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FUMBBL Bug Tracking
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49KalimarNEW BUG REPORTS: Can't edit or delete own commentsFUMBBL Feature Requests
106KalimarNEW Add email notification to PM systemFUMBBL Feature Requests
107KalimarNEW Notify bug reporter of changes to his reportFUMBBL Feature Requests
238KalimarNEW Customized player iconsFUMBBL Feature Requests
678uuniNEW Journeymen have always male namesFUMBBL Feature Requests
681MacavityASSIGNED Christer Top Ten list voidFUMBBL
694blocknrollASSIGNED Christer Player AwardsFUMBBL
695RijssiejASSIGNED Christer Team page shows TR/TS instead of TVFUMBBL
696RijssiejASSIGNED Christer Team overview shows 'Team Wizard:' for CRP teamsFUMBBL
815Cyrus-HavocNEW Tournament WeightFUMBBL Feature Requests
874WreckageNEW SCHEDULER: scedules same game for all opponentsFUMBBL
881ShraaaagNEW Huge Team logosFUMBBL
900EnochulatorNEW Problems starting Blackbox gamesFUMBBL
902ColinNEW FORFEITS: [L] game does not award points to the winnerFUMBBL
951uuniNEW New stats for players: blocked and fouledFUMBBL Feature Requests
952ColinNEW Cannot edit scores in a completed League tournamentFUMBBL
963uuniNEW site could list Fan Factor in teams listFUMBBL Feature Requests
976backelieNEW FR: Please bring back Ranked to League team transferFUMBBL Feature Requests
979RobRoyDuncanNEW BOX: Direct Box activation = wrong team scheduledFUMBBL
989uuniNEW PM Trash could be emptied by userFUMBBL Feature Requests
1003ShraaaagNEW XML 'bugs'FUMBBL
1016ShraaaagNEW Stats vs. other coaches...FUMBBL Feature Requests
1079ChainsawNEW Player bios not using available space (with fix)FUMBBL
1092WhatBallNEW Client options for non-standard leaguesFUMBBL Feature Requests
1159MelechNEW In Game Icon "IG" in Buddy List displays wrong scoreFUMBBL
1160uuniNEW MATCH REPORT: Show Fan Factor beofre & after matchFUMBBL Feature Requests
1180air139NEW lfg2FUMBBL
1247GarionNEW Feature Request - Tournament & RacesFUMBBL Feature Requests
1257uuniNEW FFB Bug report system should PM only on new releaseFUMBBL
1264zakatanREOPENED report issuesFUMBBL
1294WhatBallNEW Submitter unable to change category for bugsFUMBBL
1300PentalarcNEW GAMEFINDER: Multiple games, not synchingFUMBBL
1312fangbangerNEW WINNINGS: No money after the matchFUMBBL
1364uuniNEW Roster could link to racial helpFUMBBL Feature Requests
1394the_SageNEW Blog link on home refers to coach rather than blog idFUMBBL
1406AzureNEW Blackbox matching incorrectly - using old TV?FUMBBL
1423UedderNEW Game completed is not updated after server crashFUMBBL
1429garyt1NEW Turn statistics not matching turn number on new client replaysFUMBBL
1439KelkkaNEW PROFILE: injury to act as a link to gameFUMBBL Feature Requests
1441OrbbNEW No connection to Blackbox matchFUMBBL
1442krytieNEW Imrovement Suggestion -- Match Report TitlesFUMBBL Feature Requests
1449CWNEW Player scheduled for 2 box games at the same time.FUMBBL
1451Balle2000NEW Gamefinder alert sounds for multitasking FUMBBL Feature Requests
1456MattDakkaNEW DISPLAY: Unable to see team logos on the pitch.FUMBBL
1458ShraaaagNEW Team name not showing on Game pageFUMBBL
1476happygrueNEW opponent last seen time is negative.FUMBBL
1484onthejazzNEW Tracking of CAS statistics sorted by BH/SI/RIP in match reports and on team pages appearing buggedFUMBBL
1485onthejazzNEW Option to give Journeymen names prior to matchFUMBBL Feature Requests
1487OverhamsterenNEW Placement of logos in games listFUMBBL Feature Requests
1499the_SageNEW Comments on CR graphFUMBBL Feature Requests
1516CorporateSlave3NEW Team Rooster page not viewableFUMBBL
1518uuniNEW Suitability score to GFFUMBBL Feature Requests
1523the_SageNEW Recent forum posts - moreFUMBBL Feature Requests
1525KrytenNEW Reported/Approved team skips post match sequenceFUMBBL
1528ShraaaagNEW BBcode requestsFUMBBL Feature Requests
1542RijssiejNEW [icon] doesn't work for icons with -FUMBBL
1565RobRoyDuncanNEW Highlighting of own teams not working properly on Team pagesFUMBBL
1569mister__joshuaNEW New tourney options not workingFUMBBL
1573uuniNEW Blogs without title are not reachableFUMBBL
1577JimmyFantasticNEW Star player raised from the dead has a journeyman name after the game and in the match report.FUMBBL
1589ChaoticTendenciesNEW Didn't credit Badly Hurt as a casualtyFUMBBL
1603NoCoolNickLeftNEW 4 mvp after concession by staffFUMBBL
1610JeffroNEW Message Select AllFUMBBL Feature Requests
1615Balle2000NEW Team-specific default player portraitFUMBBL Feature Requests
1616Balle2000NEW Increase portrait file size limit to 45kFUMBBL Feature Requests
1617Balle2000NEW Big Matches AnnouncedFUMBBL Feature Requests
1618Balle2000NEW [I'm a fan] functionFUMBBL Feature Requests
1621RabeNEW Top lists for division(s) XFUMBBL Feature Requests
1629ShraaaagNEW Hide team bio optionFUMBBL Feature Requests
1633GarcangelNEW Overtime did not workFUMBBL
1635EmanukioNEW Tournament - Rule Settings - Setup max/min stopped workingFUMBBL
1639somertownNEW League KO competition game didn't go to OvertimeFUMBBL
1642the_SageNEW FUMBBL Feature suggestion: show group applications on main pageFUMBBL Feature Requests
1651the_SageNEW Skip overview when no new messagesFUMBBL Feature Requests
1652the_SageNEW Forum starts (empty) page 2 when page 1 fullFUMBBL
1655the_SageNEW Preview option for blogsFUMBBL Feature Requests
1659the_SageNEW bbcode support in blog commentsFUMBBL Feature Requests
1664BlackbeltcrazyNEW Blackboxy bug (No activate button)FUMBBL
1669WreckageNEW League Open Round Robin Team OrderFUMBBL
1673SzieberthAdamREOPENED Bookmark Link disappears from menu if Layout=Left PanelFUMBBL
