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Tattered Prince Open II
Round One Deadline 4/21/24. Round Two Deadline 5/5/24. Round Three Deadline 5/19/24. Round Four Deadline 6/2/24.

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Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4

Tournament Members

1. Roster [L] [TPOII] Orcsnpe1180kOrc3300633131129(+15) 
2. Roster [L] Bristol Fried Chicken SSzootsuitjeff1260kImperial Nobility330072510289(+13) 
3. Roster [L] AA Norsespinball1220kNorse32106246337(+7) 
4. Roster [L] AM1 Earth Rumble SixPauladin1150kUnderworld Denizens321051411927(+6) 
5. Roster [L] [TP] Champions of Dyspareuniaflyingdingle1170kUnderworld Denizens32105329727(+4) 
6. Roster [L] [OPEN] Pointy EarsKeshdr1210kElven Union320183512756(+10) 
7. Roster [L] [OPEN] Amorical_Khorne_1Grimfoe1260kKhorne320154111296(+10) 
8. Roster [L] RAC Horrortown Hotheadsrusscastronovo1210kNecromantic Horror32014229636(+5) 
9. Roster [L] [Open] Slamazon!rodney_dangerfield1220kAmazon32015416426(+3) 
10. Roster [L] [Open] Shard of NarsilLonewolfjackson1230kNorse32014408536(+3) 
11. Roster [L] [TP] Elven Local 46paperbag41240kElven Union32014224316(+3) 
12. Roster [L] [OPEN] Vow Evrie GapeJogrenaught1150kSkaven320153248-46(-2) 
13. Roster [L] SS_Miscellaneous MayhemGrither750kGoblin31112208714(+1) 
14. Roster [L] Scorched Forest Reptiles (TPO)FACESTOMP1180kWood Elf311145-146-24(-3) 
15. Roster [L] JLeav Made Me Do Itshiratokai1120kUnderworld Denizens311134-1611-54(-6) 
16. Roster [L] [TP] UnicornsXtreme1220kHigh Elf311135-226-44(-6) 
17. Roster [L] [Open] Lil Poo Shin BitersHRNSUP790kSnotling311137-4818-104(-14) 
18. Roster [L] Khorne Hub AddictionChaosbob1260kChaos Chosen31024405233(+3) 
19. Roster [L] [Open] Flour PowerSquigmire890kHalfling310234-14313(0) 
20. Roster [L] [Open] NAFsFeratuHouseBlackfyre1220kVampire310256-17703(-1) 
21. Roster [L] SubversionFather_Gailus1050kUnderworld Denizens3102550814-63(-6) 
22. Roster [L] [Open] Bloodsucker 5000whigwam1220kVampire310224-227-53(-7) 
23. Roster [L] [open]ShinobiRanzimus900kUnderworld Denizens310245-1416-123(-13) 
24. Roster [L] Slimy Sycophantsmisterhobbs1260kNurgle302123-17612(0) 
25. Roster [L] [OPEN] Rage Against EveryoneMatman1260kChaos Chosen201123-17341(+3) 
26. Roster [L] ConclusionsJackbedead1260kSlann201123-106-61(-7) 
27. Roster [L] Billy Bobs Bull Ridersdashergeaux1180kChaos Dwarf300326-45410(-3) 
28. Roster [L] [Open] Orkidaz RaiderzSammy_the_murderer1090kBlack Orc200215-46510(-3) 
29. Roster [L] (open)Warpstone RunnersJunkie4Life1180kSkaven200224-259-40(-6) 
30. Roster [L] Open Scumport SkillywagsKilowog1940kGoblin300316-5913-40(-9) 

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