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Current season 40 the Human League thread

The END TIMES are coming!
This could be your last chance to become a Slobberknocker!

Play 16 1600+ Human games in the Black Box

Far too many of us appear to be content to make our names and our fortunes coaching mutants, xenos and other outlandish foreigners.

A true coach would stand up and take the challenge of the Human League Premiership.

Take on the best of what the [B ]ox has to offer and kick their asses.

The new season kicks off 17th August and ends at midnight 31st October.
The league ONLY considers games played in the Fumbbl Black Box division.
Results are taken from a team's best 'sprint' of 16 consecutive qualifying games.
Games qualify when either the competing team or their opponents are over 160TV.
If neither team is over 1700 the game counts towards the Human League Conference.
Games in the 1610-1700 'sweet spot' count for both.

Points awarded per game are as follows.
Win = 4pts, draw = 2, loss = 1.
Where teams are level on points the average TV of their opponents is the tie breaker.

A team must play 16 games to achieve maximum points. There is no penalty for playing more than 16. Your best 16 game sprint is what counts.

Dropping below 1600 does not break your sprint. The sprint continues when you get back over 1600.

Teams will win awards for finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd and making the top 10.

Also for most TDs, cas, cas taken, completing a Premiership sprint, killing Claw Mighty blow players, defeating a 'Giant' (team that finishes in the top 20 of the current or previous Black Box Sprint), clearing the pitch against a team with at least a C-Killer:

The coach of the team that wins the Premiership or the Conference will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Did you know?
A special award is bestowed to all coaches that complete a Human League Premiership at least TWICE! Up to now, 30 coaches had the determination to do that: neophyte, PacoSillas, anisdrin, The_Murker, nufflehatesme, OenarLod, Aflo, the_cursed_one, Dunenzed, Starshade, CCSenor, Scaramanga, MasterMag, wintergreen13, Drrek, sonrises, Griffon31, Qaz, BooAhl, iena, ulvardar234, xnoelx, icesmooth, Throweck, Timetis, cdassak, Balle2000, mrt1212, latulike, DonnyRainboe and PainState.

Those guys are the guys that keep our community together and show the way to the wannabe Slobber-Knockers. We love you!

But... One of us love you even more. The_Murker.
He celebrated the Slobber-Knockers in a blog post. He created the trophy you can display in your bio. He bestow the Slobberknocker Of The Year prize.
Did you know?
Up to and including Season 27, human teams completed 159 Premiership Sprints, 114 with a winning record! It's not so bad be a human team in the Box, then?

Only one Sprint was completed with an average TV above 2000TV, by the 1893 Besenbrück in the Pre-Season.
Did you know?
The Sons of Brutus are the most legendary team in HLP: they are he teams with most Premiership Sprint completed, 14 (you know what a Slobber-Knocker is, right?).
None can match their trophy room: the SoB are the only team able to post a Double (winning the Premiership and the Conference in the same season) and their cabinet host five Premiership titles and a Conference one.
Did you know?
If the Sons of Brutus are the Premiership masters, the Conference ones are the Vault Tec Squad, with five wins (and a couple Premiership titles too for good measure).

Honorable mention to the Bayernhoff Bengals, the first team that won at least a Premiership and a Conference title, completing a double (both titles in different seasons).

Other than the SoB, the VTS and the BB, the restricted club of doublers includes the Mata Leon and the Premier Predators.
Did you know?
Some of Human League members scored impressive sprints while fighting for the title.

In Season 23, the Glenn Beck Fights Crime recorded the highest score ever in a Premiership Sprint, 58 points for a 13/3/0 record. Worst Than Formerly tied it in the same season, relegated to second place due to tie-break, but got the Blackbox Sprint and the New Box Challenge titles in return!

The impressive Season 23 of the Worst Than Formerly is completed by the best score at Conference level too, 60 points with a 14/2/0 sprint.
Did you know?
Playing a human team in the Box is an hard challenge, and some of us took it to the extreme!

Nine teams can claim to be in the 300 Club: 1893 Besenbrück, Sons of Brutus, Kingston Kruelty, Vault Tec Squad, Inglorius Followers, {R}ippers, Äkta Människor, Bayernhoff Bengals and Deathbox.

It's an elite club, but you can be in if you push hard enough!
Did you know?

