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Bloodbowl Championship Series

Group managers: Gridironman, bigf, TheRedoubt

Bloodbowl Championship Series [BCS]
League info page

Join the DISCORD to claim you place!

Small step by step guide to get you in to the BCS
  1. Take a look at the different leagues and choose which you'd like to participate in and read the requirements
  2. Join the DISCORD and claim you place by messaging Gridironman (or other admin) you want to join
  3. Tell admin what roster you would like (admin will make you one, if necessary), a City and make up a Name like"Mordheim Scramblers"
  4. Once the roster is ready admin will let you know
  5. Then you can press "Create team for this league" on the up-right corner on the league main page or press here
  6. Pick your roster and name it accordingly
  7. Buy a full roster ideally maxing your positional allotment 16 and submit the team for approval (admin will add the rerolls and apothecary).
  8. Apply for membership on the BCS Teams tab or press here
  9. Make pictures, icons and perhaps some info/background for the team (or ask for help doing them). Read the info pages and stay active in the Discord while waiting for a draft to begin.

Ulthuan First League is a draft league with developing players.
You draft skilled players from a draft pool with your rival coaches in the drafting phase. Then you make a Team Captain and fill the team to 16 players with rookies. After that you are about ready to play.

There are many additional mechanics (and requirements), during the season and between seasons to make it interesting in the long run. Check them in their corresponding tabs.

Round Robin Season Determines Champion

Standing Point Methodology
  • Win = 30
  • Draw = 10
  • Loss = 0
  • Point For = 1
  • Point Against = -1
  • Blowout (3 point deficit) = 5
  • Shutout (no goals against) = 3
  • Casualty For = 1
  • Casualty Against = -1

UFL Team Composition
  • 0-2 Passers (corresponds with passers)
  • 0-2 Blitzers (corresponds with blitzers)
  • 0-4 Catchers (Corresponds with catchers)
  • 0-16 Linemen (corresponds with linemen)
  • 1 Treemen (Corresponds with passers)
  • 3 Spites (Corresponds with catchers)
  • For example, this means that you can have an unskilled Wood Wardancer Blitzer occupying one of your 2 active blitzer slots.
  • An equal amount of each type of blitzer will generate skills for the draft. Meaning that a blank wardancer may not be as strong as a drafted Elf Union Blitzer with 4 skills.
  • TV does not account for hiring fees, in other words, only the draft generated or learned skills account for TV.
  • Corresponding involves player specifications for drafting (passers are drafted from passers pool, etc.) and trading to positional slots (once there are multiple leagues)
TV Caps
When team value is between the gaps, the following rules apply
  • CTV 0-1459 = 3 RR + Apo
  • CTV 1460-1559 = 3RR, no apothecary.
  • CTV 1560-1659 = 2 RR, no apothecary
  • CTV 1660-1759 = 1 RR no apothecary
  • CTV 1760+ = 0 RR, no apothecary.
UFL Excel Bench
  • 2 passer (corresponds with passer)
  • 2 Blitzer (corresponds with blitzer)
  • 2 Catcher (corresponds with catcher)
  • 1 Treeman (corresponds with passer, must be declared)
  • 2 Spite (corresponds with catcher, must be declared)
  • 2 Linemen (corresponds with lineman)

  • People on the bench are not on your active squad. ONCE per season you can transfer x1 benched player for an active player.
  • An unlimited amount of active players may be benched during an active season. Instead of cutting you can allow them to recover across multiple seasons.
  • All positionals have x2 places and the rest are linemen as a standard except for x1 players such as a team with only x1 big guy.
Coach needs to agree on these:
  • 2 week rounds
  • No penalty for forfeits.
  • The team that earns the forfeit gets a ranking bump (Forfeit+Shutout+Win) and x2 MVPs.
  • If both are at fault OR scheduling simply fell through both teams are awarded a draw w/x1 MVP
  • Access to Discord
  • Public scheduling on the discord in the designated channels NOT through PMs to allow forfeiture decisionmaking and to keep people moving through the season.
  • Public prompting from me to get games scheduled.
  • No extensions besides postseason play when applicable.
  • If you are going to be away for a period of time such as a vacation or private concern, let us know. Because it will allow us to forfeit games ahead of time or provide leniency as a community to work around your schedule.
Team needs to meet these:
  • All teams need a logo.
  • All teams need a field.
  • This is not a joke league, put your heart into your team's name, and logo.
  • Every field must be complete=at least a logo.
  • The names of teams must have a city or region and followed by a nickname.
  • You can ask in Discord for help to build all these things for you. (ask an admin)
  • "I reserve the right to prohibit lewd, crass, or cringe on my discretion alone, however, it is my duty to prohibit nicely and to provide aid."-Gridironman
Ulthuan First League theme:
The UFL is the national league of Ulthuan.
Teams must be located in Ulthuan or active in the Ulthuan region believably.
The real world example of Ulthuan would be or conception of Atlantis or Lemuria.
The UFL wants to represent their national character in an elvish manner. In other words, only elves are invited with the rare exception of Treemen and Spites

