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Joined: May 21, 2007

Post   Posted: Feb 08, 2014 - 04:24 Reply with quote Back to top

In the interest of cleaning up I've started a new thread that will have the recap and responses to the recaps but not predictions in it. Here are all of week 1's recaps, save 1:

Freak Blizzard in San Dogo!
San Dogo wins 2-1 over Fangas City in seasonal opener.

SD wins the coin flip and elects to kick, as a freak blizzard sets in. FC sets up for a strong forward run which is read perfectly by the SD defense but not reacted to. SD tries to lock up FC's weak south side, FC counters by moving northern players to the zone, but tightens up its drive allowing SD to surround and weaken FC's cage. FC breaks the ball free, but blood lust starts taking its toll, Tyson Jackson and star thrall Wes Camp are out of the game already as FC is forced to score, giving SD a 5-turn drive.

FC sets up its defense with strong vampire safeties nestled 4 deep. SD sets up a soft south side drive as the blizzard begins to fade. SD's initial push is stong, knocking out a line thrall and isolating Jamaal Charles, forcing the apo to keep him in the game. FC commits strongly to the south drive and SD counters by forming a middle-north cage, injuring one of its own players in the meanwhile. FC continues to lose players from blood lust and SD blocks and although they break the cage and injure SD quarertback Ryan Leaf, they remain too outnumbered to take advantage of it and SD scores at the halftime whistle. Very close call though for SD.

The second half opens with SD's offense and FC having to field 9 players due to only recovering 1 of 4 KO'ed players. SD has the full 11, and the man advantage is further enhanced when the fans stun two vampires at the kick off. SD's initial drive takes 3 more FC players off the pitch and even though FC manages to injure Ryan Diem, they are too outnumbered and quickly run out of thralls and indeed players entirely.

Clutch moment of the game: Julius Carol failing to pick up the ball after Tony Moeaki knocked it loose, a play that had the potential to set up a 2-0 second half lead for FC.

MVP of the game: Chris Growlkowski for his solid presence in SD's first half drive and his key pick up on the last turn of it.

Correctly predicted: Jeffro, Licker, Happygrue, Lorebass, Relezite

The Superbowl that Almost was!
Philhala and Houston tie 1-1.

It was raining in Houston and would not cease for the entire game. Philly won the coin toss and not wanting to suffer the wrath of the Houston line, elected to receive. Houston set up with a tight linebacker spread but a loose line. Philhala set up strong on the line with Chris Harison deep to receive. A solid kick saw the ball land in the south endzone. Philly knocked the line down and KO fouled a saurus. Houston responded in kind, isolating Thorlakr Thorgeirson and fouling him, causing a serious injury that was quickly cured. Philly drove strong south as The Justin Killer managed to KO a second saurus. A skink was also KO'd, but an 8-man foul on a 3rd saurus led only to the player's ejection. Houston would turn around and KO foul TJK as well leaving the pitch 8 on 8. Chris switched attacks from south to center and back again and at the end, the lizards could not catch him. 1-0 Philly with a 2-turn drive for Houston, which fizzled.

Second half TJK did not return despite two rolls with a babe. Philly set up the wide-E defense with a loose line. Houston played all 7 beaters on the line. An unfortunate string of dice almost let Chris get away with some of the shenanigans he is famous for, but he rolled snake eyes on a dodge. Jeramethrius Bluetooth threw his one block of the game and it was a doosy, seriously injuring Glover Quin. Chris was 6-man fouled twice, but as usual was too pretty to be anything more than KO'd. The talents of Owen Daniels would prove to be too much for Philly, and Houston scored, tying the game at 1-1 and leaving 5 turns for Philly's rebuttal.

Both Chris and TJK would return for the final drive. The opening series of blocks went south for Philly, resulting in only a single prone skink. Houston sent a 2 man attack north, man marked Philly's receiving threat and sent the rest of the team to block the south drive. Chris moved south into a cage as Philly traded an ejection for a badly hurt saurus. Once again Chris went south to center as TJK took out a skink. Houston kept up with the pitch control though, and the numbers were mostly matched. The game ended with a failed attempt by Philly to move the ball north, and Houston had no nearby players to capitalize. Final score: 1-1

Clutch moment of the game: Chris Harison tripping after retrieving the ball on Houston's second half drive.

MVP of the game: Chris "Pretty" Harison, whose mobility forced the positioning of Houston's players for over half the game.

Correctly predicted: Only JackassRampant

Two Left Feet!
A rough start for the Lothern Bay Bolt Throwers as they lose 0-2 to the Gnawleans Stanks.

Gnawleans wins the toss and elects to receive, after buying a wizard with just enough inducement money. LB sets up a strong wide 4-line defense with a wide line to avoid the beast, while Gnawleans sets up a strong line, but leaves a warrior slightly back. Gnawleans opening push is weak, only downing two elves and failing a pass. LB commits to man-marking the forward line and makes the very bold move of sending Charleton Breeze deep to mark the ball. Gnawleans immediately deploys the wizard to bolt off Charleton and then attempts a weak foul with a non dp player before any blocks, luckily without consequence. LB starts losing players, first a lineman is badly hurt by the beast, then a failed dodge leads to apoing Tyrus Gladroon. Additionally a dragon warrior is surf ko'd. Gnawleans continues to try weak fouls on Charleton to no effect/consequence. Another surf KO and the matchup is already 11 to 7 in Gnawlean's favor. The most tragic moment of the match occurs shortly thereafter when Charelton is murdered on yet another non-dp 2 man foul without ejection. After chewing up the field, Gnawleans scores on turn 8 making it 1-0. On the free block turn, LB manages to BH the beast, but he regenerates and instead a catcher is banned for a weak foul.

As bad as it has been, LB is still fielding 11 players at the start of their second half drive which sees Gnawleans employing a wide and deep defense with the narrow line. LB does not choose to send receivers down the open wide zones, instead focusing on protecting the ball for a longer drive. Without receivers to worry about, Gnawleans employs strong man marking on LB's forward line. LB forms a backfield cage to prevent ball pressure, but without anyone behind the Gnawleans line, the pressure is too great. Another LB player gets surfed, and Gnawleans continues to march up the field. LB tries to force their way through the center with the backfield cage, and almost breaks free with the ball but falls prey to Gnawleans safety Az-zahir Hakim. Gnawleans add some extra MNG injuries to the top and there's no stopping Az-zahir driving in the second TD and winning the game. 2-0 Gnawleans.

Clutch moment of the game: The death of Charleton Breeze, denying LB it's most formidable one turn touchdown threat.

MVP of the game: Wild" Az-zahir Hakim scored two touchdowns this game was basically untouchable.

Correctly predicted: Licker, Kryten, Jeffro

Flight Vs. Fight!
Buffalo Hillbillies outrun and outfight the New York Jetz 2-1

Buffalo wins the coin flip and elects to kick. Kick off roll is high kick which lets star draftee Billie the Bow get under the ball. NY sets up a standard wave defense, one square deeper than normal. Buffalo focuses strong center, and only deploys two of its four catchers for this drive. Buffalo KO's one line fodder, but trips on the first catcher's run up the center, causing an early T1 turn over. NY collapses on the line, pinning the wardancers with tentacle players. Buffalo manages to create a little separation on the line, while moving Billie the Bow to back-center pitch and picking up the downed receiver. NY keeps the receiver double covered but struggles to deal damage. Buffalo sends out a wardancer to act as a second receiver. NY manages to reach Billie the Bow and knocks the ball loose in dangerously isolated territory. Buffalo sends 3 players back to cover the loose ball. NY is getting very spread out at this point. Buffalo removes the coverage of the ball and moves it way down pitch, but very exposed. NY comes in with huge coverage and fractures the ball carrier's skull. Buffalo wastes their reroll then manages a very balsy -2d blitz to score, leaving NY a 3-turn drive. 1-0 Buffalo.

