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 Issue 9 - May 6th 2510
Ulthuan Invitational Interview
by G.G. Gobberson

G.G. Gobberson: So, Mr. Major winner, tell us a little about yourself. When did you start playing Blood Bowl and when did you discover FUMBBL?

Kryten: I bought the board game a while back, I still have the version with the astrogranite and the plastic men and orcs, but there were no local leagues that I knew of. Then I googled for Blood Bowl one day on a whim and found FUMBBL. That was in late 2003.

G.G.: This was your first appearance in the finals of a Major. Tell us a bit about your run to the gold.
What was your favorite game and which was the hardest to win?

Kryten: I didn't have time to fully prepare my chaos team - I entered them as they were. Fortunately, the variety of skills I put across the team served me well - Strip Ball, Tentacles, Foul Appearance, they all helped at times.
My favorite game by far was the qualifier final against coach Quariondk which went a full 24 bloody turns, leaving just a few bloody players left on the pitch at full time.
The game surged back and forth, with improbable plays - including a Troll dodge and blitz to save the game - go Homer! I felt that we both played quite well throughout, and was happy to reach the coinflip in that one.

G.G.: That Homer isquite a crowd favorite. Yellow Fever isn't your typical heavy-Claw Chaos team. Why did you chose the direction and team build that you did?

Kryten: I started them off that way, I did have a Claw + Razor Sharp Claw Beastman early in the build, but the doubles landed on the Chaos Warriors, so I chose to give them utility skills like Tentacles and Foul Appearance. I hoped those would win games instead of maiming opponents.
I was very lucky with my player Yield, getting +AG and +MA early, turning him into a solid ball handler.

G.G.: It seems to have worked. How did you come up with the concept of Yellow Fever?

Kryten: I like having open-ended themes where I can choose a variety of players that fit the theme - especially those where I can pick humorous entries with good pictures. If nothing else, I want to have fun with my teams.

G.G.: Like Homer?

Kryten: He's something special. With +ST and three more doubles, he's the most reliable Troll I know.

G.G.: So now that you have a Major to your name, what's next?

Kryten: Honestly, I haven't thought that far along yet - I'm still in shock!

G.G.: Fair enough.

Kryten: I am preparing my Wood Elves for the Grotty Little Tournament though and we'll see if I can add a second title to the list...

G.G.: What is your normal race of preference?

Kryten: My favorite race by far is Wood Elves - I love the challenge of being perpetually on the edge of team destruction. In addition, the ridiculous plays Wood Elves can pull off are simply fun.

G.G.: Yes, I know. *grumbles* Stupid pointy ears...
Now you have mentioned Grotty Little Tournament... When the GLN is published, applications will be open for the tournament. Any predictions on teams to watch out for?

Kryten: There are so many good teams out there... I'll be watching for Tathar's Woodland Gods in the GLT. They've got an excellent collection of stats, skills, and just outright scoring ability.

G.G.: Any thoughts on a long shot like the last two winners of Majors?

Kryten: Both Synn and I entered the final rounds with relatively weak teams, but at the higher TR the handicaps can be very potent.

G.G.: It seems so.

Kryten: Some of the teams that entered with extremely high TR ran the risk every game of getting a bad set of handicaps and getting put out. On my side - I was very lucky my team entered with 13 players and I kept all 13 through the tournament incurring one MNG, I believe. Yield missed a match - that was important to me.

G.G.: Will you be trimming the team now that they are Champions?

Kryten: Indeed I will - Big Bird's performance was heroic throughout the tournament but he will be the first into the new Hall of Fame for the team.
I will certainly need to take some time to collect a new set of Beastmen for the next run.

G.G.: Final question, Kryten. Any advice for someone who wants to make a run at a title?

Kryten: Play solid positionally - be ready to exploit mistakes or bad luck if it happens, but don't count on it. Be prepared for when things go wrong and ignore the luck meter. It doesn't matter what happens in the first half - you need to play in the moment, forget your mistakes, concentrate on winning. That's it, really.

G.G.GOBERSON: Sound advice! Thanks a lot for your time and good luck in the GLT.

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