Added into a tab at a later point

Understanding Player Nomenclature

The player position naming conventions were developed to help aid a coach new to navigating the league.

The names are broken up into three categories.

Identity/Draft Category/Trade Slot

For instance, let's name the
unblocker's position on an IBA Orc team.


He is called an unblocker normally, is drafted from the S (Strength) category of draftees and can be traded to another team with a blocker position.
TSC Team Composition
x2 Passers (corresponds with passers)
x4 Blitzers (corresponds with blitzers)
x4 Catchers (Corresponds with catchers)
x1 Big Guy (Corresponds with passers or blitzers)
x3 Halflings (Corresponds with catchers)
x2 Blockers (corresponds with blitzers)
x16 Linemen (corresponds with linemen)
AFU Team Composition
x4 Zone Blockers (corresponds with blitzers and linemen)
x2 Fullbacks (corresponds with blitzers and linemen)
x1 Center (corresponds with linemen and passers)
x16 Linemen (corresponds with linemen)
x4 Scramblers (corresponds with passers and catchers)
For example, this means that you can have an unskilled Wood Wardancer Blitzer occupying one of your 2 active blitzer slots. However, an equal amount of each type of blitzer will generate skills for the draft. Meaning that a blank wardancer may not be as strong as a drafted Elf Union Blitzer with 4 skills.
This league does not use agent fees or gold.
TV does not account for hiring fees, in other words, only the draft generated or learned skills account for TV.
x3 RR+Apo
TV only applies to draft generated and learned skills.
Round Robin Season Determines Champion
TV Caps
CTV 0-1359, Apothecary and 3 RR (no penalty)

CTV 1460-1559, no apothecary.

CTV 1560-1659, -1 RR no apothecary

CTV 1660-1759 -2 RR no apothecary

CTV 1760+, -3 RR no apothecary.
Standing Point Methodology

Point For=1
Point Against=-1
Blowout (3 point deficit)=5
Casualty For=1
Casualty Against=-1

Only petty cash.

Set aside 300k petty gold to induce wizard.

Everything else goes for the standard price.

No Star Players.

No famous coaching staff.
TSC Excel Bench
x2 Passers (corresponds with passers)
x2 Blitzers (corresponds with blitzers)
x2 Catchers (Corresponds with catchers)
x1 Ogre (Corresponds with bigs)
x2 Halflings (Corresponds with catchers)
x2 Guards (corresponds with bigs and blitzers)
x2 Linemen (corresponds with linemen)
AFU Excel Bench
x2 Zone Blockers (corresponds with blitzers and catchers)
x2 Fullbacks (corresponds with bigs and blitzers)
x1 Center (corresponds with bigs)
x4 Linemen (corresponds with linemen)
x2 Scramblers (corresponds with passers and catchers)
KPA and IBA Excel Benches

The secret and standard league teams positionals always equal x2 unless they are x1; in such a case they will be listed as x1 in the excel. The remainder of slots goes to linemen. There must be at least x1 lineman slot which will take the place of x1 positional spot on the excel at the owning coach's discretion.

This is the method I will provide all Standard and Secret League teams their excel bench slot allocation.
x1 Team Captain

3 primary and 2 secondary skills.

1 stat up and 4 primary skills.

6 primary skills.

1 third/inaccessible skill and 2 primary skills.

Team captains have to be built prior to a season.

