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Joined: Apr 01, 2011

Post   Posted: Nov 26, 2022 - 15:36 Reply with quote Back to top

Welp, I was all excited to put out a prediction post myself.

But.. what ex-convict said in the previous post.

(Some slight changes:
I think Szeattle beats the Glams.. and then loses to ChicagOrkz anyway
I think Cleaved Land beats Tijuana.. which means Las Vegas beats New Ziggland and Houston beats Cleaved Land)

Joined: Feb 26, 2013

Post   Posted: Nov 29, 2022 - 22:14 Reply with quote Back to top

I've got a wheel of Warpstone Cheese on the Treants...call it a munch...

Joined: Apr 01, 2011

Post   Posted: Nov 29, 2022 - 23:09 Reply with quote Back to top

hmmm.. well, as Tampa Neigh managed to win their match, I now propose that Szeattle will take it all!

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Post   Posted: Nov 30, 2022 - 00:17 Reply with quote Back to top

NBFL Week 14

Good job everyone: you really stuck it to Eldril for the second week in a row, not only killing the poor guy again, but tossing in a head injury (-AV) to boot! Other than some star slayin’, the league closed out the season in typically grisly style with 9 kills and 14 serious injuries dished out as some sort of offering to usher in the playoffs.

Dead of the Week

Baker Mayfield: Carolina rotter; Dirty Player
Shaq Lawson Jr.: Buffalo lineman; no skills
Kenjeong: Denver chameleon skink draftee; +MA, +MA, Block, Side Step, Sure Feet
Jesse Borne: Kansas City catcher; Dauntless, Pro
Mike Geziky: Titannesse pestigor; no skills
Pierre Andronault [NOVA]: New York blitzer draftee; Block, Kick, Guard
Fang Ragnow: Detroit vampire; Block, Pro
Jerk ‘the Unbitten’ Odukah: Detroit thrall; Block, Wrestle
Bora: Illadelph beastman; no skills

Death of the Week: Since the playoffs are nigh, I’m stacking two Deaths of the Week. The Death of the Week (non-playoff edition) goes, again, to Denver for the loss of yet ANOTHER player (seriously, this makes Denver’s fourth appearance on the DotW charts), this time a chameleon skink, Kenjeong. But since Denver is not in the playoffs this year (no doubt at least in part due to them losing so very many players) I present Pierre Andronault of NY. While perhaps the least important of the blitzer corps, losing a three-skill Slann blitzer on the eve of the playoffs will no doubt have an impact on New York’s hopeful title run.

Maimed of the Week

Keegan Yabaro: Atlanta catcher (-PA); Block
Finley Crudak: Atlanta lineman (-MA); Wrestle
Hudson Azimir: Trans-Fat Crisco blitzer (-AG); Guard, Wrestle
Barthélémy "Alien" Darrigo[POLI]: Arizona hobgoblin draftee (-AG); Guard, Mighty Blow, Block
Hirithi Hafgan: Szeattle lineman (-ST); no skills
River Cracrafty: Floridaman lineman (-AG); no skills
Dawson Knox: Buffalo blitzer (-MA); Dodge, Side Step, Wrestle, Sneaky Git
Jerry Jeudy: Denver skink (-PA); Sneaky Git
KAREN: Kansas City ogre (-PA); Block, Dodge, Guard, Stand Firm
Erland (WAS): Titannesse rotter draftee (-AV); Dirty Player, Wrestle, Horns
Brandin Cooks: Houston catcher (-AV); no skills
Stenburg [CW]: Detroit vampire draftee (-PA); Dodge, Mighty Blow, Pro, Block, Tackle
Kaleb Jungers: Manglesota zombie (-ST); Dirty Player, Fend
”Easy” Ezekiel Elliot [Ber]: Dallas runner (-MA); +ST, +AG, Block, Tackle, Cannoneer

Total NI this week: 13
Total MNG this week: 15

Joined: Apr 01, 2011

Post   Posted: Dec 05, 2022 - 23:11 Reply with quote Back to top

And now, we are into the divisional round of the NBFL season 29 playoffs!!!

Without exception, the divisional winners all won their wildcard games.
So, in both conferences, we see #1 vs #4, and #2 vs #3.

