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Group managers: misterlonestar, chimp2010
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Introducing DLE11

Watching the success of the all-Human DLE and DLE2 Leagues, the Elven Kingdoms (putting aside their differences) have banded together to create a draft league of their own. Elven Lords have begun to scour the known lands to enlist the best and brightest, whatever their nation of origin, into the DLE11!

Season 1 Underway!

map links for assistance -Naggaroth - Athel Loren - Ulthuan
The Elf League
Naggaroth ConferenceUlthuan Conference
Khaine DivisionKurnous Division
Ellinill DivisionIsha Division

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League Overview
DLE11 is an ELF only Draft League where players from the four elven nations can be assembled on one team.

An 8 Round Draft will allow you to hand select the players you want. Over 200 randomly skilled elves (a few bringing blades) will be there for your choosing. (Check The Draft and Draft List for more details)

A TV Cap will add a layer of tough decision making and will keep the league in a healthy state of competitive balance. (Check Team Building for more detail)

Trades! Trade players, trade draft picks, all is fair game as long as your team meets roster regulations. (Check Trading Section for more detail)

Roster regulations - no more than two duplicates of any race/position combination. Also a TV tax will be incurred for each positional duplicate on your roster. Also dead blitzers must be replaced by a different blitzer type. No Wardancer spam! (Check Team Building for more detail)

Soft Inducements - Some "soft" inducements (Including apothecarys, rerolls, and bribes) will be available for those teams needing a boost. (Check Inducements for more detail)

Animosity- The Elves have set aside their differences to form the league but continue to hate one another only slightly less than they hate the Humans. Players of differing races will have to face down their animosity to work as a team on the pitch.

Custom Icons - Pick your colors and run with the standard icons or start from scratch, you choose!

Mutations - Elves of all stripes have declared for the draft,
even several warpstone addicted Mutants! These players bring something extra to the pitch but will face Animosity even with those of their own race.
Reservations - We've got 16!
misterlonestar Caledor Crowns, Gold/Dark Blue-Grey
Neubau - Karond Kar Chimera, Purple/Grey
chimp2010 - Eataine Phoenix, Blue/Yellow
Bigf - Elftown Privateers, White/Red/Blue
Laskas - Coeth-mara Circus, Red/Blue
Doofr - Argwylon Eagles, Gold/Silver
Asteflix - Slaver's Peak Executionners, Black/Purple/White
Arcayn - Venom Glade Assassins, Black/Red
MachJacob - Tor Achare Lions, White/Yellow
The_Murker - Witch Gate Wraiths, White/Light Blue
Calthor - Cythral Nightstags , Bluegreen/Darkgreen
c9805222 - Hoeth Hurricanes, Black/Teal
FRSHM = Tír Tairngire Trailblazers, Green/Yellow
Matthueycamo - Caledor Krakens, Black/Gold
antithesisoftime - Red Desert Raiders - Pink/Blue
The_Carthaginian - Chill Sea Surf, Turquoise/Yellow
Team Building Guidelines

DLE11 brings together the 4 Elven nations to allow you to build the perfect all-elf team, barring you are under the TW Cap and your team meets all roster requirements and restrictions.

TW Cap & Floor
All teams must be under the TW Cap before season start.

TW Cap for Season 1 = 2,300 TW

All teams must be no more than 10% below the cap before the start of the season.

TW Cap will be reset after each season and before the draft.

Team Building
All rosters are required to carry 16 players at all times. Treasury will not be an issue

Each team will have these positional maximums. Coaches can choose to go fewer in any category.

3 – Blitzers
3 – Catchers
2 – Passers
2 – Specialists

Positional Restriction
Can only have a maximum of 2 of any group/race combination for Blitzers and Catchers. (** Example: Only 2 Pro Elf Blitzers on the roster at one time**)

Blitzer & Catcher Tax
At start of season any duplicate Blitzers or Catchers (same race/position combo) will incur a 30 TV tax for the 2nd Blitzer/Catcher hired/drafted. Tax only occurs at start of season, In-Season hired rookie duplicates do not incur the tax.

Blitzer Death & Replacements
Any death or firing (for any reason) of a Blitzer must be replaced by a Blitzer of a different race and the original race cannot be re-selected until all races have been selected. Rotation can jump a slot if this would violate the positional restriction.

