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Each year, teams from across the globe undertake a perilous sea voyage to the Isles of Ulthuan. Many are invited, but only a few teams successfully navigate the misty seas that surrounds the magical Elven Isles.

As the teams arrive at the Outer Isles, they compete for one of the 16 magical Phoenix Lanterns that will guide them towards the heart of Ulthuan.

Once brought together, the light from the Lanterns dispel the once impenetrable mists to reveal the legendary Asur Dome. Under the bright Phoenix Lanterns, the remaining 16 teams compete for the coveted Ulthuan Invitational Prize. The tournament winner receives blood bowl gear infused with potent elven magic made from Vaul's Forge.

The Ulthuan Invitational is one of FUMBBL's Major Tournaments. Spots will be allocated by Team Value in descending order (that is, highest to lowest TW). with any tie breakers decided by time of application.


To find out how to qualify for the Ulthuan Invitational, see below.

The Ulthuan Invitational will consist of 16 qualifiers - 8 'Light' and 8 'Dark' qualifiers. there will be 8 teams in each qualifier, so a maximum of 128 teams will gain a spot. Coaches may apply with one team only in total. The winner of each of these will gain 1 bonus MVP and earn the right to partake in the Ulthuan Invitational itself. time permitting the teams will be invited into the final group. But winning teams are responsible for their own entry to the finals. After winning a qualifier teams must apply to the main group are not allowed to play any games before the draw. Losing finalists in qualifiers should also not play any games and may also apply in case any of the winners cannot participate in the finals.

The final tournament will consist of these teams playing in one large Weekly KO tournament until only one team remains: the victor.

The High Elves are choosy about both the quality and the reputations of the teams they admit to their tournament. There is a strenuous selection process involved for all interested teams before they receive one of the Phoenix Lanterns that grant access to the Asur Dome.

There will be 16 Qualifiers, 8 of which are designated as Light and 8 as Dark. To attempt to qualify for the tournament, please apply to the relevant group with your team. Light qualifiers will accept applications from Amazon, Dwarf, Elf, Halfling, High Elf, Human, Lizardman, Norse, Slann and Wood Elf teams. Dark qualifiers will accept applications from Chaos, Chaos Dwarf, Chaos Pact, Dark Elf, Goblin, Khemri, Necromantic, Orc, Nurgle's Rotters, Skaven, Undead, Underworld, Vampire and Ogre teams.

This format is in place because the proud High Elves can only tolerate so many bad influences on their territory, and are not willing to tempt fate by allowing truly open qualification series.

As with all Major Tournaments, there will be monetary prizes awarded to each team for winning their matches and 50,000 for winning the tournament. This gold is automatically added to your team roster after the result is uploaded and will not appear in the match report.

In addition to this cash reward, the tournament winner will receive mystical blood bowl gear crafted from Vaul's Forge.

For the Ulthuan Invitational XIX, Vaul will craft the following pieces. Any two chosen by the winning coach.

Gloves of Calostas (Diving Catch)
Helmet of VesaeLaer (Thick skull)
Ithilmir Armour (Sprint)

The Full list of Vaul Crafted Items:

Boots of Var Cor (Leap+DP 30TV);
Bracers of VesaeLaer (Stand Firm 20TV);
Dragon Helmet (+1 AV, 10TV);
Griffin Boots (Leap 20TV);
Griffin Bracers (+AG, 40TV);
Griffin Greaves (Jump Up 20TV);
Gloves of Calostas (Diving Catch, 20TV);
Helmet of Fear (Foul Appearance 20TV);
Helmet of VesaeLaer (Thick skull 20TV);
Ithilmir Armour (Sprint, 20TV);
Ring Of Amarth (Grab 20TV);
Talisman of Eilai (Two Heads 20TV);
Ulthuan Bracers (Fend 20TV);