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 Issue 10 - August 13th 2510
Welcome to The Art of Zen Noobism
by Ro

Welcome to The Art of Zen Noobism! Most of you that read this will think: "What is he talking about?". Time for some explanation. There is a basic difference between a Noob and a Zen Noob. The difference is that a noob does not know any better and does things that shouldn’t work out of ignorance and pure luck. One-die blocks, needless dodges, GFI's and such that succeed far more than they should. We have all played versus coaches that make us shake our head and go "WHAT IS HE DOING??!" as we bang our head in frustration. And of course, they believe that they are talented and play solid Blood Bowl. This is not meant to be offensive to anyone. It is simply what many have observed.

As a noob matures and learns more about the game, they start to make smarter tactical decisions. They make the 2D blocks instead of 1D. They mark the ball carrier, form cages, and generally develop basic strategy. Given time and energy they usually settle in to the mid range of coaches. Good fun to play, good challenge and have a solid grasp of the game. (BTW: This is where I feel I fall.)

Then we have the next level of coaches. They have a real solid grasp of the game. They plan their teams out in advance. They are the ones the rest of us ask questions to in the forums about skills and the such. We all know who they are. Awesome coaches to play. Most are more than willing to help out and give advice. But to be brutally honest, they are a level ahead of most of us. Watching them play is usually an exciting time and if you pay attention you can learn A LOT from them. I don’t think I really need to name names here. We all know who they are. Then there is the Art of Zen Noobism. It is simple. I sum it all up in one little phrase:

"When all else fales, reach for your inner noob."

Now, I know what you are all thinking. No, I'm not joking. Here is what I mean. Zen Noobism is the ability to not think about the chances of failure. You know as an experienced coach that certain things will most times fail you. We tend to do things by a set game plan. Move the assist in. Mark the ball. Cover the down field players. We all do it.
Now, where we get into trouble is when everything is failing at once. We can not dodge with Amazons or our Blodgers. That Uber STR Mummy just triple skulled versus a stunty. Your players are blown off the pitch like leaves. What do you do? Well, if you're like me, whine some. Yes, I whine. There is another option that I will use if I can get into the right state of mind.

Zen Noobism.
Suspend your belief that the impossible can not work. In fact, stop thinking at all. Feel the game. Let it flow from you like water. It usually happens when I am playing a game that I feel I have little or no chance of winning. I figure that I have nothing to lose and I just relax and have fun. My whole goal of the game changes. It's no longer about winning or losing. It becomes about seeing exactly how far I can push the envelope.
Let me give you some examples, I played the Bunnies with my Sumo Shoulders. Undead vs Dorfs. Ro vs Synn. Synn GTR both halfs. By the last few turns I had one dorf left on the field. The entire time was spend doing everything I could to get a blitz on a player. Didn't matter if it was 1D or -2 or -3D. It's the fun aspect that I was embracing. It was the challenge of still making Synn work. That and having one dorf left on the field when all was said and done.

The concept of Zen Noobism does not even consider the odds in any given action. It is the pure and free flow of action. The Zen Noobist does not consider that the odds are against him or that his action will fail. It will simply work or not.

If you enjoyed this article, or found it interesting/useful, feel free to let us know in this thread

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