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 Issue 5 - January 20, 2505

An editorial? The Grotty Little Newspaper never had an editorial! Correct, that, but, since reading issue one I felt it should have one. I never got around to talk to Cusi about that though, and now, I can't anymore. Cusi added me as an editor mid December, and I assume I would have been part of the GLN staff way earlier, if I wouldn't have had to spent time mostly without an internet connection. Now Cusi is gone, and I can't ask him anymore. But the GLN remains, his most visible contribution to FUMBBL, his project, his child. Continuing it means change, as I can only guess where he would have wanted to take it. This Editorial is part of that change. Continuing the GLN also meant silence, getting a machinery going again that had come to a complete halt.

I know Cusi had planned to publish a valentine edition of the GLN, and I had started writing texts with that in mind - valentine day passed, and only afterwards we got to know why there was no word from him. So we had to start over again, from scratch, and this time without any guiding hand of the person that was the GLN. There are so many things I'd like to have discussed with him, ideas for articles, themes, features - and above that I would have needed his experience.

In the end now, though, I think we managed to get an issue of the GLN together that he would have approved of, that he would like. And I am happy to see the project going on, and continuing, not only for FUMBBL, for your enjoyment, but also in his memory. We have an interview with SkiJunkie this issue, the continuation of the gobbo's tale that started in issue 3, and more, for you to discover. There are no obituaries this issue, but that spot has not gone vacant.

However, to keep GLN alive I need help. A lot people helped out with this issue already, but there never was a time where I felt that things were going smooth. This is a call out to anyone that would like to write to just sit down, right now, and start writing. Anything that moves your heart in respect to FUMBBL or Blood Bowl. A short story, like those by Candlejack or Gorritakid, or a commentary like Darkwolf's. No deadline. No continous obligation. Just write and contact us once you are finished. It just is that simple, without articles no GLN, without GLN, a bit of Cusi fades and FUMBBL becomes such a more dull place. Help us, to keep this going on, continously - I hope for an issue a month, and feel free to present ideas to us in the #FUMBBL_GLN channel. It is open for all, and everyone is welcome.

Naturally, if you have read this far you will notice that what is written above is somewhat pretentious given the fact it took month and month, and then a bit to even get a crippled version of the GLN out. You are dead right. At the time I wrote this editorial I was very certain that the paper was about to get done. I wasn't and learned another oh so obvious lesson - don't write editorials just to make something incomplete look a slight bit more complete. I still think that some of these articles are among the best in GLN history - if just there had been more of this quality. I hope you enjoy this issue,
Secondary Editor

PS: We also need help with graphics!


More then a year has passed now, since the last issue of the GLN - the project had its flares and as can be seen above even some hopeful hours, in the end though, it is glaringly obvious that I couldn't maintain Cusi's devotion to the paper - neither for myself or for those helping with editing, writing and coming up with ideas. I will hand over the GLN to Bunnypuncher as head editor now, in the hope that he is more successful, and more determined then I was - however, I am certain, that he, too will need the assistance of the community - it is your paper, and without contributions from the community it is bound to fail, no matter who is at the steering wheel. So help if you can - in the memory of Cusi, for a project that shouldn't fail.

And with that, all I can say that I am sorry for not managing this better. This issue of course has issues and gaps and editing faults - but it is about time to be released regardless. Some of the articles might be out of date, others aren't - it is not the author's fault if something is not quite the truth no longer.

I still hope you enjoy this only half-way finished issue regardless,

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