1674SzieberthAdamNEW Refused matchups appears againFUMBBL
1677SzieberthAdamNEW Inconsistent position-specific top listsFUMBBL
1678the_SageNEW PM while online- alertFUMBBL Feature Requests
1679uuniNEW team page logged outFUMBBL
1680SharNEW calendar gives access to weird "edit fumbbl.php" wiki pageFUMBBL
1685SzieberthAdamNEW Relative site link in [url] fails on ForumFUMBBL
1689the_SageNEW suggestion: allow assignment rotter/zombie shirt numberFUMBBL Feature Requests
1700SzieberthAdamNEW Freebooters in Past PlayersFUMBBL
1704SzieberthAdamNEW Two round RR and OpenRR formatFUMBBL Feature Requests
1705SzieberthAdamNEW Let league staff to explicitely schedule a matchFUMBBL Feature Requests
1708SutherlandsNEW Match report not showing playerFUMBBL
1709luckyjim12NEW +ST didn't cancel -ST on a ST1 pixie FUMBBL
1710SzieberthAdamNEW BowlBot not informing of messagesFUMBBL Feature Requests
1712SzieberthAdamNEW LRB4 teams behaves like a BlackBox teamFUMBBL
1731SzieberthAdamREOPENED Match report: Perma injuries strings are lacking HTML entitiesFUMBBL
1761DominikNEW Tournament page causes Chrome troublesFUMBBL
1762DominikNEW My new blog entry does not appear on the blog List of the HomepageFUMBBL
1768SutherlandsNEW API not showing number of turns played by each playerFUMBBL
1772mister__joshuaNEW Setting OVERTIME option crashed gameFUMBBL
1779sharkrudiNEW Bug Ranking swiss roundFUMBBL
1788koadahNEW Tournament Weight for older [L]eague teamsFUMBBL
1791mrt1212NEW Change Matchmaking behavior if too many rounds don't result in gamesFUMBBL Feature Requests
1794SzieberthAdamNEW Uppercase image extensions are not acceptedFUMBBL
1795SciencedudeNEW Opponent can't open client on Java Applet = game stuckFUMBBL
1799blocknrollNEW League Optional Rules - FUMBBL
1807Carlo_PellegattiNEW Concession MVP/WinnningsFUMBBL
1808SzieberthAdamNEW BBCODE: Default table style should match FUMBBL's styleFUMBBL Feature Requests
1810SzieberthAdamNEW OT won by coin flip should be recorded as drawFUMBBL
1811AzureNEW Underdog loses inducements if transfer too smallFFB Test
1812NES_oneNEW Dump Off + ctrl EFantasy Football
1813SzieberthAdamNEW Team logo is not visible for others when bio was never editedFUMBBL
1819the_SageNEW Can't post so soon after posting triggers on editsFUMBBL
1821SzieberthAdamNEW ABSTRACT ICONS: Please post bugs here!FUMBBL
1823StimmeNEW Linking injury indicators to match reportsFUMBBL Feature Requests
1824CandlejackNEW Timeout does not work with inducementsFantasy Football
1826SzieberthAdamNEW Resurrected Star Player gets Journeyman (random) nameFUMBBL
1829SzieberthAdamNEW Using scheduled opponents trigger schedule for all of themFUMBBL
1830SpadesOfJackNEW Player Cost Not CalculatingFUMBBL
1832JaakkoNEW DIVING CATCH: +1 for ACCURATE pass to open squareFantasy Football
1833NablahNEW Highlight the "You have read up to here"FUMBBL
1834ShinomuneNEW JUGGERNAUT: Not activated against rooted TreemanFantasy Football
1835the_SageNEW Cancel 'accept game'FUMBBL Feature Requests
1838Balle2000NEW Blackbox adjusts to local timeFUMBBL
1847ShraaaagNEW Didn't get a popup to use bribeFantasy Football
1850RabeNEW JBBReplay triggers Java securityFUMBBL
1853LordilloNEW XML problem?FUMBBL
1854EndzoneNEW Block dice bug when timed outFUMBBL
1861the_SageNEW word count SQL errorFUMBBL
1863JopotzukiNEW Gnome Mad bommaz and cannons don't have Secret weapon listedFUMBBL
1866mrt1212NEW Game forces dodge roll despite not being in a TZFantasy Football
1867SoldierofBodom95NEW Unable to remove myself as a friendFUMBBL
1868SzieberthAdamNEW API: missing matchesFUMBBL
1869SzieberthAdamNEW FFB server not sending EOF to indicate end of connection (replays)FUMBBL Feature Requests
1870Randy_MossNEW Strip Ball + FrenzyFantasy Football
1876SzieberthAdamNEW Silly round-robin team capFUMBBL Feature Requests
1877SzieberthAdamNEW TourneyFiller: You can not replace teams from that division into the tournament.FUMBBL
1878SzieberthAdamNEW Missing result foldersFUMBBL
1879jimladNEW Two league teams in O[L]C given error message and unable to play because they 'had played before in FUMBBL
1881WilfNEW Player given SPP for completion when the ball was dropped by target and thrower caught itFUMBBL
1883SzieberthAdamNEW CARDS: Should be turned off opcionallyFUMBBL Feature Requests
1885the_SageNEW gamefinder suggestion: save setsFUMBBL
1886the_SageNEW Suggestion: show latest 10(?) written match reportsFUMBBL
1891Balle2000NEW FootprintsFUMBBL Feature Requests
1893Balle2000NEW spectator comments section in match reportsFUMBBL Feature Requests
1895SzieberthAdamNEW MATCH REPORTS: Missing data of Turns results wrong Total rows in old reportsFUMBBL
1896koadahNEW Sneaky Git Adds +1 to Injury Roll Option FUMBBL Feature Requests
1898Balle2000NEW TTM: TTM after 2 GFI still not workingFantasy Football
1899Balle2000NEW Request: Automatic bio updates rips/injuries/etcFUMBBL Feature Requests
1900Balle2000NEW Request: Opponent coach stats pageFUMBBL Feature Requests
1903aldeheNEW holaFUMBBL
1904LorebassNEW Black Box ActivationFUMBBL
1905Balle2000NEW REQUEST: save formation also after "end setup"Fantasy Football
1907Balle2000NEW [Match Report] Number of specsFUMBBL Feature Requests
1908SzieberthAdamNEW REQUEST: ability to ignore opponentFantasy Football
1909tuomaaNEW Simyin race missing from Top Lists selectionFUMBBL
1910sann0638NEW Link to User GuideFUMBBL Feature Requests
1911SzieberthAdamNEW API.matches: query by coach (and team) namesFUMBBL Feature Requests
1915SzieberthAdamNEW MATCH REPORTS: Journeyman is shown with its hired nr. and nameFUMBBL
1916SzieberthAdamNEW MATCH REPORTS: Star Player misteriously got renamedFUMBBL