Buffalo fields a VERY deep defense. NY pushes strong north. Buffalo counters by shifting its defense in front, and NY moves north-center. Justin Truck gets a very important chaos warrior casualty on the last turn, but NY still opens up the defense for the score. 1-1.

Buffalo's defense is once again deep, but not as much so as last drive. NY sets up 7 on the line and fails to blitz with the mino but trades a KO for an ejection as they secure the ball. Buffalo manages another good chaos warrior injury with a surf. NY wastes another blitz on the mino and moves the ball to deep north while trying to pin down Buffalo players. Buffalo manages to remove 2 more players from NY and moves 2 men up the pitch. NY manages to move the ball way up pitch, but loses it to a leaping wardancer as Buffalo continues to badly hurt beastmen like they're on clearance. There's some back and forth on ball control and Justin Truck gets KO'd, the man advantage is too great and Buffalo breaks south for the score. 2-1 Buffalo

Clutch moment of the game: Buffalo's one-dice block to break the ball loose near their own end-zone.

MVP of the game: Justin Truck, for badly hurting a chaos warrior and saving the ball more than once.

Correctly predicted: Only Kryten

Forward March!
Atlanta blows out Pittsburgh (4-0)

Pittsburgh wins the toss and elects to receive. Atlanta sets up with a strong guard line and a tasty skinks on the wings. Pittsburgh bits on the line, setting up hard guard and a center push, actually declining to field his +av chaos dwarf. Pittsburgh, however, does not go for the exposed skinks, but sets up a grand foul that just stuns, as well as gets the ball into the hands of Big Ben. Atlanta surrounds the dogpile without contacting much of it and marks Big Ben with a skink. On Pittsburgh's next turn they manage to badly hurt a 3-skill skink and foul-ko a suarus without ejection. Atlanta continues moving down the pitch towards Big Ben, who seems unconcerned. Another skink falls to Steve Gronski's hunger, this time never to rise again. A weak foul from pittsburgh and a weak blitz from Ben, but the ball is finally at midfield. Atlanta starts fighting back with a KO on the fouler. Critical trip on Pittsburghs turn as Big Ben tries to go for it one to many times and ends up stunning himself and dropping the ball deep into Atlanta territory. Atlanta KO's a second hobgoblin but putzes a RR and fails to pick up the loose ball. Pittsburgh immediately KO's a skink, then a saurus, then stuns the krox, and finally capitalizes on this momentum by rerolling a 1d skull then tripping. Atlanta tries a hand of to a saurus after getting the ball but fails and Pittsburgh uses its wizard to clear it up a little. They get the ball back but fumble a pass to Big Ben. The offending Hobgoblin is then removed by a blitz for two games. The ball is picked up by a saurus and handed off to a skink for the turn 8 score. 1-0 ATL

Pittsburgh loads the line with 8 men. Atlanta decides not to fight this and spreads out. Two more hobgoblins are hurt on their first turn and a very strong and deep north cage is formed. There's nothing for Pittsburgh to do with the way they set up their line. 2-0 ATL

BLITZ! Pittsburgh has a 9-man line and it very weak to this blitz. An ag4 skink catches the ball but it's near the LoS. It's easily taken out of his hands but it falls into the hands of a backup skink. Again, Atlanta easily outranges the heavy line and scores. 3-0 ATL

Just as the game is already over, the rain sets in. A skink makes a play for the ball, but gets hurt for his trouble. Pittsburgh cannot hold on to the ball in this weather though. Atlanta gets the ball again, in the rain in a tackle zone and scores. 4-0 ATL

They line up for the last turn and the kroxigor is seriously injured for shit and giggles.

Clutch moment of the game: Big Ben tripping.

MVP of the game: M. "M'Kay" Okaf'r, MVP is almost always going to go to anyone that scores more than once in a game.

Correctly predicted: Kryten, Happygrue, Nekran, WingedHuman

A Carnival of Carnage!
New Angryland and Seattle tie (1-1) but we all know who lost.

NE wins the coin toss and elects to receive, as well as brings a bribe and a wizard to the match. Seattle's defense is deep and centered, designed to keep pesky dwarves from wrapping around them. NA uses a 9-man front, leaving only a hobgoblin and the new star draftee bull centaur in the back. The kickoff is more bribe, so there are potentially 3 get out of jail free cards in play. Seattle's line is dealt with in normal chaos dwarf fashion: 1 ko and 1 badly hurt. The deep rats are challenged and though it costs NE a reroll, the st4 storm vermin is also KO'd. It's 11-8 man advantage on the first turn. NE tries to get the ball into Steve Grogan's hands, but fails. Seattle responds with a strong south push. Chaos dwarves shift down and close off the center, where the ball is caged. The rat ogre forces himself into the cage, next to the ball carrier, but a nice looking surf fails to pay off for Seattle instead. They try to tie up NE's forward players, but it's not very effective. The ball is brought back to get a 2d blitz on Seattle's 4st linerat, and it pays off with a KO, further expanding the man advantage. Bobby Wagner is the first of Seattle's deaths in this game, and the apo is wasted. The damage is tremendous by the end of the drive, with 6 KOs, 2 BH, and a RIP. At the 1-turn drive, only one rat recovers from KO. The roll is RIOT! but Seattle goes for the one turn anyways and trips on the goal line. 1-0 NE

3 players come back for Seattle this drive, but not the one-turner who had been KO'd by a foul while down in the endzone. NE's defense is loose center with a deep bull safety. Seattle is running south. The blitz is wasted by the Rat Ogre, but the offensive cannot (or perhaps does not want to) be stopped and it's a turn 2 score for Seattle. 1-1.

The st4 storm vermin and the 1-turn touchdown runner are still out. It's 10 on 11 for NE's last offensive drive. Seattle sets up super deep on defense. With nothing to fear, NE's plays 10 forward. This drive starts out much less impressive for NE, with 1 prone in 6 blocks. Seattle responses better, KO'ing a goblin and forcing the apo use on a chaos dwarf. Suddenly Seattle has the man advantage for the first time in the game. Not for long though for as Steve Grogan is driving the ball down the center, Max Unger II is killed on a piling on blitz. A couple of gentle turns pass and Steve is making steady progress center to south. He's got it, he's going for it, and GOAL LINE TRIP! Second major bull centaur trip this week. Seattle takes the ball and it proper rat fashion are a million miles down-field in a flash. NE is forced to tap into it's wizard and strikes the ball out with a lighting bolt, KO'ing the carrier. A farce of end game failures begins, and doesn't end until nobody scores and the rat ogre is dead.

Clutch moment of the game: Steve Grogan tripping in the end zone.

MVP of the game: Cory Killin, for his catch at the end of the first half.

Correctly predicted: Licker, Wingedhuman

Dog Day Afternoons!
Cleveland wins (2-1) over Cincinnati

Cleveland wins the toss and elects to kick. They set up a strong center defense with no wide out presence. Cinny has a pretty protective offense, with only 5 on the line. The blitz comes and the kick is good for it, Cleveland recovers the ball easily. Orson Charles manages to knock the ball free, but into solid coverage. A zombie is killed and regenerates, and the ball is bounced around a bunch before landing in the hands of a neatly protected rotter. Eric Metcalf is badly hurt on a foul and the start looks really good for Cinny. Cleveland gets nothing done on their turn and Cinny removes BOTH wolves from the pitch, one KO'd and one SI but regenerates. You could be excused for thinking this half was over already. In fact, it was, nothing else happen except a stay zombie KO and a dp ejection. Turn 8 score for Cinny. 1-0

(Due to a quick snap, Cleveland gets a good shot at a one turn touchdown, but it fizzles.)

Second half, Cinny is employing a short center-E defense with no wide zone presence. Cleveland is running a flexible, winged offence. A good number of blocks into the opening turn and one of the warriors has been badly hurt, with no regen. Both teams are playing this drive almost exclusively nose-to-nose in the center, save the werewolf ball carrier trying to sneak south. This strategy is not paying off for Cinny though, who is shedding a player each turn and generating no pressure on the ball. They spend way too much time on flesh golems and by the time they chase the wolf it is too late, Cleveland scores on turn 4.

