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Last seen 16 hours ago
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  [C] 2 Bi 2 Curious Tokyo Drift Snotling 360k 2/1/3 650k ±130  
  [C] Camus's Optimists Goblin 90k 4/1/9 1010k ±230  
  [C] Competitive... Flings Halfling 160k 6/5/7 1170k ±360  
  [C] Cook Off Crocks Halfling 115k 13/15/19 1050k    
  [C] Goldeneye flings Halfling 125k 4/3/6 840k ±180  
  [C] Happana Tribute Ogre 120k 9/2/10 1155k ±470  
  [C] nice to play Goblin 265k 6/5/16 1000k ±930  
  [C] The many faces of Ben Elven Union 355k 4/4/8 1170k ±320  
  [L] 5 ogres 1 cup Ogre 370k 7/6/7 1340k    
  [L] No Gud Goblin 320k 4/0/3 1150k    
  AS Thro-ma Underworld Denizens 0 0/0/0 1000k    
League teams for All Stars
  Mega Super Duper All Stars 220k 1/0/0 3820k    
  Super Duper Mega Comedy All Stars 120k 1/0/3 3615k    
League teams for BAD MECHANICS
  [BM] Vanity Pros Elven Union 200k 3/0/1 1340k    
League teams for Happana Cup
  [HC] Speedy Pizza Bis Elven Union 220k 6/1/2 1380k    
League teams for Nuffle's Rejects
  Rough Retainers Nuffle's Rejects 275k 0/0/2 1075k    
Scheduled against Happy_Amateur's ╬ťordheim Marauders (Seen 2h ago).
League teams for Online NAF Tournaments
  [XXXL] Demolition Ham Halfling 395k 3/0/3 705k    
  Welcome to Shooting Stars Halfling 270k 2/0/3 840k    
League teams for Secret League 2020
  [SL] Night plebs Night Goblin 70k 1/0/2 825k    
  [SL] raceest Black Ark 0 0/0/1 770k    
  [SL] Watashi no chichi desu Ninja Flings 115k 1/1/1 920k    
League teams for Secret League Open
  [SL] Soo desu ne Ninja Flings 250k 4/1/4 1200k    
  [SL] The Bouncing Nips Squig 90k 0/0/3 1040k    
League teams for Secret Resurrection
  [SL] Karak Turd Gentlemen Night Goblin 255k 0/1/3 895k    
League teams for XXXL
  [XXXL S2T] Squig squig cheroo] Da Filthy Shits 3680k 3/1/1 1250k    
  [XXXL] Already Ded The Dead 520k 1/0/0 810k    
  [XXXL] Green Gladiataazz Green Gladiataazz 447.5k 27/8/18 1360k    
  Allenamento Gobz Goblin 230k 8/8/21 1490k    
  Fezbabes Amazon 220k 17/7/6 1450k    
  Gob lobba Goblin 160k 14/11/22 1450k    
  ITEH Text-to-speech flings II Halfling 140k 3/1/11 1110k ±280  
  Squishy wood Halfling 20k 20/13/64 1410k    
  [B]ox Hot Pot Halfling 220k 6/6/19 1300k    
  Falling Down in the Box Halfling 130k 0/0/5 760k    
  Fez[B]abes[ Amazon 190k 16/12/11 1630k    
  Go[BB]ington Goblin 70k 3/2/14 1250k    
Stunty Leeg
  [STL] Badonkadonk Squig Herders 330k 6/4/6 1090k    
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