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Group managers: Stimme, neilwat, Nightbird, Valen
Online NAF Sanctioned Tournaments


The NAF is an international association of players dedicated to Blood Bowl. The NAF acts as a central resource for coaches the world over – offering news, contacts, discussion, sanctioned tournaments and international player rankings. Whether you are planning to run your own tabletop tournament, looking for a league or just wanting to catch up on the latest from the world of fantasy football gaming, the NAF aims to provide everything you will need.

You can visit the NAF at thenaf.net, or join the NAF here.

Why not find the most up to date information on tabletop tournaments in your area? There is a handy list here. If you ever need help or have any questions regarding attending a tabletop tournament, please come ask!

Current NAF Live! Event


Time for another NAF Live! event, featuring the Amorical Cup ruleset!

• This is a 1-day, 4 game tourney that will begin TBD
• It will be run as a singles event for NA & EU coaches.

Tournament admins: Valen • Nightbird • neilwat • Stimme


On your teams bio, you MUST add this information:

• Inducements + cost + skill points
• Stars + cost + skill points
• NAF Nickname
• NAF #




Before you create your team on Fumbbl, we highly suggest that you use an Excel sheet or one of the online helpers to create your team and make sure it adds up to the total amount. Find roster making tools on the NAF site.

Once you have decided on your setup, generate a new team following all of the subsequent steps (do not reuse an existing team!):

1. Create a new team using this LINK and choose your race and team name.

• Please add [EU] OR [NA], in brackets, at the start of your own teams name.
E.g. [EU] Cherryville Croakers OR [NA] Reikland Rovers.

• This allows us to more easily group the teams for each event & really alleviates alot of headaches for us on the admin side so,
if you could, please remember to do this correctly. If you have any questions, please just ask!

2. On the team page, there is no need to change ‘Progression’ from ‘Standard’ to ‘None’.

3. Buy all of your players, re-rolls, etc., make sure you have 11 rostered players before adding star players (tiers C & D) & click ‘submit for approval’.

4. After submission, click on 'Team Options', then 'Select Skills'. Then select your skills per your teams tier. You will have to fill all un-used slots w/ 'no skill'. When finished click 'save'.

5. When ‘Save’ is pressed to confirm your skill choices, there is no pop-up or conformation screen. You can check if your skills have saved correctly by navigating away from the screen and then checking ‘Team Options’ on your team page. You must select all skills before the start of the tournament and may not change them later.

6. NAF coaches must record their NAF nick and NAF number in the team bio section following team creation. This will help us in the future recording and ranking of online games.

7. Inducement(s) you wish to use should be left out of your team creation process and listed in the team bio. Inducements have to be announced before start of the tournament and may not be changed in-between matches!

e.g.: at the beginning of a tournament match, select only your announced inducements, as you would normally by spending your remaining treasury as petty cash.

8. Navigate to the Tournament Team Site and use the button at the bottom at the page to apply your team.

Please view Strider’s youtube video if you need more details how to create a team.


• BB2020 ruleset with Slann
• Resurrection-style/ Swiss
• Singles event tourney for NA & EU coaches
• 1-day/ 4 round event in each timezone


•Gnomes are Tier D


• The revised ruleset of February 12, 2024, clarifies that IF a Tier D team selects a Mega-Star, it may not also hire another Star Player.


*This is a modification from the original ruleset incorporated into the updated, February 12, 2024 ruleset.


• Inducements crossed out, in red, are currently NOT supported by FUMBBL.
• All inducements must be announced in the “team bio” at the team’s creation and may not change between rounds.

No concessions are allowed during a match. Penalty may be exclusion from the tournament and no registration accepted for the next NAF event.

If a coach misses their match at the scheduled time, a concession will be applied.

Everyone is counting on you to play the 6 rounds regardless of your performance. Dropping without a proper cause will result in denying your registration for the next NAF Online event.

• The tournament is held beginning on Monday April 15, 2024.

Team registration Due: April 14, 2024, 00:00 Server Time

• Schedule TBD

• Games will be forfeited promptly to begin new rounds.

If one player benefits from inducements not listed on the team’s “bio” or irregular use of Timeout with direct influence on the score, a concession might be applied.

• Games will count towards NAF ranking as Online NAF games on thenaf.net. Forfeits and games against non NAF members are not recorded.

Be cordial on the chat and pm towards your opponent and audience. Any use of offensive laguage towards your opponent regarding racial, political or religious content might result in exclusion from the tournament and 1 year ban from NAF events.

• We recommend avoiding Timeouts. However, if you use it, you are not allowed to do it without a first “transgression” and consequent first warning on the chat.
Example: my opponent exceeds the time in one turn, I warn him that I will timeout next time.
You can only use a timeout if the other opponent is playing their turn, if they give an indication that they need 5 minutes or similar to deal with a real life event then they can’t be timed out for this.

• All games between NAF members are recorded on the NAF homepage and will be used to calculate the NAF online rankings.

• Even though a NAF membership is not mandatory, we highly encourage you to join the NAF: https://www.thenaf.net/members-area/join-the-naf/

o The cost is £5, 5 Euros or 5 dollars in person, or $10 by Paypal online. For this you get your NAF name registered for rankings purposes and this lasts forever.
o Tracking your online rankings and enabling your opponents to play for their ranking is solid fun.
o You get goodies every time you renew your membership


Q: Who are the NAF?
A: Click on the 'NAF' tab above and find out!

Q: What are Online NAF tournaments?
A: Online NAF aims to reproduce tournaments a NAF member may have attended on tabletop here on FUMBBL. Online NAF tournaments are open to all, members and non-members, and a number of shiny, physical prizes are up for grabs.

Q: When are the online NAF Rankings happening?
A: Part of the rankings are uploaded and can be found here

Q: What about format X?
A: We are always up for ideas, and you never know, format X might be in the pipeline! Remember - tournament functionality is open to everyone, so you can always have a go yourself in the mean time.

Q: I organise a tabletop NAF tournament. Can we speak about doing something online?
A: Sure! Contact Stimme or Neilwat. They are happy to hear from you.

Q: Can I help staff Online NAF tournaments?
A: We've a great team looking after Online NAF, but we're always interested in hearing from volunteers.