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National College Blood Bowl II


Welcome to the NCBB

The NCBB, or National College Blood Bowl, is a group based off of NCAA college football in the US. We have a nine game regular season that culminates in an always exciting bowl week to cap off each campaign. In addition, we have rivalry games, various player awards, and a coach's poll so that you can vote for who you think should play for the title! If you're a college football fan, or just interested in a fun, fluffy group (we have a few Euro coaches as well), drop by #NCBB or simply pm any staff member. Be sure to look at our rules and history pages to find out how things work.

Defending National Champions
Defending National Champions
Texas AM Les Agriculteurs
Texas AM Les Agriculteurs

Currently: Season 39 Week 1

The season is underway! The BCS teams start with Out-of-Conference play, while the NonAQ start their round robin schedule. The deadline for the round is Wednesday, December 8th.

BCS National Championship

The most prestigous game in the NCBB, where the two best teams meet after a long, grueling season to find out who will take home the BCS trophy! This game gives two programs a chance to win the ultimate glory for their fans, coaches, and themselves. A victory here will echo throughout time, forever getting you drinks at bars and girls in bed. The pressure of the big game has crushed many coaches and players alike, but those that thrive it in become legends!

Uluthan's Rose Bowl

The participants in this game may have missed out on a chance to play for the title, but getting to play in beautiful Uluthan is a pretty good consolation prize! The perfect weather, gorgeous elven women, coastal setting, and legendary stadium make for an unforgettable trip for both fans and players alike. The 'Granddaddy of them all' usually has two top-tier teams battling it out to see who will start the next season as a favorite to take the next step in the upcoming campaign.

DedEx Orange Bowl

The amazing DedEx Orange Bowl has arguablly one of the best logos of all time, in addition to some amazing competition. While not quite championship-caliber, DedEx only invites some of the most compelling and impressive teams each year to its wonderous location. Far way in the exotic deserts on the east, the Orange Bowl is often the site of the best games each year, as the losing team is somtimes forced to clean up after the undead hosts...who can be pretty gross at times, decomposing and all.

Tossitos' Fiesta Bowl

Both fans and players alike enjoy the Fiesta Bowl, because Tossitos' always provides the best chips and dip to watch the game with. Two programs go head to head to prove which team has what it takes to make the 'leap' next year, as the winner of this game has often gone on to greater heights.

Imperial Colleges of Magic Wizard Bowl

The first ever 'theme bowl' in NCBB history, the Wizard Bowl allowed two teams that accepted this bid to use powerful wizards against each other on the field! Whether it was a giant fireball hurled towards a cage, or a stud ball carrier suddenly turned into a frog, this bowl game could be turned around in an instant!

Killer Lite Bowl

It doesn't matter how bad or 'meh' the two teams participating in the Killer Lite Bowl are, because after enough beer, every game seems like the national championship! And if there's one thing they never run out of at this bowl, it's beer.

Wonderbra Wonder Bowl

A bowl game sponsored by a company dedicated to a good cause, as the Wonderbra is designed to 'Keep them in, and others out.' However they are generous when it comes to inviting teams to participate in their bowl, as most will barely qualify as a .500 record team. Still, even two average teams can have pretty entertaining contests!

Planter's Goober Bowl

The Goober Bowl is for two teams that would rather focus on the next season, but must play one last game in an effort to salvage an otherwise lack-luster campaign.

Fireball Fire Bowl

It'd be surprising if we had to use this many bowl games, but it wouldn't be surprising if the respecive coaching staffs didn't show up after drinking too many Fireballs...

Famous Irrana Potata Bowl

A more recently added bowl game, with the illustrious sponsorship of the Farmous Irrana Potatas backing it. Unfortunately, none of the teams playing in this game will likely look like a "schnack."

WaffleHouse Salty Tears Bowl

Another newer bowl game, the Salty Tears Bowl seeks to invite two teams who have something to lament from the current season, whether their title dreams were crushed or if a proud program had suddenly fallen on hard times. The only redemption would be to win the game and drink the tears of your opponent from the chalice-award trophy!

Gnarley-Raiderson Chain Saws Slaughter Bowl

This bowl game was supposed to be another standard bowl, but with the advent of 'theme bowls', it looks to make its mark on history by inviting two teams who are both willing and able to weild chainsaws against each other!

Trollslayer.com Seven Zero Bowl

A bowl game themed around the legendary 7-0 beatdown of Karak by their archrivals from TCU.