If you are looking for a true human legend, Max Schmerz is the answer!

He has been the Bayernhoff Bengals captain for 141 matches, leading the team to one Premiership and three Conference titles. Still today, he is the second top star (499 SPPs), the all time top scorer (116 TD) and the best runner (2815 yards) for humanity in the Box.

Your players know where to look for a standard, now!
Did you know?

If Max Schmerz is the brightest star, timmy IV is by far the most strenuous enemy of box's mutants!

He still lead the Inglorius Followers in every battle, and played in back-to-back winning Premiership seasons. He is the oldest player (275 games) and he holds the title for most blocks (1998 blocks) and for most MVPs (23) for humanity in the Box.

If you cannot be Max, be timmy!
Did you know?

Your blitzer is not a scoring machine like Max Schmerz? Your player is not god-like strenght gifted like timmy IV?

Well, the greatest human player ever is Rok Hedsmasha.
He portraits himself as nothing special, but he is the epitetome of the slobber-knocker! More than 250 games of hard grinding, 274 casualties that make him the top blocker ever and two Premiership titles. Last but not least, more than 701 SPP, by far the all time top star for humanity in the box!

Just a bit of commitment, and you can match his qualities!
Did you know?

Maybe not a living legend (yet) like the previous one, Quick Gerald is the first human Box player to have won the Fan Favourite award.
In FUMBBL Cup XIII, he literally took the team, Average Mediocrity, on his shoulders and single-handed won two consecutive games. And they stand as the last defenders of humanity in the Box during the FUMBBL Cup.

Push hard enough to get the crowd cheers for you!
Did you know?
You want more of it, right?
Well, just drop a PM to OenarLod, with a nice achievement, an heroic match, an interesting stat you find worth of this section!

Finishing 1st in the Premiership or the Conference
[img title=Human League Gold - Champion]/i/335028[/img]
2nd Place
Finishing 2nd in the Premiership or the Conference
[img title=Human League Silver - Runner Up]/i/335029[/img]
3rd Place
Finishing 3rd in the Premiership or the Conference
[img title=Human League Bronze - 3rd Place]/i/335030[/img]
Top 10
Making the top 10 in the Premiership
[img title=Human League Top 10 - Premiership]/i/335031[/img]
Top 10
Making the top 10 in the Conference
[img title=Human League Top 10 - Conference]/i/335032[/img]
Completing a Premiership sprint
[img title=Human League Premiership - Sprinter]/i/339108[/img]
Top Scorer
Scoring the most TDs in the Premiership or the Conference
[img title=Human League - Top Scorer]/i/334196[/img]
Top Basher
Causing the most CASs in the Premiership or the Conference
[img title=Human League - Top Basher]/i/334199[/img]
Giant Killer
Defeating a team that finishes in the top 20 of the current or previous Black Box Sprint
[img title=Human League - Giant Killer]/i/334200[/img]
Killing a POMBER or a C-POMBER
[img title=Human League - Terminator]/i/334197[/img]
All Clear
Clearing the pitch against a team with at least a C-POMBER
[img title=Human League - All Clear]/i/406635[/img]
Most casualties taken in the Premiership or the Conference
[img title=Human League - Bashed]/i/339109[/img]


[img title=Human League Premiership]/i/334182[/img]

[img title=Human League Premiership]/i/334084[/img]

[img title=Human League Conference]/i/334183[/img]

[img title=Human League Conference]/i/334184[/img]

[img title=Human League Conference]https://fumbbl.com/i/540612[/img]

[img title=Human League Conference]https://fumbbl.com/i/540611[/img]

[img title=Human League Conference]/i/334083[/img]

Lavino Fighting Hellfishes - JanMattys
Coaching possibly the greatest human team of all time and inspiring a generation of human coaches.
We salute you Jan Mattys.

Blood Sea Buccaneers - PainState
The team with most matches in human history, and still kicking.
Keep it up, PainState!

Sons of Brutus - Dunenzed
The most played human team in the Box, the first and only one to score a Double and the most winning one with four Premiership and one Conference titles.
Can you leave something for us, Dunenzed?

Red Corsair - Strider84
Strider84 and his Red Corsair unforlorned humanity in GLT 11.
'Nuff said!


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