In the NFC:

New York Kroaks, #1
(Slann - 1990TV)


Manglesota Lyc'ns, #4

(Necromantic Horror - 2060TV)


Szeattle Scimitars, #2
(Dark Elf - 2250TV)


Tampa Neigh Buck'n Beards, #3

(Chaos Dwarf - 2430TV)

In the AFC:

Las Vegas Evaders, #1
(Elven Union - 2220TV)


New Ziggland Chariots, #4

(Chaos Dwarf - 2510TV)


Houston Treants, #2
(Wood Elf - 2480TV)


Cleaved Land Bedlam, #3

(Chaos Chosen - 2420TV)

Joined: Apr 01, 2011

Post   Posted: Dec 05, 2022 - 23:16 Reply with quote Back to top

Prediction tally!

In NFC, we see that ex-con and I were correct about Szeattle, and wrong about Tampa Neigh and Mangledsota.

For the AFC, we were both right about Houston and New Ziggurtland; I was right about Cleaved Land, and ex-con was wrong about Tijuana.

This leaves me now predicting:

Szeattle to beat Tampa Neigh, New York to beat Mangledsota, Las Vegas beating New Ziggurtland and Houston beating Cleaved Land.

Joined: Apr 01, 2011

Post   Posted: Dec 07, 2022 - 06:06 Reply with quote Back to top

And the first match is played, and what a wild one it was. Absolutely insane plays, all over the place.. why are we passing to flesh golems again???

Manglesota Lyc'ns
(Necromantic Horror - 2060TV)

2 - 1

(0/1/0) - (2/0/0)

New York Kroaks
(Slann - 2270TV)

Joined: Apr 01, 2011

Post   Posted: Dec 09, 2022 - 07:15 Reply with quote Back to top

The second match was played, and the Szeattle Scimitars did the ultimate bunker to protect the ball... and then had to jump out of it to score.

Szeattle Scimitars
(Dark Elf - 2250TV)

2 - 0

(0/1/0) - (1/1/0)

Tampa Neigh Buck'n beards
(Chaos Dwarf - 2430TV)

Joined: Apr 01, 2011

Post   Posted: Dec 17, 2022 - 04:51 Reply with quote Back to top

And the AFC has played the first of their 2 divisional matches!

Cleaved Land Bedlam
(Chaos Chosen - 2420TV)

1 - 0

(0/2/1) - (0/0/0)

Houston Treants
(Wood Elf - 2480TV)

Joined: Apr 01, 2011

Post   Posted: Dec 17, 2022 - 05:34 Reply with quote Back to top

And the NFC crowns a new champion!!!

Manglesota Lyc'ns
(Necromantic Horror - 2160TV)

2 - 1

(1/0/1) - (0/0/0)

Szeattle Scimitars
(Dark Elf - 2120TV)

Joined: Apr 01, 2011

Post   Posted: Dec 17, 2022 - 14:46 Reply with quote Back to top

The second AFC match has been played, setting up the AFC championship match!

Las Vegas Evaders
(Elven Union - 2240TV)

2 - 1

(0/0/0) - (2/0/0)

New Ziggland Chariots
(Chaos Dwarf - 2470TV)

Joined: Apr 01, 2011

Post   Posted: Dec 24, 2022 - 01:38 Reply with quote Back to top

And the AFC has found their champion!

Cleaved Land Bedlam
(Chaos Chosen - 2790TV)

2 - 0

(2/2/0) - (0/0/0)

Las Vegas Evaders
(Elven Union - 2020TV)

Joined: Apr 01, 2011

Post   Posted: Dec 24, 2022 - 01:40 Reply with quote Back to top

With this, we are set up with the Superbowl, Chaos vs Necromantic, mutie a deadite.

Will the biggest team beat the monstrous positioning? Will the wolves outrun the beasts?

Cleaved Land Bedlam
(Chaos Chosen - 2810TV)


Manglesota Lyc'ns

(Necromantic Horror - 2200TV)

Joined: Jun 28, 2005

Post   Posted: Jan 09, 2023 - 17:54 Reply with quote Back to top

NBFL Season 30 Draft Preview

With one season ending, another must begin. Thus we come upon the next NBFL Draft to kick things off! Which teams will select players who will turn their franchises around? How many will be in coffins before the playoffs even start? Let's take a look at the draft order and some potential needs and picks for every team:

1. Illadelph Sunshine / charlie1331 / Chaos Chosen

A midseason replacement, the Sunshine had little to work with and accordingly had little success. They do have, however, an opportunity to really improve their team with their first real draft, which includes the #1 overall pick.