McNurgle's Bowl

The bowl game that absolutely no one wants to be in, because the McNurgles Bowl is a consolation game: if you qualify, then you suck! The two lowest-rated teams in the NCBB make one last walk-of-shame onto the field, but fortunately against a team just as pathetic. Only one will leave as the 'biggest loser', while the "winner" prays to never make it back here again.

NCBB Basics
-The league is based off of NCAA college football, and thus we try to emulate it as much as possible. We currently have conferences, rivalries, coach's polls, bowl games, award voting, an All-American team, graduation, and other fluffy aspects to represent this conenction.
-We have nine game seasons, in addition to a possible bowl game at the end for those who qualify. Generally, new teams will be grouped together in a seperate conference for their first season as they gain the skills needed to compete. After that, they are promoted to the major conferences. Veteran NCBB programs will have both Conference and Out-of-Conference games each season, in order to foster long-term rivalries while also keeping things fresh.
-Once the regular season is complete, we come up with a Final BCS Standings in order to pair up teams in our various bowl games. The Standings are formulated by four seperate polls, as will be explained further below.
-After the bowl season is complete, new coaches are found, awards are voted on, players are reclassified, and any seniors are graduated from the team.


The NCBB has several rules in place that help make college blood bowl a better experience for both fans and players alike.

* Player eligibility *
The most unique aspect of our league; each player can only participate in four seasons worth of games before they must graduate either to the NBFL (another league on FUMBBL that uses lets teams draft our former players) or regular, boring life. Player classification goes Freshman -> Sophomore -> Junior -> Senior -> Graduated. Sometimes a first-year player (Freshman) will be able to avoid jumping straight to Sophomore status under the Red-shirt rules, which are explained further below.

* Four fouls per game limit *
If a team commits five (or more) fouls in a game, it gets a warning, and if it happens again, the team goes on academic probation, during which the NCBB authorities investigate the obvious low level of intelligence of your coaches and players. Teams on academic probation are not able to go to any bowl games, and they get lowered to 'Warned' status for the next season (warned teams can go to bowls, though.)

* Limit of two dirty players per team *
Due to the fan-friendly desires of the TV contracts in the NCBB, is is considered unsportsmanlike and thus illegal to train more than two players to play dirty.

* No wizards *
With all NCBB games being played at neutral sites, it is tough for one side to wield any sort of home-field advantage, and thus wizards are not allowed.

* Cash limit *
Programs are limited in the amount of funds they can add from their treasury to buy inducements; the cap is 100k.

* Rivalry requirement *
It has been determined that the lack of rivalry games is hurting television revenue in the NCBB, which clearly cannot continue. Thus it was mandated by the ruling body that all schools must have at least one rival by the time that their third season begins. Teams can have up to two rivals.

* No limits for rivarly games *
Of course the passion that both sides have for critical rivalry games is so great that coaches are willing to look the other way when a fifth boot is dropped, or even if a fireball hits the field. Luckily the NCBB has too much paperwork to sort through to ever stop these violations, and thus it is commonly accepted that no rules (except still having a limit of two dirty players), apply for rivalry games.

Likewise, there are other violations that might cause a team to get a Warning, or even go on Academic Probation. Such actions are missing games, giving up during games, conceding matches, and anything else the league views as detrimental to college blood bowl.


Forfeits will be assessed strictly on the week deadline date. Forfeits will be assigned based on communication to ex-convict about scheduling conflicts. Generally, if both coaches try but simply can't meet up, the result will be a forfeit tie.


Before the start of each season, coaches may submit a challenge to other teams for a rivalry game between the two squads. If the other team agrees to the rivalry, it will be listed on this page and be official until one of the teams drops out.

Rivalry games don't have limits on fouls, and wizards are allowed. Likewise, the winner of the game gets +1 BCS point, which helps them in the BCS rankings at the end of the year.

It has been decided that all teams must have at least one rival by the time their third season starts. Teams may have up to two rivalries.

Season 35 Rivalries:

howlson vs ucsd
duke vs wisc
miami vs air force
duke vs fla st
n virg vs byu
karak vs tcu
cal vs oreg
poli vs brohio
air force vs navy
utep vs fla st
howlson vs um go
fay vs app st
otta vs uww
um go vs ucsd
Ottawa vs Wisc
BYU vs Utah (future rivalry after Utah goes through nonAQ)
Berea vs CSU
TCU vs Hawaii
Charlotte vs U Pike
Berea vs Duke
Florida Rottin vs Oregon
SMU vs Brohio
Hawaii vs UDub

-Number of rivalries:

Bowl bid qualifications

The bowl games will be filled with eligible teams (those with a .500 record or better), starting at the National Championship Playoffs. Bowl games will be filled based on those who qualify, thus we could have as few as four and as many as needed. The champion of each conference is guaranteed a bowl game, regardless of record.