If your team captain dies or is cut you may build a new captain prior to the new season.
Offseason Healing

If you have an apothecary a 3+ will remove a single niggling injury or turn any other single permanent ailment into a niggling injury on each of your active players.

If you do not have an apothecary a 4+ will remove a single niggling injury or turn any other single permanent ailment into a niggling injury on each of your active players.

All excel benched players automatically remove a single niggle or turn any other single permanent ailment into a niggling injury.

To receive the benefit of a free heal on a player the player in question must be sent to the excel bench prior to the last game of the regular season.
Free Agency

Any undrafted or player that has been cut from a team enters into the FA pool with their injuries.

Every offseason a single niggle is removed or a perm is turned into a niggle.

If your CTV is below 700 (699 and under) you may draw x1 player from FA to their main team.

You are permitted to trade freely during the offseason.

You are not permitted to trade during a season.

Teams engaged with a postseason are not permitted to trade until their season comes to an end.

You may trade your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round picks.

You may trade your benched players.

You may trade your onsite active roster.

NOTE: that innate skills i.e. Block, Dodge and Leap on a Wardancer will be reduced to block if the team's blitzer slot does not have access to a Wardancer. In other words, a Vampire blitzer would have all the learned and draft generated skills of the Wardancer coming in, but would have juggernaut, bloodlust, and so on. Thankfully Vampire blitzers have ST4. However, let's say that the Wardancer has a +ST learned prior to the trade--Yes the Vampire Blitzer would retain that and become ST5.
First season will have an 8 round snake draft, but all follow on seasons will be based on standings and last 4 rounds

expansion teams will be ahead of all returning teams each round and given 4 additional rounds at the end of the draft inacessible to returning teams. Expansion team draft order is determined by first come-first serve joining the discord server.
The league will not expand past 8 (7 game season) teams and be no smaller than 6 (5 game season).
Further expansion will involve other leagues that will engage in a world cup scenario at the end of the season.
When there are multiple leagues we will stagger seasons with a season without combined play and another season with combined play. Combined play entails 16 teams from two leagues with a 7 game regular season. If the standing for the leagues are ABCDEFGH and 12345678 in this order then temporary divisions are built. They would look like this: A2C4E6G8 and 1B3D5F7H. These divisions would have 7 games each within their division and then the top two teams of each division would have a 4 team playoff. That season would not have a UEFA Champion's League event because the teams have had a go at each other already. However, when there are more than 2 leagues then it gets more fun with there being a rotation of combined play and one isolated league with a UEFA style event at the end of the seasons.

x1 Rival can be mutually declared.

You do not lose a rival until they leave the league for another or the BCS entirely.

No rivalry is allowed until season 2 because you need to feel the hatred.

Once every other team is paired up mutually the remaining teams match as rivals more or less voluntarily because every team NEEDS a rival for rivalry spp access.

A rival must exist within your current league.

A rival can be in an upper or lower league division than your team.

Winner from the previous year retains a jpeg of a trophy if they win or draw their match with their rival. If they lose they must remove the trophy and the other team now has the trophy jpeg on their page.

You do not lose a rival until you or they leave the league or the BCS entirely.

An attacking player is rewarded +3 spp for a kill from a foul.

An Attacking player is rewarded +2 spp for a badly hurt, MNG, Stat-, or n injury from a foul.
Red and Blue are standard.

However, custom icons are optional but must be provided by the coach that wants a unique uniform or by a friend of the league that can do it with little strain during the process, because it is an intensive labor of love.

Please do not create new sprites/icons. For the sake of clarity, recolor the icons/sprites of the positions they are replacing. In other words, the recolored high elf lineman must be that icon/sprite but with your PRIMARY COLOR predominating instead of the standard color (it should be the most represented color on the uniform).

If you want the predominant color of another player please take that up with the otehr player, I do not want to intercede on that bargaining process.

There is territoriality over the PREDOMINANT color of the uniform. Uniforms may have a PREDOMINANT COLOR, SECONDARY COLOR, PIPING COLOR, and ARMOR COLOR. There is no territoriality over these colors only the PREDOMINANT COLOR.

Dark blue i.e. standard site away uniforms are off limits; additionally, the color white is off limits because white is our away uniform for icons/sprites.

