblerz) ☆
31 Second Season
Player Records
Season RecordsPlayerRecordSeason
Top FoulerWikkundru the Joyful Clown (Erratic Eccentric Entertainers) ☆240 Great Waaaagh
Top BasherKrud (Possibly the most Knives) ☆, Robert Feart (Green Gladiataazz) ☆101 Second Season
Top ScorerJumping Jack (Mad Moon Mischiefs) ☆, Mrs. Whip (Da Dirty BDSM Trive) ☆80 Great Waaaagh
Top MVPJames Galanna (Mad Moon Mischiefs) ☆40 Great Waaaagh
Player Market
Registered XXXL teams can try to sell and buy players and/or unused cards from other teams.
Registered XXXL teams may participate in an open auction for unemployed players.
Next Player Market: Pre-Season Kick-Off
1 day before pre-season tournament
Open for teams participating in said tournament.
Positions traded away remain locked for the one game, players joining a new team remain Loner until end of pre-season tournament.
Also includes an open auction of unemployed players from dissolving teams.
Legal Trades
Teams may transfer players between teams.
Transfers must cost at minimum the player's current costs.
The leeg will always take a minimum transfer fee of 20K (or if higher 20% of transfer value), may be paid by one team or shared by both participating teams.
Open Auction
A pool of unemployed players looking for a new team. Players will join the team with the best offer.
Specific rule regulations: Players will be sold in rounds, teams may hire one player per round. Post your prefered transfers in Discord.
Future regulations: Limit on maximum hired players per team, secret bidding (Admin reasons)
Selling a Positional
Positions trades away remain locked for a specified time until new players of that kind become available.
Additional Positional
Traded players join their new team with their current skills and their current player costs, but they gain Loner for a specified time while they are still trying to adapt to their new team environment.
If the team’s number of rostered players of a specific position raises above the regular allowed limit, the new players count as Additional Positional and have to be paid upkeep in cash after each match.
The player loses this special status if the team’s number of rostered players reached the regular allowed limit again.
Firing a newly bought, stolen or traded player before ever fielding said player in a game may result in disharmony among the team, staff or audience.
Disharmony RollConsequence
1The disrespectful team management angers the fired player. Instead of returning to the pool of Free Agents, the player offers to play for the next opponent for free. If the upcoming opponent team has already 16 players, the player will repeat the offer on following match days until a team is willing and able to field the player.
2The preposterous team management hurts the reputation among XXXL players. No players will accept any future steal or trade deals. Free Agents will always prefer rival offers at Great Briberies in case of two or more same offers. Lasts until Season Reset.
3The arrogant team management leads to irritation among the fans. The team loses 1d3+1 Fan Factor. Any player with the skill Fan Favorite is missing the next game.
4The illogical team management leads to protest among the staff. Rostered specialists and staff leave the team in protest. Team loses half their Re-Rolls.
5The alienating team management leads to disharmony among the players. 2d3 random players without Really Stupid gain Loner for one match (rolled before Kickoff after regular Team Management phase).
6The genius team management keeps playing 3D chess with the league. Another masterful decision to weaken the opponent and strengthen the own team's perspetive. Team gains a random Black Market Card.
Unemployed PlayersLast TeamPositionGained AbilitiesTransfer Costs
Biscuit BreakerMean Green Bogey Machines -> ÜbelFiesDreckigTrollTackle,+ST, Multiple Block380K
Lauren LangmutGrünhäute -> Da Great Fanatik CircusTrollGuard, Stand Firm, Break Tackle190K
Auntieshape SloppykissBogan Picnic Hamper StealersTrollGuard, +AG170K
Ryker RustikalGrünhäute -> Bricktops Boisterous ButchersTrollGuard, Block200K
Billy BellyboyKöpenhägen Ïmmergeïl -> Night Goblin NastiesTrollGuard, Block250K
Maverick Boing-BoingBogan Picnic Hamper Stealers -> Erratic Eccentric EntertainersPogoerBlock, Side Step, +MA250K
Harry HotpantsKöpenhägen ÏmmergeïlTrollBreak Tackle, Stand Firm150K
Girlfriendshape HairyfaceBogan Picnic Hamper StealersTrollStrong Arm, Guard150K
Thrakk RockhideGrim Peak GitzTrollGuard130K
Gruk ShroommunchaGrim Peak GitzTrollGuard130K
Chuck HoldMean Green Bogey Machines -> Bad ApplesFanaticGrab, Block150K
BallswingerKöpenhägen Ïmmergeïl -> Night Goblin NastiesFanaticMighty Blow, Grab150K
Cornelius PikansjosKöpenhägen Ïmmergeïl -> Erratic Eccentric EntertainersPogoerSide Step, Sprint130K
Seasonal BaublebounceBogan Picnic Hamper StealersFanaticMighty Blow, Guard110K
High as a KiteKöpenhägen ÏmmergeïlDoom DiverDodge, Side Step100K
Green RockitGrim Peak Gitz -> Bricktops Boisterous ButchersDoom DiverBlock70K
Slompy SquigbaneGrim Peak Gitz -> Bad ApplesGoblinBlock100K
Emmanuel EvergreenGrünhäuteGoblinDiving Tackle, Side Step80K
BOOMBLASTHAHKöpenhägen Ïmmergeïl -> GobbolchevickzBommaAG+130K
Derek SurpriseBogan Picnic Hamper Stealers -> GobbolchevickzLooneyDodge, Side Step80K
Robert RollerGrünhäuteGoblinMA+70K
JokkeKöpenhägen Ïmmergeïl -> Green GladiataazzGoblinDirty Player70K
Kitraqua the Puppert MasterMean Green Bogey MachinesGoblinDirty Player,-ST,-ST70K
Richard RadioaktivGrünhäuteWarpstone CultistPrehensile Tail65K
James JujuGrünhäuteGoblinDiving Tackle60K
Lorenzo LiebevollGrünhäuteGoblinDiving Tackle60K
Bernd BombigGrünhäuteBommaDiving Catch60K
Lombo LazygitGrim Peak GitzGoblinCatch60K
RokkeKöpenhägen ÏmmergeïlGoblinDiving Tackle60K
SokkeKöpenhägen ÏmmergeïlGoblinDiving Tackle60K
Tom SawyerKöpenhägen ÏmmergeïlLooneyDodge60K
Evelyn MurtanMean Green Bogey MachinesBommaDiving Catch60K
Gentle Prickling SensationMean Green Bogey Machines -> Green GladiataazzLooneyLeap70K
Squeezy BiscuitsBogan Picnic Hamper StealersGoblinSide Step60K
Fatbag JamsliceBogan Picnic Hamper StealersGoblinSide Step60K
☆ Worldsports ☆
Git Revolushun Incoming!
XXXL's 3rd season kicks off with a new handbook and democratic tendencies