Themed Bowl

We will have one rotating 'themed bowl' at the end of the season, which will have a special addition to the game (ie: the Wizard Bowl will grant both teams a wizard to use). This game will be eligible for teams that finish lower than eighth in the final standings, and, starting at 9th, teams will be extended an offer than they can accept or decline to take place in the contest.

BCS Standings

At the end of the season, the average team ranking of several polls (CBBS, RATS, Banjo, Coaches, etc) are used to determine a team's final BCS Standing. Once the standings are finalized, the Bowl Committee matches up teams based on several factors, but mostly follows a #1 vs #2, #3 vs #4, etc. format based on those standings.

Player Eligibility

To keep the college theme going, each player will gain a year of enrollment for each season played. Every player starts as a freshman, and after a season is over, goes to sophomore, then to junior, then senior. After their senior season the player graduates or turns pro and must leave the team (ie: retired.) The only exception comes after a player's first season, where one of the two following rules may apply:

Red-shirt Freshman

These players do not lose a year of eligibility for their team and will be considered a Red-shirt Freshman for their second season. You can only be Red-shirted your first season and only one time.
- If player receives 0 SPP in their freshman year they are considered a Red-shirt Freshman. Fluff wise, these players were unable to play due to injury and could only focus on medical recovery, hence why they failed to gain any experience.
- If a player is picked up for the last game of a team's season (which is a bowl for those that qualify, or the last game before bowl season for those that don't,) they are considered a Red-Shirt Freshman. Fluff wise they are an early-enrollee from the next recruiting class, joining the program before the spring semester begins.

League Voting

This league is about participation, and therefor it is important for all coaches to vote in and polls that are held by the league. The end of the season has coaches polls, award voting, and occasional discussion on rules changes. Although not technically mandatory, it is extremely helpful if each coach participates.

League Teams

NCBB teams are only allowed to play other NCBB teams, and of appropriate TV levels during builder games (new teams vs new teams.) Games outside of the group may result in the removal of the teams from the group.

BCS points will be earned for the season:

A Win against any BCS team: 3 points
A Win against any non-AQ team: 2 points
A Win against a rival: 1 point
A Draw against any team: 1 point
A Loss against any team: 0 points

Multiple concessions or forfeits may result in the removal of the coach from the League

Season 35 Conferences:

Big Beast
Fumbbl Bowl Conference (FBC)
Southern Chaos Conference (SCC)
All Killer Conference (AKC)
Smack Conference
Non-Automatic Qualifying (Non-AQ)

Extra Conference names:

Mangled Wretches Conference (MWC)

Season One Champion Oregon Unducks

Season Two Champion Michigan Wolferines

Season Three Champion Akron Zips

Season Four Champion Houston Cougarats

Season Five Champion Oregon Waterfoul

Season Six Champion Michigan Darkerines

Season Seven Champion U.Con. Huskies

Season Eight Champion PainState

Season Nine Champion Oregon Waterfoul

Season Ten Champion Hawaii University

Season Eleven Champion California Golden Lizards

Season Twelve Champion U.Con. Huskies

Season Thirteen Champion Oregon Waterfoul

Season Fourteen Champion Air Force Baal Kin

Season Fifteen Champion California Golden Lizards

Season Sixteen Champion Arizona Girls Gone Wildcats

Season Seventeen Champion Wisconsin Honeygrues

Season Eighteen Champion Wisconsin Honeygrues

Season Nineteen Champion Missouri Two-Hand-Touch Tigers

Season Twenty Champion TCU Horned Rats

Season Twenty One Champion Oregon Waterfoul

Season Twenty Two Champion Rolla Gold Diggers

Season Twenty Three Champion Oregon Waterfoul

Season Twenty Four Champion Clemson Terrors

Season Twenty Five Champion U-Dub Elfskies

Season Twenty Six Champion Oregon Waterfoul

Season Twenty Seven Champion UNAM Pumas Malditas**

Season Twenty Eight Champion Maryland Killer Turtles

Season Twenty Nine Champion Duke Blue-Green Devils

Season Thirty Champion Duke Blue-Green Devils

Season Thirty One Champion Mz State Bull Dawgz

Season Thirty Two Champion TCU Horned Rats

Season Thirty Three Champion TCU Horned Rats

Season Thirty Four Champion Duke Blue-Green Devils

Season Thirty Five Champion Fayetteville Bronchospasms

BCS Championship Trophy

The BCS Championship trophy is award to the team that wins the National Championship game, after finishing in the top four in the end-of-the-season standings. They are thus crowned the best team of that year!