To be clear, Say that a predominant color is beechwood brown and a secondary color is canary yellow on one team. It is perfectly fine for another team to be predominantly canary yellow with a beechwood brown secondary. The Predominant color is always different.

Uniform quality entails shading according to the original sprites shadowing.

All custom uniforms away colors involve white shirts. The original royal blue can work

Patterns like a cross, checkerboard etcetera are allowed, but must be shaded properly.

Ultimately, this is for the coach's enjoyment, but also the ability for other coaches to discern which sprites belong to their team and their opponents. I do not have the bandwith to make uniforms for all teams. I wish that there was someone that could rapidly make uniforms for us that has the time, but that is not a given. However, if we follow these guidelines we will be able to allow teams to have uniforms if their coach wants unique uniforms. I will likely make my own eventually--because its fun, gives you as sense of ownership, and actually pretty nice to look at. Thereby, custom uniforms are preferred and promoted; but are not at all necessary.
Lower League Divisions

The league cap is 8, however if a waitlist for an associated league grows to 6 then a division 2 is formed with the coaches from the waitlist.

Team cap for all divisions is 8. Therefore when division 2 is full the process begins again for a division 3 and so on.

The first place finishing team is automatically promoted. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th place teams play a relegation match.

The 8th place team of the upper division is automatically relegated. The 5th, 6th and 7th teams play in the promotional match with the lower division.

Here is how it would look like with the upper teams representing the higher division and the lower teams representing the lower division below.

Upper 8 is automatically relegated.

Lower 1st is automatically promoted.

Upper 7th v. Lower 2nd play for a spot in the upper division.

Upper 6th v. Lower 3rd play for a spot in the upper division.

Upper 5th v. Lower 4th play for a spot in the upper division.
FA Cup Competition for Leagues with Multiple Divisions

Prior to the relegation/promotion matches that precede the BCS World Cup (UEFA Champion's League event)

All teams within a league regardless of division and standing enter into a knockout tourney. The winner acquires an automatic ticket to the BCS World Cup.
Future Leagues

Kislev Premier Alliance/KPA: a draft league for FUMBBL Secret League teams. There may only be one team of each race in the KPA until x16 teams are established.

Note: If I league believe a team is overpowered or underpowered they will be prohibited from being selected by a coach.

Imperial Bloodbowl Association/IBA: a draft league of standard teams + Slann and Bretonnian rosters. There may only be one team of each race in the IBA until x16 teams are established.

Tilean Super Confederation/TSC: A human draft league with x2 St4 pieces from the Amazon squad. A similar concept to the UFL insofar as its a mixture of positionals from Human, Bretonnian, Imperial, Tilean, Araby Norse etcetera.

Arabian Football Union/AFU: Bash teams following the UFL/IFL format.

Royal Bretonnian Federation/RBF: Undead teams following the UFL/IFL format.
Inter League Seasonal Tread

Leagues generally play in isolation but two leagues will always temporarily amalgamate for one season occurs as described previously.

Seasons will feature mostly intraleague play i.e. leagues return to playing only the teams in their home league during the regular season.

It takes 3 leagues for a postseason UEFA champion's league event to happen after the end of each post season. As you may imagine, during a period of amalgamation with only two leagues a UEFA style event is less interesting.

Once there are 4 leagues then there will always be a UEFA and national team event because then there are multiple styles of leagues that have not faced each other.

However, each time a new league is promulgated all leagues enter into a state of isolation because the new league needs a season to get its footing.

During each UEFA event the highest ranked coach not participating in the UEFA event coaches the national team. In other words, Ulthuan/UFL will have an all star team, the Empire/IFL would and so on. It will be a round robin event for every all star team to play the other. These events will happen in the background of the draft to keep and spark interest. All coaches not participating in the event will compete in a Euro league event so they will have fun too.

Ideally, an even amount of teams provides the best practice because seasons can be pre-planned for future seasons.

It is called the interleague tread for a reason. For example, let's take a large number of leagues and see how they cycle

UFL v. IFL S1, BRL isolation, AFL isolation, and KPL isolation. Next season format below.

BRL v. AFL S2, IFL isolation, BRL isolation, and KPL enters a state of isolation. Next season.

KPL v. UFL, AFL isolation, IFL isolation, BRL isolation. Etcetera, this is a cycle or circular in a tread like motion.
Shared Assets Across Leagues

The FA Pool will be shared.

