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After the end of the Great War, the Vaults opened and humans were again able to walk on the outside world. Unfortunately, the Wastelands was now flooded by several mutant races and the Vault inhabitants was afraid to leave the safety of their refuges. The Vault Tec staff had an idea: show to the Vault dwellers that mutants can be killed... on a Blood Bowl pitch!
After a few weeks, a new Vault was built: Vault BB.

The Vault Tec Squad was gathered, a Blood Bowl team competing in the Human League Premiership, a faction that reunite all the human teams fighting against the mutants in Blackbox.

The Vault Tec Squad is one of the oldest human teams in Blackbox, having played more than 900 games: the VTS is the second most played human team and in the overall top 10 of Box teams with most games.
The Vault Tec Squad walks outside of the Vault and plays its first official Blood Bowl match. A draw against a bunch of outsiders.

First encounter with some mutants. The Vault Boys defeats the evil beings and finish the match almost unscathed. The Vault population start to be more confident.

The Vault Tec Squad joins the biggest human organized faction and the first campaign against mutants begins.

The evil mutants setup a counter-attack in three stages. Several boys die on the pitch and more of them are seriously injured; a few guys decide to come back to their families. The Squad is retired in the Vault for more practice, together with the scared dwellers.

After the rest, the Vault Tec Squad is ready to carry on again. 8 matches against the evil mutants that end with an impressive 6/2/0 record. The Vault dwellers are convinced that mutants can be beaten and finally leave the Vault in order to settle in the Wasteland.

In a bloody encounter against an orc faction, the Squad is almost completely destroyed, and most of the special units fall dead on the pitch. But the faith of the Vault in their heroes is strong, and the fallen guys are replaced by new volunteers.

The Vault Tec Squad plays its 100th match!

The search has been long, but the Vault Tec Squad finally faced the most (in)famous mutant army. The fight ended up in a tie, but the soldiers were able to bash them hard. We can hear the mutants screaming in terror of our fierce boys!

A massive beating from a mutant army is the climax of an impressive streak of bad encounters. It seems that the Vault Tec Squad has lost the ability to fight back the mutants, it's time to rebuild a new combat unit starting with a new set of recruit trained by a few veterans!

After its 101th match with the Squad, Bomber is the first player to earn the Overseer status. He will still lead the new recruits until they are fully trained, and then he will retire to administrate the Vault.

After a lot of war, the Vault Tec Squad take part in a tournament for a bit of relax. Some nice and friendly foes around and they get the win!

Some brutal chaos dwarfs destroy the Squad in a bloody match that leave most of the Vault Boys dead on the pitch or seriously injured. The event will be remember as the end of the VT Squad as we know. The team leader, Bomber retires to take the Overseer role.

It took five completed Sprints, but finally the Vault Tec Squad get the title! Despite the brutal matches known as the end of the VT Squad as we know, the Vault Boys are awarded as the most proficient squad to fight the mutant hordes. The Overseer Bomber is really proud of his fellow team-mates!

The Vault Tec Squad get to 200 games played, the 8th human team to reach that milestone.

In a bloody match against some evil mutants, Shooter was fouled to death. The Overseer Bomber commemorate its old comrade with a brief speech, and its now engaged in a new recruitment campaign to bring the Vault Tec Squad back on the pitch.

The Squad is seriously struggling in the new campaign. The recruitment is going slow, due to several additional deaths on the pitch, and the faith in the ability of the Squad to defeat the mutants is fading out, after five consecutives losses.

After a long discussion between Overseer Bomber and assistant coach Captain Warrior, the Vault agree on a period of rest for the VTS, putting the war against mutants on hold, in a training camp for the upcoming major.

Overseer Bomber took an unexpected decision after a massive streak without wins against the enemies: almost half of the Squad was fired, and new recruits were hired trying to recover the lost determination with a more spread set of skilled elements. The new formation took the field for the first time in the 300th match of the Vault Tec Squad!