1917Balle2000NEW LRB4/CRP distinction in Matches listFUMBBL Feature Requests
1924happygrueNEW clicking the (IG) link for your friends does not work for FFBtest gamesFUMBBL
1947RbthmaNEW REQUEST: Save User Settings/Volume for replays Fantasy Football
1956Balle2000NEW View unread postsFUMBBL Feature Requests
1966SzieberthAdamNEW MATCH REPORTS: Missing player performanceFUMBBL
1969SzieberthAdamNEW NEW PLAYER: Player name should get stripped at creationFUMBBL
1978SzieberthAdamNEW LOGIN: stays logged when wrong login data is submitted consequtivelyFUMBBL
1986the_SageNEW FEATURE SUGGESTION: Send tournament PMFUMBBL Feature Requests
1988SzieberthAdamNEW LEAGUE OPTION: fanfactor counts not added to team valueFUMBBL Feature Requests
1991GarionNEW Card - Illegal Substitution on to a square with the ballFFB Test
1992JesperiusNEW Bribe no chance at halftimeFFB Test
1995LoewNEW RESULT / Statistics: suffered injuries not shown after gameFUMBBL
1996OenarLodNEW Client doesn't recognize fieled players when playing cardsFFB Test
1999RabeNEW Game cannot be continued if one team drops out and one has been reported in the meantimeFUMBBL
2000RabeNEW Add Notes to the HOME menuFUMBBL Feature Requests
2002EmeyinNEW Customized Player PicturesFUMBBL
2003TheVonNEW Game withous startFUMBBL
2007SotomonteNEW one turn passedFUMBBL
2008mrt1212NEW Bloodlust feeding w/ badly hurt thrall causes turn to end Fantasy Football
2010sann0638NEW Colouring in pitchFFB Test
2011fidiusNEW TREASURY: induce total incorrect, both coaches spendFantasy Football
2012SzieberthAdamNEW REQUEST: no weather on pitch optionFantasy Football
2013mister__joshuaNEW Starting Black Box game loads old clientFUMBBL
2014JopotzukiNEW Card: Kicking boots didn't work properlyFUMBBL
2015LundgrenNEW TreemanFUMBBL
2016BillBraskyNEW Grandfathered Stunty IconsFantasy Football
2017Gary_GygaxNEW New client not asking to reroll a failed safe throwFUMBBL
2018chimp2010NEW Bomb hits own player, no turnoverFUMBBL
2019chimp2010NEW Bomb hits own player, no turnoverFUMBBL
2020uuniNEW Temple guard icon does not displayFantasy Football
2021DoctorRussNEW Match entered an invalid stateFUMBBL
2022Jimmy_JazzNEW ANIMOSITY. Failed roll caused turn overFUMBBL
2023DominikNEW double balls on the pitchFFB Test
2024SpadesOfJackNEW Gromskull's Exploding RunesFUMBBL
2025finster5NEW Replays from before new client (which included Dirty Tricks) do not work anymoreFUMBBL
2026the_SageNEW An apostrophe (') in a group PM becomes \'FUMBBL
2027krytieNEW Apothecary choice incorrectly reported in client logFantasy Football
2028cakalisNEW Card Custard Pie let to choose just LOS longberdsFUMBBL
2029WuhanNEW Match cratches after Dark elfs Assassins do shadowing.FUMBBL
2030Silent_HastatiNEW Only 10 Players loaded in. Unable to start matchFUMBBL
2031MDeLargeNEW The server rebooted and when it comes back it doesn't allow me to setupFUMBBL
2032the_SageNEW open replay: unable to launch applicationFantasy Football
2033RolandNEW Replay does not load if there are custom player picsFantasy Football
2035uuniNEW Scheduler paired only 2 games for 6 coachesFUMBBL
2036WuhanNEW Loner player disappears on perfect defense and can not finish set up.FUMBBL
2037AdyBrookeNEW Can't select playerFUMBBL
2038MewtantNEW Game Frozen (ranked ratter tat tat vs Sons of Dragony)FUMBBL
2039PunkSnotDeadNEW Shadowing or strange stop game bugFUMBBL
2040mrt1212NEW HMP Bomb goes out of bounds and magically teleports into human throwers pocketFUMBBL
2041keggiemckillNEW Break Tackle Not stating its usedFUMBBL
2042edjimaguNEW A player suddently dissapear in the middle of the matchFUMBBL
2043mmouseNEW Shadowing caused "game entered an invalid state"FUMBBL
2044Nicodemus1NEW (L) match stopped after shadowingFUMBBL
2045Conor12NEW Shadowing caused a FUMBBL
2046DominikNEW two balls after wizard used lightning bold on ball carrierFFB Test
2047cakalisNEW After restart of the server no way to do anythingFantasy Football
2048PentalarcNEW Alternate missing player bug. . .player disappears when it goes to kickoff.FUMBBL
2050mister__joshuaNEW Swiss points configurationFUMBBL Feature Requests
2051DiceskillNEW Lost a turn on disconnectFUMBBL
2052Crook666NEW "Game entered an invalid state"FUMBBL
2053NablahNEW Can't post PM on ChromeFUMBBL
2054tmoilaNEW Unable to perform Pass Block!FUMBBL
2055mister__joshuaNEW League scoring tie breakerFUMBBL Feature Requests
2056RanudarNEW Tents freeze pass blocking gameFUMBBL
2057happygrueNEW Marks on players reset when opponent rejoinsFUMBBL
2058ZaniNEW freezing during matchesFUMBBL
2059roanteNEW Replay issuesFUMBBL
2060JokaeroNEW BLOOD LUST: Ball carrier biting a thrall ends turnFantasy Football
2061the_SageNEW Color coded gridFUMBBL Feature Requests
2062mlkrNEW Players disappearing - bug replicated.FUMBBL
2063Cyrus-HavocNEW Bomb bugFUMBBL
2064Cyrus-HavocNEW (No title)FUMBBL
2065the_SageNEW Show win % on team pageFUMBBL Feature Requests
2066WoeteNEW game stuckFUMBBL
2067skinnydookieNEW Jump Up, Pro, Off for a bite BugFUMBBL
2068MDeLargeNEW Dirty trick card problemFUMBBL
2069MDeLargeNEW Biting a thrall caused that my turn finishedFUMBBL
2070tmoilaNEW SITE FEATURE: Add preview to blog post entriesFUMBBL Feature Requests
2071Balle2000NEW Blitz available for illegal substituteFantasy Football
2072happygrueNEW in-game replay freezes when specs chatFFB Test
2073DoUrdenNEW Fumbbl Result Upload FailedFUMBBL
2074Balle2000NEW Flaw in Swiss style schedulingFUMBBL
2075koadahNEW Tournament option: "Piling On Allows coach to reroll injury rolls" does not appear to be wFUMBBL
2076XeterogNEW Secret Weapon not banned in OTFUMBBL
2077ShinomuneNEW Vampire dissapeared after being markedFUMBBL
