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Joined: Jan 05, 2016

Post   Posted: Aug 18, 2018 - 22:03 Reply with quote Back to top

NBFL draft 21 is done. New teams (and i guess totally trashed teams too) get juicy and vital "expansion draft" - picks, let's see how well the coaches did:

Pick #1: Chicago Vamps (Relezite) choose Wally Goliateson, a Vamp that comes with blodge, ma8, frenzy... wait, i know this guy somewhere, didnt we kill this grose stat freak already? Whatever, vamps have their ways to come back, i guess this one was just revived with some fresh frog blood. Solid pick, speed is a game changer for vamps. Grade: A.

Pick #2: The new undead carolina team (coached by Klazam) gets mummy Bud-O-Shwek "The Punisher" with block, guard, tackle, stand firm and piling on. I absolutely love this pick, love the name, loce the cruel intentions - mummy's got everything he needs. I hope to see this mummy to serve some pie limón. Grade: A.

Pick #3: Cincinnaty's Chorfs got a new coach, Rodney Dangerfield. He got himself Justin Hunter, a nice Bull Centaur with block, mighty blow, ma7, frenzy, break tackle. I dislike frenzy on this strategic piece, but otherwise this player comes with everything he needs. Grade: B.

Pick #4: Anti's Dallas are nurglings now and she got herself Xenechuk Logan, a bloater with block, mighty blow, guard, tackle, piling on. Still needs 41 spp in order to get claw or a stat+, still a very solid pick. Grade: A.

Pick #5: Valen got rid off his gobbos in New England and coaches undead now. He gets Morris "Lonestar" Claiborne, a Wight with tackle, mighty blow, strip ball, stand firm, divint tackle...hmmm it was the best blitzer on the board. An alternative would have been taking the fat block-big guy and go for the second best blitzer on the board. Grade: B.

Pick #6: Arktoris in KC with chaos renegades gets the mentioned fat big guy Bill "Orlando" Billacheat as a chaos Ogre with block, strong arm, guard, break tackle, stand firm. Grade: A.

Pick #7: Arktoris gets skinny Renegade N.D.Kalu with mb and claw. There were AG+ on the board, dodgers, some with 3 skills - why go for the lino with 2 normal skills?! Grade: E.

Pick #8: New england takes a skinny mummy, as the fat big guy has been picked. Reno "Maybe" Mahe with Guard, stand firm. A 6spp mummy with the chance to roll double has at least as much value to me. With ag+ ghouls, guard zombies and a nice wight still on the board --> Grade: E.

Pick #9: Dallas gets a dynamite Pestigor: Mike "Longbomb" McMahon with blodge, sure hands, accurate, sidestep. A solid ballhandler. Grade A.

Pick #10: Cincinnaty makes a bold move and gets Hobgoblin Quip "Q" Henderson with AG+, Pro, MA+. A very fragile high potential player - its always a questionable thing to get a av7 piece for a high pick, and more so, if it hasn't block or dodge... Grade D. Unless this little fellow survives against all odds another 2 skill ups and proves me wrong. Wink

Pick #11: Carolina follows Cinci's example and gets Ghoul Julian "Elegant" Edelboing with block, sure hands, sidestep, dauntless, sprint. Also av7, but this one is a blodger with sure hands - seems to be a bit less risky. Still 100% normal skills on a fast skilling and fragile piece, with still more interesting options on the board. Grade: D.

Pick #12: The golden pick, the "why is this pixel still around" - pick: Relezite gets Michael Griffin, a loaded vampire with block, guard, mighty blow, diving tackle, tackle. Grade A.

To sum this up: Relezite and Antithesisoftime show their experience and get the very best picks out of it. Everybody else got one solid pick and one that made me frown. If you don't agree with your grade, you will have oportunity to prove me wrong on the sacred pitch of nuffle. My goats are waiting for your pixels. Wink

Joined: Aug 01, 2015

Post   Posted: Aug 18, 2018 - 22:53 Reply with quote Back to top

"more interesting options on the board"

Really? Would you mind pointing me to one of them?

Joined: Jan 05, 2016

Post   Posted: Aug 19, 2018 - 03:52 Reply with quote Back to top

More interesting options on the board for Pick #11, imho:

Dice Rapper McGee: A Wight with 4 skills. Better survivability, helps the team more with Guard and punch.

John Kuhnheimer: Wight with dodge, Guard, 27 spp. He is only 4 spp short of 3rd skill, already has a double and the team-helper guard.

Kyle Fuller is a similar case, but with less spp in the end, and mb instead of guard. But still helps carrying the team more than a fat ghoul without stats+.

Mark Kisslow: Wanna take a ghoul, why not go for the Str.4, double, wrestle? Drafting a high potential player could be a better gamble.

Doug Friuty: If you want a ball carrier ghoul, why not take an AG4, who is 1 spp from his next skill (block/sure hands). (or one of the other ag4, with the one or the other drawback: no skill or missing basic skills, but still, ag4 with high potential, or ag4 QB).

Zeke Elliot: I understand the argument of not getting any zombie before not having all positionals stacked, but my exp. is that fat guard zombies help a lot, while ghouls die earlier and skill up very fast. There are 5 more zombies i would prefer over your Ghoul, but Zeke is my favorite.

Joined: Jan 05, 2016

Post   Posted: Aug 19, 2018 - 03:56 Reply with quote Back to top

As i said, there will be oportunity to dance around my goats with your ghoul and prove me wrong! Wink
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