Draft Needs: Talent, just moar talent

Possible Pick: 30G-008 Alfonso "Trece" Martinez UNAM UNAM Skill/Blitz 0 AG +MA Block +MA Dodge

With only two real building blocks in Beastmen Franz Kepler and Crokron Wakest, Illy has a lot of needs to address. The Warrior-core in particular is lacking, with nary a Guard to be found. Speed and agility on the Beastmen are always welcome on a Chaos roster as well. If anything, coach charlie should just look at the recent Super Bowl champion Cleaved Land Bedlam and copy everything they've done. Ez peasy.

In this case, they could look to upgrade their speed with a dynamic ball carrier to help boost an offense that only scored twice in their seven games. Granted they still need frontline players to help open up a gap, but one thing at a time.

2. Trans-Fat Crisco Porky Diners / Cervus / Human

The Porky Diners have another pick near the top of the draft and are looking to improve the team enough to get closer to a .500 record. What direction will they choose to go?

Draft Needs: At least one Blitzer with stats

Possible Pick: 30I-005 Jude Tasden Texas Tech [TT] Blitz/Str 0 Block, Mighty Blow, Guard, (+ST), (+AG)

There are many good Blitzer options available, so it may depend on how coach Cervus views +ST in the new 2020 era. On a Human roster, having a mobile, built-in 2D blitz could be very enticing, though.

3. Detroit TBD / HouseBlackfyre / Chaos Chosen

After an ill-fated attempt at Vampires, coach House has forsaken the night and pledged himself to the Dark Gods, hoping to turn his fortunes around with their blessings/curses. Who will be the first player drafted by this franchise?

Draft Needs: All (new franchise)

Possible Pick: 30G-002 Fred Taylor Florida FU Skill/Blitz 0 Block, Mighty Blow, [Chosen Primary], Tackle, (+ST)

Chaos has a lot of options due to their Beastmen coming from the Linemen, Skilled, and Blitzer categories in the draft, and there isn't really a Strength player here worthy of becoming a Warrior. Thus we'll likely see what type of Beastman that Detroit goes with at this selection.

4. Floridaman Drunkfinns / Miyuso / Norse

Coach Miyuso got through his first season feeling out the new Norse roster, and probably has some ideas for version 2.0 this time around. A positive CAS differential is something to build on, and while only scoring 8 times in 14 games wasn't good, giving up 23 is absolutely the thing that most needs to change.

Draft Needs: Upgrade one Valkyrie, Berzerker, and/or Ulf

Possible Pick: 30H-004 Robert Wight Indiana [I] Blitzer 0 Mighty Blow, Dodge, Tackle, Guard, (+AG)

Getting a difference-maker on defense as a Berzerker could be appealing, especially on a team that struggled to stop the opposition from scoring last season.

5. Atlanta TBD / Astrolonim / Chaos Dwarfs

The ATL franchise was looking for a change after an unsuccesful season last year and hired coach Astrolonim to lead them moving forward. The new coach wore a very large hat to the press conference, perhaps giving some insight as to the new team philosophy.

Draft Needs: All (new franchise)

Possible Pick: 30H-014 Jimmy Doolittle Air Force Warpstone Falcons AIR Blitzer 0 Mighty Blow,Dodge,Guard,[Chosen Primary]

Admittedly this was a difficult pick to theorize, as I don't know the coach, nor am I experienced with CDs. There are a ton of options for a Bull Centaur here: some that have stats, some with great upside but risk not having block, and some that are safer but boring. We shall see what the new coach prioritizes in his selections.

6. Carolina Pinkeye / Waagh / Nurgle

The Pinkeye had a rough inaugural season, which is not surprising for a young Nurgle squad. The talent level is not yet there for the team, but the foundation is in place. What position will coach Waagh look to improve on first?

Draft Needs: One Bloater, talented Pestigors

Possible Pick: 30J-004 Joni "27th semester" Gonzalez UNAM UNAM Strength 0 Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle

Rounding out the Bloater block is one way to go, and getting a four-skill player for the spot is pretty good.

7. Denver Brontos / jmonforton / Lizardmen

It was quite the fall from grace in the first season of the 2020 ruleset for the Brontos, who went from playing in the Super Bowl to picking in the top 10 of the draft. A brutal -17 CAS differential led to the team being unable to stop anyone, as they gave up 21 scores on the season. How does coach Jmon plan to remedy this?

