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Group managers: HouseBlackfyre
This is the home of the Second Sons Blood Bowl League, a loose confederation of miscreants and ne'er-do-wells. We will run redrafting league style seasons, with a starting build of 1.00 million plus 24spp in starting skills (you can stack skills or take secondary skills if you wish, but no more than 2 skills per player. No Leader skill or stat ups allowed to start).

We will be using the redraft rules from pages 99-100 of the rulebook, except as specifically discussed here. After the regular season and the playoffs are done, all teams will be put through a manual redraft with the assistance of the commissioner. The cap for redrafted teams will be the 1.3 million standard in the book, and your redraft budget will begin with the 1.00 million we started with (buy in and skills combined). The "glittering prizes" on page 99 will also be given out to the top 3 teams in the playoffs. We will allow "Temporarily Retired" players (serious injuries can heal sometimes), let the commish know before you do it and a record will be made of the player's information and he will be "fired" and then able to be rehired at the end of the season.

League Scoring 3 pts win, 1 pt tie, 0 points loss. Tiebreakers for seeding are TDS, CAS, TD differential, CAS differential, in that order. Top 4 from each division make the playoffs, with four wildcards as the next best teams across all divisions, then all teams redraft.

Season One Winner: Alex Bessinger's "Spiteful Jest" Dark Elves (Runner Up: Dakota Bowerman's "Blood Bound Brutes" Khorne)
Season Two Winner: Brad Arterbury's "Tarsus Longhats" Chaos Dwarves (Runner Up: Alex Bessinger's "Hand of Osiris" Tomb Kings)
Tattered Prince Open I Winner: Alex Bessinger's "Human Beings" Humans (Runner Up: Bryan Mitchell's "Witches B Krazee" Dark Elves)
Season Three Winner: Josh Wojick's "Florida Flamingos" Orcs (Runner Up: TJ Jackson's Izanahgi War Lords (Lizardmen)
Tattred Prince Open II Winner: (TBD)

Season Three Teams:

Brightflame Division:
Da Blorc Street Boyz (Orcs) - Dakota Bowerman (MI)/vicari
Cowabungholes (Slann) - Rory Donahoe (UT)/Jackbedead
2nd Harbingers of Anubis (Tomb Kings) - Mike Coon (OH)/spinball
Earth Rumble Six (Underworld) - Paul Barber (NY)/Pauladin **Contact Ken Barber or use Discord**
Unusual Skinkage (Lizardmen) Bryan Tew (UT)/Grither
Danse Macabre (Undead) - Scott Barber (NY)/Ranzimus
Frozen Heart Marauders (Norse) - Michael Bell (MI)/Junkie4life
Night Marez (Khorne) - Bryan Mitchell (IN)/Xtreme
Ladies of Liberty SS (Amazons) Jeff Ridenour (CA)/Zootsuitjeff
Lom'Ard Entente (OWA) Philip Bonarek (IL)/StoutYoungBlood
Teja's Taco-Cats (Dark Elves) - Jason Campbell (TX)/Dashergeaux
It's Just a Cough (Nurgle) - Sean Cowley (MI)/Houseblackfyre **Extra Team**

Bittersteel Division:
She-Woman Man-Haters (Amazons) - Alex Bessinger (MI)/wigwam
Florida Flamingos (Orcs) - Joshua Wojcik (FL)/Jogrenaught
Tyr's Tirades (Norse) - Max Hanna (MI) - Keshdr
Pound Town Stunty Allstars (Snotling) - Tim Cowley (MI)/cowley5481
Nu Orc Giantz (Orcs) - Ken Barber (NY)/Grimfoe
Hastur's Hooligans (Old World Alliance) - Joshua Bergmann (MI)/popekheris
Stout Lads School of Guard (Dwarves) - Charles Tornow (MI) - Paperbag4
Khorney Lads (Khorne) - David Tornow (CO)/mxz4440
Essen Sentinels (Nobility) - Nick Cofield (TX)/CoachLelund
Flayed Rock Furies (Chaos Dwarves) - Rob Fossey (MA)/Melifaxis
Southeast Purple Haze (Underworld) - Bob Haley (VA)/ChaosBob
Glorious Dragons (High Elf) - Tom Rummery (OH)/DarkOrk20