Cinny is fielding 10 for this drive, where they have 5 turns to win and Cleveland only 4. Cleveland switches gears and flies with the jumbo jet defense. Cinny counters with a very defensive offense featuring 3 backfield warriors. Opening drive is very weak on the line and the ball is picked up but then dropped on the handoff. For a couple turns ineffectual blocks are being traded until Dre Kirkpatrick KO's himself on a skull 1d block and opens up the middle. Suddenly the ball carrier is scrambling. This kind of spread out panicked pitch is where werewolves thrive. And so they do, one covering the only receiver and the other stripping the ball, taking the ball, and scoring...the ball. 2-1 Cleveland.

Clutch moment of the game: If Cinny had won, I would have said the turn 1 removal of Eric Metcalf. But considering they didn't, I think the clutch moment was Dre KO'ing himself and giving the ball carrier nowhere to run.

MVP of the game: Malcom "the Claws" Lane, easy.

Correctly predicted: Everyone EXCEPT Sutherlands

Panther Party Penetration!
Baltimore forgets to bring protection and loses (2-3) to Carolina's penetrations.

Carolina wins the toss and elects to receive, as well as purchases an additional apothecary for the match. Baltimore sets up a heavy black orc line and a deep blitzer defense, Carolina chooses not to fight the line and sets up 6 strong receiver threats in the wides. The roll is perfect defense though, which forces Carolina to meet the heavy line anyways, as well as most of the back as Baltimore switches to a heavy 9-man line. Carolina has to immideatly burn a reroll on a dodge, but then gets a lucky break with a 1 die blitz on a black orc that results in an early badly hurt. Ted Ginn Jr. gets the ball and moves way down field with it but trips on a gfi and KO's himself. Greg Olsen finds himself out for two game after serving as a distraction on the line. Baltimore covers the ball, but plays ring-around-the-rosie with Carolina's side-steppers and they are quickly outnumbered 6 to 3 in their own backfield. Baltimore tries to recover, but the heavy line of the perfect defense costs them and they can't cover the ball well enough. 1-0 Carolina.

A lot of Carolina's strength is out, but they have a deep roster. They set up in a 2xC shallow defense with a tight southern line to promote the blitz. Baltimore runs a heavy 8-man line with double throwers in the backfield. Punishment is dealt to the line with a BH and a KO and a weak southern cage is formed, with the st4 ag4 dump-off thrower carrying the ball. The cage is penetrated and Luke Kuechly picks up his second 1d badly hurt, this time on the star thrower, who manages to get rid of the ball into good coverage. Baltimore, however, ends its second turn this game with a bad troll block. Carolina is unable to capitalize though they are in a better position than before. Baltimore focuses on blocking the south elves and leaves the ball wide open. Carolina snatches it as they injure the second orc thrower and tries to move the ball further down field than necessary but fails the pass. Baltimore secures the ball but the positioning is too loose for the orcs and Luke Kuechly's strip ball taxes the blitzers too much to keep control of the ball. Carolina recovers, breaks free, and scores. 2-0 Carolina

At the last minute, Baltimore lines up a throw teammate touchdown with Blaine Gabbert (Mizzou!) and scores handly. 2-1 Carolina.

Carolina again with the 2xC south die defense. Baltimore plays their same offense, this time using Blaine Gabbert as the quarterback. They deal no damage on the line and try to lock up both C's while Blaine secures the ball deep. Carolina scrambles, breaking free 3 players on the north C. Baltimore is putting good pressure on the mid-pitch but then loses a THIRD turn to their own troll, who finally KO's himself to make the point clear. The lost action for Blaine is too much, Luke Kuechly is back and easily gets the ball out of Blaine's hands allowing Carolina to score. 3-1 Carolina

Defense and offense set up the same, but perfect defense is rolled and Carolina adjusts for heavy north pressure. Baltimore gets the ball, but does not send any players back to protect the wide-open field. Again, Carolina penetrates, this time with 4 players, one marking Blaine. Baltimore moves players back and Baline attempts a pass that fails. It looks to be another easy Carolina touchdown but Luke Kuechly trips on his dodge. The ball is moved to Ray Lewis who shifts it down south. It's taken from him by Carolina but not picked up. Carolina has 3 separate opportunities this drive to win 4-1, but the dice are wicked awful and Blaine gets through eventually. 3-2 Carolina

Clutch moment of the game: Any of the moments where Baltimore left their backfield wide open.

MVP of the game: Luke Kuechly for multiple one dice injuries and four sacks.

Correctly predicted: Absolutely everybody

Tow the Line!
Tennessee wins a slugfest with Indy (2-1) after an amazing 114 blocks are thrown.

Tennessee wins the coin flip and elects to receive. Indy fields a 5-man line with 3 tomb guardians in it and a narrow, deep back. Tennessee aims for a strong south-side run. The kick crosses the LoS and is given to the fastest south-side blitzer. Tennessee's opening tax is huge, a tomb guardian with -av, no regen, a skeleton BH, no regen, and another KO'd skeleton. Indy moves their deep core south to block the run but they are tied up and the runner criss-crosses deep north. A stry rookie skeleton knocks the ball loose, but the team can't follow up. After Tennessee fails to pick the ball up, Indy manages to move star rookie Craig Krenzel up to threaten the ball. But he is swept off of it and Tyler Emischen pushes himself into the endzone, giving Indy a 5-turn drive. 1-0 Tennessee

Tennessee plays the 100% vanilla defense. Indy sits heavy on the line and sets up its own south-side run. Their opening blocks dont achieve much and they try to push through. Tennessee knocks the ball loose and takes two skeletons off of the field. Jerome Bettis does some pretty fancy ball grabbing and gets it off to the blodge blitz-ra while two orc players are locked up south edge and Indy has a decent north blockade. Lots of good plays by Tennessee to attack the ball, but the blodge is strong with this one and he scores at the half. 1-1

Similar offense and defenses are deployed, and Indy uses the exact same strong south run, this time though the ball is a little safer and the the line is moderately stronger. Tennessee decides to hug the line strong, and at the end of the second turn only two players are not connected to the south drive. Indy does well on their next turn, including a badly hurt ag4 lineorc, and drives the ball within range, but unprotected. The ball is knocked loose and another skeleton is removed. Happy Gilmore gets the ball in unsafe territory but Indy fails to make any running room on its blocks. From there, Tennessee moves the ball to the more secure center, but Indy gets a good 1d block and knocks it into their own throw-ra's hands. Tennessee turns around though and injures said throw-ra on their own 1d block from the goblin. From this point, however, too many of Indy's resources are tied up deep south to fight for the loose north center ball, and Tennessee runs it in. 2-1 Tennessee.

Clutch moment of the game: Goblin Brian Coulter freeing the ball on a 1d block and injuring the carrier in the final minutes for the win.

MVP of the game: Tyler Emischen for his strong mobility leading to two touchdowns.