Draft Needs: Two Saurii, an AG skink

Possible Pick: 30H-006 Jesse Ventura Minnesota UmGO Blitzer 12 Mighty Blow, Guard, Dodge, (+MA)

A classic Jmon pick, as he has previously been ok with not having Block on a player initially if the rest of the skillset was deemed worthy. Here, he gets a player with everything else he has historically wanted on a Saurus, who also already has 12 Spp in hand.

8. Pittsburgh Pirouettes / Keshdr / Elven Union

The Pirouettes were a midseason addition last year, pulling off a 2-1-4 record with an even 11:11 TD distribution in the process. What kind of talent will they look to add in their first true draft class?

Draft Needs: Two catchers, upgrade one Blitzer

Possible Pick: 30H-002 Brenston Basher Clemson [CLEM] Blitzer 9 Mighty Blow, Dodge, Tackle, Guard

Lots of options available here, so it may depend on how coach Keshdr feels about +ST in the new ruleset, but getting a hitting Blitzer fills a void on the roster for sure.

9. Tennessee TBD / GotrekSlayer / Necromantic Horror

Edit: Gotrek decided to stay as Nurgle after this part of the post was made; his needs are Two Pestigors

After years of living with the Nurgle rot, coach Gotrek was finally cleansed on the night of a full moon when a very hairy person bit him, before running off and howling into the night. Seeing it as a sign of fate, perhaps, Tennessee will have a different look to it starting this season.

Draft Needs: All (new franchise)

Possible Pick: 30D-001 Xcess Karak University KAMU Skilled 0 +ST,Dodge,Block,Tackle,Fend

Werewolves are the best players on the team, and getting a player like Xcess to be a mobile game-changer would be an outstanding start for new-Tennessee.

10. Kansas City Geese / HyperboLemuR / Human

Honk! Honk honk! The Geese fought admirably during their first season, proving to be a tough-out with a 2-8-4 record. A 12:18 TD ratio and a -6 CAS differential means that the team needs to get both more dynamic yet also tougher; which direction will coach Hyper look to go in the draft?

Draft Needs: A scoring catcher, maybe upgrade two Blitzers

Possible Pick: 30K-001 Rodney Brand Arkansas ARK Line/Sk/Bl 5 [Chosen Primary], Sure Hands, (+AG)

There are two +AG options on the board for a catcher at this point, but only Mr Brand comes with Block. Either way, adding a catcher like this immediately improves the scoring potential of the team, which could turn some of those draws into wins.

11. No-Skincinnati Bungles / Dutchlife / Tomb Kings

The Bungles have been stuck in a tough division and are still looking to reach the post-season. What kind of upgrades can they make to try and catch the two playoff-bound teams from the North, including the Super Bowl champs?

Draft Needs: Take best player available to upgrade any positional

Possible Pick: 30J-002 Michael Slay-Han John Molson School of Bruising JMSB Strength 9 Block, Guard, Stand Firm

For the life of me I could not figure out a good pick here; all of the players at a glance appear to be slight upgrades, or a completely different style of Blitzer. Coach Dutch could prioritize getting Block on his fourth Mummy here with Mr Slay-Han, who already has some Spps towards his next skill.

12. Washington TBD / Garcangel / Dark Elf

Coach Garc has embraced his evil Elf again, going back to the dark side of the force, or something. Starting over with a fresh team lets him take the best player available, likely with a focus on the Blitzers.

Draft Needs: All (new franchise)

Possible Pick: 30H-008 Isaiah Spiller Texas A&M A&M Blitzer 0 Dodge, Side Step, Sure Hands, (+MA), (+ST)

There are several stat players on the board that make sense for a Dark Elf team, so this could come down to how much Garc values having both ST and MA plus Sure Hands. Mr Spiller would be a very difficult scoring option for opposing teams to stop, however.

13. Jakesonville Jortles / mrt1212 / Skaven

Currently the only Skaven in the league, coach Mrt went into the lab last season to see how he wanted to play the mice in the big leagues. A 4-5-5 record with a 23:22 TD ratio shows that the squad may only need a few more pieces to put together a playoff push.

Draft Needs: One Gutter, a good Thrower (if desired)

Possible Pick: 30G-011 Tuf Borland Bro-hio State Buckeyes BRO Skill/Blitz 0 AG+,Tackle,Strip Ball,Wrestle

Mr Borland would be scary in the clutches of the skaven, as a persistent sacking threat who can strike from distance. No one wants to try to defend against Mrt when he's armed with players like this!