It was a long time since the last encounter of the Vault Tec Squad with the evil mutants, and it was really bloody again. The Squad managed to leave the pitch with a draw, but two dwellers died in the fight. One of them was Frontman, a relentless fighter that was candidate to succeed to Overseer Bomber in his role. The Squad will get its revenge...

The most successful season ever (both in the Premiership and in the Conference) of the Vault Tec Squad ends up in a loss against mutants that relegate the team to second place in both competition. Moreover, for the first time in its history, the Squad is without a superstar blitzer and the captain honours go to thrower Collector. It will be a long rebuild...

Another dweller surge to claim the Overseer title: unexpectedly, the fourth legend of the Vault Tec Squad is a thrower, "Horseman" Collector. Overseer Bomber is quite pleased, and hope to have him as an aid in Vault and team management when Collector will retire.

The Vault Tec Squad win the Conference title under the guide of "Horseman" Collector. The VTS is just the third team to complete a double, winning both a Premiership and a Conference title.

A loss against alien outlanders ends Vault Tec Squad longest undefeated streak up to date: 20 games with a 14/6/0 record.

Due to a serious injury that hamper his "Horseman" role, Collector retires. He joins Overseer Bomber to fulfill Vault BB management duties as assistant coach of the team.

The new Box is a true Wasteland and the VTS doesn't seem able to rebuild a decent squad at Premiership level. A bloody match against evil mutants set them back in rookie mode, while team captain Reaper dies after getting the Terminator award for killing the ClawPomber Harulak.

Finally the VTS understood what's happenning. The radiations are at insane levels and the numbers of mutats are rising again at alarming rate. The Squad decided for a more careful training of the team at low level, winning the Conference title again in the meanwhile.

The Vault Tec Squad played their 500th game, the second human team to reach that milestone in the Box.

To get a bit of relax after the 500th game milestone, the Vault Tec Squad enter the Black Cup IV. They fight their way up to the quarter-finals, the VTS best result so far in a Major.

Encouraged by last Major, the VTS go for FUMBBL Cup XII with only a few preparation games. A bloody first turn with two promising dwellers dead put a huge set-back on the team, with an early fourth round exit.

The Vault Tec Squad take part in the ARR!-HLP show-down brawls, an event of the A Box Full of Money FUMBBL fund-raising.

The Vault Tec Squad is awarded as the Box Human team of the year, and 10th overall in the Box.

After exactly two years, the Vault Boys are awarded again as the most proficient squad to fight the mutant hordes, winning their second Premiership title.

After more than three years since their first match, the Vault Tec Squad finally wins a Major Qualifier, Crown Of Sand VI Qualifier III.

Just a few days are passed from their prime, and the VTS are back rebuilding from scratch. Most of the core of the Squad is gone: two freak blitzers dead on the pitch in the CoS main draw, soon joined by the third one.

Another few days, the third stat freak is forced into retirement and even wannabe Overseer Juggler is killed by some "friendly" humans...
Leader will have an hard challenge trying to shape a bunch of rookies in a new winning team.

The greatest player ever to take the field for the Squad, Leader, is killed on the pitch leaving a void that not even Overseer Bomber can fill with his speech and tears. An era that lasted almost an year finished, and the VTS will try to carry on until a new star will rise.

Not the start of a new era, yet, but the rebuild to former glory is sweeter: the VTS is HLC champion for the third time!

Despite winning the fourth HLC title, it's a bitter season for the VTS: they missed the HLP title and a deserved Double by just TV difference and the rebuild is a never ending task...

After throwing away Brawl CCIX final, the Vault dwellers enter a state of depression and perform one of the worst streak in their history, with 8 losses in 12 matches. The Vault starts to question team management!

The rebuild to Premiership level is still a dream, but the VTS steal the third HLC title in a row, fifth overall HLP first place. Maybe they belong there?

After a major power failure in Vault BB, the Vault dwellers are forced to get back to help to rebuild the settlement. It took more than one year to get the Vault fully functional again, but fearing another accident the team is no more allowed to travel too long.
The war against mutants is a distant memory, the VTS retire to occasional friendly play...

