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Win Percentage
Win Percentage
Super Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  (WTP) 2nd Examples Wood Elf 100k 7/1/2 1430k ±210  
  As Civilized As Possible Orc 180k 21/7/5 1700k    
  As Civilized As Possible 2 Orc 580k 13/5/4 1780k ±690  
  Bad Luck Sux Wood Elf 60k 67/12/26 2010k    
  Bluwood Blue Tits Human 120k 72/26/34 1900k    
  Borderland Slayers Dwarf 70k 9/2/6 1650k ±480  
  Choo-Throo Evry-Thaan Skaven 100k 49/9/10 2050k    
  Cult of The Witch 2 Dark Elf 140k 32/8/8 2130k    
  Dirty Green Cockas Goblin 140k 13/2/9 1780k ±770  
  Eternal Self-Destruction Vampire 170k 10/1/1 1630k ±310  
  Fast As Stink Skaven 80k 30/4/5 1700k    
  Fourth of 13 Skaven 70k 9/1/0 1390k ±210  
  i SNAKE u WIN Old World Alliance 110k 11/3/1 1550k ±390  
  Kingston K[R]UELTY Human 150k 24/0/6 1900k    
  Leggo My Gecko Lizardmen 110k 9/5/0 1510k ±350  
  Lightning Speed II Wood Elf 40k 22/8/8 1840k    
  Lightning Speed IV Wood Elf 100k 9/1/2 1510k ±290  
  Long Legz Lawyers Slann 90k 8/0/2 1260k ±190  
  MaxMinos Plague Ship Nurgle 150k 27/12/10 1960k    
  Necro'd Threads Necromantic Horror 30k 6/0/1 1410k ±210  
  New and Looking for You Orc 60k 3/0/0 1010k ±150  
  Orks N' Dorks Orc 100k 11/6/6 1520k ±620  
  Rings Around Ewe Wood Elf 180k 23/0/4 1770k ±870  
  Rings Around Ewe Too Wood Elf 30k 11/2/3 1500k ±410  
  SanFreezeisco Cold Gold Miners Norse 100k 17/2/5 1600k ±690  
  Savage and Free Norse 0 13/3/2 1550k ±480  
  Stubborn Rocks Dwarf 80k 26/5/9 1920k    
  Towers O' Power Necromantic Horror 310k 9/4/1 1580k ±360  
  Will Battle For Food Halfling 30k 3/1/0 1180k ±180  
  Wood Die For Pie Halfling 0 4/5/10 1260k ±420  
  Wyrmwood Wrakes Dark Elf 120k 15/8/6 1940k ±1030  
  ~For The Fans~ Norse 170k 8/3/0 1520k ±260  
  ~Overpowered~ Dark Elf 130k 26/8/8 2390k    
  [RNG] Unknown Murk The Murker 360k 2/1/1 940k    
  Vyperwood Vice Dark Elf 80k 5/1/1 1310k    
  Wickedness Inc Dark Elf 90k 1/0/0 1010k    
League teams for DLE2
  Quenelles Chargers Chargers 13760k 56/33/25 1610k    
Scheduled against maquinator's Mousillon Might (Seen 15h ago).
League teams for DoA - Draft of Ages
  Holmsteinn Hammers Holmsteinn Hammers 10680k 13/11/7 1370k    
Scheduled against GotrekSlayer's Carlsbruck Varghulfs (Seen 2h ago).
League teams for HammerBowl
  Nuln Hellfyre Nuln 20k 2/0/0 1300k    
League teams for NAF Live - Americas
  Not Always Fully Live Dark Elf 0 0/0/0 1100k    
League teams for Southern Wastes League
  Hell's Mischief Skaven 90k 4/1/0 1185k    
Scheduled against Wozzaa's Munchausen Moonrakers (Seen 17h ago).
League teams for White Isle League
  White Isle Alliance Old World Alliance 85k 1/0/0 1090k    
Scheduled against geggster's Teotiqua Blades (Seen 1h ago).
  2Much 2Young 2Fast Wood Elf 80k 6/3/10 1390k    
  3rd Invasion Orc 240k 15/6/6 1540k    
  3rd Plague Underworld Denizens 130k 8/3/5 1530k    
  3rd Sin Dark Elf 20k 15/3/5 1440k    
  3rd Wave~ Slann 80k 9/3/5 1190k    
  Arbutus Ayr Stryke High Elf 40k 12/4/16 1490k    
  ARRbutus AyRR StryKe High Elf 110k 3/5/1 1440k    
  Box Four the Dark Dark Elf 20k 4/1/2 1240k    
  Canada's Missing Teeth Chaos Renegade 20k 5/2/1 1310k    
  DarkWyrld Ascension II Dark Elf 90k 15/5/10 1700k    
  December's Chaos Goblin 10k 7/1/1 1280k    
  December's Joy Slann 80k 8/3/6 1430k    
  December's Men Human 60k 7/8/8 1660k    
  December's Plague Skaven 90k 11/4/11 1460k    
  December's Wrath Dark Elf 80k 10/5/7 1750k    
  Dirty Done Cheap Shambling Undead 30k 3/0/0 1200k    
  Five Dwarves Dwarf 130k 2/0/0 1060k    
  Five Dwarves, Really Dwarf 130k 8/5/2 1520k    
  Folkvardr's 1400 Norse 30k 9/10/7 1280k    
  High Four Box High Elf 90k 5/5/0 1300k    
  Just Miserable Dwarf 30k 0/0/0 970k    
  K-Town Underground Skaven 140k 19/10/6 1710k    
  Kingston Kruelty Human 100k 191/100/142 2090k    
  Kruelty Assault Squadron K-I Human 190k 10/2/4 1400k    
  Less Den Five Dwarves Old World Alliance 190k 3/1/0 1220k    
  Lightning Speed III Wood Elf 110k 4/1/3 1110k    
  Mammoth Tusk Tribe Orc 50k 15/4/12 1780k    
  Moms Droppin' Bombs Amazon 100k 2/0/1 1080k    
  Moms Droppin' Bombs 2 Amazon 170k 5/1/0 1290k    
  Murky Beverages Goblin 20k 6/3/8 1390k    
  Murky Intentions Human 170k 16/8/9 1750k    
  Murky Lineage High Elf 80k 12/5/6 1670k    
  Murky Negotiations Elven Union 10k 8/8/2 1600k    
  Murky Tunnels Skaven 120k 23/13/4 1300k    
  Paleolithic Pain Mongers Norse 0 3/1/1 1270k    
  Plague Ship MinMaxos Nurgle 360k 8/7/17 1750k    
  Second of Thirteen Skaven 70k 3/1/6 1200k    
  Simple Human Anger Human 70k 1/0/0 1000k    
  Smokin' Broken Pencils Goblin 0 3/1/7 1140k    
  Third of Thirteen Skaven 170k 2/1/0 1170k    
  U Wanna Get Kilt ¿ Underworld Denizens 60k 0/1/3 1090k    
  We Don't Move Dwarf 90k 5/0/2 1460k    
  We Want To Kill Ewe Dwarf 60k 10/5/12 1460k    
  Wet Cockatiel Chaos Chosen 190k 11/5/13 1060k    
  Wherewith Wolf Pack Necromantic Horror 50k 7/3/4 1450k    
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