Correctly predicted: Licker, Relezite, Jeffro, Nekran, Happygrue, Robocoyote, JackassRampant, Ryanfitz, Nicodemus1

My Eyes Are Up Here!
Flashington and New York tie (2-2)

Flashington wins the coin toss and elects to receive. NY brings a wheelbarrow of inducements to this game including a merc thrall, 2 cards, 2 beers, and a wizard. NY's defense is a strong north back with a weak south back but a southern line, designed to force the run. Flashington ignores the opening and loads the line, lending resources to the north to cover the backfield. Line tax is strong, Flashington manages to ko two thralls while the Doctor secures the ball. NY creates a hole in the north and sends nearly everybody around Flashington's center collapsed line, then lightning bolt KO's the Doctor. Flashington scrambles south and manages to get the ball due to some clever pushing, but uses a reroll and trips trying to get into position for a throw. The Wall manages to grab the ball but bites one of this thralls so his protection is not great. Flashington uses the brunt of its south-center forces to get a good block on The Wall, but to no effect. No other actions are risked as The Wall just walks it right in. 1-0 NY

NY's defense this time is a strong middle triangle ready to gaze its way into either wing. Flashington plays 10 on the line. The kick is deep and one player is sent back to aid with it. Thralls are knocked down, but not out. NY tries to penetrate the center but doesnt get very deep and Flashington forms a loose north-center cage. 4 gazes hit the cage but the ball carrier remains safe. Flashington kills a thrall and continues moving the ball north, but good gaze work from NY and a lucky 1d block disarms the Doctor again. L. Fletcher KO's a vampire and the ball is thrown into a very good position for Flashington. They quickly put a lot of range between themselves and the vampires, and though the ball is knocked loose again, Flashington recovers easily for the score. 1-1

Flashington starts with a center safety defense with a northern line. NY addresses the line lightly and prepares for a slower drive. BLITZ! The ball is open and J. Riggins catches it perfectly. NY can't dislodge the ball or even trap Riggins very well and she escapes into a cage. Gazes tear this cage to shred however and The Wall is back, stunning Riggins and stealing the ball. Blocking goes south for Flashington as they injure their own linewoman on a skull and The Wall takes off. NY chooses to switch ball carriers instead of score, and it pays off after a little scare. 2-1 NY

NY uses the same defense, and Flashington nearly the same offense, but with one more player back this time. Bribes are handed out to each coach. Flashington is very weak on the line, knocking prone all 4 targets and wasting their bribe on a stun. NY uses their bribe to KO the st4 guard. Things look bleak as Flashington drives south, causing no damage. NY wastes their turn with a skull/push reroll into double skulls, feeding the Doctor her first cas. Suddenly, the south drive is impossible to stop. 2-2

Clutch moment of the game: Anguan Gobldin hurting himself on a reroll, clearing up the muddled tieing drive for Flashington.

MVP of the game: The Wall, who was invincible on his scores.

Correctly predicted: Licker and Ryanfitz

Whose Ghoul Is It Anyways?
Minnesota shuts out Denver (2-0)

Denver wins the coin flip and elects to receive in the pouring rain. Denver brings a beer, a bribe, and star player Setekh to this game. Minnesota lines up with a short backfield weave and a spread out zombie line. Denver sets up a punishing 7-man line and two very deep ghouls. Perfect defense gives Minnesota the chance to pressure their shallow kick, though the specialized players are actually moved back and south. Denver utilizes Setekh's juggernaut skill to get a flesh golem away from the ball and dodges a zombie into a tackle zone in what might have been a misclick. Barrel Man does reach the ball despite how far back he was. Minnesota's response is brutal, injuring the ghoul and a zombie and walling off the ball in the deep south center. Attempts to pressure the cage are met with a chain surf KO and a block KO and the man advantage for Minnesota is growing. The fight on the south edge continues for quite a few turns and Denver starts turning around the attrition by surfing a zombie and KOing Kevin Williams in the same move. Minnesota is right back into it though, badly hurting another zombie but failing to pick up the ball as the action continues in this tiny section of the pitch. Setekh has been pulling his weight so far as a major cockblock for a lot of what Minnesota is trying to get done. Rolf Fouts fails a critical dodge and the werewolves do what they do when there are reduced numbers: take over. Lack of agile talent on the pitch catches up with Denver now that the ball isn't tangled up anymore and Cris Carter easily stalls out the remainder of the half before scoring. 1-0 Minnesota.

Denver sets up a deep Center-E defense with a loose line. Minnesota's offense is 10 strong on the line with Leshon Johnson back to receive. An out of bounds kick means they don't have to risk the no sure hands pick up in the rain. The mummies are tied up and the ball driven center. The north mummy punishes the zombie marking him with a KO, and Dead Jay Williams is sent deep and alone after a werewolf. Minnesota doesn't make any progress up the pitch, but headbutt KO's a Denver zombie. A mummy is brought in to mark the ball but it is dodged out and brought into a south half-cage. Setekh strips it, but it's too wide open still and Leshon recovers it for the score. 2-0 Minnesota

5-turn drive with similar offense and defense formations as the first drive. Denver taxes well, taking out a zombie and a flesh golem. Minnesota returns bigger though, KOing a wraith and mummy. The center is wrapped up and Denver drives north, but despite their best efforts, Rolf is caught and KO'd. With no chance to score in sight anymore, Denver goes on a rampage of serious injuries that Minnesota mockingly regenerates.

Clutch moment of the game: Rolf's failed dodge at the end of the first half to pave the way to Minnesota defensive score.

MVP of the game: Leshon Johnson for his swift extension of the lead in the second half. (Runner up: Setekh. His presence was the strongest this game.)

Correctly predicted: Kryten, Jeffro, Nekran, Sutherlands

Frog Legs and Octopus Stew!
Green Bay ties Detroit (1-1) in a hard fought, down to the wire game.

Detroit wins the coin toss and elects to receive. GB brings a wizards and 2 beers in their hang glider defense. They expose their kroxigor on the south tip of the wing, confident in Detroit's lack of claw. Detroit plays strong center forward with Jordan Poyer back to receive. Detroit fails to tax the line and moves the ball into a north-center cage just shy of the LoS. GB opens up the cage and inserts a few of its side stepping diving blitzers. Detroit tries to push them off but Charles Woodson is stuck like glue. GB moves to take advantage of the opening but trips when leaping their guard in. Detroit uses a clever push to get Charles off of the ball carrier and shifts the run center-south. Charles catches up though and knocks the ball loose, only to fall into the superior runner, Marcus's, hands. Detroit finally starts gaining a man advantage by KOing two frogs, including Charles. With unmatched mobility on the open pitch, GB again disarms the ball carrier, but can't capitalize, and Jordan gets it back. A big block comes when The beast badly hurts the kroxigor. GB loses a critical turn to snake eyes and they can't control the twin ball runners. 1-0 Detroit.

Detroit's defense is wide and narrow, GB's offense is strong forward with the catcher serving as thrower. An invasion puts a couple holes in the defense, but nothing significant. GB opens well, KO'ing a tentacles warrior. Detroit tries to stick it's beast in as many frogs as it can, but it gets KO'd for the trouble. The sun causes an easy pass to fail and the Detroit attempts to lock it up. Brad Jones says nothing-doing though and gets the ball back. Very little happens for two turns except a stray frog lino is KO'd. Detroit is struggling to control GB players or even move much around the pitch. GB sets up a north side pass route but again with the snake eyes, the carrier goes down. Marcus swoops in and recovers the ball. GB is down to 3 turns to make something happen. Puka Lopa leaps in but fails to tackle Marcus. 2 turns. 2 turns and a WIZARD! Detroit courteously drops the ball for GB on a failed handover and the wizard drops his fireball on the cage in disgust, which only results in a single stun. In the 11th hour, with things looking really bad for the frogs, the legendary Charles Woodson swoops in and takes off down pitch with the ball. But there's Marcus, not to be outdone, driving Charles to the ground. Finally, Tramon Williams makes his first and only play of the game, driving the ball hard down into the endzone for a very thrilling finish. 1-1

Clutch moment of the game: Charles Woodson's great escape with the ball in the final seconds of the game.

MVP of the game: Marcus made his side of the game, offense and defense, look very easy.

Correctly predicted: Just JackassRampant

Just Briggs, Baby!
Chicago opens its season with a gritty (1-0) win over Oakland.

