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Ulthuan Invitational Facilitator's Guide

Managing The Group

  • Only accept applications to the group when you are ready to start an IQT
  • Only accept applications if they are for the right group (Dark or Light)
  • Delete membership of coaches after a tournament.

Setting Up The Tournament

  • All IQTs have been precreated; select the lowest unplayed IQT and click "Start Tournament"
  • All FUMBBL SMACK IQTs are 8 team Knockout Tournaments

Starting The Tournament

  • Get each coach to officially confirm they are ready to play via a chat msg.
  • Check the Qualifiers Forum Thread to check if any of the applying coaches have played in a QST already (use CTRL+F). Do not allow coaches to play in a Qualifier twice.
  • Note down the names and teams of the participating coaches in the Forum Thread.
  • Get them to specify their team
  • Select the 8 teams
  • Seed coaches by Coach Ranking
  • Start the tournament.
  • Post the tournament schedule link in the channel
  • Wish the participants "Good Luck"
  • Change the score of the teams in the IQT you just started to the next number up (if the highest score displayed on group page is 4, assign all new teams a score of 5.

Useful Links

Last update: April 25, 2006