2078RolandNEW Double Round Robin option for League TournmentsFUMBBL Feature Requests
2079MesalaNEW The ghost Niggling injuryFUMBBL
2080HogshineNEW Take Root and Stand UpFUMBBL
2081tmoilaNEW Crowd throw-in is 1 square too shortFUMBBL
2082RolandNEW Halfling dissapears mid-airFantasy Football
2083James_ark095NEW Ag 6 Long bomb Vampire??FUMBBL
2084MDeLargeNEW Double bugFUMBBL
2085MDeLargeNEW Lost turn because failed TTMFUMBBL
2086BagouzeNEW Private mode to enable custom teamsFUMBBL Feature Requests
2087GronxWildNEW exploding runes don t ban playerFUMBBL
2088koadahNEW League option: PO player KOed on doubles for CPOMB onlyFUMBBL Feature Requests
2089koadahNEW Double Elimination KO TournamentsFUMBBL Feature Requests
2090skinnydookieNEW Off for a bite Hand offFUMBBL
2091SzieberthAdamNEW Four swiss tournament colums instead of fiveFUMBBL
2092DonnyRainboeNEW Client crashed, get back in and the game has time wrapped back to turn 3 from turn 5!FUMBBL
2093koadahNEW [L]eague option:Right Stuff prevents the Tackle skill when blocked. Not workingFUMBBL
2094WolfyDanNEW Passing to incorrect player/squareFUMBBL
2095mister__joshuaNEW Re-roll not used when re-rollingFUMBBL
2096SmegishNEW Pass Block (done correctly, sorry)Fantasy Football
2098delemedeiNEW Game blocked in Stunty league when shadowing with SpiderFUMBBL
2099delemedeiNEW Game Blocked when shadowing with Spider in Stunty LeagueFUMBBL
2100darkjulNEW Wrong Group assignmentFUMBBL
2101tuffo19bbNEW a player of mine has 2 Sprint AbilityFUMBBL
2102CadwallonNEW Ball stay on the ground after the ball carier moveFUMBBL
2103DrDeathNEW No option for Chop Block card in 2nd halfFUMBBL
2104p4mNEW disappearing playerFUMBBL
2106LoewNEW invalid state after RR-pop up and Player left the game at the same timeFantasy Football
2107SuppuraxNEW 3 dice againstFUMBBL
2108LeilondNEW Game freezedFUMBBL
2109LeilondNEW Player disappearedFUMBBL
2110WuhanNEW Concession, still gives money and MVPFUMBBL
2111LeilondNEW Replay do not workFUMBBL
2112KamNEW TTM on the ball causes a turnoverFantasy Football
2113DelugeNEW Kick-off: Lands out of bounds, but no touch-backFUMBBL
2114KamNEW No "end turn" pop up after a disconnectionFantasy Football
2115ivan-hrNEW Fumbbl Client: Player disapeard after getting pushesFUMBBL
2116JavarkNEW Kick skill not workingFUMBBL
2117JopotzukiNEW You can activate your opponents playersFUMBBL
2118CandlejackNEW Illegale SubstitutionFantasy Football
2119GartchNEW league match frozen after a player failed a dodge using pass blockFUMBBL
2120BTLNEW turnover when stunning a teammate with bloodlustFantasy Football
2121jevouseNEW Frenzy does not allow stab to replace second blockFUMBBL
2122FaulconNEW Inducement bug when both teams put in petty cashFantasy Football
2123markorNEW Game bugFUMBBL
2124TimetisNEW Dissappearing player mid gameFUMBBL
2125viciusNEW long pass with ag6 should be 2+ FUMBBL
2126OhwatchNEW Double playersFUMBBL
2127kakizNEW 1st turn of second half goneFUMBBL
2128garyt1NEW Dirty Trick for use before setup cannot be used at all if continue button clickedFantasy Football
2129jevouseNEW CARDS: Greased Shoes lasts through opponent turn into their blitz turnFUMBBL
2130BillBraskyNEW 2+ gfi fails on 2FUMBBL
2131chimp2010NEW Secret Weapon not sent off going into OvertimeFUMBBL
2132koadahNEW Open Round Robin League size increaseFUMBBL Feature Requests
2133GottskalkNEW Bloodlust causing turnover even when vampire feedsFUMBBL
2134MateusoNEW Cannot move with playersFantasy Football
2135RoninlukeNEW Problem of connection with serverFUMBBL
2136RoninlukeNEW Problem with connection to clientFUMBBL
2137mrt1212NEW Game replay fails to loadFUMBBL
2138SzieberthAdamNEW MATCH REPORTS: Inconsistent mercenary namingFUMBBL
2139SzieberthAdamNEW XML API: TW is actual instead of historicalFUMBBL
2140bghandrasNEW Game frozen after illegal substitutionFUMBBL
2141SextonNEW Fumbled ball due to bomb acts as a bomb if caughtFUMBBL
2142MDeLargeNEW Tentacle scape fail ends a Pass ActionFUMBBL
2143SergeiBautinNEW Shadowing vs a blitz on the shadowerFUMBBL
2144SzieberthAdamNEW Some accented characters replaced to ?-s in player namesFUMBBL
2145Balle2000NEW PASSING: accurate pass caught by non-target = cp and 1sppFUMBBL
2146Balle2000NEW WIZARD: unable to cast fireball or lightning bolt on own playersFantasy Football
2147Balle2000NEW Confirmation dialog for End TournamentFUMBBL Feature Requests
2148Balle2000NEW [League] Edit scores can edit all table numbersFUMBBL Feature Requests
2149HydramasterNEW I need a game clearedFUMBBL
2150ShraaaagNEW Top lists: Top underworld goblin doesn't appear in the teamFUMBBL
2151VoyagerINEW Ball Placed onto Ground?FUMBBL
2153luxyluxoNEW Shadow/Frenzy bug crashed gameFUMBBL
2154sann0638NEW Unable to load some playersFUMBBL
2155MDeLargeNEW Flesh Golems not allowed to move, then turned into reservesFUMBBL
2156RbthmaNEW Slann Catcher Icons- graphical error?Fantasy Football
2157MateuszzzzzzNEW disappeaing treeFUMBBL
2158mekutataNEW no armor and injury roll after pow due to a disconnectFUMBBL
2159animefreak2599NEW Turn ended when vampire snacked on thrall after blockFantasy Football
2160MercutioTNEW Players cannot be selectedFUMBBL
2161MercutioTNEW Players cannot be selectedFantasy Football
2162Diamino87NEW Discrepancy: what I see on the pitch differs from what is loaded on client/serverFUMBBL
2163MuffloNEW Player unable to move and not creating tacklezonesFUMBBL
2164Balle2000NEW Show all current Majors/MinorsFUMBBL Feature Requests
2165Dutys_FistNEW Unable to select playersFUMBBL
2166Father_GailusNEW FUMBBL rolled a 7 on a d6FUMBBL
2167roanteNEW Bribes vs. KO'd secret weapons ordering issueFUMBBL