14. Buffalo Chill / Jeffro / Dark Elf

Buffalo has a talented roster but has been stuck in a tough division so far; can they find a way to put it together and make the playoffs? Also, can they do anything about a brutal -18 CAS differential?!?

Draft Needs: Replace two Blitzers

Possible Pick: 30H-012 Jalen Wydermyer Texas A&M A&M Blitzer 2 Dodge, +ST, Side Step, Tackle

Now this is a heck of a Dark Elf Blitzer, able to go toe-to-hoof with normal Bull Centaurs (not that rival New Ziggland has "normal" Bulls) and be a great defensive piece.

15. Brew More Gents / ryanfitz / Dwarf

The Gents continue to boot and plow the opposition out of the way; can they get back to the playoffs with a slight upgrade on offense?

Draft Needs: One or two Blitzers, one Runner

Possible Pick: 30G-007 Cooper Korik Northern Virginia CC Hawks [NOVA] Skill/Blitz 4 Block, Dodge, (+MA), (+MA)

Pairing the +AG runner already on the roster with a Ma8 runner would certainly qualify as an improvement in scoring ability!

16. Dallas Crowbar / OTS / Dwarf

The Crowbar are consistently in the Wild Card race of the playoffs, though they do not always make the tournament. The team has some needs this offseason, but with the division having basically two new teams, there is an opportunity for Dallas to make a post-season push again.

Draft Needs: One Runner, two Blitzers

Possible Pick: 30E-001 Willy "Grisly" Dissly U-Dub Elfskies [UDUB] Thrower 0 Sure Hands, Cannoneer,+AG,+ST,Guard

While he wouldn't have block, Mr Dissly would be the 'thunder' to the (relative) 'lightning' of Chad Henne [Jax]. And there is past precedent for almost literally this exact player in former draftee "Easy" Ezekiel Elliott [Ber], so it would be a smooth transition to the new runner for the offense.

17. NOLA Powers From Above / BillBrasky / Elven Union

NOLA had mixed results in their inaugural season as Pro Elves, with a 4/2/6 record despite a 21:16 TD ratio. In a division that will have no obvious favorite now that Dash has switched teams, can coach Brasky add some tools to help take the crown?

Draft Needs: One Blitzer, one or two Catchers

Possible Pick: 30D-007 Pelen Lath Oregon Waterfoul [O] Skilled 0 (+AG), Guard, Leap, Wrestle, Side Step

Mr Lath could be either a Blitzer or a Catcher for NOLA and be an effective player, helping to force those defensive turnovers leading to scoop-and-scores for the elves.

18. Arizona Redbulls / Klazam / Chaos Dwarf

The Redbulls are constantly on the edge of the playoffs, finishing 8th this time around. Obviously proficient at the casualty game, can they find a way to fix their defense that gave up 20 scores last season?

Draft Needs: One blocker, maybe a fun Hobgoblin

Possible Pick: 30H-003 Ted Jennings Connecticut [UCONN] Blitzer 0 Mighty Blow, Tackle, Guard, Stand Firm

There are many different Blocker options for coach Klaz to choose from, though most of them will lose a skill (block or tackle), so it really depends on what he wants most.

19. Orkapolis Wargs / Xelron / Orc

The Wargs made a surprising playoff appearance in their first season, snagging the last AFC Wildcard spot. The roster looks very good, with at least two skills on all the key players. Could the team look to trade up for a stud?

Draft Needs: Upgrade to a stud BuB or stat Blitzer

Possible Pick: 30H-011 Sir Gregory Longhorn UNAM UNAM Blitzer 9 Tackle, Mighty Blow, Guard, Grab

If coach Xelron is tempted by stats like MA or ST, or doubles like Dodge, there are plenty of options for him. If not, there's nothing wrong with a classic four-skill Blitzer.

20. Tijuana Charros / Amon242 / Nurgle

The Charros fight in the tough AFC West but continue to make the playoffs; can they add the pieces that will let them make a deep run in the tournament?

Draft Needs: One Bloater and one Pestigor

Possible Pick: 30J-001 ShaKill O'Neal John Molson School of Bruising JMSB Strength 12 Block, Guard, Mighty Blow

Ya, I'd say this fits the bill for the Bloater spot. Even has some Spps in the bank as well.

21. Mean Fae Quackers / happygrue / High Elf

The Quackers made the playoffs in the tough NFC North, which sent no less than three of its teams into the tournament. Despite their success(?) in passing backwards, the team is looking to move forward this season after adding more talent to the roster.