All-American Team

A prestigious list of players who are determined to be the best-of-the-best in different categories, based on stats and overall impact during the season.

The Hammer Award

The Heisman has been renamed to the Hammer after the Season One winner, Bush Hammer of Boise State. The Hammer is awarded to the best player in college blood bowl.

Season 1 Winner: Bush Hammer
Season 2 Winner: Clifton "Dogbull" Smith
Season 3 Winner: Anika Paterson
Season 4 Winner Clifton Smith II
Season 5 Winner: #25 'Hairy' Harris Agbor (CB)
Season 6 Winner: #25 'Hairy' Harris Agbor (CB)
Season 7 Winner: Jake "Australian Wood Duck" Cipro
Season 8 Winner: Navarro Bowman
Season 9 Winner: Herger
Season 10 Winner: Herger
Season 11 Winner: Jared "Marlin" McFarlin
Season 12 Winners: Dillon van der Wal and Shane "Fragging" Jones
Season 13 Winner: Quentin Kantaris
Season 14 Winner: Michael "Jedward" Hudson
Season 15 Winner: Emmitt Smith
Season 16 Winner: Morgan "Black-bellied Whistling Duck" Wright, Oregon
Season 17 Winner: Peter "The Wall" Young, Fresno State
Season 33 Winner: Rocky Calmus, Oooklahoma
Season 34 Winner: Julian Starr, Ottawa
Season 35 Winner: Julian Starr, Ottawa and Joey Mendis, Gallaudet

The Banger-Hardell Award

The Banger-Hardell trophy is awarded to the best Offensive player in the NCBB, and is named after co-winners Alex Hardell and Yvenson Banger, who shared it in its first season of existence.

Season 2 Winner: Alex Hardell and Yvenson Banger
Season 3 Winner: Jarod Bryant
Season 4 Winner: Alex Sting
Season 5 Winner: Bill "Falcated Duck" Gembala
Season 6 Winner: #29 Marcus 'Makes it Look Easy' Easley (WR)
Season 7 Winner: Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan
Season 8 Winner: Rondon Bibbs
Season 9 Winner: Josh Cody
Season 10 Winner: Malcom Lane
Season 11 Winner: Stoney Case
Season 12 Winner: Quentin Kantaris
Season 13 Winner: Jordan Poyer
Season 14 Winner: Jordan Poyer
Season 15 Winner: Emmitt Smith
Season 16 Winner: Morgan "Black-bellied Whistling Duck" Wright, Oregon
Season 17 Winner: Hiram Paige, BYU
Season 33 Winner: Ryan Stover, Howlson
Season 34 Winner: Dennis "Flash" Gordon, SMU
Season 35 Winner: Joey Mendis, Gallaudet

The Neeley Award

The Neeley Award is given to the best Devensive player in the NCBB, and is named after its original winner Ryan Neeley of the BYU Kitties, and was first awarded after season 3.

Season 2 Defensive PotY Zach Bruhin
Season 3 Winner: Ryan Neeley
Season 4 Winner: Laurie WIlliams II
Season 5 Winner: Eer-ick Small
Season 6 Winner: Matthew Pritchett IV
Season 7 Winner: Josh Skull
Season 8 Winner: MD Punisher
Season 9 Winners: M D Punisher and Gabe "Lizard" King
Season 10 Winner: Zach Luckett
Season 11 Winner: Mason 'The Lawyer' Powell [#55]
Season 12 Winner: Mike Vrabel
Season 13 Winner: Mike Vrabel
Season 14 Winner: Kyle "Hammer" Gronski
Season 15 Winner: Kyle "Hammer" Gronski
Season 16 Winner: Kyle "Hammer" Gronski, Fresno State
Season 17 Winner: Kyle "Hammer" Gronski, Fresno State
Season 33 Winner: Joseph Broadnax Jr. (DT) #54, TCU
Season 34 Winner: John Cannon, Air Force
Season 35 Winner: John Cannon, Air Force

The Wylie Coyote Award

A.K.A. the Gone too Soon award, given to the most promising player who's career was cut short in any way, must be renamed for the player winning...but since Neeley already has an award, it goes to second placed Kelmetrius Wylie 'Coyote'.