2168roanteNEW Feature Request: Select All/Deselect All during the box activationFUMBBL
2169AngmarredNEW Throw Bomb BugFUMBBL
2170zhraiaNEW Moved 2 squares during "quick snap" kick offFantasy Football
2171ramiNEW My skaven lineman DISAPPEARED!FUMBBL
2172CryderNEW Bloodlust failed, dodge succeeded, pass action, turn ended before passFantasy Football
2173SzieberthAdamNEW REPLAY: wrong roster idFantasy Football
2174NoswalNEW could not move skinksFUMBBL
2175mekutataNEW TTM turnoverFUMBBL
2176NoswalNEW Skinks frozen again after opponent scoredFUMBBL
2177wrshamiltonNEW Player won't move, disappearsFUMBBL
2178LenryenNEW player frozenFUMBBL
2179CandlejackNEW Did you for "highest winnings" should be resetFUMBBL
2180SzieberthAdamNEW FFB Test Replays were messed upFUMBBL
2181viciusNEW Ball&chain when push a player in floor stunnedFUMBBL
2182viciusNEW Goblins Bomber throw a bomb out of the pitchFUMBBL
2183Markio1NEW Bombardier: catching loose ball from bomb explosion counts as catching a bombFUMBBL
2184keggiemckillNEW Game not uploading after completionFUMBBL
2185koadahNEW [L]eague - Show All Rounds - Not workingFUMBBL
2186b4nsheeNEW Banned StarPlayer Bomber Dribblesnot could have been fielded in overtimeFUMBBL
2187wrshamiltonNEW Game hangs on block actionFantasy Football
2188mister__joshuaNEW Play button not visible when scheduled against long team nameFUMBBL
2189muaddib68NEW Bug on pogoer ball controlerFUMBBL
2190SzieberthAdamNEW Stunty Leeg Rosters are missing explicit Double Skill CategoriesFUMBBL
2191SzieberthAdamNEW Edit Tournament/Comments is still HTMLFUMBBL
2192SzieberthAdamNEW REPLAYS: Roster data are actual instead of historicalFantasy Football
2193DrDeathNEW Only 10 players for whole gameFUMBBL
2194ZlefinNEW My guy blocked himselfFantasy Football
2195keggiemckillNEW Concession BugFUMBBL
2196Gozer_the_GozerianNEW Opponent ended my turn, client rerolled my block diceFUMBBL
2197the_SageNEW SUGGESTION: VS record totalsFUMBBL Feature Requests
2198ToffinNEW thick skull doesn't prevent a KO when stunty changes a 7 to an 8FUMBBL
2199SzieberthAdamNEW REPLAYS: Missing replaysFUMBBL
2200thoralfNEW Juggernaut Mentioned for No ReasonFUMBBL
2201trisNEW not connecting to game.FUMBBL
2203fidiusNEW Pasting into large Notes crashes pageFUMBBL
2205buufaceNEW ball carrier bugFUMBBL
2206patopatoNEW system made me play same turn twiceFUMBBL
2207ReleziteNEW Distract Card Blitz Carry-OverFantasy Football
2208TomayNEW ScoresFUMBBL
2209chimp2010NEW Premature movement endFUMBBL
2210MiceycraftNEW Invisible player after TTMFUMBBL
2211SzieberthAdamNEW HTML BUG: Missing closing tr tags in tournament schedule pageFUMBBL
2212LuckyLysenkoNEW RTTNAFC Round 5 - LuckyLysenko vs rotersternhochdahlFUMBBL
2213CraulerNEW Break Tackle is not being used.FUMBBL
2214SzieberthAdamNEW Non-standard KO seeding algorithmFUMBBL
2215SzieberthAdamNEW BBCODE: [code] blocks in messages are polluted with blank linesFUMBBL
2216SzieberthAdamNEW Unstripped and HTML injected tournament namesFUMBBL
2217SzieberthAdamNEW FUMBBL Minors 1750TW II was made twiceFUMBBL
2218SzieberthAdamNEW Should 404 ListFUMBBL Feature Requests
2219SzieberthAdamNEW OLD XML API: excluded fortfeits caused by pagingFUMBBL
2220SzieberthAdamNEW OLD XML API: Match listed multiple times by pagingFUMBBL
2221SzieberthAdamNEW OLD XML API: invalid XML caused by "\x01" in group nameFUMBBL
2222SzieberthAdamNEW (Show all rounds) link is not only unnecessary but shows no roundsFUMBBL
2223SzieberthAdamNEW OLd XML API: Empty response for tourney matches if there were no matchesFUMBBL
2224SzieberthAdamNEW HTML injected tournament descriptions prevent showing the scheduleFUMBBL
2225SeventyoneNEW Hot pot in stuty leeg interacting with take rootFUMBBL
2226TirlyNEW Stuck in beginning of second half because 1 player disappearedFUMBBL
2227ArthurWynneNEW Player cannot be given actionsFantasy Football
2228krytieNEW Pit Trap targets own playersFUMBBL
2229sharkrudiNEW for Christer attentionFUMBBL Feature Requests
2230YashiroNEW 2 bugs insideFUMBBL
2232IrgyNEW Stand firm, misleading display with grabFantasy Football
2233the_SageNEW Sponge icon next to playerFUMBBL Feature Requests
2234jdmickleburghNEW Wild Animal Blitz rolls 1, allowed to blitz again in same turnFUMBBL
2235DrDeathNEW Black box scheduler error?FUMBBL
2236PentalarcNEW Turn timer not always pausing when opponent is waiting to use apoFantasy Football
2237ramchopNEW King Boombastic icons don't show up in clientFUMBBL
2238TwelfmanNEW Diving Tackle didn't calculate TZs properlyFUMBBL
2239JJBNEW Unable to make a pass with a chaos warrior?FUMBBL
2240JJBNEW A gutter runner just vanished!FUMBBL
2241EndzoneNEW No send off for foul with chainsawFUMBBL
2242JeffthejarNEW Bomber Dribblesnot not stuntyFUMBBL
2243SzieberthAdamNEW Weird tournament matchup positions after team replacementFUMBBL
2244The_Great_GobboNEW Disturbing Presence BugFUMBBL
2245jonnoNEW Was not able to play magic item card and dirty trick cardFUMBBL
2246ShraaaagNEW Match report lacks Total TDsFUMBBL
2247jonnoNEW Unable to end move with FezglitchFUMBBL
2248SnowfootNEW not asked to use standfirm - juggernaut not involvedFUMBBL
2249BoneNEW KOed on pow/push despite DodgeFUMBBL
2250mrt1212NEW XFL Game interdivisionFUMBBL
2251johnembartonNEW Game is corruptedFUMBBL
2252johnembartonNEW Juggernaut in Roxanna Darknail didn't workFUMBBL
2253JJBNEW My gutter runner had suddenly -1 in his pass.FUMBBL
2254WreckageNEW Forfeit HandlingFUMBBL
2255Jmadman311NEW Unable to load applicationFUMBBL
2256SzieberthAdamNEW 404 for jquery.ui.touch-punch.min.jsFUMBBL
2257azzieNEW Taking Root on a Pass action (game breaker)FUMBBL
