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Standings and Power Rankings!

Season 20 Schedule
7 day rounds
Draft ends:
Builders end:
Round 1 begins:
Super Bowl:
7 day rounds. If you can't commit to playing your games on time, don't bother. Schedule your matches right away (Use PMs). If something comes up, get in touch with mrt1212 and your opponent right away. We are very strict on enforcing this and will kick out any slackers.***Be Active!!!***

League Format
TimezoneUS - Eastern Time
Schedule7 days/round (Wednesday deadline)
FormatNFL Style
PlayoffsNFL Style
Forum & Discord
The NBFL season chatter thread can be found here. Make your predictions and slag off the also rans ruining everything for you.

Join the Discord chat here
The NBFL Champs
Superbowl XX
Los Angeles Glams 2:1 New York Wrecks
Superbowl XIX
Green Ball 2:1 Blitzburgh
Superbowl XVIII
Denvork 2:1 Malice
Superbowl XVII
Green Ball 3:1 Blitzburgh
Superbowl XVI
New Angry 1:0 Green Ball
Superbowl XV
Green Ball 1:0 Cincinatti
Superbowl XIV
Cincinatti 2:1 NY Leeches
Superbowl XIII
Green Ball 1:0 New Tomb
Superbowl XII
Seattle 3:1 Hacksonville
Superbowl XI
Philhala 2:0 Cleveland
Superbowl X
Green Ball 1:0 Houston
Superbowl IX
Nawlins 2:0 New Angry
Superbowl VIII
Seattle 2:1 San Dogo
Superbowl VII
San Frenzysco 3:2 Tenn.
Superbowl VI
Seattle 3:0 New Warp
Superbowl V
Mean Hay 1:0 New Warp
Superbowl IV
K.C. Cheaters. 3:2 Atlatl
Superbowl III
Washington 1:0 Cinderfall
Superbowl II
Buffalo 3:0 Atlatl
Superbowl I
K.C. Vampire 3:0 Chicago

Detailed League Rules

ScheduleEach Round has a 7 day period.
Each Round Starts on Wednesday. (That's US Wednesdays - Eastern time just to avoid confusion)
SchedulingPM your opponent and coordinate early. Even plan a week ahead if it helps.
ExtensionsI can and will grant extensions but on a individual basis and they don't stack. -The Commish
ForfeitsIf an effort is made by both coaches and it just doesn't work out you will be granted a forfeit tie. You get 2 per season. 3rd time counts as a loss for you but remains a tie for your counterpart.
SPECIAL NOTEIn relation to the section on forfeits, take note that forfeits will affect your draft position. You have been warned..
Points 7-3-0 (Win-Tie-Loss).
FluffThe NBFL has an exclusive rights deal with ESBN. If you wish to add to the colour of the league (And we encourage you to), please PM DrPoods or contact him on Discord.
DiscordThe NBFL mainly interacts through Discord. Most coaches will already be members of the NBFL Discord group but if you are not then the link is here
Tie BreakersIf two or more teams end on the same points total at the end of a season, the tie is settled accordingly.

The tie breaker to settle Divisional Winner is as follows:
1st: Head to Head
2nd: Divisional Record
3rd: Conference Record
4th: Touchdown Differential
5th: Casualty differential
6th: Oh Cmon, really? D6 it.

The tie breaker to settle Wildcard Winners and seeding is as follows:
1st: Head to Head
2nd: Conference Record
3rd: Divisional Record
4th: Touchdown Differential
5th: Casualty differential
6th: Oh Cmon, really? D6 it.
Commissioner's NoteIt's our league, we can shape it. Most ideas will be put to a vote if the relate to rules. If you have a fluffy idea lemme know and lets make it happen!


- Each team is awarded at least one draft pick per season.

- Draft pick order is determined by reverse order of previous season finish.

- Expansion teams will be granted extra draft picks - 2 from the expansion draft board and 1 from the standard draft board.

- Expansion draft order will be assigned by d100

- Compensation draft picks will be awarded by JackassRampant based on some formula related to your current roster.

- Compensation draft picks will be taken from the standard draft board.

- Expansion teams can swap draft picks in the expansion draft.


- You may cut any permanently injured player.

- You may cut healthy players above 31 SPP.

- You may request a skill change among any 1 skill player on your roster from anything to a normal access skill for the respective player.

- You may add and subtract rerolls, cheerleaders and assistant coaches freely.

- Any team may request funds. A PM thread will be set up for that purpose.

Building is an integral part of the NBFL offseason. Please pay careful attention to these rules.

- You will have three types of players on your team: Draft Picks, Undrafted Free Agents and Veteran players.

- Draft picks will gain SPP that matches their draft profile.

- Undrafted free agents can gain up to 6 spp with a few exceptions explained below.

- Veteran players are player you carried over from the previous season. They are not eligible for any SPP from builders.


- Assign to your draft picks and then lowest SPP players.

- If you have run out of draft picks to assign MVPs to assign them to the lowest SPP players.

- If you have a Legend level player on your team, assign MVPs to them if you have run out of Draft Picks.

- If you run into a situation where your lowest SPP players are all 6 SPP, that is fine. It should not come to that point often.

- In general, the point is to avoid giving players skills they haven't earned them.

Builder games MUST wait until AFTER drafting is complete. There will be financial and RR penalties for teams that don't wait. Exceptions made rarely.

Weaklington Frailskins622220
New York Deviants612313
PhilaWAAAGHphia Iggles521217
Foullas Foulboys511310
New York Wrecks615022
Miasma Dolphlegms511310
Buffalo Psycho Billies712413
Dead England Patriots513116

Baltimore Mavens641131
Vigilante Shingles614119
Khleveland Khrowns623123
Blittzburgh Yellowjackets622220

Atlatl Falchions40226
Carolina Reapers411210
Nawlins Lost Saints520314
Bucking Buccaneers532027
Indianapolis Crypts620414
Warpston Oilers531124
Jakesonville Jortles541031
Titannesse Kraken's51047

Arizona Cards61057
Los Angeles Glams631224
San Foulcisco 69'ers550035
C'attle C'haos611410
Denvork Bronkorks540128
Kansas City Thiefs50143
Oakland Elf Raiders550035
San Dogo Chompers51047