Draft Needs: One Blitzer, replace some banged up players

Possible Pick: 30H-007 Tristan Secret Paris [PARIS] Blitzer 4 Guard, Mighty Blow, Tackle, Grab

If anyone knows how to properly use some Grab, I would think that it would be coach Grue. Plus Mr Secret has other skills like Guard and can be the designated hitter with Mighty Blow and Tackle, so he seems pretty good!

22. Baltimore Nevermore / KidCrestHill / Khorne

The Nevermore were the first 2020 version of Khorne in the league, and we weren't quite sure what to expect. Well, a positive CAS differential (+11) seemed likely, but a 6/4/4 record and a playoff appearance were pleasant surprises. Can coach Kid add more pieces and earn even more glory for the Blood God?

Draft Needs: Skulls for the Skull Throne...also two Khorngors

Possible Pick: 30G-005 Martin Vanderbilk Northern Virginia CC Hawks [NOVA] Skill/Blitz 15 Block, Mighty Blow, (+MA)

Speed will always be something desired on a Khorne roster, and Mr Vanderbilk can become a safety-type player for this team, hunting down those who escape from the Bloodseekers.

23. ChicagOrkz Borkz / asteflix / Orc

The Borkz made a second consecutive playoff appearance, though they yet to make it past the first round yet after tough matchups vs different Chaos Dwarf teams. Will they actually find someone that interests them in the draft this year?

Draft Needs: Replace permed players if reasonable replacements are available?

Possible Pick: None

Seems more likely that coach Aste will pass again.

24. Los Angeles Glams / Stimme / High Elf

The Glams have been the standard of sustained success in the NFC West, though they have not had the desired playoff results as of late. The breakthrough seems inevitable, however, and another draft class may be the difference.

Draft Needs: Two Catchers, maybe a Thrower

Possible Pick: 30D-009 Steinnar Grimlisonn Washington Huskarls [WAS] Skilled 0 Dodge, Side Step, Sprint, Sure Hands, (+AG)

Not sure how we let an AG player fall to Stimme, but he could get a lot of use out a scoring threat who can also come in and swoop up the ball up out of messy situations.

25. New Ziggland Chariots / Wolvezzz / Chaos Dwarf

The Chariots have been a constant playoff participant for some time now, though they will need a serious retool this offseason. Not only did they lose to "stinking elves", those dastardly knife-ears fouled and killed their best Bull Centaur while they ran away with the ball at the end of the game! Will there be any viable replacements at this point of the draft?

Draft Needs: Two Bull Centaurs

Possible Pick: 30I-007 Cameron Saffle California CAL Blitz/Str 0 SS,Dodge,ST+

He may not have three stats like previous Ziggy Bulls, nor will he start with Block (though not a requirement for coach Wolvezzz), but he'll be a pain in the ass down the road.

26. Houston Treants / Bazakastine / Wood Elf

Houston has been unable to replicate their earlier success of back-to-back Super Bowl wins, failing to even get to the AFC championship game the two seasons since. Such are the standards that coach Baz has for the team, but the core is still in tact for another run.

Draft Needs: Two Catchers, Guard Linos

Possible Pick: 30A-007 Madani Diarra Saint Louis StLB Lineman 6 Block, Dodge, Guard

It would be easier, in theory, to develop a rookie Catcher to getting Guard than it would a lineelf, so drafting one as the latter could be the play.

27. Tampa Bay TBD / dashergeaux / Human

After winning the Super Bowl in season 28, coach Dash was thwarted in his attempts for a repeat in a Divisional Round loss. After running the team a certain style for almost ten seasons, the front office saw this as a time to change the makeup of the team. Can (formerly Detroit) Tampa find the same level of consistently in what appears to be a winnable division?

Draft Needs: All (new franchise)

Possible Pick: 30H-005 Gene Okerlund Minnesota UmGO Blitzer 13 Mighty Blow, Tackle, Guard, Juggernaut

Nothing sexy, but a four-skill Blitzer without any bloat could be an appealing first pick for the remade franchise.

28. New York Kroaks / ex-convict / Slann

The Frogs exceeded all expectations last season, finishing with the top seed in the NFC. Did the coaching staff finally figure things out on the way to their 8-4-2 record after the switch to 2020? Or was their 18-20-18 record from the 2016 era more accurate?