2258DrDeathNEW Failed to award +2SPP for an injury after game breakFUMBBL
2259TelurielNEW unable to GFI in order to make a passFUMBBL
2260CorvidiusNEW No Safe Throw + Failed pickup no turnoverFUMBBL
2261AntithesisoftimeNEW Ball & Chain steps out of bounds and is KOed, but turn continuesFUMBBL
2262MachJacobNEW Bloodlust failed pickup does not result in turnoverFUMBBL
2263MalodororNEW Halfling disappeared after TTM FUMBBL
2264ienaNEW blitz + pass (same player)FUMBBL
2265flashman1234NEW Missing player after "Load Setup"FUMBBL
2266HyperboLemuRNEW Interception vs RulebookFUMBBL
2267LordilloNEW Stunned turned into prone while Fanatic movementFUMBBL
2268JJBNEW Couldn't use side stepFUMBBL
2269cdwatNEW Submiting team for approval fails, gives strange responseFUMBBL
2270StanleyNEW Strig Lord BloodlustFUMBBL
2271phoenix_the_returnNEW Leap and Range Grid conflict in blizzardFUMBBL
2272The_CarthaginianNEW Safe Throw and Grab not working following FUMBBL failureFUMBBL
2273CobretiNEW Account problems FUMBBL
2274McLovinNEW Tournament settings changing team settingsFUMBBL
2275mrt1212NEW I broke a man's will to play BB and need the game unscheduledFUMBBL
2276kingJAMNEW Security certificate out of date?FUMBBL
2277viciusNEW Fanatic st7 2 dices against gobbo st2?FUMBBL
2278StanleyNEW Hot PotFUMBBL
2279Mr_FoxxNEW Apothecary Reroll BugFUMBBL
2280BakuninNEW Stunty leeg Bloodlust ProblemFUMBBL
2281BakuninNEW Take Root problemFUMBBL
2282kw├ĘkNEW Game went crazy after "quicksnap"FUMBBL
2283cdwatNEW Bookmarks duplicating and overwriting othersFUMBBL
2284Coach_PunchimusNEW Player disappeared and the game cannot be continuedFantasy Football
2285SzieberthAdamNEW freeInducementCash < 50000 is ignoredFantasy Football
2286SzieberthAdamNEW RULESET: Players on team should be set to support 0 and to let longer rostersFUMBBL Feature Requests
2287SzieberthAdamNEW RULESET: Limit on number of Star Players should be optionalFUMBBL Feature Requests
2288JopotzukiNEW Leader twice per halfFUMBBL
1413WangREOPENEDhighBLOODLUST: failed BL/hypno, feed ended my turnFantasy Football
1418AzureNEWhighANIMOSITY: Failed Animosity caues turnover.Fantasy Football
1432TarabarallaNEWhighBLOODLUST: failing pickup with a RR causes turnoverFantasy Football
1448andr_eNEWhighBLOODLUST: BL fail + Standup = can't moveFantasy Football
1466polemarchNEWhighBLOODLUST: Blitz, can still move after feedingFantasy Football
1558RabeNEWhighSECRET WEAPON: banned for OT, but still availableFantasy Football
1564WhatBallNEWhighBLOODLUST: BL fail + JU Block brokenFantasy Football
1571Suicide_KingNEWhighDISAPPEARING PLAYERS: Setup & invisible playersFantasy Football
1612mister__joshuaNEWhighOPTIONS: Stand Firm League Option functions incorrectlyFantasy Football
1631ChainsawNEWhighPASS BLOCK: Unable to end Pass Block turnFantasy Football
1643BakuninNEWhighBOMBARDIER: Turnover when own prone/stun player hitFantasy Football
1668xnoelxNEWhighTENTACLES: No Blitz after Break Tackle from TentsFantasy Football
1670chimp2010NEWhighTENTACLES: Daunt & Horns w/ Blitz use +ST vs. TentsFantasy Football
1701viperstrike77NEWhighBALL&CHAIN: RR GFI succeeds, then turn endsFantasy Football
1757GarionASSIGNED KalimarhighBOMBARDIER Dropped ball caught, acts like BombFFB Test
1815CraftnburnNEWhighUpdating Tournament Configuration reverts Tournament Options to Default.FUMBBL
1839GarionNEWhighKICK OFF: Blitz! - Dump Off and Pile On issuesFFB Test
1846knightsweatsNEWhighSHAODWING: Prevents Block/Frenzy second blockFFB Test
1873the_SageNEWhighBAD POPUP: Disable keyboard popup confirmFFB Test
1955jmonfortonNEWhighBLOODLUST: RR BL, failed to feed, end turnFFB Test
1973GarionNEWhighTTM: Failed landing on the ball causes turn overFFB Test
2105WhatBallNEWhighCRITICAL: Shadowing & Side Step causes Invalid StateFantasy Football
289ChristerNEWnormalADMIN: Issues with match reportsFantasy Football
290ChristerNEWnormalADMIN: List commandFantasy Football
341LakrilloASSIGNED ChristernormalBowlbot reports to users who are not in the conversation about received PMFUMBBL
516uuniASSIGNED ChristernormalCannot fire apothecaryFUMBBL
704TopperNEWnormalTIMER: Timeout bug (again) but differentFantasy Football
747SzieberthAdamNEWnormalDIALOGUE: Popup for Pass reroll not clearFantasy Football
828HitonagashiNEWnormalDISPLAY: Get the ref causes top menu errorFantasy Football
883OverhamsterenNEWnormalREPLAY: Problems when spectating & replayingFantasy Football
895ChristerNEWnormalADMIN: command for purging inactive test gamesFantasy Football
931KrytenNEWnormalStat increase and multiple injuries incorrectly handledFantasy Football
960uuniNEWnormalTIMER: Turn time counter is resetted to about 00:30Fantasy Football
983RabeNEWnormalREPLAY: Special players break replaysFantasy Football
991somertownNEWnormalTIMER: Clock kept resetting Fantasy Football
1000uuniNEWnormalREPLAY: Replay stops in the middleFantasy Football
1295IrgyNEWnormalPATHFINDER: won't go under ball on Blitz! k-offFantasy Football
1302uuniNEWnormalLOG: Pass Block log text incorrectFantasy Football
1307uuniNEWnormalPASS BLOCK: Not activated after opening routeFantasy Football
1308IgvyNEWnormalPASS BLOCK: Ignores tentaclesFantasy Football
1309ChristerREOPENEDnormalROSTER: Star player causes invalid XML in resultFantasy Football
1319happygrueNEWnormalDISPLAY: score not updated right awayFantasy Football
1328CroixFerNEWnormalGame restarts initial sequence after reconnectFantasy Football
1330TarabarallaNEWnormalTTM: landing on an opponent player allows landing rollFantasy Football
1337the_cursed_oneNEWnormalHMP Bomb + Gloves of Jark LongarmFantasy Football
