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Founder koadah
255 active members
This Group is for open play on Game Finder and tournaments using Secret League teams.
Founder Calthor
86 active members
CIBBL (CabalVision Inter-regional Blood Bowl League) is a seasonal fluff-heavy league, with regional play, cups and inter-regional ranked play, making use of CRP + SL teams and CRP+ rules.
Founder Julcar
62 active members
Founder jdmickleburgh
62 active members
Bloodweiser Amateur National Tournament Series
Founder Calthor
44 active members
BIBBL (Bloodweiser Inter-regional Blood Bowl League) is a seasonal fluff-heavy league, with regional play, cups and inter-regional ranked play, making use of CRP + SL teams and CRP+ rules.
Founder Luohghcra
36 active members
FUMBBL's Oceanian League running since 2003! All suitable applicants from Australia, New Zealand or Asia (GMT +7 to +12) are more than welcome. Drop by our chat channel, #swl, for more information.
Founder bghandras
32 active members
A league designed like NFL with 32 franchizes (with draft, trades) playing in European time zones! League is customized! (Uses custom icons, logos, etc.) Accepting coaches for waitlist.
Founder sharkrudi
30 active members
Ligue francophone avec équipes neuves chaque saison, reprise de franchises historiques. une saison régulière puis playoffs et coupe.
Founder JellyBelly
17 active members
Premier NA Secret League league. Compete for glory and hunt for ancient treasure!
Founder The_Murker
16 active members
DLE2 - Draft League Extraordinaire
Founder Candlejack
16 active members
Liga für alle deutschsprachigen Coaches
Founder Zed
14 active members
Ligue francophone réservée aux équipes Minus. Équipes neuves à chaque début de saison.
Founder DUBitativ
13 active members
La liga hispana por excelencia desde el 2006. Para mas informacion visita la pagina del grupo o pasate por el canal de IRC #fumbbl.es
Founder Jopotzuki
12 active members
League for Finnish coaches!
Founder DeathRollerDAD
10 active members
A man, a visionary called Jhon McNulty, could forsee the potential of Blood Bowl as a pro sport. OBBL was in the making. He traveled all over the old world seeking for teams ready to go pro.
Founder Inforthepain
7 active members
Founder havaji
5 active members
Founder SpecialOne
5 active members
Seven aside format that follows the format of NCAA Football as a feeder league for Draft League Europe. Create superstars, win championships and be the most prestigious college!
Founder SzieberthAdam
5 active members
Group for EuroBowl 2018 compliant teams
Founder Gonzas1000
5 active members
Torneo de Amigos y Caballeros del Bloodbowl
Founder Valen
4 active members
Founder Khor_Varik
4 active members
Ligue francophone longue durée pour rosters classiques. Saisons courtes et prise de risques récompensée, pour des matchs endiablés !
Founder realmalteser2
3 active members
Founder Strider84
3 active members
Founder FinnDiesel
2 active members
Chaos Realm League — Chaos League for Chaos Coaches, and all willing! We only accept Chaos teams, not those good minded scum! Contact FinnDiesel for more Infomation regarding the league
Founder koadah
1 active members
Instant 4 team tournament Secret League Open (303)
Founder koadah
1 active members
A Secret League Rookie Rumble
Founder Luohghcra
592 members
SWL Fringe is the entry portal for new coaches to the Southern Wastes League providing tourneys and a 'Ranked' style environment where players can find regular sociable games with other SWLers.
Founder happygrue
491 members
The Abandoned Races Race! Tired of boring matches in the box? Play the least played races for great glory! Not motivated by glory? Then do it for the pillaging and plundARR!
Founder pizzamogul
340 members
E.L.F. - The longest running Metagroup on FUMBBL - since 2005! A league for all elves who aren't afraid to face any race. Season LXII is under way! Come join us!
Founder koadah
262 members
The greatest Human teams in the [B]ox battle it out for supremacy. S41: Winter of man ; Dec 2017 & Jan 2018
238 members
A group for users of the /tg/ - Traditional Games board on 4chan.org
Founder koadah
200 members
Black Box Steel Gauntlet
Founder ramchop
160 members
Deserted Isles Blood Bowl Leeg (DIBBL) is a league for New Zealand Timezone players.
Founder koadah
123 members
A combat sports themed challenge. Fight your way through the ranks to become the Open League Champion.
Founder baelnic
104 members
The Stunty Professional Leeg and Tour is a brand new meta-group designed to encourage diversity in the broader world of Stunty. All coachs with two qualifying* Stunty teams are welcome to join.
Founder Aenir
80 members
A league based on American College Football. Our features include bowl games, redshirt players, player graduation, rivalries, and much more. Come represent the college of your choice!
Founder _NoA_
61 members
France BloodBowl Ligue
Founder Westrin
60 members
This is a fluff-heavy [L] league for coaches fluent in, or intelligible with Swedish. Svenska LÖBBL is a beginner friendly league with coaches from different experience levels. Current Season: IX
Founder burgun824
59 members
The NWFL is an America based Blood Bowl League. The League set up mimics the NFL in a full year round schedule from the Rookie Draft all the way to the Superior Bowl Champion.