Chicago wins the coin toss and elects to receive. Oakland sets up a dynamic defense with heavy shallow-north backs and a south line, as well as a strong south wide-out presence. Chicago plays a soft line, only 5 strong, different from most of the offenses we've seen so far this week. It pays off, as the defense is allowed to reorganize, consolidating its center back and shifting the line north to the lone golem there but not gaining what most teams get via a perfect defense. Even though Chicago only gets to make two blocks on their opening turn now, one of them is huge, outright slaying a wrodge lineelf that the doctor decides is not worth it. The ball is secured and the drive is tightly center-north. Oakland does some ghoul marking and KO's the exposed wolf, but unfortunately the last of their dodge attempts is fatal to the team dirty player, who is also deemed not worth it by Oakland's doctor. Chicago pushes the north center drive, KOing Smashhead and widening the man advantage to 10 on 8. Oakland has an unproductive turn as they attempt to attack the north-forward corner of the cage but a wrestle and a non-DP foul on Spike Briggs amounts to nothing. Chicago spends every single block on Brannon Brooks, to no effect except the tightening of their cage. A turn with some possibilities is cut short of Oakland by a snake-eyes trip. Chicago unloads two more KO's and march the cage slowly forward. Oakland attacks the south-forward corner of the cage this time, knocking prone the wolf and sticking two marks on the ball carrier, desperate for an error with 4 less players on the field. Chicago sits still and pushes the marks off, and Oakland fails another, slightly more difficult dodge. With a surf and a piling on, Chicago methodically removes 2 more Raiders from the pitch, and the drive is all but sealed up. Oakland tries a 2-man non-DP foul on Spike but just get a rookie ejected for their trouble. Another KO and Oakland has 2 players on the pitch when Chicago scores on turn 8. 1-0 CHI

The KO rolls are about average for Oakland, bringing back 4 of the 6 players overt wo sets of rolls which give them a full 11 to field for their drive. Chicago's defense is heavy shallow center with no wide presence (a traditionally weak defense against dark elves). True to racial form, Oakland prepares a covered north reception 2-turn score offense. They only send 4 men down though, and not very far despite the quick snap kick off. Chicago continues its relentless KO'ing, this time on the assassin. Oakland brings the ball back and frees up more downfield resources. Coverage is sold though and Maneater is playing strong safety to any breakout possibilities. Major Wright is removed from the pitch and Oakland manages a sound 4-man DP foul on the biggest troublemaker, Briggs, but it goes way wrong and the player is ejected without even a stun. Oakland receivers aren't making much progress getting free, and a blitzer gets hurt. Oakland sets a north bait and runs the ball south, dodging the lightning bolt hurled at the ball carrier. The north bait doesn't hold though and the werewolves are free to mark the ball and the receiver. The safety werewolf is out of his league though and get's KO'd by his mark. Lucky Ducker is hit and dumps off the ball, but a good zombie roll leads to the interception. Oakland's chances are looking slim here, and another snake-eyed dodge seals the deal. Oakland settles for denying the second touchdown.

Clutch moment of the game: Second half well set up but extremely unfortunate foul attempt on Steve Briggs that could have easily enabled the 1-1 tie.

MVP of the game: Steve Briggs was a KO machine.

Correctly predicted: Jeffro and Lorebass

A Flash In The Pan!
Arizona defeats Ban Fran (1-0)

SF win the coin toss and elect to receive. Arizona sets up a loose goblin line and a deep center-E defense. SF sets up a 7-man line with a heavier north presence but the ball is kicked south. The ball is well secured in a center-south run but SF does 0 damage to Arizona on multiple 3-dice blocks. Alphabet Soup gets to work shredding the armor of orcs, KO'ing a black orc. SF shifts its run to strong south but continues to have no effect on Arizona's players. Star draftee Tui Tuiasosopo gets a good block on star blitzer Jimmy Smith, killing him. Doctors manage to reattach his head to his shoulders and he just ends up missing a couple games instead. Tui is given the ball as a reward, but the drive stays put. S. Doege penetrates the cage and strips the ball, which bounces right back into tui's hands anyways. A solid block KO's an orc blitzer. The south drive is inching forward, but it has players tied up by goblins in the center. Big turn for Arizona who comes out swinging and injures a thrower and a black orc. SF takes a big risk and sends Tui out ahead of the cage, but the ball is taken from SF as a result. Arizona goes goblin to goblin and gets the ball into Flash Cody's hands who is gone with it before SF can respond. 1-0 Arizona

SF sets up a south line with a north defense and no south wide outs and Arizona mirrors it. A pitch invasion stuns two players per side. Arizona blitzes the goblin and piles on to the south line, trying to foul the troll but only stunning him and getting ejected. SF continues to have mostly ineffective blocks and actually frees up Arizona's star blitzer for them. SF moves mean down pitch to pressure the ball and Arizona responds by moving the ball into the south cage. Too many of SF's men, including all his goblins, are tied up in the north and Arizona breaks free in the south. Only an unwise troll block creates the opportunity for SF to come back, and they get the ball while injuring Alphabet Soup. However, they are deep in their own territory with 4 turns to play and surrounded by Arizona. SF is in charge here, but takes too long freeing up their ball carrier and has to gamble on a pass to a black orc, who drops the ball and fails to pick it up for the score even with a reroll.

Clutch moment of the game: SF trying to run Tui Tuiasosopo in front of their cage when they still had turns left to drive. This allowed Arizona to score on the defense and sent the tone for the game.

MVP of the game: Flash Cody, who had strong presence and the game winning TD, but was tragically injured in the second half. It remains to be seen if Arizona will retire him or not.

Correctly predicted: Licker, Relezite, Jeffro, Nekran, Happygrue, Robocoyote, JR, Ryanfitz, Sutherlands, Nicodemus

The Bog-Down Bash-Out
Jacksonville defeats Dallas (1-0), scoring on turn 14.

Jacksonville wins the coin toss and elects to receive. Dallas sets up a strong south line with a tree and covers the gaps with a shallow weave. Jacksonville has been awarded 600,000 in inducements for the this game, which they chose to use on 2 cards, 1 babe, 2 bribes, 1 wizard and 1 apothecary. They line up 8 on the line with all their big guys facing down Dallas's line and form their first cage right there after knocking down a few players. Dallas attempts to pin the edged of the cage but Jacksonville knocks almost everyone down and shifts the drive more south. Dallas knocks the ball free, but it lands in good Jacksonville territory so they settle for a KO on a marauder instead. Jacksonville responds by KO'ing Debarcus Ware and picking the ball up again, but the drive is not moving. Dallas gets little done, especially with the inertia dampener that Jacksonvillie has played on their carrier. Jacksonville starts exerting pressure with their big guys and after a couple injuries the man advantage is up to 10 to 8 and the ball is finally moving. Dallas gets enough men on it to knock it loose and take possession, but not for long as they are getting progressively more outnumbered. Finally, Dallas manages to break the ball free and run it up the sideline with protection, but the wizards stops short their hopes of a defensive score. The ball is passed back and forth down and up the field, but each time the opposing team manages to foil the score. 0-0 at the half.

Jacksonville is down to 1 card, no bribes and no wizard as the line up their defense with a loose front and a standard vanilla back. Dallas has got Debarcus back for this drive and sets up weak on the line with strong forward showings. Jacksonville kicks very shallow though and rolls a blitz, managing to easily secure the ball and protect it well at the south edge on turn 0. Dallas piles men on the ball, crowding the sideline and KOing both the blodge tackler and the ogre, the tackler receiving one of Jacksonville's apos to stay. The team start a prolonged fight on the south edge that sees a catacher surfed and injured and Victor Butler injured (but patched up). Dallas makes a play on the ball but it again is too heavily covered to reach and Jacksonville breaks free with his big hand goblin. This time, enough of Dallas's resources are scattered and prone that they can't stop the goblin from running in with 2 turns left on the clock for both teams. 1-0 Jacksonville

Jacksonville plays a strong center vanilla defense and Dallas builds for a south drive. The drive is drawn tragically short by a double skull tree block before any receivers can get in place though.

Clutch moment of the game: The shallow kick blitz that denied Dallas the majority of their offense this game.

MVP of the game: Tough call, but I'd like to give it to Leroy Lutu for being a vital piece of tackle on a team that otherwise has it only on a big guy.