1339RobRoyDuncanNEWnormalDISPLAY: Igor icon not showing as availableFantasy Football
1376tuomaaNEWnormalOPTIONS: Tourney configured turn time not workingFantasy Football
1395codetalkerNEWnormalSTAND FIRM: No SF when pushed by proneFantasy Football
1401ShraaaagNEWnormalDIVING TACKLE: Extra RR allowed against DT with DodgeFantasy Football
1405LorebassNEWnormalINSTABILITY: client closes after finalizing setup Fantasy Football
1410WotfudboyNEWnormalBLOODLUST: Bloodlust stopped/reset gameFantasy Football
1414KelkkaNEWnormalDISPLAY: colour code wrong for double statsFantasy Football
1415polkobarNEWnormalTTM: landing halfling disappears after landingFantasy Football
1426ttorvatnNEWnormalSAFE THROW: turnover after failed pass with SFFantasy Football
1434Balle2000NEWnormalQUICK SNAP: Whole turn skipped entirelyFantasy Football
1445HiskettNEWnormalAccurate pass caught by non-target = SPPFantasy Football
1455happygrueNEWnormalKICK & BLITZ!: Player who kicked can't move after blitzFantasy Football
1457ReisenderNEWnormalSurfed Player DisappearsFantasy Football
1464polemarchNEWnormalCARDS : Lucky Charm not selectable Fantasy Football
1470CMovieNEWnormalCARDS: Bracers of BeguilingFantasy Football
1480MuramasaNEWnormalLATENCY: Second blitz seems availableFantasy Football
1494VesikannuNEWnormalLONER & LEADER: Loner doesn't use Leader reroll firstFantasy Football
1504happygrueNEWnormalPRO: No option to use TRR on pro skillFantasy Football
1505happygrueNEWnormalREQUEST: client shows handoff success chanceFantasy Football
1508BrainsawNEWnormalSELECTING PLAYER: TRoot Treeman not selectableFantasy Football
1514ShraaaagNEWnormalHAND OFF: Can't choose hand off action (only Pass)Fantasy Football
1519fidiusNEWnormalFOUL & OPTIONS: Foul not available in menu Fantasy Football
1530OverhamsterenNEWnormalREROLLS: Team reroll allowed after pro RR usedFantasy Football
1534DaudyNEWnormalHYPNO-GAZE: Hypno & move bugFantasy Football
1536bonniciNEWnormalTTM: Troll throws himself instead of team mateFantasy Football
1560BlackBullNEWnormalFOULING: action not availableFantasy Football
1562RolandNEWnormalSIDESTEP: No option to use SS on chainpushed SSFantasy Football
1567uuniNEWnormalSPIKED BALL: pickup fail/bounce only stabs last playerFantasy Football
1572xnoelxNEWnormalSPIKED BALL: No Hands and catches with spiked ballFantasy Football
1578gudamorNEWnormalTTM: Scatter back to starting point, bounces off of selfFantasy Football
1591boeufmirontonNEWnormalDIVING TACKLE: Ball Carrier not given choice to use DTFantasy Football
1592CaptainKrunchNEWnormalGFI & STAB: Blitz & stab w GFI rerollFantasy Football
1595xnoelxNEWnormalSTARS: Both buy star, available for part of matchFantasy Football
1596AzureNEWnormalSKILLS: Mercenary skills disappearFantasy Football
1599C3I2NEWnormalSPP: SPP for CAS not registredFantasy Football
1607BillBraskyNEWnormalHAND OFF: HO to non-adjacent playerFantasy Football
1613MattDakkaNEWnormalACCURATE PASS: Pass to open square wrongFantasy Football
1625keggiemckillNEWnormalPERFECT DEFENCE: Vamp kick offFantasy Football
1627NestoroideNEWnormalLEADER: 2 Rerolls allowed on a Dodge w LeaderFantasy Football
1634JamesSeals80NEWnormalHAND OFF: Halfway across the pitchFantasy Football
1640MRnobodyNEWnormalALWAYS HUNGRY: Allows extra Pass actionFantasy Football
1657MuktarNEWnormalTTM & BLOODLUST: Lose TMM if you BLFantasy Football
1661krytieNEWnormalOPTIONS: Card Inducements taken from normal totalFantasy Football
1681xnoelxNEWnormalBlitz kickoff result; blitz turn ended early.Fantasy Football
1682ImmeliNEWnormalTAKE ROOT & HMP: HotPot TR fail ends turnFantasy Football
1720albinvNEWnormalLeap selected, client shows leap but moves player insteadFantasy Football
1733SzieberthAdamNEWnormalCARDS: Lucky charm is uneffective against foulsFantasy Football
1734TarabarallaNEWnormalPASS BLOCK: ignores Diving TackleFantasy Football
1741ignatzamiNEWnormalSneaky Git + Dirty Player: DP isn't treated as optional.FFB Test
1751GarionNEWnormalTAKE ROOT from Prone and MA issuesFFB Test
1754GarionNEWnormalCARDS: Gromskulls exploding runes -1 throw modifier FFB Test
1759GarionNEWnormalKICKOFF: Blitz! result & RR is allowed on CatchFFB Test
1760GarionNEWnormalB&C: GFI stands prone player upFFB Test
1764GarionNEWnormalDump Off + AnimosityFFB Test
1783cataphractNEWnormalTeam Names in endzone + MAC OSFantasy Football
1784VesikannuNEWnormalJUGGERNAUT: cancels Stand Firm on chainpushFFB Test
1789KalimarNEWnormalKilled player healed by Apo don't count as killed on statsFFB Test
1801happygrueNEWnormalGAMER TIMER: being erraticFFB Test
1840GarionNEWnormalDauntless and MultiblockFFB Test
1841GarionNEWnormalTEST MODE: Cannot change dice rolls when TTM into crowdFFB Test
1842GarionNEWnormalTTM: Ball scatters to the square the player was thrown fromFFB Test
1902RussoNEWnormalPlayer could not GFI during a declared pass action in blizzardFFB Test
1918tuomaaNEWnormalDISPLAY: Chat Commands help window too wideFFB Test
1928DominikNEWnormalCARDS: Pit Trap on B&C - player not removedFFB Test
1936ThroweckNEWnormalCARDS: Chop Block on player in end zone or side lineFFB Test
1940CaptainKrunchNEWnormalLAG?: Skink Pathed Over and Disappeares GlitchFFB Test
1946RbthmaNEWnormalCARDS: Gromskull's Exploding Rune - couldn't use properlyFFB Test
1959Balle2000NEWnormalLOG: Chop Block sequence not in game logFFB Test
1960DunenzedNEWnormalKICKOFF: Timeout Alert During Drive SetupFFB Test
1964SeventyoneNEWnormalCARDS: pit fall trap not an option after kick offFFB Test
1970GarionNEWnormalKICKOFF: Blitz! on Kick off Table - unable to foulFFB Test
1976awambawambNEWnormalREROLLS: Rerolling Go For It rerolled Apo tooFFB Test