Draft Needs: One Blitzer, one Catcher

Possible Pick: 30D-008 Freddie Frawglegs SMU SMU Skilled 0 Wrestle, Tackle, Leap, Dauntless, (+MA)

I mean common, is there a better name for a Frog Blitzer than that?

29. Szeattle Scimitars / Nelphine / Dark Elf

The Scimitars made it all the way to the NFC championship game in their inaugural season, perhaps setting an impossibly high standard moving forward. Led by the studly Seth B [BALL], Szeattle will stay in contention if they can add more support around their star.

Draft Needs: One Blitzer, any good Linos, maybe a Runner

Possible Pick: 30G-003 Johnathan Banks Indiana [I] Skill/Blitz 0 Block, Dodge, Side Step, Mighty Blow, (+MA)

Coach Nelphine has, uh, unique thoughts on how to play Dark Elves, but Mr Banks is close to the Blitzer he lost late last season and could be a suitable replacement.

30. Las Vegas Evaders / wintergreen13 / Elven Union

The Evaders finished with the best regular season record in the league at 11-1-2, but ultimately fell in the AFC title game. This came on the heels of simply making the Wildcard the previous year; can they continue to push further into the playoffs yet again?

Draft Needs: One Catcher, maybe snag a +Stat Blitzer

Possible Pick: 29303 Hubert Cuthroy Oregon Waterfoul [O] Skilled 8 Dodge, Wrestle, Leap, Strip Ball

Replacing the deceased sacking-catcher with a similar one could be the move for coach Winter.

31. Manglesota Lyc'ns / Lorebass / Necromantic Horror

The most unforseen run that we've seen in some time, coach Lorebass took a team that had almost no expectations (a certain someone projected them to be 4th in their division) and fought tooth and claw deep into the second half of the Super Bowl. On the way, they won a division with both Grue and Aste in it, then beat Stimme, Ex-con, and Nelphine to get to the big game. The Lyc'ns certainly earned the respect of the entire league last season.

Draft Needs: Upgrade one Wraith, Flesh Golem, and/or Ghoul

Possible Pick: 30G-010 Albert Crumm Northern Virginia CC Hawks [NOVA] Skill/Blitz 0 Block,+ST,Grab

Coach Lorebass cannot resist the chance to take one of his former college players, who will prove to be a huge pain for opponents and a huge boon for positioning.

32. Cleaved Land Bedlam / captainmalkor / Chaos Chosen

After years of playoff losses to various elves and lizards, the Bedlam finally broke through the proverbial glass ceiling and not only got to the big game, but won it. They have been remarkably healthy overall during their time in the league, so the question must be asked: can they do it again?

Draft Needs: In Malkor We Trust

Possible Pick: 30I-006 Corbin Dulas Northern Virginia CC Hawks [NOVA] Blitz/Str 0 Block,+MA,Mighty Blow

Coach Malkor has drafted and developed a lot of talent over the past six seasons, even if others could not see his vision with some of the picks. Whomever he takes here will likely grow into something fearsome down the road.

Part of the NCBB and the NBFL.

Don't drop the soap.

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NBFL Season 30 Comp Draft Preview

Though it gets less hype as the Main Draft, the Compensatory Draft is still vital for successful NBFL franchises. All new teams and those that change races start with three selections from these pools of players, as well as teams whose rosters are beat up enough to warrant an extra selection.

One needs to merely look at the recent NFC Championship Game to see how impactful players from the Comp Draft can be! Selected in Pool 1 to be the franchise player for the new Szeattle squad, you saw Seth B [BALL] make game changing plays all season long. Opposing him in this game, and ultimately being enough of a force to warrant nomination for Defensive Player of the Year, was the first selection of Pool 2, Genome Ratkin [CIN], which was granted to Manglesota based on the state of their roster.

So it matters not why your team has a selection in the Comp Draft, just know that it gives you an opportunity to permanently improve your team! (Until said player goes into the inevitable forever-box, of course). With that being said, let's take a look at some possible selections for each of the comp picks:

Pool 1

1. Atlanta TBD - Astrolonim - Chaos Dwarf

With the first pick in the Comp Draft, along with the fifth selection overall in Main, coach Astrolonim has an excellent opportunity to shape the franchise for the foreseeable future. Surely the team will look to select the ever-important Bull Centaur position with at least one, if not both selections.