(**Example: PE Blitzer Dies – Hire DE Blitzer/Dies – Hire WE Wardancer/Dies – Hire Dragon Warrior/Dies – Hire PE Blitzer**)

This will be tracked in the Player Bio of the replacement Blitzer by providing a LINK to the dead Blitzer.

Player Hiring/Firing
To avoid in season roster shenanigans or cap manipulation only players that carry an injury (including mng) can be fired. Between seasons any player can be fired.

Teams will also be required to carry:
3 Rerolls
1 Apothecary

Mutated players must have their race set to MUTANT as all races experience animosity towards them. If you need assistance please contact a League Admin to adjust.

Drafted and Traded Player SPP's
A drafted or traded player comes with the appropriate minimum number of SPP for the number of skills he has. Due to the difference in coaching styles, any additional SPP a traded player has earned above the minimum for the skills he posseses are lost when the player is traded. These additional SPP are also lost if the team is taken over by a new coach.
(**Example: If a Block/Tackle lino with 29 SPP is traded to another team, the lineman will now only have 16 SPP, which will be entered into the player's bio. In this way, there is no league requirement to keep track of SPP's as players are traded or coaches are replaced.**)

TV Tracking
The tracking of a team's TV in DLE11 is based on the cost of the player as well as the skills a player possesses. In this way, a newly created Pro Elf Blitzer adds 160 TV to the team's TV total, and that same Pro Elf Blitzer with +AG/Tackle will add 60,000 TV to the player's and the team's total. (220k) All added skills through SPP progression must come with an added TV cost which must be manually added to the player skilling.
Players with Base TV Cost
GroupPositionBase TV CostMASTAGAVSkill 1Skill 2Skill 3
BlitzerDE Blitzer1407348Block
BlitzerDE Witch Elf1557347DodgeFrenzyJump Up
BlitzerPE Blitzer1607348BlockSide Step
BlitzerHE Dragon Warrior1407348Block
BlitzerWE Wardancer1858347BlockDodgeLeap
CatcherPE Catcher1658347CatchNerves of Steel
CatcherWE Catcher1258247CatchDodgeSprint
CatcherHE Lion Warrior1458347Catch
PasserHE Phoenix Warrior1206348PassSafe Throw
PasserPE Thrower856347Pass
PasserWE Thrower1157347Pass
PasserDE Runner1157347Dump Off
SpecialistDE Assassin1056347StabShadowing
LinemanPE Lineman656347
LinemanHE Lineman906348
LinemanDE Lineman906348
LinemanWE Lineman957347


Inducements in DLE11 are limited to the following:

100 TV: If the difference in TV between teams is 100k or greater, the lower TV team many purchase 1 Wandering Apothacary.

200 TV: If the TV difference between teams is 200k or greater, the lower team may purchase 1 Wandering Apothacary, and may choose 1 Bribe OR 1 extra Team Re-Roll.

No other incucements are permitted in DLE11. (no Star Players)

It is the responsibility of the coach whose team has the highest Fan Factor to ready his team first before a match. If the teams have an equal FF, the coach whose team has the best win percentage (since that coach took over) must ready his team first. Any dispute will be resolved by the league commishioner.

The Draft
The draft will be held after the championship game each season. The innaugural draft consisted of 8 rounds of drafting from a pool of over 200 players.

Initial draft order will be drawn via lottery and proceed in a Third Round Reversal fashion. (ABCD-DCBA-DCBA-ABCD)

Subsequent drafts will be 4 rounds, and draft from a pool of 90 players. (20 Blitzers, 20 Catchers, 10 Throwers, 10 Specialists, and 30 Linemen)

Future draft order will be determined based on season standings with the lowest record drafting first and the champion drafting last.

The draft will be the only place to find mutants and weapon wielders (except Assassins).

DLE11 uses the BB2016 'Select 3 MVP' rule. (Piling On is also absent)

Players are skilled using dice rolled in the Discord chat channel called '#skill_rolls'. The 'test roll' is announced made with 3d6, followed by the 'real roll' of 2d6. The dice roller and the witness may be any DLE11 coaches, other than the owner of the player. (roller and witness cannot be the same coach)

If the player's owner is not present to witness the rolls and make an immediate skill choice, he may file his skill request in channel '#skill_requests' by entering the following data in a post:

Player Name, Player Link, Team, Skill Choice: 12 +ST, 11 +AG, 10 Doubles Guard, 10 Normal +AV, Doubles Guard, Normal Fend

Once a skill request has been completed, a member of the skilling staff will edit the coach's roster and delete the skill request from the #skill_request channel.

