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 Issue 8 - September 17 2506
The Future of [R] Tournaments - Introduction
by Mezir

As I'm sure you've all heard, a new man has been placed at the head of the official FUMBBL tournament structure. Rich and eccentric, the owner of many of FUMBBL's strongest Blood Bowl teams has been asked to oversee the future of FUMBBL's [R]anked tournaments. Often criticised for his excessive spending and the fact that he buys all good Blood Bowl players off the market, whether they be Elves dominating the agility game or Chaos Dwarfs dominating everybody, Malthor was a controversial choice for this position.

We have been given a rare opportunity to take a glance into the mind of this new man at the top and thus, accompanied by my secretary and the sounds of fervent mastication that appear to permanently emanate from him, I traveled to Athel Loren to find Malthor still enjoying the after-party of the GLT II victory enjoyed by one of the many teams he owns - the Athel Loren Guardians.

After enjoying the party for some time, I was invited into more private settings. Half an hour later, once my halfling helper had been extricated from the buffet table, we commenced our interview.

GLN: You've recently been placed in charge of the Official FUMBBL Tournament circuit - how did that feel?

Malthor: First and foremost, a surprise. I have been a controversial figure at FUMBBL for a number of years, with many supporters and many knockers (and many who who don't give a hoot, or even know who I am). I have also not been on the same page (or even the same planet, it seems) as a couple of admins in the past (not to say that one was right and the other wrong) - we had such divergent views about FUMBBL. Apart from that, I also felt excited and thankful. Excited at the awesome opportunity to bring something new into FUMBBL and thankful of the trust Christer was giving me.

It is hard to describe, but it was also an opportunity to reflect on what I wanted to achieve as part of the admin team and as a coach on FUMBBL. One of the many decisions I made was to say goodbye to my match reports that used the term 'dice rape'. Being part of the leadership at FUMBBL meant that it was not appropriate for me to continue to use that term as there would be expectations that I be an example to others around acceptable language and although that term was borderline, there were enough who found it distasteful for me to no longer push at the edges.

GLN: Despite your "divergent views", things have appeared to maintain the status quo, but we've already seen the first signs of enthusiastic new leadership - Tournament News Tonight! What are your plans with it, and what more can we expect?

Malthor: My initial plans with TNT was to create a very interesting portal into the world of [R]anked tournaments: a community project that contains lots of interesting information about tournaments, links to and actual match reports, previews, interviews, etc. I very much respect the GLN, but it is more of a journal and not dynamic enough to follow, for example, a Major tournament which has hundreds of matches in the opening weeks, dozens of qualifiers being played and the changes that leads to in terms of favourate teams to make it through, and so forth. Essentially, I wanted to draw on the FUMBBL community to help with bringing together all the [R]anked tournament information there was out there, as well as provide any information that would be interesting.

I started the seeds of TNT during the GLT II by asking Plorg if he would do a Plorg's Picks thread and if he would be willing to work with others (I asked Prinz to be his partner in crime). I also asked AFK_Eagle if he would help out with the RIP list on an on-going basis once he showed an interest in the first post. And it all snowballed from there. To be honest, working on TNT with the crew of about 15-20 various coaches who have helped has been one of the highlights of my time on FUMBBL. Some of the most fun I have had.

Now Christer wants TNT to be the Tournament page which is very exciting, so I am looking for more helpers with the project as there are many things in store. Firstly, new banners and logos for each tournament and news portals for each Major tournament - that's a page for each tournament that contains interesting information about it and links to articles, threads, etc. The aim of TNT is to give visitors the latest tournament news very quickly. If the visitor wants to find some older news, such as a list of all previous SMACK Pro Winners then that is easy to find as well, but the focus is on the latest news.

As I said before, working on TNT has been a very very fun experience and I am looking forward to the FUMBBL Cup where the team (and hopefully some of your readers will join it) will work together to create interesting content for our visitors whilst having the same amazing laughs we have had in the last few months.

The interview continues on the next page.

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