An updated version of XXXL's handbook has been published.
Changes are based on the rich experience of 2 seasons and coach feedback (they were even allowed to vote this time).
Everything is even more complicated now.
Westminster Squig Invitational
Not just a pet!

The teams of the XXXL have been invited to the famous Westminster Squig Breeding Grounds to participate in a Pre-Season Tournament as part of the annual Squig Westminster Festival.
The Westminster Family Foundation has high hopes to showcase their fastest, strongest and meanest Squigs on a Blood Bowl pitch.
Teams will gain one free Squig to roster for the duration of the tournament and the winner will even be allowed to keep the Squig for the rest of the season!

Invitation Speech
The Major Conspiracy
Desaster after desaster!

The crooked FUMBBL majors remain cursed for Goblins!
Several top teams lost their first round games and it seems likely that fumbbl manipulated these Majors all the time.
So probably no Goblin team will ever win a Major under BB16 rules...
unless we sneak a Goblin into the dev team for BB20 to postpone the new rules once again.

We gOt XplosIVeS! (shraaaag) - Fleabags ß:3[/b]

[url=https://fumbbl.com/p/match?id=4294456]Rhinoplasty (mekutata) - Some Orcs 0:2

Allenamento Gobz (palakudinis) - Undead Dogs 0:1

Top Ranked PredARRtors (ben_awesome) - OP Chaos 0:1
The new teams of XXXL!
Four new franchises joined the XXXL

Four new teams signed with XXXL and presented their new coaches.
Division Tailz will gain three new teams.

First we have the Bricktops Boisterous Butchers, coached by legendary Stunty coach ben_awesome.,
best known for coaching the veteran Ogre squad Do you even LIFT, bro? (close to 1000 games). He will be assisted by a cat.

TCFKA jdmickleburg uses his wild dog to train the dancers of Karak Ungor National Ballet.
Already delivered a big hit by introducing actual dying dancers to their ""The Dying Swan"" performance,
club owners now hope that jdm's CIBBL exprience will also help the players to learn about Blood Bowl.

The third new Tailz team comes with another big name as coach, the Doctor Claes - famous inventor of
the popular Throne of Blood - followed the smell of blood and pus and will coach the Troll Fanboyzz.

