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Season 4 is underway. Deadline for Round 7 is 19 Feb at 23:59 FUMBBL server time. Please conduct, or cut/paste all scheduling efforts in the DISCORD scheduling channel. Have a good game!
No extensions. Forfeits decided by scheduling_channel communication only.
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Par les humains, pour les humains, avec les humains.
Et un hobbit. Peut-être trois.

(By humans, for humans, with humans. And one hobbit. Possibly three.)

Draft League Extraordinaire
The King of Bretonnia is sick of his best men questing for a stupid grail. He wants to see some Blood Bowl! Jealous of Blood Bowl leagues throughout the Old World, he has demanded his dukes spare no expense, and put together a Bretonnian league.

The dukes have spent vast sums of gold to entice human Blood Bowl players away from the Empire to take part in the Bretonnian draft. Equally expensive is their duty to feed a stable of hobbits and ogres to entertain the fans on the pitch.

The King has commissioned the 'Knight of Valor Trophy' and will present it to a duke's winning coach.

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~ Principles and Rules ~
This is a Human Team vs. Human Team league using the latest BB20 roster and rules.

All teams start the season at 1700 TV or less. Most are very close. We use the BB2020 'Agent Fees' and gold system, so keeping players from season to season will eventually become very expensive, hence 'The Draft.'

A 4 round Draft is held every season to bring in new, randomly generated players for the teams. (Players rolled on DISCORD using positional skill tables)

The teams are fairly large, hopefully fun to play, and the rules we have try hard to keep everyone interested and competative each season.

The number 1 rule of the League is to have some relaxed fun, and all rules and decisions are made with this aim in mind.

We use Discord for a variety of tasks, like communication, scheduling, and rules display. Maybe the odd bit of banter and trash talk. :)

Google Docs/Sheets is also used run the draft, and list the available free agents remaining.

Custom player colors and icons are encouraged, and we can help you make your own after you join. Look HERE to see our colorful league icons.

Coaches have up to 2 weeks to play each round. They are asked to communicate with their opponent about scheduling in the appropriate DISCORD scheduling channel. If you are not around much, relax, but please don't sweat a forfeit loss.


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~ Seasons ~

A DLE2020 Season consists of a 9 game, round robin tournament, followed by a knock-out play-off tournament for the top 8 teams to determine the league champion. Teams that do not make the play-offs have the option to participate in the Jesters Cup tournament, fighting for an extra draft pick.

The League is split in to two conferences, each with 2 divisions. Much like America's NFL, each division winner makes the play-offs, as do the 2 highest point scoring teams remaining in each conference.

During the season, each team will play the other teams in its division once, and every team in one other Division once, for a total of a 9 game regular season. Which Divisions are pitted against each other will change every year, so that each team will play every other team at least once every 3 seasons. Divisions will be redrawn randomly every 3 seasons.

Season 1 : North vs West, South vs East. Season 2: North vs East, South vs West. Season 3: North vs South, East vs West.

The 'Knight of Valor Trophy' is a custom miniature, cast in solid brass, made by Hero Forge Miniatures. It will be mailed to each season's winner for a photo op, and to hold while the next season's champion is determined. What local land mark will you pose with the trophy in front of when YOU win it?

At the season's completion The Draft will be held, followed by a BB20 Re-draft/Re-hire process to get ready for the next season. Teams use 1.4 million gold + 'earnings' to rebuy their teams, and get 4 new draft players for 'free.' Each team must begin a season at 1700 TV or below.


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~ The Draft ~

The Draft is held at the end of a given Season in preparation for the next.

135 players are created for each Draft - 30 Blitzers, 30 Catchers, 15 Throwers, 15 Ogres, 40 Linemen and 5 Halflings. Each player will have between 1 and 4 skills.Skills are rolled up randomly, publicly on Discord (no player is custom made). Each position uses a Skill chart weighted towards their Primary Skill access tables but also include Secondaries and Stat increases. There are also a couple of 'surprises' thrown in just for the sheer carnage of it..... Chainsaws and Bombs anyone?

Every team is given four Draft picks, one for each Round of the Draft. Pick position is determined by the Final League Standings. The team finishing dead last will get the 1st Pick in each Round of the Draft, 2nd last team will get 2nd pick and so on.

2nd, 3rd and 4th Round Draft picks can be traded with other teams. This could be for a better Draft position, it could be for a player on yours/their Roster or any combination thereof.

1st Round picks cannot be traded however, after the Pick has been made it may be possible to trade this player. The aim here is to ensure that every team has the ability to pick a "Top-20" player to strengthen their squad.

Player Trading

As mentioned above, players from your Roster/Draft can be traded to another team in exchange for player(s) and picks. There is also a mini-trade window during the Season to help teams stay competative and find that missing piece of the puzzle to push you on to glory!

Free Agency

Any player not Drafted will be sent to "Free Agency". This pool of players can be used by teams during the Season to replenish their Roster if it falls below a TV Floor.

The FA pool will also contain an "unlimited" number of 7spp Rookie Linemen. If you cannot find a suitable player from the Un-Drafted pool you can try your luck with these Rookies (7spp will give you x2 random Primary skills OR a Chosen Primary/Random Secondary - all handled by the site "Skill" button).


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Season 3 Awards

Season 2 Awards

Season 1 Awards


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'Knights of the Lance' Conference
KoL North

KoL West

'Knights of the Sword' Conference
KoS East

KoS South

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