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Chaos Dwarf
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  Team Race Treasury Record
Team Value    
  (R) nut crackers Ogre 400k 4/7/11 1790k ±760  
  (R) poisonous jungle Lizardmen 710k 13/6/9 1800k ±920  
  bashy necro from the woods Necromantic Horror 180k 9/1/2 1510k ±290  
  changing your future Chaos Chosen 230k 3/2/4 1400k ±210  
  dying giants Tomb Kings 450k 9/8/4 1770k ±650  
  full moon beasts Necromantic Horror 630k 12/5/10 1740k ±850  
  lick givers Norse 40k 16/9/13 1730k    
  mutants of death Underworld Denizens 440k 19/8/24 1680k    
  new big and lil Shambling Undead 230k 6/4/2 1440k ±270  
  orange beards R Dwarf 1000k 13/4/8 1850k ±830  
  reborn to die again Shambling Undead 800k 14/4/7 1630k ±730  
  scoring machine (R) Dark Elf 120k 4/4/3 1660k ±280  
  seahawks of the gods Wood Elf 20k 5/2/9 1680k ±450  
  slime of death Nurgle 800k 20/10/19 1870k    
  strippers of pain Amazon 830k 21/6/4 1650k    
  supreme Orc 810k 15/2/9 1870k ±880  
  west side hoppers(R) Skaven 70k 5/0/1 1310k ±200  
  yellow moon Goblin 340k 5/2/11 1440k ±450  
Stunty Leeg
  power of sunshine Chaos Halfling 320k 4/3/2 1330k    
  wash your hands Nurglings 1070k 12/4/8 1700k    
  (L) 7 claws Chaos Chosen 290k 2/1/4 690k    
  (L) mutants of death Underworld Denizens 300k 13/5/5 1660k    
  (l) orange beards Dwarf 460k 8/6/4 1010k    
  (L) passing attack High Elf 390k 5/3/3 940k    
  (L) seahawks of the gods Wood Elf 130k 2/2/2 880k    
  4 giants and 4 midgets Ogre 480k 0/3/9 830k    
  7 scoring machines Dark Elf 270k 11/1/1 970k    
  [HEM's Dummy 7s Team] Chaos Chosen 250k 4/0/1 600k    
  death by shorties L Chaos Dwarf 150k 5/0/4 1310k    
  dice and slice Chaos Dwarf 440k 5/1/3 730k    
  fear the beast Chaos Renegade 960k 11/2/8 1120k    
  orange beards L Dwarf 0 0/0/1 1090k    
  wolf of the deep Necromantic Horror 680k 7/3/6 850k    
  |IL| chosen ones Lizardmen 100k 0/0/2 970k    
  death by shorties B Chaos Dwarf 1120k 21/10/25 1650k    
  killing your starts Chaos Chosen 550k 18/16/21 1710k    
  orange beards B Dwarf 50k 2/1/4 1140k    
  poisonous jungle Lizardmen 30k 3/1/4 1230k    
  {B}fear the beast Chaos Renegade 270k 2/0/6 1280k    
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