...but as soon as the VTS get on the pitch again, afterm more than one year, a oversized bunch of mutants show up!

Despite playing more casual than ever, the VTS score the first Double of its history, winning both the Human League Premiership and Conference in the same season! But nothing to get too proud about, it was just due to low competition.

Not only one, but the second Double in a row, while going for another rest period!

To better accomplish their mission, the Vault Tec Squad joined the Human League Premiership, a faction that reunite all the human teams fighting against the mutants in Blackbox and account for all the matches played against the big armies (160+ TV). The Squad completed ten campaigns, winning the Premiership five times (S10, S22, S37, S38 and S51) and collecting several top three placements (five second place and three third place, tying for first place three times).

The war against mutants is hard and our teams require several rests between campaigns. The Human League features even a Conference division, where new recruits are trained and veterans can take a safer rest (0-170 TV). You can meet the VTS often loitering there, and they won seven times, in Season 15, 18, 24, 25, 26, 37 and S38, too.

Last but not least, the Vault Tec Squad is one of the few teams to have completed a Double (winning both the Premiership and the Conference in the same seasons) and they did it twice in a row!

Human League Premiership
Season 539 pts2nd655
Season 646 pts3rd862
Season 846 pts2nd934
Season 944 pts4th844

Human League Premiership
Season 1052 pts1st1132
Season 1248 pts3rd952
Season 1453 pts2nd1141
Season 1528 pts3rd524

Human League Premiership
Season 1651 pts2nd1123
Season 2251 pts1st1123
Season 2553 pts2nd1141
Season 2640 pts4th817

Human League Premiership
Season 3748 pts1st952
Season 3846 pts1st862
Season 5144 pts1st772

Human League Conference
Season 553 pts2nd1141
Season 644 pts8th844
Season 947 pts7th943
Season 1050 pts7th1042

Human League Conference
Season 1152 pts6th1132
Season 1251 pts4th1051
Season 1453 pts2nd1141
Season 1555 pts1st1231

Human League Conference
Season 1654 pts3rd1150
Season 1741 pts8th673
Season 1850 pts1st1042
Season 1943 pts3rd763

Human League Conference
Season 2456 pts1st1240
Season 2550 pts1st1042
Season 2649 pts1st1033
Season 2746 pts3rd862

Human League Conference
Season 3739 pts1st583
Season 3843 pts1st835
Season 5039 pts2nd751

"Overseer" Bomber
Bomber took the team captain role after Warrior retirement. He became the first legend of the Vault Tec Squad, leading the team for 88 matches, gaining the first tournament win in the Squad history and becoming the most feared human by mutants. Due to debilitating injuries, he retired to take the Overseer role.
He retired as the Top Blocker human in Blackbox and holding the 3rd spot in Most Blocks and Top Star human. He was also the 5th Oldest Player for humanity!
MA: 7
ST: 3
AG: 3
AV: 7

G: 137

SPP: 290
Blitzer: Block, Dodge, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Piling On, Jump Up
"Captain" Warrior
Warrior was the first captain of the Vault Tec Squad, leading the team in its first days and 88 matches and inspiring all following generations of Vault Dwellers to play on a Blood Bowl pitch. Still today, he can be found from time to time in Vault BB working as an assistant coach and training new recruits.
At the time of retirement, he was holding the 9th spot in Most Blocks.
MA: 6
ST: 3
AG: 3
AV: 8

G: 81

SPP: 120
Blitzer: Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Dodge, Piling On
"Legend" Shooter
Playing most of its career alongside Bomber, Shooter could concentrate on the ball while the team captain was dispatching deaths and injuries to enemies. He became a running specialist and a scoring threat, but it's career ended a few matches later than Bomber, dead on the pitch without its comrade to protect him. He was the second legend of the Vault Tec Squad, and gained the 2nd Top Scorer, 3rd Top Star and 5th Highest Rushing standing for humans in Blackbox!
MA: 7
ST: 3
AG: 4
AV: 8