Link to the Custom Ruleset: Custom Ruleset

Player Trades and Draft Pick Trading

Teams may trade players and draft picks in between seasons and during the 'Season Trade Window'. (after game 7 and before game 8)

Traded players must still meet roster restrictions in regards to positional limits.

Only draft picks from the next two drafts may be traded.
(**Example: During Season 3, picks for Draft 4 and Draft 5 may be included in trades. Draft 6 picks are not able to be traded until the completion of Draft 4**)

All trades will be reviewed by DLE11 management to prevent trade abuse

The Post-Season Trade Window opens immediatly following the championship game. The Mid-Season Trade Window opens as soon as both teams involved in a trade have completed their 7th game of a season and neither have started their 8th game. This mid-season trade window will be a 25 hour break between the 1st and 2nd halves of the season to facilitate player movement.

Any 'trading' between coaches before these windows is simply a gentlemen's agreement, and is not binding. A trade is made official once both coaches have announced the identical trade in the official Trade PM chain during one of the trade windows. Trades will be confirmed by a member of DLE11 staff. PMs made at the wrong time are likely to be ignored by management. Once both coaches announce a trade, DLE11 management will complete the trade and adjust the rosters.

DLE11 management will keep track of draft rights in an available Google Sheet (link forthcoming).

There will be a minimum of 48 hours after a season and before a draft in which coaches can announce a trade.

Conferences, Divisions, and Play-Off Structure

The DLE11 is a 16 team league divided into 2 Conferences, each having 2 divisions of four teams.

The 'Naggaroth Conference' consists of the 'Khaine' and 'Ellinill' divisions. The 'Ulthuan Conference' consists of the 'Kurnous' and the 'Isha' Divisions. Each regular season will consist of 14 games, meaning two seven-game tournaments.

The first tournament will see each division square off against it's conference rival, and in the second half of the season each division will play against a division in the rival conference. (whichever division it did not play against in the previous season) In this way, each team will face it's own division rivals twice each season, and will play each team in the League a minimum of every other Season.

Eight teams will make the play-offs each season. Division winners will automatically advance, and the remaining two teams in each conference with the most points will also advance.

League Scoring

3 points for a Win
1 for a Draw
0 for a Loss
1 Point per TD scored (this is Elfball baby!)

In the event of a tie between team's DLE11 will use:
1) Head-to-head record
2) TDs scored in season
3) fewest TDs against
4) coin-flip

In the unlikely event of a complex draw between 3 or more teams for these 2 'Wild Card' play-off spots, a fair and agreed upon method to decide the winner will be conducted in the Discord chat room.

To decide each conference champion, the #1 seeded team will play the #4 seeded team, and #2 plays #3. (Seeding is based on points and the method described above) The winners of these matches will play, and each conference champion will play in the championship match to compete for the 'Claret Jug' and to be named season champion. Unlike regular season games, play-off games will always go into overtime if required.

Jester's Cup

The 8 teams which do not make the play-offs have the option of entering the Jester's Cup tournament. The Jester's Cup is a randomly seeded KO tournament consisting of only those teams which elect to enter. The winner of the Jester's Cup can select one of two 'prizes'. The coach may elect to have the 65th and final draft pick in the upcoming draft, or he may elect to move his team into another division.

If the winner of the Jester's Cup elects to move divisions as his prize, he must put his 3 choices of division in order. A 1d6 is rolled, and on a 1-3 he moves to his first choice, on a 4 or 5, his second choice, and on a 6, he moves into his third choice of division. The winner of the Cup WILL move divisions if he elects to roll the 1d6.

If the coach elects to move divisions, the team which makes the swap is chosen as follows:

A) The winner of a division may NEVER leave the division
B) If one or more of the 3 eligible teams volunteers to leave the division, the leaving team will be selected randomly from the volunteers.
C) If no one volunteers to leave the division, a d10 will be rolled. Based on that division's standings at the end of the season, on a 1-6 the 4th place team will swap. On a 7-9 the 3rd place team will swap, and on a 10, the division runner-up will be the team swapping divisions with the Jester's Cup winner.