Drafting will occur at the same time across all leagues with picks being allocated first to expansion teams in the order of them having a placeholder team onsite. Secondly by the lower division teams (division 3 comes before division 2) from least to first by universal standings from the prior year.

Trades may occur across all leagues i.e. all draft generated and learned skills remain. However, innate skills such as block, dodge and leap on a wardancer piece will go away to a human team, however, this piece would take a blitzer slot and retain the innate block skill.

The Excel sheet accessible through the discord has a tab that enables this process.
Kislev Premier Alliance/KPA Theme

The KPA is the national league of Kislev.

Teams must be located in Kislev or Norsca or active in these regions believably.

The real world example of Kislev would be Czarist Russia+Eastern Europe.

This league wants to define itself as unique in respects to the more mainline leagues, in other words, this league is populated by unbanned Secret League Teams.
Imperial Bloodbowl Association/IBA Theme

The IBA is the national league of the Empire.

Teams must be located in the Empire or active in the Imperial region believably.

The real world example of Empire would be the Holy Roman Empire.

Since this is the mainline nation then standard GW teams will populate it. Additionally teams that once existed like Bretonnian and Slann are also applicable.
Tilean Super Confederation/TSC Theme

The TSC is the 'national League' of Tilea, Estalia, and the Border Princes.

Teams must be located in Tilea or active in the Tilean region believably.

The real world example of Tilea is city state Italy fused with city state Greece.

This is a human league to represent the real world greens v. reds styled rivalries in Constantinople/Istanbul .circa the Byzantine Empire. Thereby, only humans representing their city state are rostered.
Royal Bretonnian Association/RBF

The RBF is the national league of Bretonnia

Teams must be located in Bretonnia, Albion, Athel Loren or active in the Bretonnian region believably.

The real world example of Bretonnia and Albion is the conception of the Angevin Empire

This is a Royal league, therefore, vampires and other blue blooded creatures such as mummies are highly respected insofar as the accumulation of power gained through years of undeath as an equivalent to royal bearing. In other words, rosters come from many undead teams.
Arabian Football Union/AFU

The AFU is the continental league of Araby and the Badlands (Warhammer's fictional Levant).

Teams must be located in Araby, the Badlands, or active within these regions.

The real world example of Araby is the North African Coast, Subsaharan Africa, and the Levant.

This is a cross continental league, therefore, the teams must be hardy and strong to compete in such a varied competitive environment. Over the years this has led to exceptionally sturdy teams within the league.
Bloodbowl Champions' League/BCL

The Bloodbowl Champion's League is a mirror image of Soccer/Football/Futbol's Champion's league. Except it is an international competition. The top four teams of all leagues are seeded with the top finishing teams of every league topping a Group of four. A random 2nd, 3rd, and 4th finishing team will join it's group and none of these teams can be from the same league.

After each team has played every other team in their group the top two of these groups enter the knockout round. The Knockout round is seeded according to universal standings during the group stage EXCEPT a 2nd place finisher cannot be seeded higher than a 1st place finisher but never beneath a third and so on.

The winner of the BCL Championship, the highest honor a team can earn.

The BCL is held in different nations each applicable season.
Bloodbowl World Cup/BWC

The Bloodbowl World Cup is like the Olympics or our world's version of World Cups in sports. It will be comprised of all star teams from each league that will play in a round robin tournament.

The winner of the BWC is the highest honor a league can earn.

The BWC is always held at the Amorican Mountains where the sacred text of Nuffle was found.
Major Bloodbowl Invitational/MBI

The Major Bloodbowl Invitational is the lower level version of the BCL and shares its format. It involves every team NOT invited to the BCL.

The winner of the MBI is still an amazing accomplishment given that its larger than the BCL, so it has an NCAA basketball March Madness Feel. It has this high stakes feel because ALL teams not in the BCL are involved, that would include the 1st division and all lower division teams of ALL leagues.
Deadpool Contracts
The winner of an end of season award from the prior season or a legendary player (6 skills) will have a bounty on their head. The slaying of these players through CAS or Foul will net the killer with 12 spp.

The winner of the end of season award from the previous season cannot be benched to excel during the current season.

The prior year award winning players are considered Pests. It may be fun to track how many Pests you remove.