Season 5 Winner: Ryan Neeley
Season 6 Winner: Eer-ick Small
Season 7 Winner: Stan Peade
Season 8 Winner: "HaWt"; CahRL 'L'lehr
Season 9 Winner: Blaine Gabbert
Season 10 Winner: Wolfman Jack
Season 11 Winner: Werewolf of London II
Season 12 Winner: Jared "Marlin" McFarlin
Season 13 Winners: Stoney Case and Jerry "African Black Duck" Armstrong
Season 14 Winner: Lon Chaney
Season 15 Winner: Air Force Baal Kin, Mustafa Jalil, Archie Griffin, and Carl Gettis II
Season 16 Winner: Tim Fugger, Vampirebilt
Season 17 Winner: Yark Friese, Oregon
Season 33 Winner: Drakensberg Fields, Miami (OH)
Season 34 Winner: Kwan "Quickness" Sparks, SMU
Season 35 Winner: The Horned One Itself, TCU


The Coach of the Season award was first given out in season 5, where we had a three way tie between Somertown, Muford, and Kryten, whom all had 2 votes apiece. All hail the SOMUFTEN AWARD!!!!

Season 5 Winners: Somertown, Muford, and Kryten
Season 6 Winner: Jeffro
Season 7 Winner: Ryanfitz
Season 8 Winner: Da_Todfatha
Season 9 Winner: Kryten
Season 10 Winner: Apojar
Season 11 Winner: ex-convict
Season 12 Winner: ryanfitz
Season 13 Winner: somertown
Season 14 Winner: Beerox
Season 15 Winner: ex-convict
Season 16 Winner: licker, Arizona
Season 17 Winner: happygrue, Wisconsin
Season 33 Winner: FRSHMN, TCU
Season 34 Winner: Kzarik, Duke
Season 35 Winner: Aenir, Navy

The Gabbert-Bryant Award

The Top Thrower award is given to the best quarterback in the NCBB, renamed the Gabbert-Bryant award after its two inaugural winners from season 8: Blaine Gabbert of Missouri and Jeramy Bryant of Hawaii.

Season 8 Winners: Blaine Gabbert and Jeramy Bryant
Season 9 Winners: Gabe Alexander, Korey Hall II, and Blaine Gabbert
Season 10 Winner: Bryant Moniz
Season 11 Winner: Simon 'The Wiz' White [#4]
Season 12 Winner: John Barrowman
Season 13 Winner: Troy Smith
Season 14 Winner: David Graves
Season 15 Winner: Billie the Bow
Season 16 Winner: Landry Jones, Oklahoma
Season 17 Winner: Sean Schroeder, Hawaii
Season 33 Winner: Zach Daniel, Hawaii
Season 34 Winner: Zach Daniel, Hawaii
Season 35 Winner: Zach Daniel, Hawaii

The Wolfman Award

The Top Freshman award is given to the best first-year player in the NCBB, renamed the Wolfman award after its inaugural winner from season 9: Wolfman Jack of Nevada.

Season 9 Winner: Wolfman Jack
Season 10 Winner: Malcom Lane
Season 11 Winner: Anika Quickstep
Season 12 Winners: Deadmon Haynes and Luc Longley
Season 13 Winners: Lance Mitchell and Jordan Poyer
Season 14 Winner: Kyle "Hammer" Gronski
Season 15 Winner: Emmitt Smith
Season 16 Winner: Tezcatlipoca, Slam Diego State
Season 17 Winner: Caleb Azubike, Vampirebilt
Season 33 Winner: Joey Mendis, Gallaudet
Season 34 Winner: Alicia Devine, CSU
Season 35 Winner: Jett Bender, Ohio Wesleyan

The Lustrian Spectacle Award

The Lustrian Spectacle award is given to the Game of the Year, looking to highlight the best contests of skill, iconic moments, and bloody beatings in NCBB history.

Season 16 Winner: Ohio State vs Arizona
Season 17 Winner: Ohio State vs Oregon
Season 33 Winner: TCU vs Cal
Season 34 Winner: TCU vs Karak
Season 35 Winner: TCU vs Navy

The Dwarven Spirit Award

A newer award that is voted on, the Dwarven Spirit Award goes to the most hated program, telling us who is kicking the most butt, dropping the most boots, or is just the plain most un-likeable group of SOBs in the country.

