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Tomb Kings
Super Star
Tomb Kings
Win Percentage
Necromantic Horror
Necromantic Horror
Win Percentage
Super Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Despicibelles Amazon 30k 2/0/0 1110k ±110  
  Four Species Army Old World Alliance 80k 5/0/0 1290k ±190  
  Monster High RR 1st XI Necromantic Horror 100k 1/0/1 1110k ±110  
  Necromatic Necropolis Necromantic Horror 70k 5/0/1 1420k ±210  
  (AB) Promethium Spirit Necromantic Horror 0 0/0/0 1000k    
  Monster High 1st XIX Necromantic Horror 50k 4/2/1 1270k    
League teams for Online NAF Tournaments
  [EU] Dwarrow Khazid Chaos Dwarf 0 1/0/0 1200k    
Scheduled against a team that's not decided yet.
  New World Invincibelles Amazon 220k 5/1/0 880k    
  Olde World Invincibelles Amazon 220k 1/1/4 880k    
League teams for TackleZone Star Division
  (TSD1) Promethium Spirit Necromantic Horror 0 1/1/5 1100k    
League teams for Tourney Training League
  (Practice) Dwarrow Khazid Chaos Dwarf 0 0/1/0 1200k    
  (WWS) Olde Skool Ogres Ogre 550k 0/0/1 900k    
Scheduled against dragonborn's (WWS) Tricksy (Seen 4h ago).
  Dark Land Doom Axes Chaos Chosen 260k 0/1/0 1240k    
  Dwarrow Training Chaos Dwarf 400k 0/0/1 1100k    
  Golden Xlan X Lizardmen 400k 1/0/0 1100k    
  Invincabelles STAG BOWL Amazon 650k 0/0/1 850k    
  Invincibelles ToF Amazon 500k 0/0/1 1140k    
  RoxyBelles Amazon 310k 2/0/0 1020k    
  WC Day 2 Sadistic Masochists Dark Elf 400k 0/1/0 1100k    
  WC Day 2 Wolvish Warriorrs Necromantic Horror 400k 0/1/0 1240k    
  Xlanec Xauptec (UKTC) Lizardmen 400k 0/1/0 1200k    
League teams for Training EuroBowl
  [S4] Necromatic Necromantic Horror 130k 0/0/0 1100k    
League teams for WB Doppel Bock
  Xlautec Xanopec Lizardmen 0 4/0/2 1150k    
  (BBT4) Four Species Army Old World Alliance 10k 0/0/0 990k    
  (BBT4) Promethium Spirit Necromantic Horror 120k 1/1/0 1060k    
  Arcadia Revisited Necromantic Horror 120k 1/0/1 1120k    
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