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Instant Qualifying Tournaments

Instant Qualifying Tournaments (IQT) are used as qualifiers for various Official FUMBBL Tournaments. You must win an IQT to advance to the main tournament. The tournament page will indicate how many IQT winners will gain a spot in the main tournament.


  • 8 teams participate in each IQT. Team eligibility will be described on the tournament page.
  • IQTs are 8 team Knock Out tournaments.
  • All games are expected to be played in one sitting (approximately 6 hours)
  • Do not join if you can not complete 3 back to back games.
  • Dropping out of an IQT will result in banishment from further IQTs and depending on the circumstances future Official FUMBBL Tournaments.
  • If you can commit to 3 back to back teams and have an eligibile team, join the appropriate tournament IRC channel and apply to the tourmanent qualifying group. When 8 coaches have joined, the tournament facilitator will confirm that everyone is ready and then start the IQT.


Q: What happens if a coach drops out during an Instant Qualifying Tounrament?
A: They will have 15 minutes to return to the game. If they do not return in time, their opponent will automatically win the match. Other consequences may follow as per usual FUMBBL rules.

Q: What happens if a coach has repeated connectionivity issues?
A: The match may be forfeited at the tournament facilitator's discretion in order to keep the IQT on schedule.

Q: Why haven't I been accepted yet? Why can't I see the other coaches who have applied before I decide to apply?
A: No applications are accepted for a qualifier until there are 8 applications and the next qualifier can be started. This is to stop coaches "cherrypicking" qualifiers. You have to accept who you play, no exceptions - even if it is coach FoulThemTillTheyDie!

Q: Oh no, I got FoulThemTillTheyDie as an opponent! Can I get you to forfeit my game so I can apply to the next qualifier instead?
A: You can choose to forfeit your game, but if you do that you will not be allowed to enter any more IQTs for the remainder of the tournament.

Q: What is the K value for the Instant Qualifying Tournaments?
A: K=2

Q: If you lose all your qualifier games with K= 6, you lose a lot of coach ranking points. Why are you punished so hard for trying to qualify for this tournament?
A: The Official FUMBBL Tournaments are the highest competition on FUMBBL, so while the rewards for success are great, there is a certain amount of risk involved as well. In any case, the K rating is based on normal rules for tournaments as calculated by the system used by the NAF and others.

Q: Can I hire star players and wizards for qualifiers?
A: Of course!

Q: I won a qualifier, can I play more games with my qualified team?
A: Yes, you can play other non-tournament matches right up until the main tournament begins.

Q: I got knocked out of a qualifier, how do I reapply?
A: You will be kicked out of the group once the IQT is completed. Follow the same procedure as before, join the tournament channel and reapply to the tournament qualifying group when you are ready to play another IQT. Note: For the Ulthuan Invitational of 2006, this does not currently apply. Once knocked out, you are out.

Q: Who are those teams in the main group page?
A: They are teams which have qualified for the main tournament.

Last update: November 13, 2008