Possible Pick: 1.011.30 Chicago PallBearers CHIP L Big Guy/Strength Matthew Pritchett V (Navy) Navy Guard, +MA, Block, +ST, Break Tackle 0

Mr Pritchett V would be an absolute force as a Bull Centaur, somehow being a mobile wall that can shut down offensive progress anywhere that is needed.

2. Tampa TBD - dashergeaux - Human

Switching races as a playoff team means you will be stuck with a late pick in both rounds of the Main Draft, meaning that this selection in Comp is even more vital for the new version of Tampa. Getting a stud Blitzer should be the obvious goal here for coach Dash.

Possible Pick: 1.008.30 Chicago PallBearers CHIP H Blitzer Smitherman (MzST) Navy AG, Guard, Mighty Blow, Frenzy, +AG 0

Getting a double +Agility player would certainly qualify as a boon for the team.

3. Detroit TBD - HouseBlackfyre - Chaos

Fortunately for coach House, his new race (Chaos) has very flexible draft options, letting him take the best available player. Also fortunately (or unfortunately) for him, he has the third selection in the Main Draft after suffering through Vampires last season.

Possible Pick: 1.002.30 Philadelphia Regal Eagles PRE D Skilled Steven "Gelada" Coe [UCSD] UCSD Block, Dodge, Side Step, +AG, +AG 0

With literally only one Strength player in Pool 1 (and having him being taken already in this exercise), Detroit will have to settle for an incredibly agile Beastman to carry the ball with.

4. Washington TBD - Garcangel - Dark Elf

Garc had his worst season in some time and decided to add some armor to his elves; he has the 12th pick in Main to supplement his selections here in Comp.

Possible Pick: 1.012.30 Las Vegas Gamblers LVG G Skilled/Blitzer Buck Heatseeker [ARMY] ARMY Mighty Blow, Tackle, +AG, Side Step 0

Well this looks like a player we shouldn't let him have.

Pool 2

1. Washington - Garcangel - Dark Elf

Possible Pick: 2.012.30 Philadelphia Regal Eagles PRE G Skill/Blitz Cordy Glenn Guard, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm, Tackle, +MA 0

DE Blitzer

2. Detroit - HouseBlackfyre - Chaos

Possible Pick: 2.018.30 C'attle C'haos C'C' J Strength Onsi'Ded Shitsh'Ow Block, Guard, Stand Firm 10

Chaos Warrior

3. Tampa - dashergeaux - Human

Possible Pick: 2.013.30 Chicago PallBearers CHIP H Blitzer LB#51 Dodge, Tackle, Mighty Blow, Guard, Stand Firm 0

Human Blitzer

4. Atlanta - Astrolonim - Chaos Dwarf

Possible Pick: 2.015.30 B'altimoor Sk'avens BS H Blitzer Dag Gunnvidsson Mighty Blow, Tackle, Guard, Fend, [secondary] 22

CD Blocker

5. Illadelph Sunshine - charlie1331 - Chaos

Possible Pick: 2.703.28 Noo Squigland Punchdrunx NSP 7 Strength K. DaDrake [PAIN] PAIN Mighty Blow, Guard, Block 7

Chaos Warrior

Pool 3

1. Washington - Garcangel - Dark Elf

Possible Pick: 3.007.28 Phull-o-s'elfia Egos POS 0 Lineman Jae'sun Piet'rs Guard, Block 0

DE Lineman

2. Detroit - HouseBlackfyre - Chaos

Possible Pick: 3.008.30 Las Vegas Gamblers LVG D Skilled Annette Obrestadt Guard, Block 0

Chaos Beastman

3. Tampa TBD - dashergeaux - Human

Possible Pick: 3.007.30 Mangledsota Many-Men MMM C Line/Blitz Dawson Mudon Guard, Stand Firm 0

Human Blitzer

4. Atlanta - Astrolonim - Chaos Dwarf

Possible Pick: 3.502.29 Pittsburgh Steelcurs PIT 5 Blitzer Rob Spillguts Guard, Stand Firm 3

CD Blocker

5. Pittsburgh Pirouettes - Keshdr - Pro Elves

Possible Pick: 3.004.30 Warpstone Bay Ratscallions WBRS A Lineman Skirs Nikkis Guard, Block 0

PE Lineman

6. Kansas City Geese - HyperboLemuR - Human

Possible Pick: 2.303.28 Witchington BloodBowl Team WTCH 3 Skilled/Thrower Jeff George 13 Cannoneer, Accurate, Pass, Sure Hands 5

Human Thrower

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