1979TrickticklerNEWnormalCARDS: Good Old Magic Codpiece & Piling OnFFB Test
1982tattie5NEWnormalBRIBES: Bribe at half time after being bannedFFB Test
1984easilyamusedNEWnormalCARDS: Witch's Brew Description DisappearsFFB Test
1987GarionNEWnormalANIMOSITY: Rolled when throwing the ball at oppositionFFB Test
52EhlersNEWlowDISPLAY: Icons reload bugFantasy Football
142zakatanNEWlowREPLAY: Everyone rookie while/after replayFantasy Football
195On1NEWlowhighkick right+left M button = deleteFantasy Football
235KaltenlandASSIGNED ChristerlowIsn't the 10 the Stat limit?FUMBBL
360TarabarallaNEWlowDISPLAY: Cant see the bottom of Java windowFantasy Football
504uuniNEWlowKEYS: Splash screen not bypassable without mouseFantasy Football
505uuniNEWlowKEYS: Not possible to accept a match without mouseFantasy Football
506uuniNEWlowKEYS: FFB client not playable without mouseFantasy Football
583WoodstockNEWlowKEYS: no Keypad movement after selecting BlitzFantasy Football
612CarnisNEWlowREPLAY: freezes when nurgle's rot is appliedFantasy Football
744zakatanNEWlowSOUND: no cheer sound on turn 8/8 scoringFantasy Football
778FelaNEWlowMOUSE: mouse location on button down/upFantasy Football
797zakatanNEWlowOPTIONS: Spectating and team logosFantasy Football
933RobRoyDuncanNEWlowDISPLAY: Injured stat showed as 0 until end of gameFantasy Football
1014NieblingNEWlowSUGGESTION: notes Fantasy Football
1056SvenSNEWlowDISPLAY: Help window stuck (silly low priority)Fantasy Football
1064HitonagashiNEWlowSUGGESTION: Break Tackle UseFantasy Football
1068SvenSNEWlowOPTIONS: Mute all sounds except specsFantasy Football
1139WhatBallNEWlowSUGGESTION: Dirty Player on armour w sneaky gitFantasy Football
1167WhatBallNEWlowSUGGESTION: Game Statistics - Roll dataFantasy Football
1260RobRoyDuncanNEWlowDISPLAY: Gender not accurately represented in clientFantasy Football
1272zakatanNEWlowSUGGESTION: player/square highlight colorFantasy Football
1277zakatanNEWlowSUGGESTION: Buy InducementsFantasy Football
1288SzieberthAdamNEWlowRaise dead is not optionalFantasy Football
1298KalimarNEWlowSUGGESTION: Show # KOs & Recoveries in ResultFantasy Football
1299KalimarNEWlowSUGGESTION: Show Card and Induc. usage in ResultFantasy Football
1325uuniNEWlowREPLAY: speed gets stuckFantasy Football
1375VesikannuNEWlowOPTION: SneakyGitBanToKo doesn't work on SWFantasy Football
1387CroixFerNEWlowREPLAY: In game replayFantasy Football
1421AlezzandechNEWlowINSTABILITY: Client ustable on UBUNTU 12.4Fantasy Football
1428GarionNEWlowLOG: Wild Animal descriptionFantasy Football
1452skizeloNEWlowRULES LAWYERING: Inertia DamperFantasy Football
1454skizeloNEWlowREPLAY: Raised Zombies change sprites in reverseFantasy Football
1460sann0638NEWlowSUGGESTION: Sound when opponent joins the gameFantasy Football
1465Dan-Da-ManNEWlowSUGGESTION: Rename Inducement buttonFantasy Football
1467Balle2000NEWlowRequest: Open spec chat after final whistleFantasy Football
1474KelkkaNEWlowCONCESSION: rule misinterpreted?Fantasy Football
1479MattDakkaNEWlowREPLAY: Huge replay lag.Fantasy Football
1491EndzoneNEWlowTimeout block rerollFantasy Football
1511RobRoyDuncanNEWlowLOG: Perfect D counts as a played turn in statsFantasy Football
1529EhlersNEWlowREQUEST: Niggle dotFantasy Football
1531the_SageNEWlowREQUEST: more specified sound togglesFantasy Football
1555RobRoyDuncanNEWlowLOG: Incorrect description on banned playerFantasy Football
1563garyt1NEWlowREPLAY: Turns not moving properly in command windowFantasy Football
1598IrgyNEWlowDISPLAY: Dump off + Nerves of Steel in logFantasy Football
1606the_SageNEWlowMatch report: # of AV rolls, # of AV breaks, total # of turnsFantasy Football
1663sann0638NEWlowTEST MODE: Option to change Fame/CL/ACFantasy Football
1675uuniNEWlowEnd turn button possible multiclickFantasy Football
1717SzieberthAdamNEWlowREPLAY: CPU at 100%Fantasy Football
1736HitonagashiREOPENEDlowPass Block with multiple pass blockersFFB Test
1746HitonagashiNEWlowCARDS: Greased Shoes shows in Active Cards after useFFB Test
1767GarionNEWlowBOMBARDIER: Display issue if you pass firstFFB Test
1775KalimarNEWlowClient error on server downFFB Test
1805zakatanNEWlowIllegal Susbtitution with no subsFFB Test
1806zakatanNEWlowCARDS: Witch's brew display in logFFB Test
1930SmeatNEWlowLOG: not listing modifiers for some ActionsFFB Test
1932DominikNEWlowDISPLAY: Player Images tear when moving mouse fastFFB Test
1939Balle2000NEWlowLOG: Client not indicating when Safe Throw is usedFFB Test
1950DominikNEWlowDISPLAY: Graphic error after cancel of Throw Bomb ActionFFB Test
1952arryNEWlowLABELS: New labels lost if freeze during normal playFFB Test
1958Balle2000NEWlowLAG?: Player half-invisible, disappears, comes back laterFFB Test
1974SzieberthAdamNEWlowMATCH REPORTS: Morg 'n' Thorg name glitchFUMBBL
792RobRoyDuncanRESOLVED SOLVED  Raised zombie received MNG injury, played next game anyway, was not counted against TVFUMBBL
1782ChristerRESOLVED SOLVED 1.1.4 Client option decouplingFFB Test
2202koadahRESOLVED  Cannot edit forum profileFUMBBL
1363jarvis_pantsRESOLVED SOLVED 1.1.0highTTM & NO MA ISSUES: No TTM Allowed After 2(max) GFIFantasy Football
1403azyxRESOLVED SOLVED 1.1.0highBLITZ: Blitz impossible after dodgeFantasy Football
1707mister__joshuaRESOLVED SOLVED 1.1.0highHMP BOMB: fumble causes freeze if not re-rolledFantasy Football
1478Enigma179RESOLVED SOLVED 1.1.10normalINDUCEMENTS: Doesn't Take Into Account MNGsFFB Test
1684VesikannuRESOLVED SOLVED 1.2.0normalOPTIONS: Free card cash does not workFantasy Football
1927SmeatRESOLVED SOLVED 1.2.1normalCARDS: Kicking Boots not visible to spectatorsFFB Test
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