Founder Prez
55 members
British Isles-based scheduled league
Founder Rabe
47 members
Love the dwelfballing Agility Monsters? Join this group!
Founder koadah
45 members
An open league for newish coaches or those with a win% around 45% or less.
Founder mrt1212
45 members
Blood Bowl's answer to the NFL! American Football theme league. Bring your favorite team, but active players only!
Founder Garion
43 members
The Secret League equivalent of the Fumbbl Cup
Founder Zed
42 members
>EMU is open to all non-elf teams in RANKED
Founder Emeric
41 members
Want to show that blackbox has a lot of variety? Want to be the first to be activated in all possible matchups? Want a special reward for having managed to get an Halfling vs Underworld draw? Come in!
Founder bigbullies
41 members
The great chaos war has engulfed the Southern Wastes. Only ragtag bands make their way across the blasted landscape searching for shelter and safety, some paying their way by entertaining the rest.
Founder pythrr
41 members
This is a league for all you soccer fans out there. The league comprises a Divisional RR Tourney and a KO Cup. The league is usually recruiting. PM pythrr
Founder Synn
37 members
Do you have a big ego and a small ....? Join us!
Founder Ehlers
36 members
By applying to this group you agree to let others record and upload your game.
Founder razmus
31 members
So, you have a team which graduated from the 145 Club, and maybe you've improved a little as a coach. This is the league to bring those teams together and schedule some more games
Founder Texan
31 members
Still Recruiting! START DATE: November 5, 2007
Founder Rabe
29 members
Founder easilyamused
29 members
You've shown your strength against different teams from all over the world? You are willing to prove that you are the strongest team of your race in FUMBBL? Prove it.
Founder jdmickleburgh
28 members
For readers of The Scribbl
Founder Foad
26 members
A place for former [L] teams to transition to, for coaches looking to play at higher TV. For all coaches, but most game played in the east Asian and Oceanic timezones.
Founder Garion
24 members
In HUBBA 24 coaches and 24 different races in an ongoing league format based loosely on the FA football league.
Founder ben_awesome
24 members
For Bro's that Lift, [url=https://fumbbl.com/p/group?op=view&group=10864&p=teams]Heavy Lifting is now open![/url] Are your players weak? Do they struggle to bench a snotling? Need heavy objects
Founder Kam
21 members
Delirium Treemens is a competition organized each year by the famous Hafling beer brand to reward the most accomplished or the most foolish trees of the Moot. Join the tree madness now!
20 members
Das Waterbowl is a scheduled league brought to you (unsurprisingly) by the Waterbowl, Manchester's home to all things bloodbowl. Rounds run to fortnightly deadlines.
Founder Kzarik
20 members
Unique style league! NO Retirements! MUST take stats!
Founder mrt1212
17 members
This group is to keep track of all those wacky and misguided Big Guys who just wanna score in spite of themselves. If you have a Big Guy in Ranked or Box who fits the bill as one of the team's primary
Founder liquidorange
17 members
This group is home to the fans of Watchmen Philosophy and those who hold a grudging respect for their brutal efficiency on the pitch.
Founder KhorneliusPraxx
17 members
This group is for the Bloodbowl players in, around, from, or in some way have connections with the Evansville, Indiana, USA.
Founder Colin
14 members
The group membership consists of experienced coaches involved in instructing, advising, mentoring, cajoling and otherwise helping coaches with Blood Bowl. general.
Founder Horlog
14 members
Founder koadah
12 members
Open [L]eague Challenge PPV Event
Founder JockMcRowdy
12 members
A grand tournament for any present or past participants in the White Isle League or Fringe.
Founder xyon
12 members
The Northern Wastes League is the Premier North American blood bowl league that uses a promotion/demotion system! It is also one of the oldest leagues on FUMBBL that caters to North America. It has be
Founder Buskopanz
11 members
The Clans of Chaos are gathering ! Join The War for the Crown of Kaos King !
Founder sann0638
9 members
This is the FUMBBL version of the Swindon & Wiltshire Blood Bowl League; SAWBBL! Find us on Facebook and twitter (@SAWBBL). Always looking for more local coaches in our tabletop league; sawbbl.uk.
Founder koadah
8 members
Secret League - Old World Brawl
Founder spubbbba
8 members
A chance for coaches on the WIL waiting list to play competitive and fun games whilst they wait for a place in the main league.
Founder easilyamused
7 members
B Major
Founder Gary_Gygax
5 members
Do you like Gary's italian swearing and cursing during his matches? Enjoy the club! :)
Founder SirMadness
4 members
La BB Mad AcademY est ouverte à tous, vous y trouverez des conseils et des compétitions, n'hésitez pas à venir nous retrouver sur discord :: https://discord.gg/kSnqUYV
Founder easilyamused
4 members
You've shown your strength against different teams from all over the world, you've beaten all others of your race. Who will be called the best.
Founder easilyamused
1 members
The group to apply to take part in FUMBBL BAR Brawls
Founder Dscore20
1 members
Founder koadah
1 members
Secret League - SLUMBBL Shield Max TVTW 1750