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Next tournament: NAF Live! Summer Double Header
22 / 23 August 2020 - Two one day, 3 game tournaments [AMERICAS group]

- - - - - - Accepting Teams until 20:00 server time, 21 / 22 August 2020 (see below) - - - - - - -

Coaches are expected to be online in the advertised registration period beginning at 18:00 server time on the day of the tournament, with the event being drawn 20 minutes later. Please be online at this time!

Players who have not been online during this period may not be drawn in the event. This is an important part of registration.

NAF Live returns with a summer sizzler, as we present a pair of 3 game, one day tournaments. In keeping with the summer theme, our two rulesets reflect everyone's favourite ice-cream flavours: first vanilla, and then an incredibly complex medley!

Due to the increased administration complexity of running two one-day tournaments, there are some tweaks to our usual registration process. Please read the below carefully and apply your team(s) appropriately!

The Summer Double Header Saturday: The UK Games Expo

Due to Covid-19, the Blood Bowl event arranged at the UK Games Expo (the UK's premier gaming convention) has been cancelled. But have no fear! We will recreate the fun on FUMBBL. Please find the UK Games Expo information here.


TV: 1.15 million. To include players, re-rolls, FF / AC / CL, Apo as appropriate.

Tiers?: None.

Skill Package: 1 normal and 1 double skill before game 1, 1 normal before game 2, 1 normal before game 3. No stacking.

Inducments: Stunties (Ogre / Goblin / Halflings) only, 0-2 star players after having 11 rostered players, Chefs for Halflings, Bribes for Goblins at the usual reduced rates.

Notes: OWA allowed, Underworld as per Spike! 9. Stars are CRP + BB2016.

The Summer Double Header Sunday: Vodka Bowl

On our beloved east, great coaches of Blood Bowl are fighting for glory. They pick their fighters and guide them on the wild pitches, full of rival players. But playing is nothing compared to playing and drinking. They are drinking vodka while playing...or playing while drinking vodka?

Anyway... Vodka brings the best from our brave coaches, but only the best can stand till the end... Will you enter that great, but very frightening path? Will you beat Vodka or you will be beaten?


TV: 1.1 million. To include players, re-rolls, FF / AC / CL, Apo / Igor and the below inducements, as appropriate.

Tiers / Additional spend?:

1: Dark Elfs, Lizardmen, Undead, Wood Elfs. / 120 k
2: Amazons, Chaos Dwarfs, Dwarfs. / 130 k
3: Bretonnian, Norse, Orcs, Skaven. / 140 k
4: Human, Necromantic, Chaos Renegades, Old World Alliance. / 150 k
5: Elven Union, High Elfs, Khemri, Chaos Chosen. / 170 k
6: Nurgle, Slann. / 190 k
7: Underworld, Vampire, Daemons of Khorne. / 210 k
8: Goblin, Halfling, Ogre. / 250 k

Additional spend: The additional spend can only be spent following the creation of a 1.1 m roster. It can be spent on: additional roster items (players, FF, etc.), skills (20 k normal / 30 k double) and inducements, as appropriate. Teams from tiers 1-3 may select up to 2 doubles, tiers 4-7 4 doubles and tier 8 7 doubles.

Inducments: Any of: 0-2 Kegs, 0-3 Bribes (Goblins recieve discount), 0-1 Chef (Halflings recieve discount), 0-1 BB2016 Wizard, 0-2 star players (11 players must be rostered first).

Notes: Underworld as per Spike! 9. Players may stack skills, but only up to 2 normals (not doubles). Piling On is as per CRP, but this skill may not be stacked on a player with access to mutation skills.


Round / Europe / Americas (server time - check the top right of the page)

Team submissions end (August 21) / 20:00
1 (August 22) / 11:00 / 18:00
2 (August 22) / 13:20 / 20:20
3 (August 22) / 15:20 / 22:20

Team submissions end (August 22) / 20:00
1 (August 23) / 11:00 / 18:00
2 (August 23) / 13:20 / 20:20
3 (August 23) / 15:20 / 22:20


◦ Win +2 points;
◦ Draw +1 point;
◦ Loss +0 points;
◦ Concession -10 points.


1) Opponent's Score to determine top 3;
2) Head-to-Head to determine winner;
3) net TD + net CAS for all other positions.

Team Creation Process

Team Creation Links:
European group / Americas group.

Tournament Signup Links:
European group / Americas group. Important: To apply for the Saturday tournament, begin your team name [SAT]. To apply for Sunday, begin it with [Sun].

Add you NAF name and NAF number (This tournament is open to all, so please join us even if not a member) to your team bio and include any inducements. To add details to your bio, click the "Add Bio / Edit Bio" (Red Circle) link on your team page.

It's easy to add these details.

To add you skills, clink the "Team Options" (Red Circle) link on your team page.

Wait for the team name to load, and then click "Skill Settings" (Red Circle)

Then you can select you skills. If you aren't suppposed to have a skill due to the ruleset, just choose "No Skill" on an unimportant player. The FUMBBL ruleset is set up to deal with the complexities of Sunday's event, in your Saturday applications, you will need few of the boxes.

After that click on the group that you are joining.

Then you can join the tournament by clicking the "Apply for Membership" option (Red Circle). Your team wont show up straight away as it will need to be checked.

The last thing to do is to check the time the tournament starts in Server Time (Blue Circle) and be on the site 20 miniutes before the tournament starts. Not everyone is on discord and the way we check who is here and who is sleeping in is by site activity (Green Circle). If the tournament is ready to start and you are not active on the site, we may need to start without you.


-Message from 'goo

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, we are noting increasing numbers of NAF tournaments are being postponed or cancelled. Health and well-being comes first, and we support Tournament Organisers talking whatever steps they deem necessary with their events to keep people safe.

As we lose these tournaments from the calendar, members are asking us if we can fill the gap with increased Online NAF activity; either via TOs simply holding their events online, or via the NAF providing more tournaments for you to participate in. The former presents us with non-trivial administration, technical and practical issues, so starting on March 28, we will be running a number of ‘NAF Live’ tournaments on FUMBBL for an indefinite amount of time.

We will be reviewing the format and frequency of these tournaments as we go along, but to begin with, these tournaments aim to recreate the real life tournament feeling as best we can, and will run in parallel with existing Online NAF events. Further details:

- Tournaments will comprise 3-6 games of Swiss over 1-2 weekend days (Sat / Sun), with the next event taking place on May 2 & 3.

- Participants will be expected to play up to 3 games in a day according to a set, timed schedule. e.g. Game 1: 10:00, Game 2: 12:30, etc.

- Tournaments will take place in European and Americas time zones. All NAF members may participate, as per usual for Online NAF.

- Rulesets will be taken from postponed tournaments with clear and well written rulespacks, accessible via the NAF site. These rulespacks should be easily implemented on FUMBBL, so tournaments with heavy or unique, integral house-rules should not apply.

Following the successes of the previous NAF Live! events, our sixth event event will feature the ruleset from teh Danish Open, but if there is any sepcific ruleset that you would like to see recreated online, please contact Purplegoo via the NAF website. You should also make contact if you have a good working knowledge of FUMBBL and would like to assist in administering these temporary events for a short time, as with more tournaments comes more work for our team. Please assist if you can!

Many thanks, and stay safe.

Phil / Purplegoo.