Non-award winning Legendary players are referred to as Problems. It may be fun to track how many Problems you remove.

Award winning legendary players are referred to as High Value Targets. It may be fun to track how many High Value Targets you remove.

The legendary players can be benched to excel unless they won an end of season award. Such a player nets the assassin with 24 spp.

In between seasons you may 'port' your current roster from one league to another by transferring your positionals to the corresponding new team race/type's positionals.

Similarly the KPA Secret league roster can take a new secret league team while staying in the league through the porting process.

The standard league team in the IBA can port their roster to another standard league team through the porting process.

The categories for porting players are below.

Passer: Any player labeled as passer. 'IF' there is not a corresponding player it can take a lineman slot.

Catcher: Any player labeled as Catcher. 'IF' there is not a corresponding player it can take a stunty slot.

Stunty: Any player with less than 3 ST. 'IF' there is not a corresponding player it can take a catcher slot.

Blitzer: Any player labeled as Blitzer. 'IF' there is not a corresponding player it can take a blocker slot.

Blocker: Any player with ST4 standard. 'IF' there is not a corresponding player it can take a blitzer slot.

Big: Any player with ST5 or higher. 'IF' there is not a corresponding player it can take a blocker slot. 'IF' both previous conditions are true then it can take a blitzer slot.

Note: Of course the amount of active slots and excel slots are limited. It means that you may need to release some players to free agency after you complete the porting process.
Illegal skills are provided a free SKILL Roll for Ball and Chain Users

Per the FAQ (as of November 2023):
Q: What happens if a player rolls a random Skill and gains one that they could take, but cannot actually use? Such as if a player with the No Hands trait gained the Catch skill. (p.74)
A: In these instances, roll again until they gain a Skill they could actually use.

Skills for Ball and Chain players fall into a couple of categories, and here are the ones Disallowed or Cannot Use, and thus ones that can (and should) be rolled as a SKILL result when drafting:

- __Dirty Player__, Cannot Use (Per FAQ confirmation, B&C cannot foul)
- __ Frenzy__, Disallowed
- __Shadowing__, Disallowed
- __ Sure Hands__, Cannot Use (No Hands)
- __Break Tackle__, Cannot Use (Does not roll to "dodge")
- __Grab__, Disallowed
- __Juggernaut__, Cannot Use (May not Blitz)
- __Multiple Block__, Disallowed
- __Pile Driver__, Cannot Use (Per FAQ confirmation, B&C cannot foul)
- __Strong Arm__, Disallowed (no Throw Teammate)
- __Catch__, Cannot Use (No Hands)
- __Diving Catch__, Cannot Use (No Hands)
- __Diving Tackle__, Disallowed
- __Leap__, Disallowed
- __Safe Pair of Hands__, Cannot Use (No Hands)
- __Sneaky Git__, Cannot Use (Per FAQ confirmation, B&C cannot foul)
- __Big Hand__, Cannot Use (No Hands)
- __Extra Arms__, Cannot Use (No Hands)
- __Horns__Cannot Use (May not Blitz)
- __Monstrous Mouth__, Cannot Use (No Hands)
- __Two Heads__, Cannot Use (Does not roll to "dodge")
- __Very Long Legs__, Cannot Use (Cannot interfere per FAQ, cannot Leap)
- __All__, except for Leader, Cannot Use (No Hands)
Skills that *are* allowed and capable of being used by B&C players, and thus *cannot* be rerolled:
- __Block__
- __Dauntless__
- __Fend__
- __Kick__
- __Pro__
- __Strip Ball__
- __Tackle__
- __Wrestle__ (but note, this still KO's at best)
- __Arm Bar__
- __Brawler__ (Confirmed by FAQ)
- __Guard__
- __Mighty Blow__
- __Stand Firm__
- __Thick Skull__
- __Dodge__
- __Defensive__
- __Jump Up__ (You can Apo a KO, then stand up later)
- __Sidestep__
- __Sprint__
- __Sure Feet__
- __Claws__
- __Disturbing Presence__
- __Foul Appearance__
- __Iron Hard Skin__
- __Prehensile Tail__
- __Tentacles__
- __Leader__
Pass stat unreprersented/6+/-
You receive a free SKILL roll instead of a pass skill.