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Super Star
Win Percentage
  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  Back from the Front Shambling Undead 275k 4/2/3 1295k ±200  
  Bones'Galore [C] Tomb Kings 200k 7/7/14 1010k ±520  
  Furry Toes Dwarf 155k 5/0/0 1100k ±170  
  Glaglagla Norse 215k 7/0/0 1260k ±190  
  Johann's Fanboys [C] Human 240k 6/1/2 1290k ±190  
  Slices of Life Halfling 110k 1/0/1 960k ±100  
  Small Brains Big Boots Goblin 15k 0/0/2 970k ±100  
  White Cow and the Lucky 7 Chaos Dwarf 185k 2/1/4 1120k ±170  
League teams for JBL-Version BB2020
  [JBL 31] Numas Titans Tomb Kings 260k 5/3/2 1370k    
  Throgg's Tramplers 33' Chaos Renegade JBL 210k 4/2/3 1300k    
Scheduled against a team that's not decided yet.
  Throgg's Tramplers [JBL32] Chaos Renegade JBL 280k 2/3/7 1330k    
League teams for Secret League 2020
  [SL2020] The Risen Rasetra 175k 3/1/4 1170k    
  Bones' Splinters Clan Mordkin 10k 0/0/0 990k    
  Which witch will we watch Witch Hunter 20k 3/0/1 950k    
League teams for Secret League Open
  [SL] Free Hugs Daemons of Nurgle 60k 5/4/12 1720k    
  [SL] From Bones to Dust Mahrak 90k 4/2/7 1480k    
  [SL] In SLigmar We Trust Sisters of Sigmar 70k 3/1/1 1410k    
  [SL] Kaleb's minions Daemons of Malal 60k 5/5/6 1580k    
  [SL] The Risen Rasetra 910k 14/8/10 1800k    
  Goblin Hood Forest Goblin 101k 12/1/2 1530k    
  {SL} Sinnis' Hungs Hung 80k 2/1/2 1220k    
  Bones'Galore Tomb Kings 140k 110/71/137 1460k    
  Fetch Milou ! Necromantic Horror 220k 6/3/5 1540k ±350  
  Join Us... Forever Shambling Undead 170k 19/4/6 1680k ±890  
  Les Rats Ratés Skaven 130k 5/0/2 1420k ±210  
  Many ways to die Chaos Renegade 280k 11/6/10 1770k ±870  
  Troma's Wonders Nurgle 220k 13/4/7 1750k ±750  
Stunty Leeg
  A Mass of Mouses Eshin Adepts 360k 9/5/6 1300k    
  Garden Shelter Dwellers Gnome 470k 11/7/17 1710k    
  Green Thing Diggers Skryre Slaves 530k 11/11/23 1590k    
  Les Bacilles Graciles Nurglings 400k 7/4/10 1520k    
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Quick Stats
Member SinceMarch 27, 2015
Matches Played1547
Match Record526/312/709
Tournament Wins
JBL 30 - Challenge Kronengob
JBL 29 - Challenge Kronengob
JBL 28 - Coupe de Cristal
JBL 24 - Challenge Kronengob
JUAR Saison 1 - Padawan
JBM3 Saison régulière Suisse
OWCC Norsca Conference XIII
New team friendlies