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[block=bbcode_left bbcode_blackborder bbcode_border2 bbcode_pad5 id=blLSDeadlines group=grLeftSection][block=bbcode_center][size=16][b]DEADLINES AND LEAGUE STANDINGS:[/b][/size][/block]

League Commissioners:

1. Deadlines / Rounds:

You have 14 days to get your game for the current round played. There are never any round extensions in the regular season.


2. Rules:

Rules will follow the current Blood Bowl 2020 rules, with rosters available from all the current teams in GW’s version of the game plus Slann.
MVPs will be randomly allocated after the match.
League scoring is as follows

Win = 2 points
Draw = 1 point
Loss = 0 points

3. Promotion, Relegation and Playoffs:

Promotion and relegation is dependent of the number of teams that remain in the league and do not reset.
Any new teams will enter the Conference division.
The top 3 teams in the Conference division will be promoted to the Premiership division. If fewer than 3 teams drop out from the top division division then (up to) the bottom 3 teams will be relegated.

Playoffs this season will occur at the end of the regular Premiership season. ALL EIGHT teams will be involved. 1stv8th, 2ndv7th and so on...

This will give us a Premiership champion and a playoff champion and will also allow the 12 team conference division to catch up slightly.

4. Tie breakers:

1st tie breaker: number of games won
2nd tie breaker: head to head
3rd tie breaker: TD & Cas combined
Note that tie breakers may not be applied on the league tables so will be applied "manually" at season end.

5. The Off Season and Re-Draft:

During the “off-season” any players with MNG injuries will have the injuries removed by an admin.

We will run a redraft as per the rules in the BB 2020 rulebook (p.99 onward).
Re-Draft rules are NOT implemented yet on FUMBBL so we will need to do this manually. At the end of the season you will have 2 weeks to submit your planned redraft which will then be implemented by an admin.
Key points on the redraft are as follows:

- Your redraft cast starts at 1 million Gold Crowns and your Treasury is automatically added to your redraft cash after calculations for games played (+20k per game) / won (+20k per win) / drawn (+10k per draw)
NOTE THAT ONLY GAMES ACTUALLY PLAYED COUNT, SO ANY BYES WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM THE TOTAL, this applies to wins and draws too, and will be applied to BOTH teams.

- A cap of 1.4 million GC will be implemented after all additional cash calculations for teams in the Premiership.

- A cap of 1.3 million GC will be implemented in the Conference.

- Promoted/relegated teams must adhere to the rules for the division they are entering into, not the division they have left.

- Any redraft cash that takes you beyond the respective caps will be lost.

- For redrafted players with niggling injuries an admin will roll for the result of them healing and inform you of the result.

- All players that are retained for a season will have this noted in their player profile. Remember a player costs 20k to redraft for every season after the 1st. So during Season 3 you will need to add 40k to a player's value to be able to redraft them.

- Due to us running the re-draft manually we cannot implement the temporary retirement rules (p.100)

- Dedicated fans are retained and cannot be added to. All other staff and re-rolls need to be re-purchased (rrs at base price)

It is at this point coaches will also be asked if they want to keep their current team, sit out, or restart. A new team with GC 1 million can be created. A retired team can never be resurrected.

6. Concessions:

If you concede your round your opponent will receive 2 x MVPs and 1d6 + 2 times your dedicated fans value in winnings. MVPS will be applied at random.
If you are struggling to get a game organised please tag an admin in your conversation on fumbbl, discord, or Facebook and then we will make a decision on which way the concession should go. If no coach made an effort then a draw will be awarded and neither coach will get MVP or winnings.

7. Team Resets:

Coaches are allowed 1 reset per season if they feel it is necessary. You can switch in any other (brand new) team, and the new team can be an alternative race if you wish. You will suffer a 3 point penalty for the season, but keep all other accumulated points and Cas/TD differences.