Additionally the circus group Erratic Eccentric Entertainers will return back to Tailz.
Division Headz will gain one new team.

After losing a circus Headz had to act and introduced the murderous clowns from Da Great Fanatik Cirkus.
Coached by SanKuKai this team will try put a smile on every downed opponent.
With currently 8 teams registered for Tailz and only 7 teams in Headz, the XXXL may attempt to sign one more team.
Lost in the woods!
Soon to be forgotten

Grünhäute, Picnic Hamper Stealers, Köpenhägen and Mean Green Bogey Machines dissolve.

Their former players are now looking for a new job at the upcoming Playermarket!

BDSM Tribe and Winnipeg MOAB Bombers are currently lost in the woods.
Worldsports hires!
Offer secret inside information or fake news about opponents

Coaches may try something new. Words.
Coaches writing articles for World Sports will receive 1 Goldcoin per word added to their team's treasury.
Old World Sports Issues
From the Pre-Internet Times

Digitalized issues of previous World Sports XXXL specials can be found in the Library .
Ubbak the Irritated
First lethal injury of the season

The Erratic Eccentric Entertainers mourn the loss of their beloved Goblin.
Ubbak was famous for excessive Warpstone usage and scored two touchdowns in this pre-season.
Ubbak was also known for having alwas an irritating smile on his face.
But no more after facing off with a chainsaw in the Squig Wesminster first round match.
Ubbak wrote history by being the first player to die in the ongoing season.
Condolence to Family and Friends.
Throne of Blood

The Throne of Blood is a meta league that runs parallel to a season. Teams gain points for killing opponent players. The most brutal team will be joined by the chaotic Cranky McKickbutt.
Based on DrClaes' Blood of Throne

Every opponent death adds one point.
Every opponent death scores (ST*ST+SPPCategory*SPPCategory+Bonus).
SppCategory follows the progression from Rookie to Legend as (0,1,2,4,6,8,10).
Peaked Players: Fans add 0 points, Specialists 1 point, Star Players add 6 points and Referees add 8 points in the SPP Category.
Bonus points are given for Draws (+1) and Wins (+2).
1 bonus point is given out to the team with currently:
Most Kills in one game, Most Kills in the league, longest Kill streak and most valuable Kill of the season.
Table gets updated after all games of a matchday have been played.

The bloodthirsty Cranky McKickbutt joins the current leader of the Throne of Blood for free.

ToB Leaderbord

Black Tooth RIPs 21

Bricktops Boisterous Butchers 19

Possibly the most Knives 10

Mad Moon Mischiefs 8

UebelFiesDreckig,Night Goblin Nasties™,Broken Nose Nibblerz,UebelFiesDreckig,Da Great Fanatik Cirkus,Terrifying Toe Twisters,Green Gladiataazz,Erratic Eccentric Entertainers,Karak Ungor National Ballet,Troll Fanboyzzz,Gobbolchevickz 0

Team Standings

TeamScoreKillsTop KillsBonus Points
Mad Moon Mischiefs0000
Night Goblin Nasties™0000
Bad Apples8161☆ Longest Kill Streak:1 Games
Broken Nose Nibblerz0000
Possibly the most Knives10181☆ Longest Kill Streak:1 Games
Da Great Fanatik Circus0000
Black Tooth Rips211182☆ Top Kill:Savannah Siguruk pts ☆ Longest Kill Streak:1 Games
Terrifying Toe Twisters0000
Green Gladiataazz0000
Erratic Eccentric Entertainers0000
Bricktops Boisterous Butchers192143☆ Most Kills/Season:2Kills ☆ Most brutal game: 2 Kills ☆ Longest Kill Streak:1 Games
Karak Ungor National Ballet0000
Troll Fanboyzzz0000

⚰️Hall of the Dead⚰️

PlayerLast MatchToB ValuePerpetrator
Ubbak the Irratiated (Erratic Eccentric Entertainers)Westminster Squig R#18Boris (1) Brickstop Butchers
Guggy the Excitable (Erratic Eccentric Entertainers)Westminster Squig R#114Bullet Tooth Tony (1) Brickstop Butchers
Savannah Siguruk (Possibly the Most Knives)Westminster Squig R#118Drunk Liver Heritage (1) RIPs
Food * (Black Tooth RIPs1)Westminster Squig R#18Failed Dodge
Tche 'Gay' Varag (Gobbolchevickz)Westminster Squig R#16Nellie Nausdah (1) Bad Apples

Players marked with * have been saved by S.I.G.