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General Infomations DLE - College 7s
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College System

DLE 7s is a league for anyone who enjoys 7s. In the world of DLE the 7s system represents the college level of the draft league. Here the recruits are trained that will later play in the big leagues. And every four years, when a player is ready to graduate and good enough, he may be picked up for being drafted as a professional. Candidates are listed as 'prospects'.

A note on fluff

DLE is a franchise based league based in the Old World ranging from Reikland, to Bretonnia, to Estalia, to Tilea and all the way up to Kislev.

The league has started out with 18 franchise for season 1. All cities accross the world put in applications to house one of the 18 franchises.
One by one the 18 founding owners selected their home base and thus the DLE was born. Each team was named after the City/Province they settled in along with a nickname.

The DLE went to full 32 franchises in season 2. There is also a room for current owners to become disenchanted with the surroundings and look to move. Please see the "Joining DLE" section for more information.

Information on joining DLE-7
The DLE-7 is currently recruiting coaches for their next season.
You don't have to be a member of the DLE to play here. Everyone who enjoys 7's is welcome to join the waitinglist for next season.
Fastest way to join is to get in touch with Kaiowas. For details on the requirements to create your team, click 'How to build a team'-button above.

All teams must be generated via the 'create team' link on the page and be applied to the group afterwards.

01/11/2017Bowl Game Deadline is 15th of November
01/11/2017New Rules Pack released!
18/08/2017Deadline round 2 is 25th of august
05/08/2017Season 4, regular season is running. Deadline round 1 is 15th of august
12/07/2017Friendlies are on. Season 4 is warming up. Deadline 31st of July
25/06/2017Bowlgames are live! Deadline 5th of July
26/05/2017Deadline round 7 is 3rd of June.
18/05/2017Deadline round 6 is 24th of May.
06/05/2017Deadline round 5 is 14th of May.
25/04/2017Deadline round 4 is 4th of may.
19/04/2017Doofr and neubau wanted to join, so they replace Gruug and Meatball20.
15/04/2017Deadline round 3 is 25th of april
20/03/2017Deadline for friendlies is sunday 26th of march. Shortly after the season will kickoff!
12/03/2017friendlies are on. And people are fast! remember max. 4 friendlies.
28/02/2017DLE - 7s page getting small makeover.

Our staff

How do you build your team for DLE-7s?

DLE-7s allows different kinds of build. Choose your preferred variant. Following rules for team creation apply:

  • All Humans.
  • Roster size=11.
  • Budget of 7 recruiting stars as outlined in Google Doc
  • Max 2 of Blitzer or Thrower per roster, Max 4 Catchers and 1 Ogre
  • 2 RR and APO to be rostered.
  • Different types of positionals as listed


DLE BB7's rules are listed in a google-doc sheet. You can access them all via this link.
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Prospects for the DLE
Khalid Yafai, Barboza Sailors. Blitzer, Dodge/+MA/+ST. This is an amazing athlete.
Naoto Tajima, Barboza Sailors. Catcher, +AG. This could very well be the next RG3, One to watch!
Javon Kirkley Scar Bay Saracens. Ogre, Block/Dodge. The next great Ogre of DLE?
Carey Mahoney Broekwater Merchants. Blitzer, +AG/Dodge/Side Step/Diving Tackle. He wants to be as valuable as a Hightower!
Valentin Ivanov Wolfenburg Wolfcubs. Blitzer, Dodge/+ST/tackle. Dodge like an elf, Sting like a f**king Black Orc to the Face!
Igor Netto Wolfenburg Wolfcubs. Thrower, Block/Mighty Blow. 'Oh you think I'm a Thrower? Ha! Eat this little Bitch!'
Uziel Gal Middenheim Mountain Wolves. Blitzer, +ST/+AG/Dodge/Tackle.
Edmund Heckler Middenheim Mountain Wolves. Blitzer, +ST/Mighty Blow/Jump Up.

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History / Hall of Fame / Awards

Senewrick (College of Magic 7s)
Arnold Miyers (Broekwater Royal College)
Timothy Harrison (Univ. of Lyonesse Golden Pride)
Terrence Longshot (Broekwater Royal College)
Brian Cavel (Altdorf Thunderclaps)
Leupold Naffdorfer (Nuln Gunnery School)
Caden Osman (Wissenland State Silverfoxes)
Arnold Miyers (Broekwater Royal College)
Most Valuable Player
Keane Hampton (Fort Schippel Hilltoppers)
Evans, Byron (Drakenhof Alphas)
Arnold Miyers (Broekwater Royal College)
Seth Wagner (Univ. of Lyonesse Golden Pride)
Machlin Franck (Wissenland State Silverfoxes)
Star Player Points
Arnold Miyers (Broekwater Royal College)
Dylan Thompson (San Luis Cal Poly Mustang's)
Arnold Miyers (Broekwater Royal College)
Brian Newton (Wissenland State Silverfoxes)
Cadell Osman (Wissenland State Silverfoxes)
Scoring Thrower
Gene Upshaw (Barboza Braves)
DeAndre Smelter (San Luis Cal Poly Mustang's)
Matt Schaub (Broekwater Royal College)
Seth Wagner (Univ. of Lyonesse Golden Pride)
Senewrick (College of Magic 7s)
Amin Asikainen (Hergig Riflemen)
Timothy Harrison (Univ. of Lyonesse Golden Pride)
Christophe Lemaitre (Hergig Riflemen)
Keane Hampton (Fort Schippel Hilltoppers)
Leupold Naffdorfer (Nuln Gunnery School)
Wubephior (College of Magic 7s)
Norton Coornhardt (Marienburg Diamonds)
Renate Rappeneau (Université d'Artois)
Stark, Rohn (Drakenhof Alphas)
Blocking Thrower
Anvers Bellaert (Marienburg Diamonds)
Wubephior (College of Magic 7s)
Ray Guy (Altdorf Thunderclaps)
Norton Coornhardt (Marienburg Diamonds)
Oedus (College of Magic 7s)
Johnny Ochoa (Fort Schippel Hilltoppers)
Blocking Scorer
Arnold Miyers (Broekwater Royal College)
Wubephior (College of Magic 7s)
Norton Coornhardt (Marienburg Diamonds)

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