Correctly predicted: Only Lorebass

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Right in the Kisser!
Miami opens with a (2-0) win over St. Louis.

Miami wins the coin toss and elects to receive. STL brings a wizard, a babe, a bribe, and a star chainsawer to the game which they field in their opening defense. They line up with loose chaos warriors on the line and a strong central back. Miami plays a 5-man line with its talented big guys and sets up a deep back to cover the ball. Darrell Scott gets to work KO'ing one of the line chaos warriors and the dark elf picks up the ball. Darrell, who had to pile on to get the effect he was looking for, is KO'd by a chainsaw foul as STL stacks the north side. Miami responds by pushing south. STL tries to lock up the drive by blitzing the northern guard and putting its forces on the ball carrier, but the south-side is still too open and Miami puts the ball in range with light coverage while they trade an ejection for another KO'd chaos warrior. Big block for STL as they manage to injure Miami's minotaur with a blitz from their own. Miami decides they don't have enough control to stall and score. 1-0 Miami and a 5-turn drive for STL

Miami lines up a Center-E defense with a modified forward and both big guys on the line. Both of STL's chaos warriors come back, but they lost the bribe on a foul and the chainsawer is banned. They line up 5-man crossbow offense with all their strength forward. The kick is shallow and Tyson Alualu is the chosen ball carrier in a north drive with a strong front and no back. Miami locks up the line, and STL moves the drive center. STL starts to falter as Miami gets the upper hand in block and lays down most of the line as well as causing the apo to be used on a good foul towards their own mino. Double skulls sells short any dream STL had of getting men down field and Matt Williams is killed on the back of the used apo. Miami tries to recover the ball and the drive with a fireball, but it's not enough and the drive fizzles.

Miami lines up the same defense, and STL switches to a strong, 7-man line crossbow. The kick is deep and STL uses a ma7 goat to cover it. Darrel Scott is back to work, dealing a devastating blow to the skull of Castro Masaniai. Miami responds by KOing a marauder on a surf but falls to a 1d skull before they advance the ball. Miami sends the dark elf down pitch to try and get the ball, but STL moves it far up pitch with a pass and a north run. The ball is not very well covered though and soon the dark elf is back and knocks the ball free, taking possession of it himself. STL cannot knock the ball loose, but it is instead dropped deep on a bad pass, chances for STL. It's the ag5 rat however that is first to the scramble and picks up the ball safely. Darrell gets another causality as the STL defense scrambles but cannot stop the follow up turn 8 score. 2-0 Miami

Clutch moment of the game: Rick Warburg picking up the ball in the second half against STL with no tackle made their odds of recovering and scoring low.

MVP of the game: Darrell Scott for his consistent pressure and injuries.

Correctly predicted: Everyone but Happygrue

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Wow, this draft class has had a rough first quarter. With 1-3 weeks down, we've lost a ton of picks, some of them early and/or highly-touted. #2 pick Justin Clapp died in builders, along with late pick Damien Harell Jr., and #11 Matt Williamsss didn't make it through his first game, plus Jonathan McCrary, champion Philhala's #32 draft pick who died in week 3. It's not just deaths, either. InSane Louie's second-rounder Castro Masaniai is gimped, and of uncertain long-term status after just one match, and the shine has been taken off Julius Carol, that supposedly fast new Vamp Fangsas City took 15th. Ugly, I say.

What is Nuffle's tree? Risk its trunk, space the branches. Touchdowns are its fruit.
What is Nuffle's lawn? Inches, squares, and Tackle Zones; reddened blades of grass.

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Week 1 Rundown

Prediction Results:
Licker - 9
Jeffro - 9

Kryten - 7+1 (AFC NORTH VS NFC SOUTH 4/4)
JackassRampant - 7
Nekran - 7

Ryanfitz - 6
Relezite - 6
Happygrue - 6
Lorebass - 6
Nicodemus1 - 5
Robocoyote - 5
WingedHuman - 5
Sutherlands - 4

Ex-Convict - 0

General Stats:

Total SPP gained: 473
Total SPP lost: 241
Highest Total Gain: Carolina +25
Highest Total Loss: Lorthern -143
Biggest TD Gap: Atlanta +4
Biggest CAS Gap: Tennessee, Hacksonville, Pittsburgh +5

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Week 2 (1/16)
Sunday Scramble!
Kansas City ties Detroit (1-1)

KC (0-0-1) comes in way behind this match up and is awarded a wizard, 2 beers, and 2 bribes; a healthy sum of inducements. Bribes are an expensive investment over star options, we'll see how that pays off for KC. Detroit (0-1-0) wins the coin toss and elects to receive, eager to deal punishment to the KC thrall line. KC decides on the vampire-condor defense we aw last week, with special emphasis on keeping Matt Cassel out of tentacle's reach. Interestingly enough, Wes Camp is among the line fodder here, though with only 2 MB, 0 PO, and 0 Claw, Detroit is a rose-tinted exception to the common Nurgle builds. Detroit plays a ballista offense with 7 forward and 2 warriors in position to protect the carrier. Detroit runs its drive into the north wing of the condor, using the beast to blitz and try to lock up vampires. KC removes a warrior and one of their one thralls with a super hungry Moeaki block but makes no attempt to penetrate the line. The beast goes dumb and so do the blocks for Detroit as the try to switch the run south. The ball is knocked loose and Matt Cassel is all over it but trips due to the reroll being used earlier in the turn on a bad block. The beast KO's a thrall and sticks himself in a more relevant position. Matt Cassel is KILLED on a non-dp 5-man foul, but thankfully for the franchise, he regenerates. KC is down to 8 on 10 so they choose to activate the fireball, hitting 4 of 5 in the blast and knocking the ball out again but failing to remove anyone from the pitch. Jamaal Charles gets the ball but the ball is cursed for KC today as he immediately trips and injures himself for the game. It's 10 on 7 for Detroit but after the fireball it's also a slow recovering turn where they cannot reach the loose ball. KC tries to move the ball downfield but either forgets about the triple disturbing presences or is trying to force through them and fumbles. Despite the man advantage, Detroit is unable to pin down and knock free the ball from Moeaki, but neither is KC able to overcome the powerful tentacles of Detroit and a string of turn 8 hungry vampires seals up the 0-0 half.

The beers KC brought stay in the fridge as they roll exceptional KO rolls regardless. Detroit use a loose line that still requires a lot of force with 2 warriors in it and a weaved back with warriors on the wings. KC sets up a 7-man line with a south run prepared and 2 back. Big opening for KC as they have to reroll double skulls but are rewarded by removing a pestigor and a warrior from the pitch (also at the cost of a bribe). Additionally they end up in a brilliant formation designed to block serious downfield progress. Detroit lines up against KC's wall but knocks nobody down. KC starts a high-north run and wastes their second bribe. Detroit does a pretty good job of movingits resources north to block the drive, including pinning Matt Cassel with the beast. Cassel makes a critical break free though and lobs the ball way south to Moeaki. The Beast makes some amazing south-north-south motions with GFIs this drive, but this last time a simple gaze free's up the score. 1-0 KC and a 5-turn drive for Detroit.

KC sets up a parallel line defense with a slightly weak south side. Detroit reads this and aims their run that way. Line tax is good, immediately making the drive 11 on 9 as Detroit presses south. Foul appearance makes an appearance and burns a KC reroll which then causes a turn over on a thrall block gone bad, keeping KC out of position. A hand off to Marcus makes the drive almost unstoppable, but the beast goes dumb, creating an opportunity. KC finds itself wanting for some vital dice rolls and Marcus makes it look easy as he walks it in at the whistle.

Clutch moment of the game: KC's decisions to try to take ball actions under the influence of multiple disturbances cost them the chance to score and set the pace with a 2-0 lead int he second half.

MVP of the game: Tony Maoeki was a total playmaker with 2 cas and a TD and countless important moments.

Correctly predicted: Nobody since I didn't get the list up before this game.