G: 107

SPP: 290
Blitzer: Block, Guard, Dodge, +AG, Sure Hands, Tackle, Strip Ball
"Silk Hand" Bachelor
Bachelor played in the stronger roster ever fielded by the Vault Tec Squad and was the perfect companion to Bomber and Shooter. His elven abilities with the ball ensured the Squad an added dimension that most human teams just dream: fans still remember his legendary performance in the won Brawl with 6 completions for 26 yards! When he died, he ranked 8th Top Passer and 9th Highest Passing among all humans.
MA: 6
ST: 3
AG: 5
AV: 8

G: 35

SPP: 104
Thrower: Sure Hands, Pass, +AG, +AG, Block, Leader, Safe Throw
"Relentless" Frontman
The Vault Tec Squad put a lot of hope in Frontman, the fifth captain of the VTS. He had a lot of traits in common with the two living legends, Bomber and Warrior, and lead the Squad relentlessly for 84 matches. Unfortunately, he was not able to succeed to Overseer Bomber, killed on the pitch by an enemy mutant.
At that time, he was the 9th Top Blocker and held the 10th spot in Most Blocks for humanity.
MA: 6
ST: 3
AG: 3
AV: 8

G: 91

SPP: 196
Blitzer: Block, Mighty Blow, Dodge, Tackle, Guard, Piling On, Juggernaut
"Horseman" Collector
Collector was the first non-blitzer players to be a VTS captain. He lead the team in a struggling period, when the Squad was brutalized by several mutants and bashers, always trying to rebuild to former glory. But he never gave up, carrying along new recruits on the field up to a win in the HP Conference. He retired to gather new talent for the VTS as an assistant coach, while he ranked 2nd Top Scorer, 3rd Highest Rushing and 4th Top Star in all-time humans.
MA: 5
ST: 4
AG: 3
AV: 8

G: 94

SPP: 297
Thrower: Sure Hands, Pass, +ST, Block, Kick, Dodge, Leader, Tackle
"Left Fist" Juggler
Juggler was one the two living legends known as the "The Hands", together with Leader. While the "Right Palm" scored over and over touching the ball, Juggler was busy around smashing the opponents. He was part of one of the most successful line-up, raking a HLP title and the Crown Of Sand VI Qualifier III win.
In the last part of his carrer, he tried to help rebuild the VTS to former glory, after several friends died on the pitch, but he joined them too soon.
MA: 6
ST: 3
AG: 3
AV: 8

G: 85

SPP: 209
Blitzer: Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Piling On, Juggernaut, Guard, Pro
"Right Palm" Leader
Leader was the greatest player ever fielded by the Vault Tec Squad. He spent his early days together with Juggler, and "The Hands" lead the VTS to a HLP title and to the Crown Of Sand VI Qualifier III win. But his career lasted a lot more, firmly holding the ball with his magnetic right hand and playing the first games of a successful HLC sprint.
When he died he held the second spot in Top Scorer, Highest Rushing and Highest Passing between humans. For good measure, he was the 3rd Top Star and 8th Top Passer, too.
MA: 7
ST: 3
AG: 5
AV: 8

G: 132

SPP: 377
Thrower: Sure Hands, Pass, Block, +AG, +AG, Tackle, Leader, +MA
"Pushing" Ranger
One of the most promising hitter of the VTS, Ranger suffered of a strange injury during his career: after a bloody foul foul, he returned to the pitch pushing and pushing around the practice guys, refusing to put them on the ground and stomping them as usual. In the end, it was clear that he suffered a permanent brain damage, and he forgot how to piling-on all menz!.
As he passed up, he held the 5th spot in Most Blocks and was the 10th Top Blocker human in Blackbox.
MA: 7
ST: 3
AG: 3
AV: 8

G: 113

SPP: 265
Blitzer: Block, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Juggernaut (Piling On), Juggernaut, Guard, Stand Firm
"Slobberknocker" Stranger
A slobber-knocker by nature, Stranger became the all-time captain of the VTS, fighting through injuries to lead the Squad for almost 200 matches. During his neverending career, he won 2 HL Premierships and 4 HL Conferences, making him the most title dweller in team history.
When he retired, he was the 3rd Oldest Player and held the 4th spot in Most Blocks.
MA: 7
ST: 3
AG: 2
AV: 8

