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Group managers: knine
Welcome to NBBFL - National BIG BASH Football League, where we play NFL football the old school way: Hard, with really big players, and where hurting each other is central to the game.

The league uses one roster, but it lists all the big guy players (all strength 5+ players from all the normal and SL rosters).

Season 3 is in the playoffs. We are not recruitinig for Season 4 until next year.

2-week turnarounds per round.

See the teams tab to find out which teams are playing in Season 3.

Season 4 signup:
If it says VACANT, then you can claim that franchise. * = confirmed.

Minnesota* - KNINE - MightyBlowta Claw Kings
Detroit - vacant - was HOUSEBLACKFYRE - Detroit Riots [NBBFL]
Chicago - PharaohKing - Chicagrow Beards
Carolina - Vacant
Tamba Bay - vacant -
Dallas - SQUIGADIER - Dull As Cows Boys
New York G - Vacant
Arizona - Quidam - Phoenix Rainbows
Seattle - Vacant
LA - Vacant
Washington - Vacant
New Orleans - Vacant
Atlanta - Vacant
Green Bay - Vacant
Arizona - vacant
Philadelphia - Vacant
San Fran - vacant

Pittsburgh - vacant
Cincinnati - vacant - was DRCLAES - [NBBFL] Cincinnati Bengals
Cleveland - Vacant
Baltimore* - The Redoubt - Ballmoor Ravings
Houston - Steel Merchant - Houston Havoc
Tennessee - CHRISDEKOK fill with - Tennessee Fouly Titans
Jacksonville* - FOL82 - JacKILLERSonville
Indianapolis - Vacant
Buffalo* - Fol82 - Bufalo Kill
Miami - gettym - Morgue-ami Deathfins
New England - THE_DEMON - Nearly New England Patriots
NY Jets - Vacant
Denver - Vacant
KC - RITZI - Killsas City
LA Chargers - MiniMorg - LA Revers
Vegas - Las Vegas Demons CHRISDEKOK

pm knine if you are interested.

Location: Planet Earth (North America - NFC and EU - AFC.
Nickname: NBBFL or National Big Bash Football League
Stadium: Planet A
Surface: Broken Glass

Colors: Blue Red and White
Sponsor: Da Big Boyz


The NBBFL is a league loosely based on the real-life NFL structure.

All the players are 'Big Guys'. That's right - all players are Strength 5 or more.

Every Big Guy from Normal FUMBBL and Secret League FUMBBL team rosters is available to be hired. Only one of each player is available (about 90 different big guys to choose from). One twist: all Loners have the Pro skill. Note: the skills are all from pre-Jun 2023, ie before the Secret League Big Guy skills were all amended.

Conferences and divisions are usually broken down regionally (ideally there is a North American division, made of some NFC teams, and there are three European divisions, made of the remaining NFC teams and the entire AFC).

Season 4 schedule will depend on numbers. TBA, followed by playoffs. Top 4 in each division make the playoffs.



Team build for Season 4 is being debated - stand by for an update to the following:
-2000 starting tv (big guys are expensive).
-This is enough to buy 12 players (average cost is 140k across the entire player list), 3 RRs and a few DF. Only 0-1 players are allowed on rosters. There is one player (a tomb guardian with loner and no pro skill) that is 0-16 - that is only for journeymen - do not buy him.
-All players with Loner come with pro (free, after all, this is a Pro League). Once your team is built, you have 72 spp to spend on players - use it or lose it (ie, you can't save any). No stats, but secondaries and stacking are allowed. Put your spp spend details in your team bio. You can also take random skill rolls if you want - but explain this in the bio. New teams can bank more than 100 treasury.

Returning teams:
Returning teams will be capped at $2600 tv. If they are below 2240tv and/or 72spp in skills, returning teams may ask the league to bump them up with $ and spp, up to a maximum season starting tv of 2240 and skill requirement of at least 72 spp. Skills first, then money. Ie, before game 1 of the season, the league will give you $ to buy more players if you are short of 2240tv and will grant you spp if you are short of 72 'spent spp' total (you must have skilled all players that can get a normal skill before the extra spp is given). Returning teams are permitted to start with less than 2240tv/72 spent spp if the coach wants to (an inducement strategy).

Returning teams treasury will be cut to 100k for the start of the season prior to the first game.
Returning players will have Niggles healed on a 4,5,6 (d6 roll)
All returning players will have MNGs removed.

RRs - 60k
No cards
Wizards allowed
Same stars allowed (there are only big guy stars available).
No expensive mistakes
No redrafting
You may hire and fire as you see fit.
No over overbuying. Ie, the team with the higher tv is not allowed to induce anything.

If you play a filler, MNGs will NOT be cleared.

We value BASH, so teams tied on points at the end of the season will be differentiated by total CAS, then team CAS difference, then head to head CAS difference. Then head to head score. Then Nuffle.

Forfeits: The rules:
1. PLEASSSSSSE communicate early using the fumbbl messaging system - not Discord. (feel free to also use discord, but I can't track it, so it's only used if you @knine in discord so I know you are communicating).
2. Include the Commish (knine) as soon as you think you're having trouble contacting your opponent.
3. If a game is not played in the Round, you can ask for an extension, BUT, only if you have an agreed date and time. Max extension is three days.
4. Games not played or extended by the end of the Round will be forfeited to one team using the following system to determine who gets the forfeit win:
A. Nuffle roll. 1 d3 each. Highest wins. The dice rolls are modified as follows:
B. Plus one for the coach that sends the first pm on fumbbl to the opponent.
C. Minus three for every instance that a coach fails to show at the agreed time.
D. Plus one for every time a coach responds to a message from the opponent on fumbbl. (only one response is counted per message sent, ie consecutive messages don't count)
E. Minus 3 for zero communication.
5. MNGs are NOT cleared after a forfeit.

MOST important rule: This is a game.... have fun. SECOND most important rule: be nice!!


League standings are based on 5 points for a win, 2 points for a draw, and 0 for a loss, BUT, there is also one point assigned for each CAS caused to the other team (any type of CAS by any cause, so long as the client is able to score it).

One game every two weeks.

Playoffs for Season 2: Top 4 in each conference. 1 v 4 and 2 v 3. Conference finals, then NBBFL final. MNGs cleared for start of playoffs, but not thereafter.


Team list for Season 3:

Tennessee - CHRISDEKOK fill with - Tennessee Fouly Titans
Jacksonville - FOL82 - JacKILLERSonville
Minnesota - KNINE - MightyBlowta Claw Kings
Buffalo - Bufalo Kill - Fol82
New England - THE_DEMON - Nearly New England Patriots
KC - RITZI - Killsas City
LA Chargers - LA Ravegers MINIMORG
Vegas - Las Vegas Demons CHRISDEKOK
Dallas - SQUIGADIER - Dull As Cows Boys
Baltimore - The Redoubt - Ballmoor Ravings
Miami - gettym - Morgue-ami Deathfins
Houston - SteelMerchant - Houston Havoc
Chicago - PharaohKing - Chicagrow Beards
Arizone - Quidam - Phoenix Rainbows

*** Did you know...

Season 1 Winners:

Superbowl 1: Dallas
Superbowl 2: Minnesota
Superbowl 3:

CAS are just as important as winning!!! Each CAS counts for a point towards season standings. We are the BIG BASH league!!

Season performance for all the players are available if coaches want them posted. pm knine.

Bio template by Balle2000. Helmet by Thom_Darkness.

PM knine with the city you want to play.

We also have a Discord server. PM knine for an invitation.

Ignore this table - it's just a placeholder for some code:

NFC North Standings
DaelaamCrafterGreen Bay