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Week 2 (2/16)
Kings of Speed!
Buffalo ties Arizona (1-1)

Buffalo(1-0-0) wins the coin toss and elects to receive. Arizona(1-0-0) is missing 2 of it's 4 ag4 players (one of whom is now ag3 due to injury), so they are afforded a good set of anti-elf inducements. They bring one bribe, one wizards, and Nobbla to the game. Arizona takes a while to settle on a defense, but eventually goes with a wide line featuring the anti-elf troll in the middle and goblins in the north and south, and a centered back with weak skaven wings. Buffalo sets up a forward passing offense with catchers primed to run north and south. However, they only send players north after KOing a goblin and knocking down the troll. Arizona locks up the north and south threats on the line of scrimmage, but leaves the deep receivers alone. A foul goes really wrong for them and the offender is ejected with no result, in addition to the bribe being ignored. Billie the Bow connects with the deep catcher, who runs to the endzone but not in, to buy some turns. Arizona puts on good defensive pressure and Buffalo scores. 1-0 Buffalo with a 6-turn drive for Arizona.

Buffalo sets up a wide and deep Center-E defense with a loose line of dodgers. Arizona plays 7 forward, including Nobbla. A riot knocks the drive down to 5 turns. Arizona seems to be getting nothing done on their blocks until one of the linemen is KO'd on Nobbla's blitz. Buffalo attempts to penetrate the wings and get at the carrier, also getting a good KO on Alphabet Soup in the process. Nobbla blitzes again and MVP of game 1, Justin Truck is injured for two games. Arizona boldly moves the cage to the center line of scrimmage despite not being very secure. Chris McCullingtheherd leaps in there and takes the ball down, but Buffalo does not pick it up. Arizona can't knock anyone down on its next turn and the ball remains in the cluster. Buffalo gives up their turn to a 1d both down though, and Arizona responds in kind with a double skull. Buffalo finally gets the ball on the last turn, but no elves are in range to score, so they settle for foul injuring Remy, who is patched up for the second half. Arizona does not have the resources or position to get the ball and score this half.

Lining up for the second half does not look so good for Arizona, as Alphabet Soup and a rookie thrower choose to stay out, Nobbla is ejected, and they have to field 10 on this offense. Buffalo's defense this time is more shallow, still wide on the line designed to prevent players from following up their blocks. Arizona fields a 7-man line again. The man advantage is immediately evened out though when a lineelf is injured for two games. It gets even better as another one is badly hurt immediately after. Arizona quickly presses a center-north goblin drive. Buffalo tries to press a strength advantage instead of a man advantage, trading a ban for a KO on a linerat and leaving Arizona with 3 non-goblin players on the pitch. The cage stays put as Arizona attempts a throw teammate, but the troll goes stupid. Chris leaps into the cage once again and knocks the ball loose, but just like before they can't get at it. The ball is recovered and Chris is negated on a skull-fracturing foul that gets patched up. Without Chris, and with the tentacle/tail troll on the pitch, Buffalo loses the ability to make strong plays on the ball as carried by the blodging side-stepping Remy. Through fouls and blocks and the lightning bolt Arizona expands the man-advantage and finally scores on turn 8. 1-1

No one-turn for the Hillbillies, either.

Clutch moment of the game: The foul on Chris McCullingtheherd. With him in play, there were good odds of a 2-0 win for Buffalo.

MVP of the game: S."Remy" Doege became the inaccessible ball carrier after Chris was removed.

Correctly predicted: Licker, Ryanfitz

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Week 2 (3/16)
All Aboard the Pain Train!
New England Pounds Miami (2-0), just like in real life.

NE (0-1-0) wins the coin flip and elects to receive. Miami (1-0-0) sets up a tight shallow center defense, critically missing their third big guy. NE packs a wizard with this offense, which sees a north side run coming and Steve Grogan on the line for his guard. The ball is kicked to the exact opposite corner of the set up drive, but a fan kicks a rock directly to the drive, stunning the chaos dwarf involved. Big opener for NE, hurting Miami's ogre and they choose not to patch him up. NE fails to secure the ball, however, and their backfield is temptingly open. Miami fails to penetrate though, and instead settles for a strong south blockade. NE starts locking up players as rookie centaur Tony Beaston gets his hands on the ball and prepares to drive. Game 1 MVP Darrell Scott is back at work, KO'ing a rookie chaos dwarf, but Miami loses the initiative to a bad trip trying to tie up the ball carrier, resulting in a 2-game injury. NE expands the man advantage to 10 on 8 by KOing Darrel Scott, drastically reducing Miami's defensive possibilities. Next turn its 10 on 7 and the ball is moving safely north. NE fouls the already injured John Tweedy, who is patched to -ma instead, and the fouler is ejected. Miami is making some noble efforts and brilliant dodges, but it's already 9 on 5 and the bull can't be bothered to trip this game. 1-0 NE and Miami misses the TTM OTT.

Miami is in big trouble at the start of their offense, already at 9 on 11 and facing a wizard as well. NE tempts the man advantage however by setting up the big-vacuum defense with hobgoblins loose on the line. Darrell Scott is back for Miami's offense and is on the 5-man line trying to punish NE's softest players. Miami's pro ball carriers are super deep and so is the kick. The presumably same fan throws a rock again, this time at the rookie centaur, but again fails to do more than stun. Miami sets up a goblin reciever and goes for a foul after failing to deal damage to the line, but gets ejected with no result. NE's fouler also gets ejected on a stun, but they get a KO elsewhere to make up for it. Miami is trying to get receivers down pitch for the big throw, but there are too many NE players. Miami goes for it anyways, passing through Steve and putting the dark elf in a position to score, but in reach of a tackling dwarf, who gets there, knocks the ball out and takes it for himself. Darrell Scott is ten gang fouled for a 2-game absence and even though the troll knocks the ball loose, there's no recovering from this 5 on 9 and Beaston drives it in again. 2-0 NE and the wizard is unused.

Clutch moment of the game: The removal of the ogre and Darrell Scott in the first half left the pitch in control of NE, no way to get them to use the wizard either.

MVP of the game: Numbers were key to this game, so MVP is Willy McKillest for his 2 CAS and KO work.

Correctly predicted: Happygrue, Lorebass, Jeffro, Ryanfitz

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Week 2 (4/16)
Rain, Rain, Go Away!
Atlanta continues its flawlessness with a (3-0) win over Baltimore.

Atlanta wins the coin toss and elects to kick, lining up a defense with a split 2-saurus south 1-skink north line and a center-north leaning back with a shallow south safety. Baltimore loads the line with 9 men, leaving both throwers to receive. Free bribes are handed out. Baltimore accepts the skink offering, hurting it, and brings the ball down south-center but disconnected from the line. The invitation is accepted by Atlanta, but a pair of 1's ends the clean shot at the carrier. Baltimore takes the ball south and ends the carrier of a rookie +ag skink, but fails to seal up a cage and the ball is knocked loose. Atlanta though loses a 3rd skink trying to dodge to the ball, and the man advantage is 11 on 8 for Baltimore. A saurus is KO'd and another skink is badly hurt, but the ball remains loose and unprotected. A saurus picks up the ball and 6 orcs are out of position to do anything about it while the other 5 are tied up. The saurus takes off, a player on each team is surfed, and Atlanta scores. 1-0 ATL with a 3-turn drive left.

Atlanta's defense looks similar, but this time with 3 strong saurii on the south line. Baltimore again employs a heavy line, this time KOing a saurus and grabbing the ball, but again leaving it mostly isolated. A black orc is injured and a second saurus KOd as the ball is advanced to safer territory. The super star skink trips and dies, and that is repaired to a 2-game absence. Baltimore hasn't advanced enough though and they end their last turn too far from the goal to score. Sidenote: Baltimore set up some good fouls this drive that amounted to nada.