G: 228

SPP: 298
Blitzer: Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Dodge Stand Firm
"Double Double" Diplomat
Gifted with great speed and accurate hand, Diplomat was the prototype of the dual-threat thrower in the modern league. Despite being confined to burst seasons, playing two or three months per year during summer, he was able to lead the VTS to 2 consecutive Doubles (winning the Premiership and the Conference in the same season).
Bashed to death by some disrespectful dwarves, he held the fourth spot Highest Rushing, and the sixth spot in Top Scorer, and Highest Passing between humans.
MA: 7
ST: 3
AG: 4
AV: 8

G: 123

SPP: 300
Thrower: Sure Hands, Pass, +AG, Block, Accurate, +MA, Kick, Tackle
The Vault Tec Squad belong to the restricted group of human teams that played 300 or more games in the Box.
Actually, the VTS is on a quest for 1000 games...
The Vault Tec Squad won several trophies and holds multiple records in the HLP, but one streak the Dwellers are more proud of: the VTS completed seven Sprints within one year and a half span all with a winning record!
The Vault Dwellers are a competitive team, both in the war against mutants and in official tournaments.
Majors: CoSVI QIII
HL Prem: S10, S22, S37, S38, S51
HL Conf: S15, S18, S24, S25, S26, S37, S38
The PipBoy 2000 BB Version is a work by Qaz, top coach, outstanding artist and onorary Vault Tec scientist.
The THANK YOU, OVERSEER! badge is awarded to all Vault Dwellers that reach legendary status.

Awarded Dwellers:
Bomber, Shooter, Frontman, Collector, Leader, Juggler, Ranger, Stranger, Diplomat.
The HARD WORK IS HAPPY WORK badge is awarded to all Vault Dwellers that are able to kill several mutants on the pitch.

Awarded Dwellers:
Slayer, Raider, Bomber, Brute, Bruiser, Sniper, Juggler, Ranger, Stranger, Gunslinger.
The KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON badge is awarded to all Vault Dwellers that reach the Top 10 All-Time for humanity in any category.
Awarded Dwellers:
Warrior, Bachelor, Bomber, Shooter, Frontman, Collector, Leader, Ranger, Stranger, Diplomat.

Player Ma St Ag Av Skills Inj G Cp Td It Cs Mvp SPP Cost  
6 3 3 8   3 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
6 4 4 8
+ST, +AG, Block, Tackle
  24 1 3 0 1 8 52/76 180k
6 3 3 8   33 0 1 0 0 0 3/6 50k
5 3 3 8
Guard, Block, Kick
-ma 39 0 1 0 8 4 39/51 120k
6 3 3 8   12 0 0 0 1 0 2/6 50k
6 3 3 8   17 0 0 0 1 0 2/6 50k
6 3 3 8   12 0 0 0 0 0 0/6 50k
8 2 4 7
Catch, Dodge
Guard, +AG, Block, Side Step
  29 1 13 0 2 4 64/76 170k
7 3 3 8
Pass, Sure Hands
Block, +MA, Tackle
  29 7 5 0 4 1 35/51 140k
8 3 3 8
+MA, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Stand Firm
  63 1 10 0 22 7 110/176 200k
7 3 3 8
  1 0 0 0 2 0 4/6 90k
7 3 3 8
  3 0 0 0 1 1 7/16 110k
7 3 3 8
  4 0 1 0 0 2 13/16 110k
13 players  
Coach: OenarLod Re-Rolls (100k): 3  
Race: Human Fan Factor: 8  
Current Team Value: 1670k Assistant Coaches: 1  
Treasury: 117k Cheerleaders: 1  
Team Value: 1670k Apothecary: Yes  

Games Played:924 (446/261/217) |TD Diff:404 (1234 - 830) |Cas Diff:-276 (1126/637/286 - 1304/701/320)
Last Opponent: A Mosquito Encased In Amber