Hardhand Division:
Awestone Wyrdos (Underworld) - Brad Arterbury (TX)/Hrnsup
Izanahgi War Lord's (Lizardmen) - TJ Jackson (CO)/Lonewolfjackson
Ulthuan Phoenix Kings (High Elves) - Dave Hanrath (TX)/FACESTOMP
Do Brajil (Chaos Dwarves) - Schawn Hennessy (OH)/Morpheous
Doie Me Good I Thunk (Orcs) - Nick Borror (OH)/Borror78
The Windblown (Dark Elves) - Sean Cowley (MI)/Houseblackfyre
Rasetra's Unkindness (Amazons) - Jeff Gallenbeck (IL)/Jeffro
Der Tulps de Second Sons (Norse) - James Lanier (FL)/OldManMonkey
I Orc Der-Four I Bee (Orcs) - John Stevens (WI) - Rodneydangerfield
By (un)Popular Demand (OWA) - James Leavens (NJ)/JLeav
Scarab City Scorpions (Tomb Kings) - Drew Buccicone (TX)/vegeta7913
Hogtown Hoppers (Slann) - Knine (Australia)/Knine

Off This Season: Raynard Jones (MI)/Rj720; Matt Barber (NY)/Matman; Josh Arnett (TX)/shoshie

Temporarily Retired Players:


This will be a four-round, resurrection style tournament, for one-off teams (not your league team). It will also not be a NAF event, so feel free to use your high-rated teams without fear of losing your rating, or to have fun and try something new or goofy. We will be using the Amorical Cup Ruleset linked here:


Tier A: 1.1M, 4 skill points, no secondaries, 1 skill stack max (watch the rules for this), no stars or Megastars. Races: Dark Elf, Chorf, Undead, Dwarf, Wood Elf, Orc, Skaven, Lizards>

Tier B: 1.1M, 6 skill points, 1 secondary max, 1 skill stack max (watch the rules for this), no stars or Megastars. Races: Tomb Kings, Norse, Underworld, Necro, Amazon, High Elf, Humans, Vampire.

Tier C: 1.1M, 8 skill points, 2 secondaries max, 2 skill stacks max (watch the rules for this), 1 star allowed, no Megastars. Races: Khorne, Renegades, Black Orcs, Nurgle, Elf Union, Slann, Nobility, OWA, Chosen.

Tier D: 1.15M, 10 skill points, 3 secondaries max, 3 skill stacks max (watch the rules for this), 2 stars allowed, 1 Megastar allowed. Races: Snotling, Goblin, Ogre, Halfling.

This is not a team tourney, so feel free to practice with what you are bringing to Ottawa if you want, or feel free to play a Tier A team if you'd like. Play whatever you want. Banned stars and inducements for Amorical are also banned here (pay attention if you want something goofy). Build a roster on the league team page, put your skill choices and inducements (including stars) in your bio. Please start team name with [Open], apply team on the Teams page after creating, and text me the team name so I can formally invite them.

Teams for the Tournament:
NAFSFeratu (Vampires) - Sean Cowley/Houseblackfyre
Shinobi (Underworld) - Scott Barber/Ranzimus
Elven Local 46 (Elven Union) - Charles Tornow/Paperbag4
Amorical Khorne 1 (Khorne) - Ken Barber/Grimfoe
Orcidaz Raiderz (Black Orcs) - Sam Uel/Sammy_the_murderer
Unicorns (High Elves) - Bryan Mitchell/Xtreme
Conclusions (Slann) - Rory Donahoe/Jackbedead
Pointy Ears (ELven Union) Max Hanna/Keshdr
Miscellaneous Mayhem (Goblin) Bryan Tew/Grither
Rage Against Everyone (Chaos Chosen) Matt Barber/Matman
AM1 Earth Rumble Six (Underworld) Paul Barber/Pauladin
TBD (TBD) Jeff Ridenour/Zootsuitjeff
TBD (TBD) Alex Bessinger/Wigwam
TBD (TBD) Josh Wojcik/Jogrenaught
TBD (TBD) TJ Jackson/Lonewolfjackson
TBD (TBD) Mike Coon/Spinball
TBD (TBD) Craig Ashby/Misterhobbs
TBD (TBD) Steve Campbell/Killowoggy