Baltimore's first defense is a keen 5 man line with all the blitzers playing the middle wings and a very deep thrower. Atlanta's KO rolls haven't been the best and they are fielding 8 as it starts to rain. They set up to push south but the kick goes north. Luckily, despite the rain (as in last game), Atlanta has no problem picking up the ball. Baltimore balls up their forces in the center and Atlanta runs a half cage north. Baltimore switches directions, but it is not enough as the 9ma skink dodges and GFIs his way to an easy goal. 2-0 ATL

Set-ups looks the same on Baltimore's drive. After the first turn, 9 of Baltimore's players fit into a 4x4 square in the center. Atlanta fouls the goblin receiver and Baltimore takes advantage of the opening to pass the ball and run it deep north. Atlanta just barely gets a 1d strip ball on the carrier though and the fans throw the ball back into their zone. Too many orcs are piled on the saurii and the 9ma skink runs it in again for a 3-0 win.

Clutch moment of the game: The saurus pick up during Baltimore's 1st offensive that allowed Atlanta to ignore the massive man disadvantage and go up 1-0 on defense.

MVP of the game: K'ry Me'ir #80 (WR) 2 TDs and some critically sweet dodges as well as rain pick ups.

Correctly predicted: Everyone except Ryanfitz, JackassRampant, and Sutherlands

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Week 2 (5/16)
Monday Night Murder and Mayhem!
Cleveland and New Orleans bash and thrash and the ball flies every-which-where in this thrilling (1-1) tie.

Cleveland wins the coin toss and elects to receive. NO's defense is a wide 5-man line with all the strength players forward, a skinny rotter back and double pestigor wings. Cleveland counters with an 8-man line and a strong center potential with Eric Metcalf back to receive. A fan throws a rock in and hits game 1 MVP Az-zahir Hakim on the north win, stunning him. Cleveland opens with good blocks, but fails to do anything but prone NO. NO focuses on penetrating the back with a couple of rooking pestigors. Cleveland brings the ball center and continues to do no better than stun, but NO gives away a turn on a frenzy push into 1d skull reroll skull. Metcalf finds the hole in the north and drives through. Turn 3, the first player leaves the pitch, a KO on the wight Webster Slaughter. Lance Mitchell does some nutty dodges and knocks the ball loose but goes one step too far and trips. Malcom Lane picks up the ball in substitute, and a warrior is badly hurt, no regen, but then a zombie KO's himself on a headbutt. The wolf is summarily tackled and the ball is loose once more, to be recovered by Lance Mitchell. Mutt Mutt KOs a pestigor to even the man count but they cannot get the ball back. NO breaks free with the ball and Mutt Mutt hurts himself with regen tripping trying to reach the carrier. This leaves NO free to stall and wreak until the other wolf pressures the turn 7 defensive score. 1-0 NO and a little bonus turn bashing that amounts to nothing.

Cleveland lines up a slightly deeper Center-E, and NO goes for a spread out offense with a square back. Line tax is a KO'd zombie, but a missed pick up with a bad bounce creates a critical opening for Cleveland. Metcalf is all over that, and soon the defense has a strong south drive. NO tries to lock it up, but instead eats a surf for their trouble. NO does knock the ball loose, but loses their chance at it when absurd dodging fails this time. Cleveland puts on the wolf pressure and gets the ball back. A chain push doesn't free up the ball, but surfs the lesser wolf. Cleveland has a huge turn with a counter surf gifting -st to the horns rotter and a blodge tackle rotter dying to a golem block. Lance Mitchell is completely tapped out of crazy dodges and Metcalf runs it in with 2 turns to play. 1-1

Cleveland switches to the double-C defense and NO plays more forward, under pressure to score in a short time. BLITZ! Metcalf and most of the Cleveland talent is running north after that ball, but Lance Mitchell turns in on in a big big way and escapes his mark, picks up the ball and passes it away from the pressure. Az-Zahir takes the ball beyond all the skill, but 1 square short of being able to reach the endzone.


Clutch moment of the game: There were two. One was when Lance Mitchell pulled off some proper nonsense in the first half and got the ball loose, setting up the eventual NO defense score. Two was when Lance Mitchell failed the pick up and declined to reroll it, bouncing the ball forward and allowing Cleveland to pick it up for the eventual defensive score.

MVP of the game: Lance Mitchell for shenanigans and basically being the center of everything good and bad in this game.

Correctly predicted: Lorebass alone

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Congrats to coach licker for forcing Miami's first retirement due to injury. While John Tweedy will be back next season, this season is over while he undergoes surgery to repair both his fractured hip and skull. Oddly enough, both injures were caused by the bulltrots in our first match of the season.

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A quick peek at the early season category leaders. Tyler Emischen of the Tenneesse Titans appears to be the early season MVP candidate leading in TDs and picking up a couple of Blocking Scorer (CAS and TD in same game) tallys.

Most teams are 2 games in, some are 3. I'll keep this updated here and there.


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Yay 4 categories!! I'm sure it has nothing to do with having the most games...

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I'd like to point out that Chris Harison of the Philhala Arnis is right up there with Tyler at this moment. I'm giving the nod to Tyler because Blocking Score is more impressive than Passing Scorer, where there are plenty of other competitors.

Also Tyler is smoking hot, while Chris is just some totally generic looking dude.

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Who are you kidding, Chris is incredibly pretty. I kept trying to upload the picture, but the admins said it was so hot it was basically porn with clothes on.

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Week 2 (6/16)
All Tied Up And Nowhere To Go!
Tampa hits the nurgle wall again and loses (0-2) to Cinncinati.

Cinni wins the coin toss and elects to receive. Tampa is awarded a beer as consolation for having to play nurgle twice in a row as they line up with a lose front and parallel line backs designed to minimize tentacle coverage. Cinni runs a 7-man line and a forward receiving corp, but the ball goes deep. One of the linelves is badly hurt on the opening push. Tampa maintains a loose back and sends John Henry alone towards the ball carrier. Cinni forms a solid center-north cage behind the line of scrimmage and presses the Tampa back with a few units including the beast. Tampa opens up the south-back corner of the cage and sticks two players on the ball carrier, while landing a nice KO on a warrior and evening the man count. The cage is advanced cleanly forward into the Tampa defense, but Cinni blocks aren't dealing any damage. Tampa gets another good KO, this time on the beast itself, and opens the south-back corner of the cage again. Cinni, now down a man and out a lot of pushing strength is forces to back the ball up a few squares in order to keep it safe. The team trade a little ineffective back and forth until Tampa attempts and fails an ag5 dodge before moving his defense in front of the ball, KOing the player and giving Cinni the opening they needed to advance into scoring range. The cage starts to crumble under Tampa pressure, but on the last turn Cinni manages to open the path for The Bishop to run in it. 1-0 Cinni

Cinni sets up their defense as a variation of the shallow double-C with a northern line and a weak south. Tampa plans their offense with this south in mind, but unfortunately perfect defense strikes and instead of an opening, now the beast is tieing up 3 vital players. Scrambling, Tampa first secures the ball, then breaks one catcher free from the beast before the follow dodge fails. Cinni's turn is big, with a block resulting in the death of a blodge guard lineelf, and an incompetent doctor on staff fails to save him from becoming a rotter. Additionally a catcher is KO'd, and Tampa is eager to score quick already to replenish the pitch. Bad news for Tampa though, as they dodge away the receiver into the end zone and try for the long bomb with no success. Now almost all of Tampa's players are clustered near the beast, but a chance arises as the beast goes dumb. Unfortunately, none of Tampa's blocks can down the beast, and they drop the ball on a (well presence-d) pass. The beast goes dumb again, but it doesn't matter as The Bishop gets the ball again and the man advantage widens to 11 on 8 for Cinni. Tampa is too out of position to stop the march and Cinni goes in on turn 8 again. 2-0 Cinni

Clutch moment of the game: Probably the perfect defense roll that mucked up the entire second half offense for Tampa and gave Cinni the extra blocks to take out more players.

MVP of the game: The Bishop, who had excellent ball control and served perfectly on offense and defense for Cinni.

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