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Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Ratelona Skaven 30k 10/2/8 1300k    
  White Drakes Human 390k 11/5/3 1850k    
League teams for DLE - Draft League Europe
  Barboza Bruisers Human 8850k 2/2/4 1640k    
  Angrier Birds Amazon 50k 1/0/1 1120k ±110  
  Gang Bangers Human 20k 9/0/4 1270k ±270  
  Green BoneCrackers Orc 80k 8/1/6 1620k ±410  
  Outcast Clan Skaven 20k 64/15/55 1370k    
  Redscales Lizardmen 60k 20/9/24 1600k    
  Sharp Bones Tomb Kings 30k 1/0/1 1070k ±110  
  White Fury High Elf 60k 0/1/4 1280k ±190  
  Armed and Mad Goblin 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Blackrock Butchers Orc 270k 14/6/19 2030k    
  Darkstorm Tribe Dark Elf 20k 20/17/25 1720k    
  Flaming Horns Chaos Dwarf 80k 8/2/5 1470k    
  Frank and Stein Necromantic Horror 290k 7/4/9 1680k    
  Hard Hammers Dwarf 40k 0/2/2 1230k    
  Rabid Frenzy Skaven 36k 46/10/36 1760k    
  Rot'n'Roll Heroes Nurgle 0 0/0/1 1040k    
  Rough Toughs Human 30k 54/23/45 1620k    
  Smashing Bashers Chaos Renegade 80k 2/2/2 1320k    
  Tough Bones Tomb Kings 40k 2/0/1 1100k    
  Warriors of the Dragon Lizardmen 30k 5/1/2 1450k    
  White Shadows Elven Union 20k 1/1/1 1150k    
  Wildmen Norse 50k 3/0/1 1130k    
  Wood From the Hood Wood Elf 40k 1/0/1 1050k    
Stunty Leeg
  Dirty Rotten Gobos Goblin Cheaters 55k 1/1/2 1120k    
  Tiny Little Killers Pygmy 20k 2/1/1 1105k    
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Member SinceAugust 2, 2012
Matches Played1041
Match Record433/171/437
Tournament Wins
Black Box Brawl CCLIII
Black Box Brawl CCXLIX
Black Box Brawl CCXLIII
Black Box Brawl CCXXXVI
FUMBBL Smack Scheduled - Brawl XII
Black Box Brawl CCXXIX
FUMBBL Smack Scheduled - Brawl IX
WIL Morien Regional Division - Season XXXVIII
WIL Fringe Guernsey Division XVI
Black Box Brawl XXXII
Black Box Brawl XXX