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Emerging Star
Win Percentage
Dark Elf
Emerging Star
Dark Elf
Win Percentage
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  [R] Dead Poets Society Shambling Undead 120k 5/1/0 1390k ±210  
  [R] Highway to the Danger 'Zon Amazon 20k 0/1/1 1030k ±100  
  [R] The Day The Music Died Necromantic Horror 120k 2/2/3 1390k ±210  
  [R] The Foolish Companions Orc 80k 2/1/2 1160k ±170  
  [R] The Office Chaos Chosen 100k 1/2/0 1230k ±180  
  Angry Hairy Little Men Dwarf 150k 4/1/2 1340k ±200  
  Baywatch - Naggaroth Nights Dark Elf 10k 12/1/5 1660k ±510  
  Big Green Cereal Killers Orc 30k 2/1/2 1320k ±200  
  Doubleskull Dead Poets Society Shambling Undead 170k 4/2/3 1340k ±200  
  Exodus Chapter 8 Verse 2 Slann 90k 0/1/1 1020k ±100  
  Highway to the Danger 'Zon Amazon 140k 12/8/10 1540k    
  Homer's All-Stars Human 120k 2/2/1 1050k ±160  
  If You Ain't First You're Last Snotling 40k 0/0/0 840k ±100  
  If you aint first, youre last Goblin 0 0/0/2 910k ±90  
  It's Just a Cough Nurgle 120k 10/5/8 1650k ±680  
  Le Jardin Des Os Tomb Kings 190k 8/3/2 1540k ±320  
  Pi-Rats of the Seven Seas Skaven 40k 3/0/1 1180k ±180  
  Unexpected Spanish Inquisition Chaos Renegade 10k 2/1/2 1300k ±200  
  Warpstone Glow Underworld Denizens 10k 1/2/5 1190k ±180  
  Wu Tang Financial Old World Alliance 0 0/3/0 1090k ±160  
  Your Pyrrhic Victory Ogre 130k 13/6/14 1600k    
Stunty Leeg
  Wrong Fairy Tale Albion Fae 30k 0/0/0 970k    
  Believers Never Die Wood Elf 30k 0/0/0 970k    
  Keeping Up Foreign Relations Amazon 80k 3/1/2 1030k    
  Revenge of the Zons Ogre 50k 5/1/9 1290k    
League teams for Blood Bowl 7s (BB7s)
  [7's] The Brave Companions Orc 7s 0 0/0/0 600k    
League teams for FFBBL
  [FFBBL] The Big Leboneski Tomb Kings 440k 6/3/0 1640k    
Scheduled against paperbagfox's Highbury Nobles (Seen 12d ago).
  FFBBL Test Slann Slann 2020k 0/0/0 980k    
  ffbbl test zons Amazon 2000k 0/0/0 1000k    
League teams for HVBBL
  Sympathy for the Devil [HVBBL] Dark Elf 60k 5/0/3 1660k    
Scheduled against RogueCanadian's Dusty Joes HVBBL (Seen 4d ago).
League teams for Khemri Premier League
  Zandri Dust Zandri: Nagash 70k 5/0/3 1580k    
League teams for League of Extraordinary Zombie
  [LExZ] The Color and the Shape Shambling Undead 2350k 0/0/0 730k    
League teams for NAF Live - Americas
  3dB Sympathy for the Devil Dark Elf 0 2/1/3 1100k    
  [DARK] We Love Negatraits Chaos Renegade 50k 0/3/1 1050k    
  [LIGHT] Trust Fund Elves High Elf 50k 1/0/3 1050k    
  [Sat] Believers Never Die (NA) Wood Elf 200k 0/2/1 1150k    
  Memento Mori [Danish Open] Necromantic 140k 2/1/3 1100k    
League teams for NAF Live - Europe
  Pulp Feudalism Bretonnian 220k 1/2/3 1030k    
League teams for Ogre-hio Open Charity Tourney
  [OgreHio] Your Pyrrhic Victory Ogre 280k 2/0/2 770k    
League teams for Online NAF Tournaments
  [NA] Highway tothe Danger 'Zon Amazon 250k 0/0/0 950k    
  Steely Griff Human 320k 3/0/3 780k    
League teams for TackleZone Star Division
  [TSD] Griff and 11 Random Guys Human 320k 3/1/3 780k    
  [Box] The Big Leboneski Tomb Kings 30k 2/0/0 1050k    
  [BT4.1] Sympathy for the Devil Dark Elf 70k 1/0/1 990k    
  [BT4.1] The Big Leboneski Tomb Kings 80k 0/1/0 990k    
  [BT4.1] The Norse Remembers Norse 30k 0/0/0 970k    
  [BT4.1] Tumbling Dice Dark Elf 10k 0/0/0 990k    
  Foolish Companions Orc 30k 0/0/0 970k    
  Sympathy for the Khaine Dark Elf 20k 0/0/2 1050k    
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