Season 33 Winner: "The High Elves"
Season 34 Winner: Duke
Season 35 Winner: Duke

The Beast Conference Award

Still relatively new, this prize awarded for the best conference is not only decided on the field, but also in the hearts and minds of the fans!

Season 34 Winner: FBC, or Fumbbl Bowl Conference
Season 35 Winner: Big Beast and FBC, or Fumbbl Bowl Conference

The Elven Try Hard Award

The Elven Try Hard Award goes to the team that is predicted to win next season's championship and who everyone should be gunning for!

Season 35 Winner: Fayetteville

Hall of Fame Inaugural Class
Bush HammerBoise State FairiesSeason 1 Heisman Winner
Joe PersonNavy MidskeletonmenDescription
Anika PattersonAkron ZipDescription
Pus LuvsneezPain_StateDescription
Ryan NeeleyBYU KittiesSeason 3 Best Defensive Player
Justin ColbertUniversity of HawaiiDescription
Jake LongMichigan WolferinesDescription
Clifton "Dogbull" SmithFresh Tasty BulldogsDescription

All-American Teams
The All-American team was first debuted after season 8 by the CBBS, where the goal was to make a "super team" of the best players from the previous NCBB season.

Season 8 All-Americans
Season 9 All-Americans
Season 10 All-Americans
Season 11 All-Americans
Season 12 All-Americans
Season 13 All-Americans
Season 14 All-Americans
Season 15 All-Americans

Due to budget restraints, the CBBS was unable to determine worthy All-Americans for Seasons 16 through 19. Fortunately, a new sponsor bought the rights to the concept in Season 20.

All-American Team Selection Show (Seasons 20-24)
Presented by: Warpstone Dew

The NCBB is meant to be a fun, fluffy league based around NCAA College Football. Luckily, we've had a lot of coaches who have dedicated their time to make this happen. Here are some of the main sources of fluff throughout our history:

The RFAdvantage

The RFA goes way back to Season 5 and has become an integral part of the bowl process, counting as thirty percent of the Final BCS Standings. Every season, the wizards at the RFA use a complicated mathmatetical formula to determine who is really worthy of bowl invites, because they can look beyond the box score and see how good, or bad, you really are. When they have time, they even give weekly rankings to show who's rising, and who's falling in the standings.

Example RFA Bowl Predictions
Example RFA Weekly Rankings


Another key part of the Final BCS Standings, the legendary Gogre Keg Standings is arguably the most unique fluff piece in the league. Every season, a group of Ogres puts their collective heads together and rank all the NCBB teams based off of...well, it's hard to say. Some years they invite all programs to post pictures of their fans getting drunk, while others they host poety contests. Failing that, they probably paint goblins in school colors and TTM them as far as possible, then rank the teams based on who "flew" the furthest. Regardless of how they do it, the Keg Standings are always interesting. Or as they would say:

"an' DAT duhn beez IHT fur dis yeers GOGRE KEG STAHNDYNGZ!!
Ifn yaz din’t git uh keg stahnd, izs cuz yoor collige innit SMRT aht iht.

Example Keg Standing

All-American Team Selection Show

A newer souce of fluff, the All-American team was revived by a new sponsor, Warpstone Dew, in season 20. After acquiring the rights to run the show, they hired some highly respected experts and equiped them with State-of-the-Art Analysis Gadgets. Now we can once again identify the best players in the league and put them on a 'super team,' aka the ...

... All-American team.

Example Selection Show 1
Example Selection Show 2

College GamePlay Built by the Gnome Depot

One of the original staples of the league, the College GamePlay show has been the league's source for countless lists, rankings, announcements, and much more. Hosted by Chris Fouler and former NCBB players Anthony Killer and Tyler Brosius, these three discuss and debate every topic that comes up in the league. The show has gone through budget cuts at times, but they keep coming back like a zombie who always rolls 4's for his regen roll.

Example Awards Show
Example Bowl Announcement
Example Season Preview


The CBBS is another key part of the Final BCS Standings, and uses a simple method of ranking teams (3 pts for W, 1 for Tie, +/- 1 for rivalry results). Beyond the rankings, the CBBS has also helped preview seasons, reveal rewards, and post other interesting reports.

Example Season Preview
Example Award Winners
Example Bowl Announcement
Example Final BCS Standings
Example CBBS Standings

Seriously Injured

A fluff source that has provided great insight at times, Seriously Injured goes in-depth into team analysis and has great conference previews.

Example Conference Preview